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  2. Mind_Snatcher

    There are several very cheap venues in the centre of this industrial town in South Wales. The best value of all is probably Studio 95, at 95 Mansel Street, tel. (01792) 467330. Their opening hours are 11am-5am approximately, though they will close earlier if not busy. Usually around 4-6 girls in attendance. The girls presnt themselves to you very briefly, then you have to make your choice. Price is only 40 pounds for 30 minutes, and the rooms are nice and well equipped. A well-run establishment, though there are problems on Friday and Saturday evenings when inebriated punters sometimes have to be ejected. Natasha works here on Mon, Weds and Fridays. Quite a tummy, but otherwise very versatile and willing. Price includes oral and full sex, and she'll give you a full half hour for your 40 pounds. Also tried the drop-dead gorgeous Melissa (Mon-Weds), very attractive but also very shy. Needs to grow up a bit. She's only 19.
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  3. Mind_Snatcher

    Tried another place in Swansea the other day. It's called Executive II Escorts and it's on St Helen's Road, Nr 22b. Tel. 01792 459226. Has a rather flashy but not terribly informative website. Useful video of Dion and Cat, the local double act. Thought I liked the look of Dion, but she was out 'on call' by the time I turned up. The premises/neighbourhood are a bit run down.

    Only two rather plump ladies on duty, but at least they come in, introduce themselves and even shake hands! Then you get to choose. I went for Chloe. Really nice face, and bodywise quite cute if a bit on the plump side. Was offered various extras (vibrator show for 15 pounds, reverse oral for 20). Hurried and rather incompetent service. The room reminded me of a one-night trucker's stop, though it did have a shower. Better rooms in Studio 95, and the service seemed better there too.
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  4. Nikuman

    Swansea! Swansea! Swansea!
    This ugly lovely town used to be my regular stomping grounds back in the late nineteen nineties. I remember Bab's "Cut and Blowjobs" like it was yesterday. The tits on her "daughters" were absolutely blinding.

    I was back in the old Abertawe last week - not under the best of circumstances, I'm afraid - but anyway.... I went to that new hotel M*****s down by the marina and it was a goldmine of filthy Albanian SW's. I hooked up with one champagne lassy called Clarissa and she took me round the world and back in their Zeta suite there on the premises. It seems they've got a deal going witht the old guy on the front desk. 69 and an uncovered anal finish for sixty quid - Bob's your uncle!
    Highly recommended and ten times better than anything going in Cardiff.

    Just ask the old sergeant-major type on duty on a tuesday night and he'll point you in the right direction.

    Best of luck

    cymru am bys

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  5. Buster_Cherry

    I will be in Swansea in late Oct. Are the parlors still operating?
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  6. Skjeggis

    Studio 95

    I visited Swansea at early August this year (2010). I found Studio 95 on the internet. It is quite easy to find in Mansel Street. I rang the bell and was let in. Walked up the stairs and met the hostes. No chatting. She only said please have a seat and I will send the girls. About 5 girls came in and presented themselves and I selected Missy. The hostes told me that the charge was 40 pounds for 30 minutes and that she would get the girl when I had paid. I paid the 40 punds, and Missy turned up. We went into a room and quickly got on to it. Covered BJ and a normal fuck. I was out on the street 30 minutes after I entered the building.

    Nothing like the german FKK's, but for a quick low cost fuck it was OK. Will I go back? Yes, probably next time I am in Swansea. It was uncomplicated, quick and low cost. The ladies were not stunning. But rather nice. Afterall. Who am I to judge?
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  7. Skjeggis

    Swansea - Studio 95

    Went to Studio 95 again October 19th 2010. Had a nice quick fuck with Sophie from Poland. GBP 40 for 30 minutes. Uncomplicated and easy.
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  8. Dublin_Mick

    I got to go to both Swansea and Cardiff next week, not sure if I will have time to check these places out as it is a quick business trip. Did anybody get BBBJ, I require this as standard these days :-)
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