1. El_Mujerista

    Will John,

    This may be too late for you but there used to be a decent brothel near King's Cross called the Golden Apple, at 169 Victoria St., phone 9357-2555.
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  2. Sainter

    Hi guys, I'm heading up to sydney in a couple of weeks. Can someone recommend me a nice hotel/motel around the Kings Cross area for around AUD100 or less?

    Thanks heaps
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  3. Will_John

    Avoid The Crest in Darlinghurst Road at all costs. It's old, smelly, crappy carpets, dirty and noisy. I can't believe it was three star. $98 but crap. Sorry there is nothing I can recommend.

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  4. Teegee

    Hi Sainter,

    Give Kathrin a call she has got a B&B in Paddington. Good value and great location02 980 5516. Kings Cross is rather dull, as most decent places have been converted into appartments.
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  5. Teegee

    Have been to the place in Cleveland St. which advertises a group of Japanese beauties. Not to be recommended. Most grumpy Asian pimp leads you into a dark grotty room. Just one girl, with rather tired features, likely to be Korean or Chinese. Just the whole place is too obscure to make out what you got in front off you.

    Went back to 509 Crown St not far from Cleveland in Surry Hills.

    Looks like they got a whole new batch of girls in. Saw Tasha which had just started in the game. Sweet thing a bit unexperienced. Was her first day at work and was eager to please. Tremendous good attitude.

    Anyone has beeen to the new massage place corner Cleveland /Chalmers.
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  6. Cloggief

    Well here is my first report on Sydney, had a good browse around and chose The Penthouse for two reasons, seemed to have good reviews and was close to the Hotel I was staying at.

    Was welcomed by friendly receptionist who explained the charges and then invited me in to the meeting room. About 6-7 girls were present. Some of them came over to introduce themselves. Was not in a hurry and talked with some and waited for some other girls.

    My patience was awarded with Jo-Ann from London. Extremely pleasant to talk too, smart and pretty to boot (8/10). We retired to a Spa room, started with a shower, some extremely sensuous sex (CBJ and Intercourse), then had the Spa treatement a couple of hot and cold cycles.

    She suggested we went back to bed and give me a massage, who am I to say no. Got a very very good back rub and in the process she proceeded to ride me with her pussy and getting pretty hot, we finshed with and round of very very good sex!

    All in all a good GFE, yes I would go back but I doubt if she will be there as she is going to Bali for a month in May not sue if she will be abck after that, so guys hurry up if you would like a really good experience.

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  7. Teegee

    Hi Mick Ozzi and the rest,

    Avenue of Angels is actually at 235 Parramatta Rd, Leichardt.

    The roadsice Neonsign says Hai Massage Centre. A bit of a hard thing to find if you are looking for the first name. The interior will remind you to a no frill knockshop in any countrytown in Thailand. Basic to very basic. Cubical rooms with plasic walls.

    True the receptionist is friendly even so beyond the commercial age.

    When I was there not much of a choice. one flat caucasian girl and one so so Thai. 5/10.

    Please report of any good finds.
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  8. Mighty_Mark


    Does anyone know of a Korean massage place that is in brand new shiny premises that specialises in the Korean bath - I was sure that I had read about it on this board but now I can't find it for some reason. I also saw an ad for the place in The Tele back in Feb '04 ,but I have forgotten the name or the address as well as lost the ad. I rember they talk about a bath, massage then onto the bed for Fire & Ice then FS then back into the tub. From memeory is was about $240 for then hour. It is not 509 Crown Street as I went there.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Stay Safe,

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  9. Teegee

    Hi Mighty,

    Sounds just my cup of tea! The madame in 509 Crown St told me that she has another joint going up in North Sydney. Otherwise there is that place which has opened in Marrickville. This is the former owner of a big R&T Shop from Bondi Junction. Have not been there but would not mind to hear from anyone out there about there ratings and services.
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  10. IndoHound

    I don't agree with a post from Nathan101 further down - the streetwalkers that I know in KX all insist on 'safe sex' - and only a few offer BBBJ and that only if they know you. I pay the girls $120 at my place. Some hold out for $140 or $150. Girls are available from noon to about 3 am - lots of LE at the moment, Female LE are 'heavier' than their male counterparts and get off on hassling johns as well. Taking identities and trying to get you to leave the area. Legally though they cannot easily bust you but better not to give attitude. Police here tend to be testosterone challenged. Prices above are quoted in Australian Dollars and are for the hour.
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  11. Member_#3396

    I had a request for a RnT place from a member last week. I'll make this quick... My fav at present is AtMichelle's at Bondi Junction.... good range of gals, often travellers as opposed to the real working gal types, including twin sisters that are $120/hr each and for an extra $100 u can fuck one up the ass. They are not full timers so its probably best to phone ahead.

    Also for some of the more hard to get "girlfriend experiences"... there is a site www.charmedescorts.com that has a mix of "private" gals rates mostly run at about $350/hr.. so not cheap. There ia a gal on there that purports to offering the best head job in Australia. I saw her a year ago and my balls are still aching at the experience!!! aint cheap at $450/hr, but worth it as a one off.

    Good luck, and if u are travelling to Sydney feel free to drop me an email (and also dont forget to post to this site!) rabbit906@hotmail.com
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  12. Lord_Weasel

    I went for a RnT at Bodyzone in Bathurst street tonight. Wow. exceeded my expectations. Ask for Annie, a young Thai girl, works 6 days 9am to late Mon to Sat. Gave me the nearest thing to a GFE I have ever had in any Massage place anywhere.
    She didn't break any rules but she came damn close.
    I gave her a $50 tip.

    Body 6
    Attitude 9
    Performance 9

    $60 30 Mins
    $90 45 Mins
    $120 60 Mins

    Go give her a go, tell her Lord Weasel sent you.
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  13. Markus22

    Does any one know any place in Kogarah for asian girls? For full service, and I am a asian lover lover . So, any other decent asian service will be appriciated. Thanks guys.

    Fuck safely,


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  14. George12

    Can anyone tell me where in Australia (city and place) can I find the best blondes, western or Australian girls...white skin and pink cheeks.:-)

    Thats all I like, and I would like to know how much. I am talking about for all the way?

    Would appreciate it,

    Thank You

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  15. CBGBConnisur

    Brisbane is the best city for blondes.
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  16. Spoont_Master

    G'day fellow Mongers,

    Am looking for a location in the city where I can find a girl who goes for BBBJ. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not too fussy about race and have heard that the place to target might be behind the main street of the cross??


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  17. Will_John

    Spoont Master,

    Pick up any Ho from William Street at the X, and you will get a BBBJ for a price. Personnally I wouldn't touch them with your dick though.

    There is a place opposite Liverpool Station, Bottoms Up I think it is called, where you will get that service for a price if you can be stuffed going out that far for a BBBJ.
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  18. Will_John

    Hi all.

    Did a ho from Maggies at Kings X last night. Asian (Thai) chick about 30ish. OK looking, no kids, nice tits, shaved twat and OK body. Sorry I didn't get her name but she is always wearing a blue dress or blue variation of attire.

    $160 for 45 minutes of mechanical, but multi-position service. CBJ and a pop. The 45 minutes I paid for was only 30 minutes but I'm getting on a bit now so 30 was enough for me.

    Very clean rooms and a very professionally run establishment. They got a bar there but you can't buy a beer. If you are going with a chick, the beers are free!

    Changeover of shift is at 8.00pm so if you want fresh meat go soon after 8.
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  19. Choida

    Going to be in Darling harbour in June. Can anyone recommend a R&T place near there at reasonable price
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  20. Teegee

    509 Crown Surry Hills

    I went there yesterday and they had just a new supplies of korean kittens streight of the jet.

    Top class birds. Nice choice of 6 in the evening about 6 PM. Two with big busts but I was not sure thought they might be enhanced.

    The whole show takes you back $140, but with the bonus, that you get into the shower with the babe. Was well looked after. Have to say one needs to look for a long time these days in SYD to find such a fine selection and service.
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  21. Will_John

    Choida - Went to a place called Chicago yesterday at 360 Pitt Street, near (well sort of) Darling Harbour.

    Basically it is a upmarket RandT place. $129 for 1 hours massage with RandT to finish. Lady stays fully clothed throughout.

    Great and professional massage with spa and sauna, alone unfortunately.

    To sum up, it is a friendly but expensive place but if it is RandT relief you want, this is one of the better quality places you can go to even if it is a little tame.
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  22. Samsonite

    Went to 509 Crown St recently.

    Ignored the mamasan's recommendation for a Korean girl called Coco, and took a little Japanese babe called Kazima. Very cute, great soapy massage, pretty good CFS. Far from GFE however

    Looks 7
    Service 7

    Will try the mamasan suggestion next time. Rates cheaper during the day than at night.
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  23. Samsonite

    For a great RnT experience, try Misty's at Bondi Junction.

    $130/hour for the standard girls and $150 for the better ones.

    Try Coco, she's really wild.
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  24. Teegee

    509 Crown,

    Just had my weekly ride. Have got again a new shift working. Coco is still there and active. Even so opted for Miko as I like that handfull experience. All in all I found 5 girls working there at about 6PM. I was told that they are open from 11 AM which makes it a healthy morning exercise Mamasan just told me that she is getting 11 fresh and fine maidens in by next week.

    She had some photos to show and I will definately be there to sample the goods.

    Have made the effort to cruise around in Surry Hills and must say that the Asian scene is as following.

    Bellevue St. 13 Only 2 Older thai girls

    Albion St Thai City One bit sour looking Philipina

    288 Cleveland 2 Chinese bit rough

    Prospect House closed

    Please report any finds and lets keep the forum active
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  25. NeilSydney


    I'm a Sydney boy, but I haven't really contributed much here for some reason, but I'm happy to help anyone out with tips.

    I noticed most of the posts have been about asians. My tip for top quality asians is 110 Cathedral St in Woolloomoolloo (opposite a pub on the corner). $150 includes bbbj and a rimming, and the girls will get into the shower with you. That's for 30 min. Now, I'm Asian so I haven't had any problems, but apparently if you're not Asian sometimes they won't let you in, or only some of the girls will see you. Whatever you do, when they ask you at the door if you've been there before, say yes, even if you haven't. If they say 'no girls', just say you'll wait inside.

    Most the girls are Singaporean, Malay, Taiwanese and a few Koreans recently. The koreans have the hardest bodies, but in my view the worst service of the bunch.

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  26. Tarl

    Just to add on the Asian line - I've been going to #6 Cleg St. Artarmon. Full on joint, but usually only 2 girls working, which rotate differently. I've been thier 4 times and had 3 different girls. Prices are $180 for a full hour, but the girls are good quality. Thai's, Chinese.

    Tired of Asians though, I need some East Bloc pussy! Anybody have recommendations?
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  27. Tarl

    Also any news on the Black Garter near the airport? I've heard a few folks say it is okay.
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  28. NeilSydney

    Hmm, not that many eastern bloc women in Sydney! Its a fair way to go to come to Australia!

    There is Eva from Coco's at Milson's Point. 9929 6997 is their number. I think she might be Czech or somewhere in Central/Eastern Europe.

    Also, try La Petite Aroma. Its in Chatswood which is about 15-20 minutes from the city. This is my regular place and highly recommended. Off the top of my head there is Sophia, who I think is Polish. When I saw her, she reminded me of a belly dancer. There is also Ivana, who is a hot hot Russian blonde. Not sure if she's still working there. I saw her about six months ago.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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  29. Jon_Jones

    I noticied that the "Impressions Relaxation Center" in Surrey Hills is now "Impressions Massage" and they, at last, have a good website with photos and the work schedule of the ladies.

    I was there a couple of years ago and returned recently. Got good service for the dollars.

    I'd like to know how they compare with others.
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  30. Teegee

    Black Carter,

    Easy place just to drop in just around the corner form Rockdale Station. Regretfully the quality of girls is not of any great standard. Mostly 30+ year old women in the mama looks department. Is is mostly caucasian girls.

    Stay active
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