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  1. Frog

    Hello everybody,
    going to Tallinn next week and look for a escort-lady for the first day (convenient to get everything shown by a native girl). Any Tip?
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  2. Dusty_Bin

    Which night was the girl dancing?

    I have not seen girls there have miders before either. That said, security is never far away there. Those guys can FLY through a crowd to the centre of any trouble.
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  3. Digital

    Dusty_bin, the blonde cutie was dancing in Venus last night, Saturday. And this guy was not your usual youngish 'heavy' but an older guy of serious girth who didn't look like he could run too fast, but god help you if he caught you!
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  4. Frog

    Hello. Yesterday 3rd birthday with a little celebration at midnight in Venus Club. Very crowded, many pretty girls. Later one girl in a golden overall was dancing (GoGo). You talk about her?
    Hollywood was almost empty at 22:30 so i left.
    Before I have been to X-Club. The Club itself is very nice furnished, everything looks new and clean. The girls were very nice but you can't get more than a private dance for 350 EEK. Girls Drinks are the real ripp-off: 160 EEK. All in all nice to visit but thats all.
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  5. Frog

    Originally posted by vin

    ...Club 102. ...
    Well, would be nice if You can give some more information about this club - I couldn't find any match yet.
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  6. Dusty_Bin

    I took a look at the Venus's programme. Saw nothing special. Not a superstar of any kind.

    Maybe just a random bird on a short leash?
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  7. Dusty_Bin

    X-club is very nice but I have never seen it busy.

    If you want to see attractive girls strip, then go to Borsi Bar on Lai. Very attractive girls, comfortable atmosphere. Some of the girls at X-club work at Borsi also.

    Cost of a private is 300eek. No sex but if you get on well with the girl, you can get quite high mileage.
    The girls are not on the game but have been known to make dates as civilians. High maintenance though (I know!)
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  8. Snail

    "High maintenance though (I know!)"

    how high?
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  9. Dusty_Bin

    Well there have been three, one was and is high maintenance emotionally, but costs me very little money; another, well, lets just say she could eat a menu from start to finish and the third, suggested that we should go shopping to the Bally shop next to my apartment. She had a bad attitude to my money... saw her for a few months though!
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  10. Vin

    Hey, Frog.

    Club 102 is a brothel, so you won't find information about it other than asking cab drivers etc. Probably run by the russian mafia. Most of the girls were russian too. Some scary looking 'guards' there, but very polite and welcoming. The second floor of the house has a bar (expensive), a lounging area, and a small stage for the dancers.

    Anything in particular you wanted to know?
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  11. Vin

    I was at the X-Club for a few hours with my pals, and had a great time. Fell completely for this Perfect 10-stripper. Her name was Natasha, and I think she was russian. Frustrating though, cause you can't touch the girls. Though one of my friends claimes to have been propositioned during a private dance...

    No such luck for me. Would have spent a fortune to have an hour of fun with Natasha.
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  12. Dusty_Bin

    If she was called 'Natasha' the chances that she is NOT Russian are about ZIP!
    Most of the girls will be Russian.

    Most of the girls who dance are not on the game. Especially at a place like X-CLub. But if you were genuinely well off, she might be interested in some sex and shopping, hence my mention of the Bally shop.

    Most of the girls have a pretty low opinion of the guys, they do tend to see us at our worst after all!
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  13. Frog

    Originally posted by vin
    Club 102
    Well, thank you for your comment. Meanwhile I've found that "Club" - looking for an Escort I was redirected to them... Spend 2 days with two of their girls in my appartement (approx. USD 1100).
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  14. Frog

    Originally posted by dusty_bin
    ... 'Natasha' ... X-CLub
    Well, Natasha told me she's Estonian; and "officially" you can't get more than a private dance in X-Club.
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  15. Vin

    I don't think Natasha was in the game, but a girl my friend took for a private strip definitely was. This girl was also much more provocative in her dancing in the main room. Blonde, young... Maybe you know who I'm talking about...

    Anyway, my friend declined as he was a newlywed... Poor sucker.

    I spent some time chatting with Natasha, and she said she was a student at the university. Accounting, I think. I remember having ridiculous thoughts of sweeping her off her feet and bringing her home. Heheh.
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  16. Digital

    dusty_bin, thanks for your research on the blonde cutie in the gold jumpsuit at Venus - as you say, maybe she was just on a short leash! It would seem that, to quote Ewiseman on the Warsaw board, that you and I shop the same shops as I ended that particular night in the Borsi.....!!!! In general I find that the girls in the clubs are not on the game but are probably more disposed to "getting physical" just by the very nature of their choice of profession. Sex and shopping just about sums it up! But as you say, since the girls see most guys at their worst in the club environment, a little bit of courtesy can go a surprisingly long way! I must try harder on my next visit to Tallinn but in rural Poland at the moment where the opportunities are somewhat limited!
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  17. Maximus

    Brothels in Tallinn

    Hi guys!

    I have had chance to visit most of the borthels in Tallinn during the last few months. These "clubs" are so called elite houses, where the price is around 1000 krones and the taxi driver gets nice share of it. Until the new year price was 900 krones (about 60 euros) but since it has been increased to 1100 (about 70 euros) and it's always for full hour.

    Most of the girls speak at least some English, some very well. Older ones sometimes speak Finnish and almost everybody has Russian origin. I have had chance to talk with few girls from Ukraine and Latvia, altought most of them come from Narva or Kohtla-Jarve (those two big cities in Easter Estonia where 99% of people speak only Russian).

    When it comes to sex it's basicly oral and normal intercourse in different positions with condom. Anal is very rare and requires an additional payment in most cases (to the girl directly). Some girls are shy and don't want to talk about these things in front of their friends but I think it's better to ask first than be disapointed.

    Most of the houses charge entrance fee of 50 krones (3 euros), but in most cases it can be avoided with little negotiation. Drinks are very expensive (from 50 to 250 krones, 3 to 15 euros) and I recommend not to buy anything to the girls. It's just wasting your money without getting anything extra.

    There are stripper in every club. They will take their upper part of their costume away but leave their pants on. Standard tip is 25 krones (1,5 euros), never give more. It will just make them creed. If the girl doesn't come to your lap, it's not worth of tip.

    I have never had any problems but I wouldn't recommed going to any club alone totally drunk. Go with your friend if you want to drink like locals.

    And to the houses. My personal favourites are Max, Leesika and Club 16.

    Northern Tallinn, Pirita district

    Club 102, Vabaõhukooli tee 102

    One of the most well known places in Tallinn. Behind a motorized iron gate, friendly staff and usually high quality girls.

    Club 16, Kõivu tee 16

    Most days I find the largest collection of girls here, from 16 to 20. Has same owner than Club 102 and Club 4.

    Club 4, Männimäe tee 4

    Almost like the two others, hidden in the forrest and usually not so many girls.

    Lepiku tee 34b

    Quite standard place close to Club 4. Nice new house but sometimes rude service. Lots of girls.

    City center

    Koidu 68

    Newest house in Tallinn. Many girls but sometimes rude service.

    Tuukri 26

    Very nice location close to harbour and city center. Very rude service.

    Southern Tallinn, Nõmme, Mustamäe and õismäe districts

    Max, Varese 30

    One of my favorite places. Free entrance and beer with our club card. Usually nice girls but sometimes disappointments too.

    Tedre 41

    Has same owner than Max. Sometimes nice girls, altought I think that Max is owners nr. 1.

    Sõlme 3

    Nice new house in very quiet neighbourhood. Lots of locals.

    Leesika 21

    Quite resently renovered house, nice interior, nice girls. Sometimes real beauties from Latvia. Nice young Estonian girls which are hard to find from other places. Unfortunately old junks too. Fair service.

    Infant, Järve 40

    Maybe finest house in Tallinn but also the worst service. Very expensive drinks but sometimes can show the best girls in Tallinn too.

    Tanuma 29

    Place for locals altought they once didn't let us at the first when they thought we are Estonians. Nice service but rarely beautiful girls.

    Kätki 6

    Almost like Tanuma. Has old women but sometimes very nice young Estonians. Friend of mine took once three of them to my home for the night..

    If you want to see some places and avoid taxi charges, please don't hesitate to email me (maximus@sihteeriopisto.net). Almost every weekend we have some kind of tournee with my Finnish friends.
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  18. Vin

    Nice work, maximus!

    I'm itching to go back now...
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  19. Jyates98125


    GREAT report!!! A few places that I haven't tried so thanks for the tips. The ones that I have tried you were right on in your comments and observations.

    Keep em comin!!
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  20. Maximus

    Budget places in Tallinn

    Along with the high quality brothels there are quite nice number of so called budget places in Tallinn. Price for one hour is between 300 and 500 krones (20 to 35 euros). Girls are usually not good looking than in more expensive places, but beautiful ones can be found.

    Most of these places are already been reported in this forum, but I hope there is few new ones too.

    Narva mnt 2

    Just few hundrer meters from Viru Hotel. Quite nice girls, price 500 krones per hour. You have to call first, they will open the door then. Numbers are +372 51 83987 and +372 660 1163.

    Narva mnt 10, apartment 19 (old Maakri 30, apartment 3)

    Newest location on Narva mnt. 500 krones per hour. Someone has said that there is beautiful 18-years old Krista..

    Narva mnt 16, apartment 2

    Old and steady. Sometime two younger and good looking ones (incl. Eva), others old junks. Just 300 krones per hour.

    Lembitu 7, apartment 21

    Nice big apartment on first floor, sometimes very nice girls. Raded sometime ago by the police. 500 krones per hour.

    Lembitu 14, apartment 33

    On the 4th floor, usually from two to three girls. Price 450 krones per hour.

    Pärnu mnt 48, huoneisto 25

    Has same owner than Lembitu 7. Old junks, price 400 krones per hour.

    Pärnu mnt 123, apartment 32

    Same owner than Narva 16. Nothing special when it comes to girls. Price 300 krones.

    Lõime 22, apartment 20

    Close to hotel Stroomi. Quolity varies. Price 400 kroner per hour and two girls for 600 krones! You have to call first +372 52 50019.

    Sikupilli 17, house

    Old house close to Sikupilli's shopping centre. Stripper, few girls and quite reasonably priced bar. 500 krones per hour.

    Paljassaare 43, house, White House

    Long way from centrum in Paljassaare harbour area. Nothing special. 500 krones per hour.
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  21. Dusty_Bin

    Originally posted by vin
    Nice work, maximus!

    I'm itching to go back now...

    Just remember to wear the snotty bag or you will really be itching!
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  22. Tiger888

    well yjates - checked out parnu mnt 48/25 - and spent an hour with jaana - she is absolutely fantastic! very touchy feeling - was a bit sore so quite enjoyed the massage first - which turned into one of the most erotic massages i have had - complete with oilly body slide - she knows how to send a shiver up your spine with her fingernails. moved into move body slides on the front - french kissing, titty fucking (again oilly breasts - i was quite hard to control myself) so I got her to lie down and dinned at the Y. Funnyiest thing in retrospect - it spelt great. got her moving to the rhythum very quickly, a very juicy pussy. more kissing and cuddling then her on top and me finishing the deed of missionary. after everything was cleaned up - had another nice little massage, more kissing and cuddling. thoroughly enjoyed her company - an absolute pleasure - it seems like she really wanted to please - a change in attitude from other russian workers i have met. not sure about the quality of the other chicks there - but yaana gets my thumbs up - will be back for sure. btw - cost me 500 for the hr - this prices differs with the one below, so not sure what happened there.

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  23. Jyates98125


    Jaana is rather special isn't she -- glad that you liked her!! Many of the pros that are working the houses now are quite mechanical and don't seem to enjoy their work -- to bad for them and for us!

    About 3 weeks or so ago that house did away with the menu based pricing. Now it is 300 EEK per half hour or 500 EEK for a full hour, doesn't matter what you want to do. Although anal is NOT available for that price. Most of the girls do NOT provide that service and those that do, will want extra for it.

    Thanks for the report. I saw Jaana a few nights ago, she was busy so I spend the hour with Alona (see my review of her on a previous post). I am planning on seeing Jaana again soon, she was looking hot the other night.

    Happy hunting and keep those reports coming in!
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  24. TheKnight

    Hi guys,

    Have read all your posts with interest. Things seem to move pretty quickly in Tallinn, where I'm off for the first time pretty shortly. Only there for a couple of days, so don't want to waste time. Any advice gratefully received. Is X-club crap? What about Borsi? Which discos/bars are best to try to pick up local talent - perhaps Hollywood or Panoraam?

    Is everything open 7 days, or is it very quiet earlier in the week?

    And so many privates are reviewed here, can anyone offer their definitive best quality/price ratio? Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to respond - promise I will review upon return!!
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  25. Tucker

    I just got back from BA Argentina. I had a great time. I am thinking of going to Tallin in May. Can you guys give me some advice where
    to go for the good, how much is a good price to pay, are there GFE girls?


    Tommy NYC
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  26. Dusty_Bin

    X-club and Borsi are strip clubs. Dont expect to be findng to many hookers there.
    I prefer Borsi to Xclub, although if you are feeling flush, the surroundongs in Xclub are very nice. Borsi is smaller and friendlier as well as less expensive. Some of the girls work both places.

    When you say local talent do you mean civilians? How old are you, can you pull or do you normally need to pay?

    Sunday and Monday are pretty quiet. The bars are open but the clubs are closed. Amigo is open every night but V. quiet on a Sunday.

    Don't know about the apartments and stuff, not really interested. When you arrive, pick up a copy of the 'In your Pocket' guide. Cost is little, full of info including some escort, massage etc that seem to offer good value. THe places are generally the up market ones.
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  27. TheKnight

    Thanks DB. I'm hoping to pull without paying - young enough for it to succeed quite often!! Any tips?
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  28. Dusty_Bin

    That's a whole big book!

    If I were you I would do two things.
    1. Stay in an apartment. www.erel.ee is in my opinion the best.
    2. Have a story that you are either staying for a while, or returning soon to work. If people think that you are going to be around for a while then they will treat you differently

    If you try to pull a girl on a one nighter, how does her self esteem feel when she knows that you just came to Tallinn to shag younger, more pretty girls than you could manage back home? If she thinks that there is a relationship in it then things change a lot!

    But then, what do I know!
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  29. Dusty_Bin

    Best advice is to read a few posts. Spend 30 mintues reading and know more than me! If then you have some specific questions, please ask!
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  30. Tiger888

    any been to lily's? any recommendations, and whats the cost?

    thanks tiger.
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply


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