1. Dickperv

    Those of you coming to South Africa - don't bother with http://www.escorts.co.za/ - it appears to have been taken over by some sort of webhosting service.

    Stick with www.sextrader.co.za

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  2. Knobman

    Glad that Donny had the opportunity to see South Africa and taste its pussy flavours.

    Donny reported that he checked streetwalkers out in the Kenilworth / Claremont suburbs of Cape Town

    Why do such a lot of the guys in these pages and on various continents like streetwalkers?

    Let me weigh up some pros and cons:


    1. Price is lower than that of a girl at an escort agency/massage parlour.

    2. They're more vulnerable. So chances are they'll do kinky stuff more readily than others.

    3. Good chance that you can discover a new gem -- maybe it's her first night on the road. You can even see her heart pounding and that turns you on. You're going to be the first one!


    1. The cops may be making notes of your registration number. Some weirdos maybe taking photos cause they don't like the STWs in their neighbourhood or want to extort you.

    2. It's dangerous. Pick up a girl whose a crack or rock junky and she'll even threaten your life. Some of these girls are armed with knives or other objects and they'll rob you or assault you.

    3. Most of the time you'll only get a short time. They want to get back to the beat as soon as possible.

    4. She looks cute but wait until the smell of her **** hits you! Ever felt like vomitting when you get that smell? Some of these girls fuck so much that their pussys cant take the strain. And that's when they get rush and pussy infections.

    5. Chances are that you have to go and park somewhere. That's where the cops are going to shine a ray of torchlight on you arsehole or where you'll get robbed by her pimp or other criminals.


    I know the rush one gets when one's out on the street. But I'll rather book in for an hour with a favourite girls at a message agency. Some of them are damn beautiful and will give you anything you want. I have a damn pretty one at an agency where I pay R160 for an hour. I sometimes even take her for two hours.

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  3. Dickperv

    Originally posted by Knobman



    2. It's dangerous. Pick up a girl whose a crack or rock junky and she'll even threaten your life. Some of these girls are armed with knives or other objects and they'll rob you or assault you.[/i]
    Knobman, I personally don't go for these women, but maybe certain personality types thrive on the danger? - and consider it a PRO?

    Guys, before you bombard me - I'm just wondering why people with plenty forex $$$ use STW's? Boggles my tiny mind!


    PS Where are you Scorpio?
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  4. HoMaster

    One other thing about SW's as opposed to escort agencies....you can window shop for an hour or so before you buy - the thrill of the hunt if you get my drift. And you know exactly what you're buying 'cuz you can see them! as opposed to the agency ads/doctored pics, etc. I have $$$, but I don't waste it on those agency chics.

    - HoMaster
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  5. Scorpio

    Hi again Dickperv,

    well it is almost 9 months after my last stay in Johannesburg, where I exclusively enjoyed escorts (both out/incall) (hopefully none of them has got a little scorpio-junior after these 9 months). I found the escort-scene to be a lot more convenient than hunting for streetwalkers. I do that sometimes here in Europe, because up here it's not really dangerous.
    Been to Cuba last October, that was nice (many chicas), did it all for the nookie...

    Hopefully you're gonna be successfull in Australia, I'll check for your postings once in a while.
    Just in case I need to go to Australia for my work :-)

    Cheers, Scorpio
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  6. Dickperv

    Hey Scorpio,

    Good to see you're still around and doing the 'mongering thing. Scene here in Aus (Perth) is fairly rife, but the SW's are pretty scaggy. And frankly, if you've any charm at all, you can probably have a real GFE. These chicks are pretty easygoing. Some will even buy the drinks.

    Anyway since this isn't the Aus list, let me say that I will be back in the armpit of the 3rd world in May/June, so I'll be partaking in fine SA pussy (pundah to SAans) - blood pressure tablets willing. Don't laugh guys, old age'll happen to you too someday. :-(

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  7. JohnnyBlazze


    I worked in Jo'burg for about 7 months in 2001. the 2nd nite I was there, I went to a cub called Calabash International. It was located in Sandton. Apparently the club is a TiTi bar during the week, and isa club on Friday toi Sunday. I had no idea of this as I was there on a Friday. I started dancing with a Hot black girl about 5'1" and 95 pounds. Next think I know she takes of here clothes as we are dancing as well asmost of the girls in the club. Here I am dancing w/ this gorgeous chick and she has noly her panties on. Want a great intro to the night scene in Jo'burg. I frequented that club alot during the months I was there. You could take a girl home and have all kinds of fun w/ here all night for about 400R or 45USD. Now thats a bargain. Of course I usally spent about 100R total for drinks and stuff as well. The girls generally want to be your girlfriend when you are there. They will do anything and everything your girl will do BBBJ, and somtimes Anal as well. I have plenty of stories. If anyone is interested let me know. Also has anyone heard of Calabash. I heard that it has moved, does anyone know where it is now? I am planning on a return trip shortly.
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  8. LukeSkyWanker

    Hello all just come back from 4 weeks in Cape town a few snips to report, paid a visit to Terris in wynberg very friendly 5 girls working showers etc 200 Rand for 1 hour.
    Body heat in centre of town R35 entrance fee drinks reasonable girls R400 for 1 hour varied selection.
    Bonnies on Durban road Belville just off N1 heading east very friendly place drinks cheap you can go just for a drink and if you dont fancy anything no problem girls not stunners but very willing R350 for 1 hour golden showers extra R100 I remember this because the girl wanted me to try it but it is not my thing.
    Just down the road from Bonnies to T junction turn left is another place not sure of name but it is on main road 188 I think on left go upstairs 200 for 1 hour very enthuiastic girl Malay I think.
    Every night many girls on the street in greenpoint/Seapoint area on the main road but some very low level and possibly dangerous to a novice.
    Paid a visit to Cape ranch exit 33 north bound off N1 up ramp turn left then first right you can see it from the top of the exit ramp. Very plush R750 entrance fee includes free drinks and food and women of your choice for 1 hour you can stay all night extra cost. you have to call first then you are given an entry number to get through electric gates etc you can drink as much as you like but you have to choose a women before 11:00pm high standard and good value but I think better to go with a friend.
    Check out Cape Argus adverts all are listed.
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  9. Keith

    Guys, I am really surprised by the lack of news here. The hunting in Johannesburg is great, and among the cheapest anywhere. All the nice hotels are in a suburb called Sandton, and I have no problems at all with the women coming up to my room. I recommend www.sextrader.co.za for a fine selection. After doing a lot of research, it is clear that European (white) women charge much more than the blacks/Malay/Asians. Immediately upon arrival I called up Eva who charges 450 Rand ($60) per hour. She was tall, slim, nice breasts, and very cooperative: kissing, touching, mutual oral, etc. The combination of going down on her and squeezing her breasts seemed to legitimately drive her wild. Her number is 072-597-7634. Another good source is the classifieds of the daily paper, which has hundreds of adds. I plan on trying out at least one of them tonight.
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  10. Dickperv

    <<snipped>> I plan on trying out at least one of them tonight. [/i]
    Ok, Keith, I'll be back there in a few days - how's it going

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  11. Sex_God

    Hey doods,

    Whassup! I would like to visit S Africa for vacation. I might make a trip to Zimbabwe as well.

    OK, to pursue our hobby in S Africa, which city has the best action available? Also, what are the rates per hour to do screwing around in SA? Please specify in either SA Rands or US$.

    Tell me what cities I should visit: Like J'Bug, Pretoria, Cape Town etc? Is it safe to walk around streets at night? Or must I always be in a cab?

    What national parks do you recommend for visiting? Hows the weather in S Africa now?

    Thanks for your help.

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  12. Boomshaka


    you will south africa a wonderul haven for adult fun!

    they've got everything you're looking for for cheap prices.


    street walkers--never wasted my time with them. AIDS is so rampant and many of them look so nasty that i never went there.

    escorts--typically MUCH better looking than street walkers, and you can find just about any fetish. most low end escorts will go for about R250/hr ($30 US) while the high end ones are up to R600/hr ($85 US). to find them, go to iol.co.za and search their classified ads (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=33&click_id=2686) under social/adult. there are hundreds of ads of escorts at all price ranges. you can also check out www.escortsouthafrica.com if you want photos and bios (these girls seem to be a bit more pricey, however)

    clubs--there are dozens of brothels throughout the country that operate as bars/nightclubs with female escorts available. the advantage to these is that you can shop around. the disadvantage is that selection in each club may be limited. most are listed in the newspaper. one of my favorites is the summit club in hillbrow (jo'berg), where you pay a R50 cover and anywhere from R150-R250 for the girls. there are some real lookers, but there are also some real beasts there too.

    which brings me to my last point: crime. south africa is not safe. that is to say, you can't just go anywhere anytime of the day. walking in jo'berg, capetown, or durban is a bad idea. i would do it for short distances (less than 1 km) during the daytime, but never at night. you're better off taking a cab or driving yourself.

    that said, i've been to the country 4 times in the last 5 years, and know people who have been there more than that. i've been through bad areas (unfortunately, the summit club is in one of the worst areas of jo'berg) at night by myself in a car. we've never had any incident with crime in all those visits. the bottom line is: don't take any unecessary risks, stay in public areas and you should have a great time.
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  13. Sex_God

    Hey Boomshaka,

    Thanks for your tips. I will follow your advice. A couple of thoughts:

    I never do street walkers anywhere. I dont mean to be rude, but I've never found them to be attractive. Also in the US street walkers are sometimes decoy cops. Plus in S Africa where AIDS is high I wouldnt even go near them.

    Now as far as escort services, the one I found out frmo this forum is: http://www.sextrader.co.za; That site made me so horny that I decide to consider S Africa as one of my destinations. I live in US and I've never been to southern Africa.

    Also: For a "High End Escort" what would it cost to get a girl in my room overnight? If I am going to go all the way there any ways, I might as well go for a high end S Afrikaaner babe. I love their accent and its s thrill for me to get the cream of the crop for an overnighter session.

    Any ways, this board is too slow. Not too many hobbysists in S africa, I suppose! Please gentlemen, write more reports, give us first hand advice and tips. We must continue this "tradition" of Pay-for-Play (P4P) and make this world a better place to live in.

    Have fun and be safe. :-)

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  14. Iron_Duke

    Hi Guys

    As a resident of Johannesburg I can confirm that South Africa is a haven for any man seeking good cheap sex. Every large city (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, etc) has any number of young (and not so young!) girls willing to satisfy your every need for (usually) a very reasonable fee.

    There are very few regular massage parlours left in South Africa. One is Massage City (Johannesburg) that offers many beautiful, mainly East European girls, but I haven't been there for some years. They tend to be quite expensive! Nearly all working girls operate from private homes in the suburbs. Some houses are set up as brothels with a choice of several girls. Many girls operate either alone or with a friend or two from their own places.

    In Johannesburg there are literally hundreds of places advertised in the daily newspapers. The best is the Johannesburg "Star" newspaper. Look in the Adult Only section of the Classified supplement under the "Entertainment " column. Most of the girls advertise here. The "Massage Services" column has very few adverts for girls. Most of the adverts under Massage are for guys but a few girls do advertise there as well. All the adverts in the current edition of the Star can also be viewed online at www.iol.co.ca. Go to the "Classifieds" link and then click on the "Social/Adult" link. Then choose the publication you want, eg The Star. When you click on "Search" it takes you to the pages where every advert for that day is reproduced. Each ad had an "add" box to put the add in the "trolley". This is a very useful feature because after searching through all the adds you can click on the "show trolley" box and have a nice summary of all the ads that appeal to you. This list can then be printed out. Another nice feature of this site is that you can choose other publications: The Cape Argus (Cape Town), Pretoria News (Pretoria),and the Tribune (Durban).

    The Citizen newspaper also has many ads for prostitutes, although not nearly as many as the Star. The ads in the Citizen tend to be much more explicit and the girls there are generally cheaper on average, but not always. Many of the brothels advertise in both the Star and the Citizen.

    There are two web sites that are particularly good for finding girls, both of which have photos of the girls so you can see what you are getting before you go in. wwwescortsouthafrica.com has six photos of each girl, her telephone number and a brief description of the services offered. Nearly all offer "full house" which is the South African euphemism for full sex. "Greek" means they offer anal sex. A nice feature of the site is that members can post their personal experiences so you can see which girls are the most popular. The other site is www.sextrader.co.za.

    Prices range from R300 at the low end to R750 or higher at the top. Girls that include the word "upmarket" in their ads are invariably more expensive. Brothels that have several girls working in them generally charge R400 to R500 for "everything" which usually includes a very brief and not usually very good massage, followed by a blow job (usually with condom) and full sex (always with a condom). A few will do it without when you get to know them but, with the high AIDS risk in South Africa, I've never been inclined to try it without. Most of the girls use "government" condoms which are provided to them free by the clinics. They are generally good enough but I usually prefer to use my own high quality condoms.

    Black girls are generally cheaper than white girls. There are some very nice black girls who charge only R300 or R350 but many of them offer only a very quick and unsatisfying experience for this price. The better looking black girls generally charge between R400 and R500. White girls invariably charge a minimum of R400. However, the better looking ones generally charge R500 to R600 or more.

    Prices of girls who advertise on the Internet (see pages referred to above) generally charge more than the girls who advertise in the newspaper. In fact, the same girl may well have differential pricing depending on whether you say you are responding to her newspaper ad or saw her on the Internet. A girl who charges R450 to clients who contact her via the Internet will often only charge R350 if you phone on her newspaper ad. They often use different names in the two media so they can distinguish which ad you are responding to but you can generally see they are the same girl because they have the same phone number. So, a good tactic is to make a note of the phone numbers of the girls that appeal to you from their Internet details and then look for their phone numbers in the www.iol.co.za site. This is very easy because there is an excellent search facility on that site. Just enter the number, or even the the last four digits,in the search box and you will see if she's advertised in the paper. Phone on that number and save yourself R100!

    All the price quoted are for "short time". Many of the girls advertise that they will spend the whole night but I've had very limited experience of these. Most are quite expensive - upwards of R1000 per night. For an all night girl you can also pick one up in one of the "clubs" such as the Summit in Hillbrow but I don't go there much because it's in a very unsafe part of Johannesburg (although they do have secure parking and a guard to escort you from the car park into the club). Girls at the Summit are generally cheaper (R200 to R250 short time) and will go with you for the whole night for R600 to R700. They will ask for more but are always willing to negotiate.

    Some of the clubs also advertise in the "Entertainment" column of the Star and you can find all night girls there as well.

    There is virtually no public transport available to tourists in South Africa that can be used for pursuing pleasures of the flesh. So a hire car is almost essential to travel to the venue of your choice. Taxis are available if you have only limited time available but, for a couple of days or more, a hire car is a much better bet. Car hire is relatively cheap in South Africa.

    So, enjoy your trip to South Africa. A little patience in doing your research will reward you with many cheap and satisfying sexual experiences with some of the nicest girls in the world!
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  15. Vatel69

    I will be staying at the Holiday inn at the airport due to a lay over for 1 night in 2 weeks and I would like some help with what are my options in that area. Any actions in the cassino close to it?

    I will put some info in the Sydney, Australia page.
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  16. Boomshaka


    Thanks for the update. It's always good to get first-hand info from a local. I go once a year for about a month at a time and I wish I had your advice before. It would have saved me a lot of time.

    One question: I'm a Black American and I've travelled all over South Africa with nothing but positive experiences with everybody I've met (white, black, colored, indian....whatever!). I did notice in the Eastern Cape that a few of the white patrons of a club (brothel) were looking at me funny, but nothing overt (I've had much worse treatment here in the USA).

    My question to you, then, is: How do white patrons of the brothels feel about their black counterparts? I usually select african girls, but do you think there would be any fuss about picking a white girl? What's your opinion?

    Now i'm not asking for a social thesis, and I'm not trying to portray you as a racist or any of that crap. I just would like to hear the opinion of a local. Thanks in advance.


    PS--Our civil war ended 140 years ago, and we're still struggling with race relations, so I know it's gonna take some time.

    ONE MORE THING: Do you know of any other clubs like the Summit Club in JoBerg? I miss the Ranch in Rivonia....

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  17. Iron_Duke


    Most of the brothels try to stop the punters from bumping into each other so the chances are you won't meet any of them if you don't want to.

    There's still some racial prejudice here but most people are very broad minded so you shouldn't have any problems. Some of the white girls have a thing about going with black guys but most don't. So you needn't worry.

    There are a few places in the Hillbrow/ Berea are that are similar to the Summit but most are not nearly as nice. You could try the Dorchester Hotel in Twist street which is about the closest thing to it.

    There used to be a club in Sandton, called the Calabash, which was similar but it closed a few months ago. It's apparently relocated to Randburg which is a bit off the beaten track for tourists and I've not been to the new venue.

    Yeah, the Ranch was very popular. Pity the guy who ran it upset the local cops so they made an example of him. There weren't too many places like that but there is a place called Little Holland which tries to be a cheaper equivalent. Sometimes you get quite nice girls there. Usually foreigners - especially from eastern Europe. And some real good looking ones.

    Happy hunting!

    Iron Duke
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  18. Boomshaka


    Thanks for the input. I know Hillbrow is not very safe, but you do get a pretty good selection at Summit Club. I'll check out the others when i'm there in October and report back.

    Happy Hunting!


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  19. Boomshaka

    Traveling throughout SA in October. Know where to find clubs and sw. Any recommendations for good escorts in JoBerg? Durban? Cape Town? Port Elizabeth?

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  20. Boomshaka

    I'm heading to SA in a couple of weeks and looking for recommended escorts in JoBerg, Durban, PE, and/or Cape Town (what's up with the guy who got killed by the girl Cape Town?)


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  21. Bergen_Bob


    I was in Pietersburg last year, and there was a lot of very cheap girls near the Holliday Inn hotel. You can get them for 100 Rand for a ST, and 250 LT.
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  22. Blake

    During a recent stay in Jo'burg I was entertained by this lesbian couple Toni and Nikita.

    I was staying the Crowne Plaza in Sandton and called up the number advertised in www.escortsouthafrica.com. I was answered by a lady called Sally and we agreed a price of ZAR1,200 (USD170.00) for both ladies for 2 hours.

    Sally insisted on cash in advance to be handed to the chauffeur on the ladies' arrival. I had no choice but to accept. I did however ask them to come straight to my room. It was the cricket world cup at the time and there was some team staying at the hotel. The lobby and bar were full of people and I did not want to attract attention with cash counting.

    The chauffeur turned out to be another working lady. She counted the money and then left me with the girls. They were in their early 20s, one blond and one red hair. We went down to the bar for a drink and back to the room. They are real life girlfriend-girlfriend and so very well into each other even using toys. I ended doing everything I dreamt of within such a sexual 'configuration'. It was outstanding. I ended up seeing them again a week later.

    That was back in February. During a recent visit, I tried contacting them back but the line is dead. Anyone out there knows them? I used to contact them on a number ending by '6537'. If you have a different number then please let me have it. They also used to advertise under Sugar and Spice.
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  23. Blake

    Back in June, I visited a massage parlour called New Eden.

    Just like Chiang Mai in Amsterdam, they make clear at every occasion that no penetration is offered. Everything is allowed at the masseuse's discretion who will charge extra.

    The place is an upmarket villa in Bryanston. I was welcomed by the owner Belinda. She proceeded to show the girl's portfolio. I selected two or three girls who then came and introduced themsleves. I ended up selecting Celine because of the French name. She was South African but very fun to talk to and very funny.

    From the treatments offered, I selected a 1 hour Full Strip Massage with Hand Relief Before & After. I have to say that the massage was really good. The addition of HR is great. For the secong HR, I even licked her pussy.

    The place is nice except for the absence of beds. Massage tables are not that confortable.

    The final bill was ZAR470.00 + ZAR180.00 cab fares to and from Sandton (ZAR650.00 = USD95.00).

    New Eden: http://www.neweden.co.za/
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  24. Tom_Schilders

    Hi there,

    Being a regular visitor to Sandton South Africa, I kind of know my ways around. So far the best results I had were through www.sextrader.co.za and/or www.escortsouthafrica.com

    From the first website I visited twice a place. Took a cab from my hotel and then came to a private house. Nothing special though.

    From the second website, I invited a few ladies to my hotel (Hilton in Sandton). No problems with security!

    The first was Geena, a blond lady. She gives BJ without, which is also her special treatment. The fuck was not spectacular. Paid her 600 rands for that.

    The second lady was Lakwanda, a colored lady. Her service was 550 rands. Also, BJ withou, which again is the special treatment. Also, the fuck not being spectacular. So, the deal is: not so expensive in our money, you get your regular shot of cum, that´s it.

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  25. TonydaSnake

    Hello south Africa board!

    Just returned from almost two month stay in Capetown, Pretoria, and travelling, etc. and thought I'd share some info. To those who have not visited SA before, it is "1st World" for the most part, which immediately sets it apart from Africa in general. Everything you can find here, you can find there. Renting a car is a must! Rentals are new cars and reasonable. You drive on the right which takes one hour to get used to and you're good to go. Make sure to arrange for "FREE" cell phone when you rent car as AVIS and others offer it. Best way to find ladies is buy the main newspaper in the city you are in and take out the classified insert. They are all listed under "massage." Rates vary from R100-R700 ($15-100). Some adds specifiy anal, or Greek but most girls have a problem with it. I recommend walking around the cities and not being a P#%$Y! Carry only R100-200. and leave wallet stashed. Use common sense and you'll have a fantastic time. I met school girls, office girls, girls on the beach, and working in the fields just by walking by and chatting them up. You will know if they want to meet you as they will smile and look at you, or say something to you. Extremely cheap sex is available in SA and I say try it once WITH EXTREME CAUTION. You will especially see girls standing around on roadways and highway interchanges. Never, ever let girl into your car until you have made deal. Price for these girls R50 ($7) unless you haggle but why? Some are quite hot actually. I highly recommend the Stand & Gordon's bay (beach area by Capetown). And just walking the streets (walk with friend or don't walk after dark) and chatting girls up. Opportunities are off the scale. Makes you realize what a cold and highly overrated country the USA has become. December is big Holiday time in SA and everything much more expensive.
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  26. Punter_SA

    Hi there,

    I've lived in South Africa all my life and would like to share my knowledge of the punting scene in the various cities.

    DURBAN - Beautiful city on the east coast of South Africa. Unfortunately the girls that work at most of the escort agencies and massage parlours are not all that great.The average prices charged are 300 Rand per hour but girls can be found at R100 in certain places,which are mostly the black girls.Aids is rife in most of South Africa so condoms are essential at all times!! The local newspapers, the Mercury and Daily News carry advertisements for working girls in their classifed sections,but don`t believe all the descriptions in the papers,or those given on the phone,because most of the girls let their imaginations run wild when describing themselves!!

    JOHANNESBURG - This is the largest city in South Africa and the quality of girls here is much better than the rest of the country. The prices charged in JHB are also much higher. The newspapers carry adverts for working girls but the best place to find girls is on the websites escortsouthafrica.com and sextrader.co.za, which include photos of the girls and the services they offer. The average price charged by girls here is R600 for a hotel visit per hour.Most girls work from houses and private venues around the exclusive suburb of Sandton.Stay away from Johannesburg city centre,even most South Africans wouldn`t go near it cos it`s way too dangerous!

    CAPE TOWN - The most glamorous city in the country. Most working girls here can be found in escort agencies concentrated in the Sea Point area in Cape Town.Agencies charge an average of R450-00 per hour for you to entertain a girl on the premises.The scene comprises of mainly malay and coloured (mixed race) girls, some of whom are very attractive. Most things cost more in Cape Town compared to the rest of the country due to the fact that it attracts the most tourists. There`s an agency called Paradise in the city which is quite popular and has a large variety of girls and good facilities on the premises.

    I'll be glad to assist if you require any further information.


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  27. Boomshaka

    Spent the month of october in lovely South Africa. Sex play was fun, but I had one strange experience. I got an ad from Cape Town from one of the escort sites (either escort sa or sexspot) and called this gorgeous kenyan lady for an afternoon romp.

    She was definitely gorgeous, but when I got there she said her boyfriend just left. no biggy, I give her R350 and we get to business. Just when i'm really getting going, her phone rings...then rings again...and again. Then i hear this knock on the window. Seems her boyfriend (who hates that she does this) came back to find out what was up. That little bit of a shock caused me to shoot my load right then and there and I quickly got dressed. After asking her if he had a gun i was on my way. Fortunately, she was at a guest house, so the manager intercepted the dude before he could get in. It was a bit scary at the time, but funny now that I look back on it. The funniest thing is: I saw her two days later at v&a waterfront and we locked eyes for just a second....

    The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. I split time between newspaper & internet ads and going to the clubs. here's the lowdown:

    1) Internet: escort south africa, sex spot, and sex trader all have extensive ads, but most are in joBerg or cape town. Rates range about R350-R400 ($60-$70 US$). The advantage is that you can see who you are getting before hand. The disadvantage is that you don't know how she'll perform (reviews don't mean a thing).

    2) Newspaper: every major city has escort ads. prices range from R100-R400 ($14-$70 US$). You take the same performance risk as with the internet, but you don't see the girls beforehand.

    3) Sex clubs: the best ones are in JoBerg (Summit Club in Hillbrow) and Cape Town (Body Heat, Paradise Penthouse) and Port Elizabeth (Mermaids). Clubs in Durban were "members only" meaning rich middle easterners. If you're not, you get the nastiest woman available. Rates are R300-R400 ($50-$70 US$). The advantage is you can drink, shoot pool, and interact with the women before going with them. I met this skinny white girl (I'm a Black American) at Body Heat who I would have passed on had I just seen her picture, but we started talking and she turned out to be the one of the best experiences I'd ever had in South Africa.

    Overall: I have to stick with the clubs. You can preview the goods, watch a strip show, or have a drink. If you don't someone you like, just move on to the next one.

    I'm going back again next October, anybody have anything to add?
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  28. Punter_SA


    Just got back from Johannesburg. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Sandton. I had a good night at the casino so decided to treat myself. I called up a lady from a newspaper ad and asked her to come over to my hotel. She claimed she was Jamaican but sounded suspiciously like a South African. I gave her the benefit of the doubt which turned out to be a huge mistake. She wasn`t very attractive and as soon as she entered my room i was thinking of ways to make her leave. I decided to pay her the fee for an hour, approx. 500 Rand, and asked her to leave.

    The following night i had more success on the blackjack tables so i decided to make up for my disastrous experience the previous night. I scoured the newspaper ads and phoned a lady from Northcliff in Johannesburg. She turned out be average but at least she wasn`t as bad as the lady from the night before.

    Unfortunately i didn`t have time to check out the internet escort sites which have pictures of the working ladies. You will notice in the adult ads in the newspapers that ALL the ladies claim to be very attractive and models. THIS IS NEVER THE CASE. Don`t believe the descriptions in these ads. Stick to escortsouthafrica.com, sextrader.co.za or sexspot.com if you are looking for company.
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  29. Safe_Punter

    I went to Papillon in Jo Burg. There were a number of reasonably attractive white and black girls. The door man in the five star hotel I was staying in offered to get me some girls, but I wanted to try my own luck. I got a taxi, and had the guy wait until I was ready to go.

    I'm back to the Cape and to Jo Burg in a few weeks, so if anyone can recommend some girls for a threesome, I'd like to know. I prefer a blonde and brunette.
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  30. Boomshaka

    Safe Punter,

    I thought about Papillon last time but passed for some incall girls (they were hit and miss--a couple good, and a couple bad ones).

    How was it? Prices? Atmosphere? Crowded? Quality of the women?

    I won't be back to SA until June, but any details you could provide would be appreciated.

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