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  2. Jyates98125

    There is lots of good info in the Old Forum about WG's and amateurs in Tallinn.

    Check there first!!
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  3. Juuh

    Name: E-Luks
    Address: Humala 4
    Phone: 051-989862
    Price: 400 EEK / hour

    Name: Rock and roll girls
    Address: Tuuleveski 34
    Phone: 055-991417
    Price: 400 EEK / hour

    Name: White House
    Address: Paljassaare 43
    Phone: 0-6395357
    Price: 400 EEK / hour

    Address: Sikupilli 17
    Price: 400 EEK / hour


    ** BROTHELS the centre on Tallinn **

    Address: Maakri 30 (apartment number 3)
    Open: klo 10-22
    Phone: 053-966442, 055-950306
    Price: 250 EEK / half hour, 400 EEK / hour
    (near Hotel Radisson SAS. Brothel works in old wooden apartment building)

    Address: Lembitu 14 (apartment number 33)
    Open: klo 10-22
    Phone: 0-6480277
    Price: 480 EEK / hour
    (near Hotel Olympia. Brothel works in apartment building, just ring door bell apartment number 33)

    Address: Narva mnt 16 (apartment number 2)
    Open: klo 9-22
    Phone: 0-6485981
    Price: 300 EEK / hour
    (Brothel works in apartment building, you have to call phone number to get inside)

    Address: Narva mnt 2
    Phone: 051-83987, 0-6601163
    Price: 350 EEK / half hour, 500 EEK / hour
    (Brothel works in apartment building, you have to call phone number to get inside)

    Address: Narva mnt 26
    Phone: 051-968741
    Price: 400 EEK / hour

    Address: Väike-Ameerika 7
    Phone: 055-19586
    Price: 400 EEK / hour (+200 EEK extra anal sex)
    (Brothel works in apartment building, you have to call phone number to get inside)

    You can also order girl in to your hotel room. It cost's 300 EEK / hour! (2 hours cost 500 EEK, 5 hours cost 1000 EEK)

    Here you can find advertisements:

    Brothels advertisements:


    Brothels advertise in "Soov" paper! You can buy it from kiosk!!!!!!!


    Best TAXI COMPANY in Tallinn is Silver takso
    Phone: 6482 300, 6482 383



    Estonia bank home page


    1 EUR = 15,635 EEK

    1 EUR = 15,635 EEK
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  4. vanka

    I will be in Tallinn for the month of July. Any ideas concerning apartment rentals? Thanks.
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  5. Juuh

    if you want buy low price videos or DVD:s

    Amor Erootikakauplus
    Address: Väike-Ameerika 11, Tallinn
    Phone +3726481575

    Eros Video
    Address: Kopli 4, Tallinn
    Phone +3726440224

    Erotica Center
    Address: Vana-Viru 14, Tallinn
    Phone +3726314188

    Address: Kunderi 40, Tallinn
    Phone +3726009403

    Minu Rocco
    Address: Kaupmehe 2, Tallinn
    Phone +3726481575

    Mustamäe Erootikakeskus
    Address: Sõpruse pst 222, Tallinn
    Phone +3726544262

    Sex Box
    Address: Kaupmehe 2, Tallinn
    Phone +3726604098

    Sexyland Shop
    Address: Gonsiori 3, Tallinn
    Phone +3726601283
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  6. Juuh

    Strip club's in Tallinn:

    Börsi Baar
    Address: Lai 7

    Address: Sakala 12

    Erotica Center
    Address: Vana-Viru 14

    From Dusk Till Dawn
    Address: Endla 15

    Lasso Baar
    Address: Mere pst. 6 A

    Le Galaxy
    Address: Müürivahe 23 A

    Address: Tatari 1 A

    Address: Väike-Karja 1

    Mr Robinson
    Address: Aia 10

    Address: Kaubamaja 3

    Valge Lõvi
    Address: Lai 8

    Address: Harju 6
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  7. Juuh

    low price hotel rooms:

    TKTK Üliõpilas hotel
    Address: Nõmme tee 47
    Phone: +3726552679
    Price: 300 EEK (2 person room)
    (very good place to order girl in your hotel room)

    Dorell hotel
    Áddress: Karu 39
    Phone: +3726261200, +3726623580
    Price: 500 EEK
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  8. Anonymous

    In Helsinki there is no visible street action. It is against local codes and is enforced. If you go out to Vantaa (Tikkurila) apparently there is some near the railway station and by the Antilla store. I figure that it is too bloody cold, I've never seen anything!

    In Tallinn there is not supposed to be any but I met a girl outside Hessburger by the Viru, she was hanging around. In the old town there is a little bit going on, mainly in the summer. In the evening look on the roads going though from the port area to Narva Mnt, drivers come through here and there are often a few girls wandering around, they are not obvious, I only realised what was going on when I was walking around and kept seeing the same girls on the beat. There are often girls looking a little lonely during the day, near MacDonald's. I have been approached outside Hollywood in the Old Town.

    You can usually find someone to join you if you are taking a coffee or beer in the old square in the summer.

    Most action is in the clubs and bars.
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  9. Dusty_Bin

    You can rent apartments through http://erel.ee they have places in or near the old town from 750Eek per night with discounts for longer periods. The places I have stayed in range from basic to very nice c/w sauna etc.

    Old house bed and breakfast has some.

    Check www.inyourpocket.com for more leads.

    If you are staying for a month it may be worth asking local contacts for guidance, are you going for work, in which case there will be sombeody who knows a place... or pleasure in which case you may well have to pay the kind of money I noted above.

    Prices are lower outside the old town or city centre but harder to find. Most tourists value the central location very highly. I was looking at quite nice places in decent areas for about $150 per month, although on a six month contract.
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  10. Timmy21

    Dusty, that site lists apartments at a monthly rate of about $700, which is the cheapest on site. Is it possible to find a cheaper monthly rate in Tallinn for a flat in the center?
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  11. swede

    Are there any dominas in tallin?Please help me with this
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  12. Dusty_Bin

    Erel have cheaper places not listed. They are as they told me 'not so beautiful'. The one I stayed in that was 'not so beautiful' was on Muurivahe (sp?) and was perfectly ok, clean and large but basic. It was also within 20 paces from Galaxy, itself a plus factor in my opinion. The problem is that tourists pay these prices because they are MUCH cheaper than a hotel and the length of stay that you propose is too short for a normal apartment rental... That is why if you have local contacts they may be of better help.

    I can not help you here, I now live with my 'local contact' ;-)
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  13. Timmy21

    Dusty, is Tallin like Riga, I have never been to Tallin but I have spent some time in Riga as well as Vilnius, are the cites comparable in any way. From what I understand, Tallin is a more beautiful city with much more to do, and the girls are incredable as well.
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  14. Dusty_Bin

    I have not yet been to Riga. Friends who have been tell me the place is also lovely, similar old toen, perhaps led highly restored. Apparently less P4P but still enough.
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  15. Jyates98125


    There are a couple of domina's here in Tallinn that I am aware of. I haven't though tried either one so you are on your own as far as that goes. One can be contacted by email at <octobergirl@hot.ee>, she offers SM and BDSM.

    The other one is located at Liivimäe 2 - 40 and is called Lady Theresa SM Service, tel 6 459 567, 6 620 300 or GSM 055 983 688.

    How about posting a report for the rest of us when you try them!
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  16. Jyates98125

    Here is another one of previous reports on the WG's of Tallinn. This was posted to the Old Forum just be it was archived. Thought that it would serve others with a copy here so that you don't have to go to the Old Forum.

    Thought that I'd give my review of a couple of establishments. First one is located at Makri 30-3, tel. GSM 053 966 442 and 055 950 306. To find Makri street go outside the main entrance to the SAS Radisson Hotel which is in the center of the city. As soon as you step outside the front door turn right follow the building, go past the casino and the bar at the end of the building. Directly ahead of you will be a short,narrow street. This is Makri street. The 3rd or 4th building on the right is number 30. It is a normal old wooden apartment building. Go around to the back of the building, it's only 3 stories, go thru the door and up the stairs to the second floor. Knock on the door of apartment 3. Now you're in, to just a normal everyday Estonian apartment. Ask for a girl by the name of Viktoria. She's about 170 cms and 53 kgs, nice firm jugs and clean shaven. She's about a 6 or 7. She likes french kissing and is very oral and likes to ride on top. Don't know, but don't think that she'll do anal. She uses a condom for everything. She's 20 and a student at a local university. She doesn't watch the clock much, OK a little bit but she is quite enthusiastic and for 300 EEK per hour you can get your nut as many times as you want. She speaks good English and enjoys her time with you. There are generally 3 girls on per shift. Viktoria works every night after 17.00 until closing which is at 23.00. She also works every Saturday and Sunday. She is the only one that I've been with. Have met the other girls and they seem friendly enough.

    There is another place located at Narva Mnt. 16-2. Tel- 6485 981 Used to be several nice providers here. They have since moved on. Went in to check out the girls last week. One about 40 years old and a sold 3, and the other one a solid 4 and 30 years old and about 75 kgs. Said no thanks and left.

    Most of the local brothels, used by the locals are found in ordinary apartments. Nothing plush in any of them, but they are clean, secure and safe. You'll never see any security in them, although the madams tell me that they can be summoned within a few minutes. They are all discrete as you rarely will see any other clients there as well. They will direct traffic amongst the clients so that you won't see or be seen by another client. You will be able to shower both before and after the main event if you want. The girls are generally Russian and range from age 18 - 45, and from a solid 3 (see above), to 8's with a rare 9. Most of the 8, 9 and 10's hang out in the nightclubs and freelance out of them. There are always young girls 18 - 20 that are only working a day or two a week or for a few months to get some bills paid off. They aren't in the business for long, so you can have more of a GFE with them. Many of the best "girls" are 25+ and are not the stunning lookers, but will give you the time of your life. It is a business for them and they are catching on that satisfied customers are repeat customers. If you want a good satisfying time the local brothels are the place to go.

    There are other brothels in town, Morgan Club, Lily, Infant, Tuukri and Hotel Max among others. Most of them cater more to the tourist trade, which is mostly Finnish. They'll charge 1000 EEK per hour, and the girls will generally be a little better looking than the local brothels. However, the girls will most assuredly be pressuring you to buy them a drink and will be watching the clock. Also many of them only give you one pop even though you've paid for an hour. Never have met an enthusiastic provider in any of them and have been to them all. Most of the girls there are very mechanical and are almost watching their watches over your shoulders - BORING!! One way though to save money, is to go to these brothels on your own. That means without a taxi taking you there. Lily is close to the Palace Hotel, just on the edge of Old Town for instance. If you get there by yourself, you can always go with a girl for 600 EEK per hour. I read where another poster said that the taxi driver would graciously wait for you for the hour and then take you back to where you were. Gracious, my ass! The brothel gives them a 400 EEK finders fee for bringing you in. If they can take you to several places they can make far more with the kickback fees than they can in fares. Tell the barkeep that you came on your own and ask what the rate is. All of the barmen and most of the girls are Russian. The barmen and some of the girls will speak passable English.
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  17. Jyates98125

    One thing that I should have mentioned in the previous report was that MOST of the local brothels, found in ordinary apartment buildings (see previous report) have a menu that you can choose from. You can have a girl for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes etc. Also during those time frames you can have a massage (handjob), or massage + minuet (BJ), or massage + minuet + sex. Of course the massage (handjob) is cheaper than the massage + minuet which is cheaper than the massage + minuet + sex. Your choice as to what you want. The girls split the money 50 / 50 with the house.

    I generally pay for a massage + minuet for an hour which costs generally around 300 EEK, the massage + minuet + sex for one hour is generally around 400 EEK. Then when I get into the room I give the girl 100 EEK which makes the hour cost me 400 EEK, but the girl is much happier because she doesn't have the split the last 100 EEK with the house. It puts a big smile on their face and gets me a nicer time. Most of the girls know me well, as I'm a regular so I get a nice time anyway.

    If you happen to choose a girl that isn't with the program, cold standoffish etc. and you discover this within the first 10 minutes, do this. Just stop and tell the girl to go get the madam. The madam will either give you back your money or give you your second choice girl. You must do this in the first 5 or 10 minutes though!

    Many of the girls can give a good classic massage, so if you want you can enjoy that along with you other activites. The massages here are much better than the massage parlors in the US.

    In my opinion you are NOT really expected to leave any tip at one of the local houses over and above the menu price. But of course it is nice if you have a good time and will get you a warmer welcome when you return! DO NOT though, tip more than 100 EEK, as all you do is teach the girls (particularly the young ones that are just starting out or are working part time) that their ass is golden. The end result, IMHO is that you ruin the girls and their work ethic. They become more and more like American woman and expect something for nothing!

    I am NOT advocating keeping the working girls down, but be realistic with the tips. The average salary in Estonia is about $330.00 USD per month, about 5600 EEK (17.00 EEK = $1.00 USD). The average Estonian secretary makes about 250 EEK per working day. Yeah, maybe a girl working on her back is worth more than a secretary -- that ought to touch off a good debate! But lets not price ourselves (us foreigners) out of the market. I assure you that the local population doesn't tip at all!! Think about it.

    About the local girls. Many of girls in Tallinn are available for nice times, although they may not have sex with you immediately. In the summer, the Old Town is full of Finnish tourists -- so I'm not convinced that Old Town is a great place for the uninitiated to pick up local girls. However, the park next to Viru Hotel is generally full of locals. Have a seat on one of the many benches, make eye contact, smile and if returned start a conversation. You could also go to one of the many nightclubs and try your luck there. Another good place to meet local girls are in the Internet cafes. With summer coming on, many of them won't have access to a computer as school will be out. They'll go to the internet cafes, where you can strike a conversation with them. Turn on the charm and see what happens!

    The schools teach English here and the students are required to take it. Most of the young people want to practice their English and the young girls like to try and impress foreigners with their command of the English language. Don't major that you are an American, it takes some smooth flattering talk after all to bed any woman. Just be normal, kind, nice pay attention to them, ask them about what they like. Take them to dinner etc, etc, etc. and you will probably score. Be a gentleman!!

    Housing is very tight in Estonia. As a consequence most young people live with their parents until they get married. You must have a place to take the girl back to, as obviously she isn't going to take you home to the family and screw. You won't have any problems with the hotels taking someone to your room. There are NO burly security men guarding the elevators like there are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    It would be helpful if you take a local girl flowers if you meet her later -- that is a big custom here and I like it! Also small inexpensive gifts go a long ways towards getting her to say yes to your advances. Enjoy the country and the girls even if you don't get laid immediately -- ENJOY LIFE GUYS!!!
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  18. Juuh

    low price hostel:

    Mahtra Hostel

    Address: Mahtra 44
    Phone: + 3726218828, + 3726345433
    Price: single room 240 EEK, double room 300 EEK

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  19. World_Traveller

    I am going to Tallinn this summer, is there any good places/suggestions on meeting local non-pro girls for some good times?
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  20. Dusty_Bin

    Just got back from Tallinn, again.
    Just go to Cafe Amigo in the Hotel Viru. A wide range of women, young to old, good looking and not so. Chat to what you like and have a good time. This fat 40 year old just scored with a really attractive girl. Thought she might be on the game, she was not, or at least not for me...

    Treat them like ordinary women be nice and fun WILL follow. I promise.

    I bumped into a couple of groups of English guys who just could not beleive what they were seeing, they were having a great time shagging FIniish and Estonian birds.
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  21. Peter


    What happened to the local girlfriend you were living with last month?

    I assume if you were checking if the girls in the bar were on the game you are back in the hunt.
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  22. Dusty_Bin


    When I am in Tallinn I stay with her, I'm not there all the time.

    I had a night off!

    She was working the other night and she does not like me to stay with her when she has work the next day. She works long hours and does not like to be tired!

    I just decided to stay on a bit longer and hook up with a friend for a beer. I am glad I did.

    OTOH I felt a bit guilty so maybe I'll be a good boy in future...
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  23. Jimbehr2000

    Is Talinn easy to get to from Helsinki. They lookl close on the map and I'm spending some time in Helsinki? Also are there any SW in Tallin?
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  24. BigthDikth

    So easy. there's a ferry that'll take you there. If I remember correctly, it runs at least a couple times a day, fast, cheap and nice.
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  25. Dusty_Bin

    There are loads of ferries. In the summer the fastest takes just an hour; look for Linda Line. Cost can be as little as 30Euro round trip, the one hour ferry may be a little more expensive.

    For a cheap overnighter, book a hotel package. You will be able to book a decent hotel in the centre, with ferry, transport and breakfast for about 80-115 Euros

    I gave some information on SW in a previous post. I would not bother with them unless you have a fetish for them! Go to a club like Cafe Amigo, Bonny and Clyde, Terrarium or Hollywood. Be nice and score a freebie!
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  26. Juuh

    Tallinn city best night clubs:

    Address: Ahrti 10

    Address: Vana-Posti 8
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  27. Juuh

    Good brothel (new address)

    Name: Club
    Address: Lembitu 8 (near Olympia-hotel)
    Phone: 051-914964, 0-6411160
    Price: 600 EEK / hour

    Web page: http://hot.ee/club12/
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  28. hijcw

    I will be staying in Tallinn mid week during July with my girlfriend. She is keen for us to get together up with another girl (her first time..). Can anyone recommend the best potential clubs for this - B&C/Amigo!? Also how open are the 'strip clubs' to couples going in together? Again, any recomendations...

    Thanks, and of course I'll feedback how we get on!
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  29. Jyates98125


    You didn't mention how old you or your girlfriend is, which is somewhat important so that you will "fit in" to the club that you go to. Bonnie and Clyde is for an older crowd 35+, and Amigo is filled with mostly older drunken Finns, again 35+, as they get in free when they are staying at Viru Hotel. Amigo is located in the basement of Viru Hotel.

    If you are younger, 20 - 30 and your girlfriend is quite attractive you could try Venus Club (Vana Viru 14, on the outskirts of Old Town), Hollywood Club (Vana Posti 8 , in the center of Old Town co-located with Cinema Sõprus), Decolte (Ahtri 10) or Terrarium Club (near the harbor).

    Most Estonians women are not really very keen on making it with another woman, but they may be quite intrigued with the thought of a threesome, don't know for sure! Hope springs eternal though!

    All of the strip clubs welcome couples and at Galaxy they are as liable to dance on her lap as they are on your lap.
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  30. Jak


    I was in Tallin about six nights in the second week of July. I spent two nights there last summer. I strongly agree with your impression of this town. I couldn't wait to leave last year - and this year I deliberately booked six nights before arriving to give it a fair chance. I was going to post something similar to what you said, but I've never seen anybody post impressions like ours - so I thought I had a problem and just wasn't getting this town. Glad to know I'm not alone.
    I came from two and a half weeks in St. Petersburg to Tallin - and IMHO - it was a night and day experience. As a package, I think the women of Tallin rank near the bottom for Eastern European women (I've travelled to most of E. Europe in the last two years). Sure, the Nordic ice princesses can be super hot, but what about warmth, sweetness, etc. - words that a lot of guys use to describe the attraction of E. European women. I had pro and non-pro experiences in Russia, and the Russian women were great! I can't wait to go back. I haven't travelled to the other Nordic countries, but if this is the typical Nordic atmosphere, I am not in a hurry to visit these countries. And I have no interest in returning to Tallin.
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