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  2. A.G

    Could somebody please post some info about Veracruz?. Thanks in advance.
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  3. Gaolei

    Near the Holiday Inn in Boca Del Rio Veracruz there is Strip club named extravagances. The girls are beautiful, and for sale! An English speaking girl told me how the club works. For 100 Pesos you get a table dance where you are encouraged to touch. A BJ or sex cost more!

    Get the tourist guide to Veracruz at the tour desk in the hotel. It lists 3 or 4 clubs in town. Start looking there.
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  4. Nibu_Raphael

    I was there once and screwed a hot young streetwalker this was back in 98 I also checked out some of the small brothels. I heard a lot of strip clubs south of Veracruz. Yeh I think the clubs were in Boca Del Rio........
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  5. Nibu_Raphael

    Any updates for 2003???''
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  6. JohnGuapo

    I will be going to Veracruz within a few weeks. Does anyone have any recent information or updates. I have heard that it is a fun town with some crazy women.
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  7. JohnGuapo

    Trip report on Veracruz.

    Overall it is a pretty fun city with some OK looking girls. First let me go over some logistics.

    Hotels: I stayed at the Hotel Lois which is in the newer Boca del Rio area. This place has a cool website but is a total dump... it is like the place is stuck in the 1970s and nothing works right. It is a good location to visit the discos, etc. but there are better places like the Fiesta Inn, NH, Fiesta Americana, etc. if you are interested in being close to the sea. I changed hotels to the Holiday Inn Centro, which was a convent and is about 400 years old and is a very cool place to stay. Great location to the Centro and not too expensive... around $60 US.

    Restaurants: Good seafood in Veracruz. Favorite breakfast spot was La Parrochia in the centro with its great cafe con leche. Another good breakfast place is Samborcitos, which is a 20 peso ride from the Centro. For dinner, Seafood, there is a place called Villa Rica which was excellent and was in a very cool location, next to the sea in Boca del rio. About a 15 minute taxi ride from the centro. We also went to Mandinga, which is a fishing village about 20 minutes outside veracruz that had excellent, fresh seafood in a very casual Palapa style locations. Not open at night, just probably from 12 pm to about 7 pm or so.

    Girls: I didn't go to the table dance places because in Mexico they are always a rip off so that left me with two options - street walkers and casa de citas.

    Street walkers: They congregate in the centro around los portales after about 10pm or so. I didn't see anything too great, but the price of 350 pesos or 35 USD was alright. The girls there are young and the one that I talked to was 17 years old... so of course I said no as it is illegal and not a good thing to do. Also beware of the transvestites that are around because there are almost as many TVs as normal girls in the area.

    Casa de Citas: there are various ones, but the ones I went to were Harem and Puerta Azul (I think?). Anyway, the deal there is that the girls cost around $500 to $800 pesos for an hour or two. I went to Harem two times and picked up girl that was a lot of fun for $600 pesos. No rush, kissing, but only drawback was that there everything was covered - including CBJ. I prefer BBBJ.

    One thing is that there are these short-term hotels, one called Miraflores, where you drive into, they close the garage door behind you and you take the girl inside and it is a total pimp suite. Large bed with mirrors everywhere, funky lighting, dancing pole for the girls, etc. It costs $200 pesos for 3 hours or so. You can order booze, drinks, food etc. from them as well and it is totally private as you do not see anyone as you pay through these tubes in the wall. I wish they had these hotels in the states.

    The girls said that the normal hotels are strict there and for the most part do not allow unregistered chicas upstairs.

    The last night I was there, I had two girls from 2 hours for 1000 pesos or about $100 US. Great time, the girls there do not seem to rush and seemed to enjoy the experience. Massages, multiple positions, etc. as I came 3 times during the time and they laughed and could not figure out how I managed to keep it up... guess they have not heard of good ol' Vitamin V. The only drawback was that they would not do BBBJ and that they would not do too much lesbian stuff, which has been my experience in Mexico. A little spanking & kissing but no hardcore 69, toys, etc.

    If you are into the street scene, my recomendation would be to rent a car and cruise around to then take them to Miraflores. In fact, what I would do is for one night, not get a normal room, but get one at Miraflores, rent a car and just pick up a lot of girls at night.

    The girls told me that the Casa de Citas usually open from 5 pm to 5 in the morning. You probably could also get a chicas number and work on an appointment during the day, but I was working so I didn't try it.

    I also bought Viagra for $50 US for a package of 4, 100 mg pills.

    They also have ads in the newspapers there, El Dictamen, but I didn't try it. The rates seemed to be $600 to 1,000 pesos which was in line with the Casa de Citas.

    Hope this helps as there has not been very much information on Veracruz. I will try to come back some time as the flight is short and it is probably better than the border towns. You can't compare it to Argentina, which is way, way better as far as chica selection, price and the services they provide. One thing, the chicas in Veracruz did seem more GFE than in Mexico City or Guadalajara.
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  8. Dougie

    JohnGuapo, or anybody, I am going to show my ignorance here. What is a Casa de Cita?

    Also, is there no massage parlor or other incall action to be had in Veracruz? Seems odd, because I visit Juarez from time to time and a significant percentage of the chicas, including some of the better looking and more exotic ones, are from Veracruz.
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  9. JohnGuapo

    Casa de Citas is an incall place. The place that I reported was an incall place but I chose to go to short time hotel because the girl said it was nicer. I thought the girls from the area were hot... more morenas and warmer than the girls in the north of Mexico. Ask any cab driver and he will give you a lot of different options.

    I think I will return to Veracruz for some hobbying action in the near future as I think it is still unspoiled territory and the selection of girls is good and the cost is not too much. I also liked the funky short-term rooms with the stripper polls, blacklights, leather couches, strobe lights and tons of mirrors when getting it on with a hottie.
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  10. Mexicali_Lover

    Hey Guys;

    Does anyone have an updated report on this strip club called Extravance?


    Best regards.
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  11. Eagle_Eye

    I was just in Veracruz. I didn't make it into extravagance, but found a great sc call fantasy where girls were for sale. the private rooms though were small just a little padded bench. house got 120 pesos for about 2 songs, and girls were looking for about 400 for bbbj and 600 for FS. The first girl I got there I felt rushed with, but the second I was wishing I still had enough pesos on me to buy her out of club for the night and take her back to my hotel.

    I would say if your a gringo with little spanish skills like my self get a resort hotel in the Boca Del Rio area of town. I stayed in the Torremas area and found it hard to function rather well there with the language barrier.

    Also found many a SG at night around 1am in the playa area of town and some looked okay, but others not so. I hit the casa de cicas rather early around 7pm and the pickings were slim and frankly as a gringo the neighborhood they were in made me very nervous if I didn't have a ride waiting. I will admit though that some of the professional girls I met were very friendly and will to please.
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  12. Albatros

    Yeah! Fantassy is a great option and sometimes you can get a real bargain. Few months ago I date a dancer at MX$1,000 per three hours! (which actually were extended to five!) and believe me, she was a pretty girl, slim, tall, very nice regular breasts. Maybe she was an opportunity in a life-time.

    Very well-known girls are Katya (slim, big fake boobs but nice and horny as hell: deep French kissing, BBBJ and anal at not added cost), Wendy (nice young girl, 'costeña' type with small nice tits, heart-shape butt and very horny) and Samantha (maybe she is not longer in the place but she was a very nice girl who could make a great complete lesbian with Katya).

    Any of them can give you an unforgettable ride. If you want to take a girl out you need to pay MX$600 to the club plus MX$2,000 or more for her which is very expensive. Wendy does not go out, but I was able to convince her dating for the next day at MX$2,000. We stayed together 3-4 hours and it was a GFE with a little spanking, French kissing and almost her first anal (she refused at last moment).

    Currently, I think Fantassy is the best option if you want to fuck a dancer.
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  13. Bundok

    Can only join in recommending Fantassy, my favorite strip club anywhere.

    Small place, where you are close to the stage no matter where you sit, and where you get to get to see all the dancers close up, since they are bound to walk past your table sooner or later. Cover is 55 Pesos, you need to buy 3 drinks, with beers at 44 Pesos. Dancer drinks are steep now, 200 Pesos, but that is actually a good thing, since dancers thus never spend long stretches of time at one guys table -- wait 20 minutes, and your hottie will be available.

    Though two years ago, I thought there was a better lineup, you really can't beat the babes at Fantassy. And they all shower after each privado, so they taste fresh and clean.

    You get a free table dance as well, which gives you a great chance to test-drive one of the chavas. I chose the most charming girl in the club: A thin, little cutie with longish black hair, braces, and a totally engaging attitude, full of smiles and sexy glances. That would be Wendy, as Albatros knows. For me, prices were 120 Pesos for the privado, 400 for BJ, 1000 for FS. I decided on the BJ, and though small, the privado rooms are nice and cozy. And while they have a romantic darkness to them, there is still quite a bit of light; not sure where that light came from. But it was perfect for watching Wendy taking my member into her little face. And my left shoulder was up against a mirror, giving me another, different view of her carita going down on me. Well, her nice CBJ just wasn't going to do it (thanks to Vitamin V?), so Wendy finally said, "Looks like we'll have to have sex!" I agreed to the extra 600. "Stand up again the wall," she said, and she bent over while still standing, and backed up her hot ass into me, letting me take her doggie-style. ¡Ay, señores! Again, I thank god for the great lighting in that room, and I thank him for that mirror as well. A nice leisurely fuck with an utterly charming cutie. And it actually may have been better that I paid first for the BJ and then the sexo, since the BJ lasted a good while.

    I returned a several days later, but Wendy wasn't in. Oh well, I guess I should try out some of the other hotties. It's nice that in Fantassy, unlike some other strip clubs in Mexico, sexo in the back is standard--they'll all ask if you want it. I chose a short cutie with thin, straight hair barely reaching her shoulders. Her hair had a wet look, and it was dyed a stylish light color, unusual for Mexico. Her hair was sorta like alternative chicks in the States. She has a totally shaven pussy, wonderful tiny breasts that were like little rose buds (a cliche, I know, but they really were small little pink things just sprouting out), and she still had an attrative bit of baby fat. I think she said she was 20, but she could have been 18. Her name was Kitty. She was very pleasant, sweet and fresh tasting, especially her, uh, kitty (Is that why she chose that name?) Sex was great, because she pulled out the nice fake-leather bench into the middle of the room, and it was just the perfect height, shape and size for penetrating her nicely. But since she was so tight and looked like a just-ripened fruit, I didn't last long at all, but it was a sweet fuck. She is pleasant, but not really very engaging compared to someone like Wendy.

    After a few more beers, Vitamin V gave me notice that I could take in another pop. I chose the "hottest" girl in the club, a white girl with blondish hair and a totally hot, sexy, cute face, que se llama, Alison. Wow! But she's had a kid, so, though she was slender, her body wasn't the perfection she seemed to think it was, but it was hot, let's say an 8. But prices with her, since she thinks she so stunning, were higher. 800 Pesos for a BJ and 1200 for FS. "Oh, that's a lot! I'll just settle for the BJ." She didn't like that answer, so she agreed to 1000 for FS. But she didn't give me FS. Instead, she started with a absolutley wonderful CBJ. Since it was to be my second pop, and because of the Viagra, I knew it wasn't going to be enough, but she didn't know that! So, she kept on and on, with great deep-throating action, with various speeds, with various pressures. Shit! "Hurry up," she said. I didn't answer, knowing that she had miscalculated me. Later, she repeated, "¡Qué duras!" She said it in a nice way, but I knew she wanted me to finish. So I told her, "Hey, I paid for sexo. I'll finish that way for sure." Shoving it into her while gazing into that hopelessly beautiful face of hers, I knew I'd lose it soon, though I didn't tell her that. "Well, OK," she finally said, agreeing to sex, "but you have to tip me!" LOL. I just told her not to worry.

    Again, perfect lighting and awesome penetration angle due to that little pull away leather bench. And thanks to the Viagra, I didn't cum as soon as I and she thought I would. Missionary, I just took it nice and slow, nice and fast, all the while getting off on how hot her face was.
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  14. Bundok

    I also got a chance to finally check out Extravagance in Boca del Rio. Large club with lots of light, which was good for checking out the chicas. Unfortunately, the lineup wasn't only just ok the night I went (a Friday night), with only two or three 8-9's in the place. And unlike Fantassy, dancer drinks aren't expensive, so the girl I finally decided was the best had already been taking over by a large table of chavos for well over 2 hours.

    After about 2 hours of sitting by myself, I decided to invite a chica over for a drink. I picked the same girl from whom I had purchased a little raffle ticket from: One ticket costs 35 Pesos, and if you win the raffle, you get a free privado with her (privados at Extravagance were 100 Pesos or a little over that, don't remember exactly.) I just bought it to get her away from me, and also to give me a reason to refuse other raffle ticket offers, though this girl wasn't that bad looking. Anyway, when she came to my table for drinks, she sat with a healthy distance from me, which was a bad sign. After the drink and some nice chatting, she took off and I went to the bathroom.

    When I got back to my table and lit up a cigarette, she hurried over to me with a cute urgency: "Hey, what was your number again?" "Uh, it was 1." "You won the raffle?! What happened?!" "Oh, I went to the bathroom." "Well you get a free privado!" She seemed real happy about the fact.

    As we were going back, some dude reached out and said, "Oh, I wish I had gotten number 1!" Hehehe.

    A great lap dance with nice cock-stroking, but nothing more, and when we were done, she didn't offer extras, but just said goodbye.

    I then decided to call over the hot girl over for a privado, even though she had been at the one table for two hours. Thus, there was always the sense that our time together was an interruption. She was a hottie though, who gave me a greak CBJ with lots of DFK.

    Oh, and why did I choose only a CBJ at that late hour when I should have chosen a better finish before returning to my hotel in El Puerto? It's cause the BJ was 1,200 Pesos, and sexo 2,200! Those prices are enough to recommend my fellow hobbiests to avoid Extravagance and go instead to Fantassy.
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  15. Bundok

    Xalapa TR: ¡Arriba las Jarochas!

    I took a brief break from the wonderful sultry heat of the Gulf Coast port city of Veracruz to travel inland for a 2-hour bus trip to the university town and capital of Veracruz State, Xalapa (also spelled Jalapa). Though I love heat, the cool temperature of Xalapa was a welcome change. In June, it was a nice cool temperature throughout the day, not getting too cold at night. And Xalapa is the first solidly middle-class city I’ve been to in Mexico, which was nice to see. Great food, pretty, narrow, hilly streets, nice views of mountains in the distant though the mist, and one of “must see” museums in Mexico, the Museo de Antropología. If you are interested in pre-Hispanic Mexico, you must go there. Especially if you like the Olmecs, since this museum specializes in them. Really stunning displays.

    And in the evening, I asked a cabbie to take me to a strip club for even more stunning displays. And I wasn’t disappointed! He took me to Black Cat. A nice, small strip club, modern and clean. Cover was about 20-40 Pesos, and beers were 30-40 (forgot the exact amount). And there were some real hotties in the place! Of the 15 or so dancers, 5 were real lookers; the rest looked really clean and friendly. And in between dancer sets, you could dance on stage to songs with the dancers, just like in Oaxaca! This was just my type of club, and I settled in nicely, soaking it all in with a cold Corona and cigarettes, thinking how much I was loving little Xalapa.

    As soon as I arrived, I was looking out for the right hottie. I spotted one early, Mellie, but decided to wait a bit. Well, but minutes later, some bastards invited her to their table for drinks. Fuck! Oh, another even hotter one takes the stage! But as she returns to the floor, a waiter escorts her to some other bastard offering her drinks. Oh well, I’ll wait.

    The minute I saw Mellie free, I told the waiter I wanted to offer her drinks. Mellie is about 22 years old, 5' 4", slender with nice tight light skin and sweet little breasts. She has longish black hair. But it’s her bright and smiley face I liked best. Waiting for her to come to my table, I wasn’t sure what to expect, since some dancers don’t always seem so fond of dealing with non-Mexicans. Well, but as soon as she arrived, my mind was at ease. Mellie was my favorite girl in Mexico this summer; she and Coral in Oaxaca. Every minute we were together, she was always engaged with me. And unlike Coral, she really seemed happy to be with me. She had just started taking English classes, and so she really loved that I was an American. We chatted for over 2 hours, me drinking beers and she rum&cokes. I asked her after she asked for a third drink, “Hey, are those even real drinks?” “Yes! Try it!” And she was right. She ended up drinking 4 rather strong rum&cokes. Which means that by the end of the second hour, we were both rather drunk.

    She turned to a gentleman at the next table, “Hey, he’s from the United States!” She told other dancers that. She told the bathroom dude that. And every now and then, she’d get excited, and she’d say, holding out her hand: “High 5! ¡Viva México y los Estados Unidos! Woo!” When one of her favorite songs was played, she’d pull my head towards her, and she’d sing the lyrics softly and sexily in my ear, always giving me a sweet, natural smile afterwards. After my fourth beer, I told her I wanted a privado, but she said she wanted to finish her drink. And she explained it in good-accented English, “It makes me more crazy. I’m crazy! So crazy!” Lol! And though she didn’t stroke my cock, she loved me gently kissing her neck and face, and we’d then segue into some wonderful, tender deep French kissing there on the main floor... She also told me proudly that she was from Veracruz the Port, and since Jarochas (girls from Veracruz Port) are my favorite women in the world, I made sure to milk that aspect of things. “Oh, you’re a Jarocha?! They are my favorites! You have such great style!” And she loved it. Once after making out, I told her, “How I’ve missed Jarochas!” She was proud, and she wrapped her lips around my tongue and start bouncing down on it with her mouth like she was giving it a blow job. ¡Ay, compadres! I could have spent hours with her like that, but during my fifth beer, I decided I needed to get off or else the beers would get the better of me.

    We went back to the cubicles, which had curtains. The first 100 Peso lap dance was a bit lame, but I think it was because she was drunk–she didn’t seem aware that it was my cock that was needing attention. After 2 privados, I told her I wanted sexo. Drunk, hot Mellie didn’t seem to want to do it there, but after I showed her a 500-Peso bill, she agreed to a CBJ. And it was a sloppy affair, caballeros... No doubt about it. But in its sloppiness, it was actually lots of fun. Her English teacher obviously told her that “I love you” is different from “I like you,” so she decided that the latter was more appropriate for our situation, though it sounded rather silly with her yelling, “I like you!! I like you!! ¡Queiro hacerte el amor! I like you!!” Since her drunken BJ wasn’t the best, and since I was drunk too, by the fifth song, I just started jerking myself off, and when ready, I shoved it back into her mouth. When I had finished, she still stroked it gently so that every last drop would come out, we French kissed some more, and she asked looking for approval, “Did you like that, amor?” Ay, claro que sí, linda, linda Jarocha...

    Yo no soy marinero
    Yo no soy marinero
    Por ti seré
    Por ti seré
    Por ti seré...

    La Bamba, (Traditional Veracruz son)
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  16. Albatros

    Well, I just was in Fantassy last Friday night and Wendy was not in the place; Samantha is working in a Merida's strip club called D'Fox, so I took once more the services of Katya.

    Yes, Bundok, that is Wendy: what a hot and nice experience having sex with her. I love the expressions of her face when standing takes it from behind as she says things like 'Uhh, está bien dado' or 'Uy, está enojado' with little horny moans. When I dated her out of the club she was even nicer, just like a girlfriend.

    I think Wendy charged you more than usual: she, Katya and Samantha usually asks for 200-300 pesos for BJ and 400-500 for FS. If you begin with oral sex just need to complete the 500 pesos to have sex, not adding the whole extra $500.

    If you was in Extravagance some months ago then maybe you meet the dancer I mentioned below. She only worked one night at Fantassy as 'Sofía' but used to work in Extravagance as 'Marisol' and lately she worked at MET Club and Royal Palace of Xalapa also as 'Sofía', she does a naughty show with a bottle. By the way, she and Kitty are friends.
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  17. Bundok

    Albatros, thanks for the great info, compadre!

    As for Wendy's price. In Oaxaca (my reports of Oaxaca and Veracruz are from this June), I paid 400-500 Pesos for FS. But two of the clubs had rooms with beds in the back, which went for 1,000-1,300. I declined, and the girls had no problem with that--we just did it in the cubicle. So when Wendy told me 1,000 for FS, I didn't think that was strange, since Oaxaca charges that price if you get the room with a bed, and I thought Veracruz is a wealthier city. Also, at Fantassy, Wendy, Kitty, and Alison all asked for 1,000, but none of them had spoken with the others about me. So, I didn't think anything was strange about the price. Oh, well. Now I know. I wish I had known the going rate before going to El Puerto, but I don't regret the time I spent with those three guapas...

    So, in Veracruz, the standard rate for FS is 400-500? Is that right? I mean, 400 is even cheaper than Adelita's in Tijuana.

    And how much do the casas de citas cost, because all of the cab drivers said 600-800? That is another reason why I didn't find Wendy's price strange.

    Albatros, I think the cab driver told me that MET Club is the former Athenas. Is that correct? Or is there still an Athenas in Boco del Rio?

    I'm pretty sure I saw Katya at Fantassy. She was on my list. Too bad your post appeared only after I got back to the US, because she sounds great. As for Extravagance, I don't remember a Mariso. But any friend of sweet, little Kitty is a friend of mine.
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  18. Albatros

    You're very welcome Bundok, buddy. I'm sorry not posting before about Veracruz clubs but I was able to post just some days ago.

    Yes, the price of $1,000 looks very good but if you add the price of 'privados' that you must pay along the BJ and FS then it is not that cheap.

    However, just like the most of Mexico's people, girls of Veracruz see a '$' when they find out an American guy, the hint is to argue that you have been in other clubs earlier that night so you have not much money, but it can be difficult due to the language barrier.

    You pay $600 to $800 in Casas de citas because the 'madame' must tip to cab driver. If you arrive alone the price goes down paying only $400-$600. But casas de citas are just like a 'blind date' sometimes you can find cheap beautiful girls and others more they are a waste of time. I remember a cute girl named 'Katia' (not that of Fantassy) very similar to Kitty and her blonde lolita look and sweetness, but with a prettier face, who costed only $600 cab driver tip included (I did not know about the tip on those days).

    I would not say that $500 is the standard because there are girls who charged much more for sex, just like in 'Extravagance'. Actually, I cannot give my opinion about Allison because I have not been with her.

    I think the prices depends upon the girl, the place and how much people are paying drinks and 'privados' in the club. Two years ago I met a girl in Kokai club who asked $1,000 for all night long in my hotel room.

    Regarding MET Club, yes, it is the Athena's new look. The place closed the past year and was re-opened several months ago under the name of MET Club.

    By the way, I met Katya when she began working at Athena's, and there I found out that she seems to prefer anal sex rather than vaginal. Well, if you come back to Veracruz try the hot Katya... if you dare... Lol

    Sorry if my English is not so good. ; )
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  19. Bundok

    Thanks again, Albatros, amigo! I hope you are here on the board. I thought I'd ask, before you maybe took off, what other strip clubs in Veracruz you would recommend -- the ones where sexo is assured. So far, we have Fantassy, Extravagance, MET Club, Kokai too?

    And how about for Xalapa? At Black Cat, as I described in my report, I needed to do some convincing for sexo. Any places there were sexo is pretty much certain with every dancer?

    I'm really missing Veracruz, bro. It's a great city you've got there. I hope hot Katya is still there next summer. I think I can handle her!
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  20. Albatros

    Sorry, Bundok. I did not see your message in time.

    Well, actually I have found out that girls who do sex are not easy to be found.

    In Kokai, I remember a girl named Stephanie who did explosive sex in privados, well man let me tell you that even Katya is not as horny as that girl used to be. But she never wanted to go outside the club; now, she left the club ten months ago and nobody seems to know where she currently is. I have tried to date, or having sex with, other girls in Kokai but I have had no success.

    I have not explored Xalapa very well except for a Black Cat stripper who I met and took out to my hotel room. Also, I visited the beautiful Sofia at Royal Palace, nice place but not what we are looking for.

    Several years ago in club Monkey's I met a girl called 'Maru': around 28 y-o, tall, elegant, pretty face, beautiful natural breasts, white soft skin, but with a recent pregnancy marks on her body. On those days was my very first time in a strip club and I tip her with ¡two dollars! after a great 'privado' she did not seem to be annoyed at all for that, giving me her phone number to lunch (and 'maybe something more...') next day... but I lost it. I looked for her several times but I never saw her again.

    Well, in few words: I think the good luck depends on the girl, and the way you treat her, rather than the place you visit.

    Katya has a little daughter who is studying basic school so, hopefully, she will stay at Veracruz a long time.

    Regards, Bundok
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  21. Lenience

    Viva Xalapa

    I'll just take the time to second the motion of Bundok on Xalapa. It is the sweetest city in Mexico I have visited. I was there a month and with my family so I didn't go prowling, but just enjoyed the great climate, friendly people, near absence of gringo tourists, and good food around the University, which is not coincidentally teeming with cute coeds. It's very safe and has a very sophisticated feel to it, probably because it is actually the state capitol (of Veracruz) and the Univ. Also has a world-class symphony and the great museum mentioned by Bundok.
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  22. Prokofiev

    More on Xalapa

    I just spent the weekend in Xalapa. Very nice city with much better weather than steamy Veracruz. I must confess that until 2 months ago, I had never heard of the place - and I have been to Mexico 6 times during the last 3 years. Great museum. Built in 1986, it is world-class and worth the effort just for that alone.

    Went to the Black Cat strip club as reported by others. Don´t know the address but every cabbie knows it. Cover was 20 pesos and a mixed drink was 40 (and up). Very clean and modern club with lots of attractive girls. Many of them seemed quite tall and rubia, in addition to some cute morenas. They danced 2 at a time and ended up totally nude by the end of the 2nd song. The only thing I didn´t like were the mandatory clear plastic platform shoes they all wore. Just not my "look". But overall a classy place with a good view. I was there early and saw very little action. A few girls sat with customers, drinking at tables, but no wild action of any type or even touching. But it was early. Despite the earlier report about privados in the back, I left after an hour having spent a total of 70 pesos. Very good deal. I might have stayed longer, trying to hook-up with a dancer but I had a better alternative which turned out to be one of my best experiences ever in Mexico. I need to get the info (telephone and address) and will return to post it soon. All and all a super night.

    Luego, Prokofiev
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  23. Prokofiev

    Xalapa Massage

    After visiting the Black Cat, I took a cab to a massage parlor I had been told about by a cabbie earlier. Seems there are 3 or 4 in the city, but this one is a winner . . .

    Madonna´s Magnolia 126 Tel# 817-30-54 Open 24 hours

    This place is very private, a house with no sign on a residencial street. Only a green light gives you some idea that it is different. There is a small window that opens for the Señora to look at you before opening the door. Inside is a very nice living room with sofas. Very comfortable looking. The Señora was about 40 yo and attractive herself. She gave me a complete rundown of the services. 500 pesos for an hour or 600 for 90 minutes. Massage, oral sex and completo in several positions as you like. Sounded good to me so I went for the 90 minutes. Before she called out the chicas, I told her I wanted the sweetest and friendliest of the girls. She assured me that all the chicas were friendly and would attend to me equally, and if not- I should complain to her immediately. Later upstairs I saw a posted notice, reading - "This establishment offers 5-star service. If you do not receive 5-star service, please contact the management" Now that is my kinda attitude.

    She called out the girls and 4 young women lined up and told me their names. All 4 were winners. Not super-models, but very attractive by anyone´s standards. I was quite surprised. I choose the morena Monica, although 2 of the lighter haired chicas would probably be judged more beautiful by most guys. I was after an Olmeca experience after spending the afternoon at the museum - plus I like morenas more. She took me upstairs where there were 2 large bedrooms and a large connecting bathroom. Monica - whose real name is Cecilia is 26 with 2 kids. Not thin but not a gordita. Beautiful dark skin, no scars and a full black bush. What a sweetheart. Funny, good-natured, playful. A real treat to be with. Not a lot of phony BS. A real professional without the jaded pro attitude. She gave me a massage, but we varied from the set program immediately. I rubbed her down and we began to play. CBJ with deep throat got my attention fast. When I could take no more, she eased off and got on top. She was quick to tell me what she enjoyed, but would consider any position I wanted. After several, she was eager to show off her Mexicana trick - the "snapping pussy". She got on top and layed flat against me. No stroking, no movement. Just vaginal contractions. I had known women who do this before - but usually 4 or 5 squeezes and that´s it. She could do 2 or 3 contractions a second and keep this up indefinately. I was skeptical, in that I´m not a quick release artist and it takes a good amount of pressure to get me off. No problem. 3 minutes later I was finished and somewhat astonished. Always something new to learn . . .

    We lay in bed talking (and sleeping?) for another 30 minutes. The room has a TV with porno playing and some girl was deep throating and getting a facial on the screen. Monica saw this and said that was what we should do. A 2nd rubber and she was back blowing me again. I wasn´t sure if she really wanted the facial finish, but too late - I popped in her mouth.

    All in all a super experience. I left around 1 am. She didn´t ask for a tip so I gave her 50 pesos. Total damage 650 p = $58 US. I can´t swear that all the girls give this type of service but everything points in that direction. This is my best experience in 5 years of Mexican travel. Would not hesitate to return. Great bang for the buck and world-class service. Try it . . .

    Luego, -P
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  24. Prokofiev

    Veracruz Casa de Citas

    I have been in Veracruz several days. What a difference in climate. Still hot and sticky at the end of November and not to my liking. Did a couple tourist things, the castillo and the Aquarium - where the most exciting thing was a manatee that popped a big boner to the delight of the crowd.

    Grabbed a cab and asked to go to Fantassy strip club that received several good reports here. The taxista asked me if Id rather just go to a Casa de Citas and pick out a girl. After thinking about having sex in a little booth with a stripper, I decided that maybe he was right. I cant provide addresses since we went to 4 different ones - just normal looking houses in different barrios with several girls in the living room. I had no idea where I was. None of the places had in-house service so you had to pick her up and take her to your hotel oR get a cheapie room. Everyone told me that my hotel, Holiday Inn El Centro was NOT chica friendly, so I needed a hot sheet motel as well. The cabbie was very helpful and swore that he would get nothing from the houses he took me too. Not sure if I believe him. The first place had no girls available. The second had 3 that he considered "tan feas". Finally he found me a girl he considered beautiful, but I choose another to his amazement. A very Mexican looking morena, 25 with a big top and a sweet smile. We had to negociate there in the house and give all the money to the Señora up front. 700 pesos for 75 minutes with no tips. Another 80 pesos for the room.

    The barrio was a little worrisome and the cabbie had warned me about this area. He questioned the chica at length about where we were going and if it was a house (a no-no) or a real commercial hotel. Everything was cool, but I appreciated his concern. The girl was sweet and very easy-going. The sex so-so. CBJ followed by several positions. Out of her dress, she was not as good looking as I had hoped. But all in all, a decent experience. Only one "servicio" allowed for a total damage of 780 + 100 cabfare = about $78US. Not half as good as the place in Xalapa, but decent value.

    I always worry a bit about this type of scene - where you put yourself at the mercy of a taxista and drive around God knows where to find a chica. Since he was worried about the neighborhood, I figured I should be as well. He also claimed to know another 10 houses, so the supply in Veracruz is great. All I can report is that it worked for me. Good Luck.

    Luego -P
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  25. Bundok

    Veracruz & Xalapa


    Many thanks for the great reports. I'm glad you had a great night in Xalapa, epecially Black Cat, even though you didn't get to sample the goods.

    As for Veracruz, I'd recommend those visiting El Puerto for only a few days to really check out the strip club Fantassy. Even if one pays what I paid, 1,000 Pesos (US $89) for sexo, that's not far off from the brothel prices you mentioned. And at Fantassy, you get to sit and watch as long as you want and with beers and a lively atmosphere. You get to see all the girls in a good light before deciding and there's really some good-looking chicas there. And, as I mentioned in my TR, the privado rooms are pretty darn comfortable, with nice pull-out black leather benches and great lighting.

    If I ever end up spending more than a few days in sultry Veracruz, I will indeed check out the brothels, so thanks for the good info concerning them.
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  26. Prokofiev

    More thoughts on Xalapa

    Well, I have been back in the US for almost a week. Too bad I caught a case of Montezuma’s Revenge during the last week of the trip which limited my activities. I had been eating every conceivable type of food and learning to cook Oaxacan-style, but somewhere towards the end I ate something bad. Also too much Tequila.

    I had my best experience in Xalapa and will seriously consider returning there in the future. Several cabbies told me that the city has a large University and there were many young college students looking to make some extra cash. I saw lots of young (18-22) girls on the streets and my experiences at Black Cat and Madonna’s make me think that this is one of Mexico’s undiscovered monger destinations. I wish I had more to add. Maybe next time.

    Luego, -P
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  27. Albatros

    Veracruz Update

    The new destination in Veracruz must be Top Gold strip club, since the most of girls and several waiters of Fantassy moved toward that place. Even when probably you think the place does not look as nice as Fantassy you will have a very good time in there.

    The good things: a cheaper place than Fantassy with a lot of beautiful younger girls. You only pay the cover; at Fantassy you must pay the cover plus two drinks at least. 'Privados' $120 vs $150 in Fantassy. The drinks are cheaper too.

    Also, I think there is currently a better atmosphere in Top Gold.

    The bad thing: if you want to take out a girl you must pay $1,000 pesos plus the girl price. At Fantassy you only pay $500.

    Well, those were the news for Veracruz.

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  28. Lotto6

    Veracruz and Xalapa

    Hello. I plan on visiting this area in July. Have a quick question:

    How is the nightlife in Xalapa?

    Where is a good place to stay while I'm there?

    Same question goes for Boca Del Rio area: Looking for a nice place to stay and close to the nightlife.

    Also, any information on how I can get a bus or taxi over to Xalapa?

    I'm thinking about taking a taxi, but not too sure of the costs.

    Have read previous posts and will definitely check out Black Cat, Fantassy, Top Gold, Extravagance and most certainly Madonna's. Also, I'm curious about these Casa de Citas. Any telephone #'s would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again and will report back from my trip when I return.
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  29. Albatros


    Nightlife in Xalapa is good during weekend. The Xalapa hotel is a five stars place, if you are looking for a cheaper place check the Xallapan hotel which is almost front Black Cat night club. Recharging of batteries can be accomplished in the fish & seafood restaurant-bar called Nico's; it is a very reliable place.

    You can head for CAXA (Xalapa's Central of Buses) and board on the ADO GL bus (business class) to move from Xalapa to Veracruz (two hours, more or less), a cheaper option is ADO bus (first class); a taxi is much more expensive ($350-450 pesos) but you'll save a half hour at least. Once in CAVE (Veracruze's Central of Buses) you can get a taxi over to Boca del Río (around $60 pesos).

    Regarding Boca del Rio, the place is plenty of five stars hotels, I think a good place for you would be Camino Real hotel near Extravagance. A much cheaper place is Delfines hotel (in Veracruz) almost front to Fantassy and near Top Gold, a brand new place not bad at all. If you prefer a five stars place in Veracruz I think Diligencias hotel (in the same downtown of Veracruz) would be a nice place to stay for you.

    There are several Casas de Citas in Veracruz, I got beautiful girls from Julia's, Mati's (Doña Mati) and Maquillajes (in Boca del Rio). Currently I only have phone number of Maquillajes: 922-1716.

    In Top Gold I can recommend: Sarah (former Fantassy's Samantha), Katya (from Fantassy), Alexis (a pleasant discovery), Allison (from Fantassy), Claudia (a tall good looking girl also from Fantassy), Nikki (the lolita from Fantassy).

    In Fantassy maybe you will find to Wendy and I recommend to Melissa a tiny girl with beautiful round tits (she gives deep french kisses).

    Two blocks away from Extravagance is the Climax strip club (free entrance, cheap drinks, girl-drinks more expensive than other places), you can check for a girl named Alexis who owns a really nice set of huge natural tits (the best ones I have seen and felt) and a tight pussy. You can deal an appointment for next day @ $1,000 pesos. You can ask any taxi for a free ride to Extravagance from there (the street is somewhat dark).

    Hopefully you'll have a pleasant business trip.

    Enjoy and report!
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  30. Bundok

    Veracruz & Xalapa


    Thanks again for the excellent information! I'm looking forward to checking out Top Gold. Heck, looking forward just on returning to El Puerto--I hope to be able to do so later this summer.

    I got a business card from a taxi driver for the brothel, Maquillajes, in Boca del Rio, that includes the address and even a map on how to get there. Since the cab drivers get paid for taking customers there, how could I avoid that? Is it a safe area to walk around?

    Cattinc, note my report on Extravagance: The prices there for sexo are rather steep compared to Fantassy, for instance. If I am lucky enough to return to the Vera Cruz on the Gulf, I'll avoid Extravagance, and check out the other clubs Albatros mentioned.
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