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    Siem Reap

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  2. Summiteer

    Just to get the Siem Reap forum going although I know there is a lot of information under the General threads. I was in Siem Reap over a year ago so some of this is a little old.

    Siem Reap is a great place to combine a visit to ankor in the day for some culture and a girl or two at night. There seemed to be three options in Siem Reap.

    1) A straight taxi rank - maybe more for the locals, won't speak too much english and are probably Vietnamese
    2) A couple of Thailand style beer bars down by the bridge
    3) The disco's with freelancers.

    The quality can be a bit variable but I found siem reap a really easy and convenient way to meet ladies. In some ways it is better than Phenom Phen. More compact and open although the qantity is not the same.

    Over to the more recent visitors to add more up to date info on the above options.

    The Summit
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  3. Tolio

    I was in Siem Reap a few weeks ago visiting Angkor. In general, I found the Cambodian women quite attractive--more so even than Thai women. I was staying at the Angkor Village hotel, which didn't seem very *****-friendly, so I didn't go looking for the freelancer scene.

    I asked a tuk-tuk driver where I could find some action and he recommended a couple of massage parlors. Eventually went to Sok San Palace, which he told me was good but quite expensive. They had an impressive fishbowl, with 40-50 women, all fairly attractive, although not too many stunners. The men who ran the place wanted 50 dollars (US) for the massage, and I didn't feel like bargaining, so I paid upfront and picked out a cutie. The rooms were quite nice (for Cambodia), with a large separate bathroom and shower. Short massage, and then I started pulling her clothes off...no BJ, but nice FS with condom, which was a good fucking thing, since when I pulled out, it turned out she was on her period and there was blood all over the place.

    I don't know about you guys, but Cambodia is the last place in the whole fucking world next to maybe Haiti and Sub-Saharan Africa where you want a *****'s blood on you (according to the World Health Organization in 2002, the HIV rate among female sex workers in Cambodia was 30%). Anyway, she seemed as surprised as me to see the blood and we immediately went to the bathroom and cleaned up. So that was my Cambodia whoring experience--would've been great otherwise.
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  4. Aigis1

    Went to the Son Lak Palace and was very disappointed. The fish bowl has about 30 girls with either red or blue badges. Only the blue badges can do the oil massage which limited the choice to 3. I picked a cute one and headed to the room. The room had a bed and a massage table. The bath room was not very clean and I probably came out dirtier than when I entered. Shower was on my own. The massage was a little better than terrible. After massage I would not get her to do anything. I paid the $20 and left.
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  5. Surfer

    $50 for ST in Cambodia? RU Insane? In PP that would pay for a foursome (you and 3 girls) for ALL NIGHT.
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  6. Doggy_Lover


    I will be in SR for two nights in late August. Any recommendations? If you need any info on the scene in KL PM me or check out some of the postings in Malaysia.
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  7. ratufreddie

    I travel to Siem Reap several times per year, so i know the scene pretty well. There are many options to find girls, although finding stunners can be difficult.

    Easiest and safest option: get a reliable english speaking moto driver or taxi and ask him to take you to the massage places. there are at least 3 decent sized ones around with about 20 - 50 girls each. i remember at least two of them have the display outside in the courtyard on benches. Price here is about 20 - 25 usd /night, to be paid in advance to the papasan. That is long time to early or late morning. Make sure to get his mobile number just in case. No tips necessary to the girl in the morning, but of course appreciated.

    Girls are Viet or Khmer, many barely 18, others more seasoned. Come early for variety. It is also possible to have ST in one of the rooms, but never found that tempting.

    Do not go to Sok San, this place is a rip off.
    Girls are nothing special, rooms are deplorable and the attitude of everybody there really sucks.

    As for hotels, i took girls without any problems in any hotel i stayed, incl Sofitel.
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  8. Turbo_Carl

    I will travel to Siem Reap in 3 month - it is my first time in Cambodia.

    I will stay in the hotel "Khemara Angkor Hotel", does anyone known this hotel? Are there any problems to take a girl up to the room? Lady-Charge?

    Are there Discos with sexy freelancers there, name location?

    Are there nice and clean GoGo-Clubs or Nightclubs like in Thailand there?

    Thank you in advance.
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  9. William3

    Turbo Carl,

    Siem Riep: three or four fishbowls.I did not like the quality.

    There is a big disco with the name "Martini".Same name as the well know disco/pub in Phnom Penh.

    Every taxidriver will know this place.

    In the Martini is a mix: girls with friends but a lot of pro's.

    Just sit down and wait.within a few minutes they will approach you.
    If you see a girl at the dancefloor that you like, wait untill she is seated.If seated without a man, good chance she is available.

    System is the same as everywhere: mamasan calls the price.

    US$ 20-30 a night.

    Next to that, I could not find a lot of attractive places.

    Enjoy and report.
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  10. On_The_Road

    Any hotel suggestion in the US$15-20 range, in SR?

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  11. Arlogu

    At the Sofitel in Siem Reap, I recommend the traditional Thai massage if you want great massage and the oil massage if you want extra service.
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  12. ratufreddie


    I stay at the Sofitel several times a year but would never have assumed that extras would be available there in the health club. Please elaborate and tell us re what services at what price. Also, did you have in room massage or go to the spa?

    I never had any problems taking any girls into the Sofitel. Love that walk through the long hall, by the restaurant, over the open deck with a hot little spinner in tow and all the male tourists staring with their tongues hanging out of their mouth, while they wait for their wife to come out of the toilet and drag them off to the souvenir shop to spend money on them. Try it before 9 pm, more audience, more fun.
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  13. Fusch

    Can anyone suggest a girl-friendly hotel in Siem Reap for around US$40/- a night. Will be visiting in the first week of September with a friend to see the Angkor complex.

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  14. Full_Tilt

    There are usually a few good-to-go girls hanging around Zanzibar, a small hole-in-the-wall bar near the center of town. Most of the inexpensive hotels and guest houses are GF. The larger and more expensive hotels are generally not GF in order to protect their business with the tour groups. I stayed at the Ivy guesthouse ($25 US) in the middle of town center. It is GF but loud until the bar downstairs closes.
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  15. On_The_Road

    Travel Report

    Follows from the CAMBODIA / PHNOM PENH section.

    Siem Reap:

    Hotel: Mandalay Inn
    Price: US$ 15. Breakfast not included.
    GF?: Yes at all.
    Notes: Ok, good hotel good position. Only problem is no Frigo Bar in room and the breakfast not included, but the owner Mr Maung is a good guy.

    Day 1:
    Went to Martini discopub. Full of beer girl, but good selection of working girls with a mamasan.
    Had a 25 y.o. beautiful khmer girl, US$25 LT (but you can bargain). Good oral skills, BBBJCIM. Good experience.

    Day 2:
    Whent to the "Angkor What?" Bar and to the Temple bar, but no action at all. Too tired for the night.

    Day 3:
    Went to the Zanzy Bar, a small girl bar just ten meters south from my hotel. Good selection, while a little pushy. Had a 23 y.o. khmer girl, US$ 20 LT. Good experience.

    It follows in the THAILAND / BANGKOK section.
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  16. Soi_Slut

    Where is the best place to get a ST outside of your hotel and way from a traveling companion! Any hotel recommendations? I'm not usually interested in the hotel massage w/extras. I want a thailand styly soapy w/ bbbj and sex/ w/comdom etc!
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  17. Full_Tilt

    Soi ****, the girls I met at Zanzibar and Martinis all had connections at nearby guest houses for ST rooms. The rooms were cheap, but I ended up taking them back to my hotel. If you can sneak off for a brew, I think the girls you meet will be able to find a room within a block or two.
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  18. Soi_Slut

    Looking for a fish bowl massage place in SR. Anything in that style. I'm not much into wandering down some unknown alley with a hooker looking for some unknown room
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  19. PattayaDan

    Siem Reap can be fun!

    I came overland from Thailand - very fuckin rough. Ankor Wat is nice - you can score a somewhat regular girl there if you try.

    There is a disco right over the bridge over the river running through town - close to the tourist hotel area.

    Met an expat living in Camb and went to the disco. We were the only foreigners. Came in and sat down. 3 girls sat down with us. We drank Japanese beers, danced, etc. The girls were 9s young, slim, sweet, and a great attitude.

    We didn't take any of the women - I was suffering from gut infection. They charged us $3 per girl for having them at the table. Turns out all of the girls work at/for the disco.

    The next night I discovered a few red-light like massage parlors around the corner. You would never know they are there until you walked 20 meters down the alley. $10 for a great massage and full service. Girl are 9s. One (in the afternoon) didn't do oral. The evening girl was fine with oral. Massage was an 8 for both. Bring your own raincoats.

    Later I found a travel agent lady. More sophisticated. Great in bed. Didn't give her any cash but bought my tickets form her (I may have overpaid - not sure). A nice experience. I always try to find a middle class experience in each country I visit.

    Cambodia is rough but a great experience - for travel or hobby. You realize how lucky you are when half of the people you talk to have lost half of their family to Pol Pot. Always keep a bunch of 500 real notes with you for the various handicaps & abandon children. Sure, some of them are not so poor but most are just scraping by.

    One interesting note: There are 200,000+ Vietnamese working illegally in Cambodia. Cambodia is a shit hole. What does that make Vietnam?
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  20. Traveler_Tom


    Your final paragraph

    Not a very intelligent generality

    Methinks you have a lot to learn!

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  21. The_Lizard

    Traveler Tom,

    me thinks that you are an NGO and that you should avoid this board. There are just too many guys like you -who know actually NOTHING- and who trie to spread their sick opinions.
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  22. Traveler_Tom


    Clearly I am dealing with an intellect with which I cannot compete, you are, obviously, a much-traveled man - if you think a statement such as 'Cambodia is a shit hole' merits the sort of reaction that you come up with then good luck to you - your posting has zero relevance and seems very confused.

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  23. Daring_Mood

    Traveler Tom,

    Well written. Pattaya Dan's 'know nothing', demeaning comment on Cambodia has no place on this board.

    Lizard also comes across as clueless.


    Daring Mood
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  24. Soi_Slut

    Siem Reap MP's

    Pattaya Dan,

    Where are the Red Light MP you mentioned? I need a massage in Siem Reap.
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  25. Soi_Slut

    Mobile Phone in Cambo

    Will my Thai AIS work in Cambo as it is owned by the same guy.

    K Toxin, PM of in LOS.
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  26. Soi_Slut

    Ankor Village Hotel

    Any reports on the massage there. extras. I like my massage to occur with the girl naked. Any info on the place?
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  27. ratufreddie

    New massage place in SR

    Newest massage place in SR is called TOPTOWN, on the road to the airport. (hate to use the phrase, but: all motos know it!). new standard for siem reap as far as rooms are concerned. pricey too.
    massage only: 10 usd, with full program 35 usd.
    tried to get 10 usd additionally out of me in the end, as he insisted it was 90 mins, but i didn't have any of it. 35 is more than i ever paid before in cambodia and maybe more than i should. but, it was a good experience, the rooms are very clean and of the highest standards, as cambodian brothels go.
    the girl i had, gave a surprisingly good massage, BBJ and full service and was cute, pretty, willing,.
    fishbowl had about 50 girls, mix of khmer and viets, from 5 - 9 in looks.
    worth the money? not really, the going rate for FL's overnight is still usd 20 and you can find some real stunners there too, on a good night. martini's and zanzibar still the best haunts.
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  28. Soi_Slut

    Info as of last week

    There are a number of places in SR All that I found except Top town are dirtyish, girls ok, chap prices and not worth your time unless you like something out of Tijana in the 60's. Rooms were bad with shite showers etc.

    Top Town is out near the new section just in from the airport and is kind of fitting that the clean new area has a nice clean new place. On the right side of the road comming in from the Air Port in the middle of the new hotel section with a big yellow banner at the road side. The palce is about 200 meters down the dirt road. Enter with the bowl on the right and a lovely area for the rooms. A stair case leads to the second floor of rooms with some now theme focused. Nice place very nice place...Wanted 50USD for everything but 35USD was the go not incl tip. As to the others I visited but wouldn't go. All in the old town/market area. Hollywood, Toyko, 666, 333, and a few others. No Good, dirty and they started at 50USD for average girls a shite room! Siep Reap is very dusty and dirty. Not a place I would visit again. Get me back to Phuket, thank you!
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  29. Tahoe

    My first post

    I've been reading WSG for a few years and finally posting my first report. Thank you all for your reports which helped me with practical information for my mongering adventure and pure entertainment in front of the computer at work.

    I think LOS was the best section to read and imagine all the fun I would have when I visit there. In December, 2004, I finally made a trip to Angkor Wat via Bangkok.

    A day and a half in Bangkok was everything I imagined and then some. I did a dancer at one of the bars in NEP, another one at a massage, two girls I met at a street food vendor for a threesome and a very cute young thing in front of the Nana hotel. I keep thinking I am missing another one in between. My stay in Bangkok is a blur in bliss.

    One girl I met at the beergarten had a such an incredible smile that I almost missed my plane to Siem Reap.

    My trip to Angkor Wat was made at the last minute and had no hotel reservation, etc. I stayed at Angkor Star Hotel for $50/night. In SiemReap (perhaps for all of Cambodia), US currency is used very widely. The hotel was very clean, room was spacious. The hotel however, charged either $10 or $20 for the girl guest (sorry, I can't remember exact $$).

    Although I didn't have high hopes for the fuckfest in SR, my personal taxi driver (whom I hired for $20/day) took me to a several places.

    In this night club/restaurant/fish bowl all-in-one place, I had dinner, watched Cambodian singers and picked a girl for take-out all night. The girl was $50 and they wouldn't budge a buck.

    Although the girl was a winner (GFE, perrrfect tits and the body), she kept asking me to release her since her mother was visiting her from PP. I didn't believe her but she was being very polite and I do think sleeping and fucking is two different thing.

    Siem Reap is not exactly Bangkok and it is a very poor country. But visiting Angkor wat is an experience I enjoyed immensely and would like to do it again given the opportunity. yes, I would travel through Bangkok again .

    On the way back, I flew through Bangkok and intentionally scheduled the flights with 8 hours in Bangkok. Hehehe.

    Sorry I don't have all the details in SR but if you are going to SR and need info, PM me and I will do my best to answer your questions.
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  30. Dinghy

    Tahoe - My trip to Angkhor was in June, no reservation, bus/taxi all the way from Thailand. Room was $15 (there are some OK rooms more toward downtown - Dead Fish was OK) Driver was $8 per day (used 3 days) rained so didn't get to see much "nitelife". Most female entertainment pricing is based on skin color/nationality *(whites pay more). IF you pay it... "up to you". I know there are brothels in the area (not exactly what most "furriners" expect, but the locals are used to them) for maybe $3 (but $5 to westerners).

    You can spend as much as you want or as little as you want, pretty much.

    Snookyville prices were $5, takeout was 15
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