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  2. Organicgrowth

    Wow: first to post here!

    I’m not experienced with SM at all. I would love to learn more. Tips, tricks and philosophies appreciated.

    Regards, Havanaman
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  3. OttoGraham

    Havanaman's post reminds me:

    When asked by the Army recruiting sergeant in Stripes if he was a homosexual, Bill Murray replies: "Well, no, but is there a special school you'll send me to?"

    -Uncle Otto
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  4. MeatMan

    Ah!Well lookie here!

    I have a friend who is into it enitrely.What he likes is to have the woman walk over her and, call him every derogatoy name in the book.Now he wants to try "watersports"

    And people think I screwed in the head.
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  5. Raider

    I am not much into S&M and have not had much experiance in this area .The closest I have ever been maybe is when a long time ago an old girlfriend let me tie her hands to the bed posts and let me fuck her brains out .Oh Boy ! That brings back some memories
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  6. One_Man

    >> And people think I screwed in the head.

    The world of "BDSM" as it is often known is roughtly broken down into 3 pursuits. They are:

    1. Bondage and Discipline
    2. Domination and Submission
    3. Sadism and Masochism

    There is a significant subculture that considers bdsm and each of its subcultures to me very acceptable and "normal", if perhaps a bit kinkier than vanilla sex.

    Personally I don't think they are anymore screwed in the head than we are, just different.

    I am just

    One Man

    Hey, let's be careful out there, and wear a condom for Pete's (and my) sake
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  7. Fetish

    Hi All,

    This is a very interesting subject. I just a normal guy who wwants to try out everything. I can't seems to get any of this action in Malaysia.

    Had anyone ever had experience like foot workship, coporal punishment, golden shower etc? How does it feels like?
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  8. Organicgrowth


    I have not been to Malaysia yet, but you can get all you want if you pay for it, this off course is the reason we can all hobby: we pay, they display. Ask your sex providers for what you want and they will probably go for it as long it is not too painful or disgusting to them.

    Regards, Havanaman
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  9. latin

    I feel attracted by the idea of riding a girl like a pony before making sex, does anybody have the same feeling? Do you have experience in this?
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  10. nwtn20

    Hi people,

    I am developing an interest in SM, I was wondering how does 'Tie and Tease' work in practice. I guess I would get tied up and my 'mistress' would play with me. But what I anted to know is after playing with me will I get relief - Hand job or blow job or foot job .

    Thanks in advance
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  11. Benchseats_Rock

    Hi all,

    I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for the last 13 years and am happy to offer my experience here if it will help out at all. As far as my credentials in the arena, I produce a line of fetish videos that run the gamut from light bondage to extreme spanking, though I will not discuss vending them here. There is enough porn out there that you can go and find your own if you want it badly enough. That being said:

    Latin: Generally "pony riding" is female domination over either sex. It boils down to how much you weigh and how strong is the sub. Of course, if you are paying to dominate (this is rare) everything you want to do will be discussed beforehand. Havanaman is dead on in this respect.

    nwtn20: There is a world of difference between being tied and teased as part of a service that includes light bondage and teasing to release and actually being tied and teased by a mistress and being dominated via S&M.

    S&M is intense and VERY psychological. Most people involved in the scene have long standing relationships based entirely on trust: This is the only way to facilitate complete submision. There is a distinct difference between doing what you are told and submitting to the demands of a master or a mistress. Total submission takes some time to achieve, though it can be rewarding in the sense of breaking down personal barriers and building inner strength and confidence. All good dominants MUST start off as submissives, otherwise there can be no reciprocal understanding of your limits, or knowing and understanding how a punishment can affect you. Like anything else sexwise, there are true providers and girls who spank for money. Unfortunately, there are many, many more of the latter these days.

    The critical difference in S&M as opposed to prostitution in general is simple. In real life S&M, sex and/or release isn't the goal, and doesn't have to take place in order to dominate the sub or have what is generally regarded as a successful session. Release is usually seen as a reward for being an obediant submissive; And though some providers will give you a HJ or a BJ to completion, most will force you to do it yourself in the corner, cum on their boots and then lick it up. This is certainly not the hard and fast rule, obviously YMMV, but in S&M you are trying to experience the domination and submission through pain as the catalyst and motivator, not sex.

    Hope this was helpful. I'll try to answer any questions you all may have.

    Stay Safe
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  12. Fetish


    This is a very interesting discussion. I have a question, it seems that most of the customer are sub (my preception) and enjoy been dominated by their mistress/master. Does the mistress/master actually enjoy punishing their subs?
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  13. Benchseats_Rock


    Your perception is absolutely correct. Almost all of the clientelle are submissives for the simple fact that most dominants already have relationships with their own submissives. A dominant looking to pay to "play" with a submissive should raise an immediate red flag, they are usually untrained and don't know how to focus aggression or to build relationships to express it healthily. In short, they are dangerous.

    "Does the mistress/master actually enjoy punishing their subs?"

    Sadists, BY DEFINITION enjoy inflicting pain, suffering, punishment, discipline, humilation: call it what you will. I know I get hard (As hard as with Viagra during "vanilla" sex) when I have a sub over my knee and start to spank them, I get turned on when I have them tied to a cross and they are being flogged or having a forced enema, and I have a friend who is a Dominatrix who finds nothing more pleasurable than watching the humiliation and disgust on a sub's face while she urinates on them. As a Dominant, I enjoy punishing my subs, partly because I am a sadist, partly because I know that the sub is loving every minute of it and not getting off (no matter how much they beg), and the extra added bonus is when the sub makes an unintentional mistake that deserves punishment. But I am really into the scene and the lifestyle, so are many of my friends and of course, so are all the people that I play with.

    Sadly, there are many, many, many women out there who think that being a Dominatrix is nothing more than a very good paying job with a neat uniform. Do these women (they are not true Dommes after all) really get off on administering punishment? I have heard more than one "Domme" complain about the length of session necessary to satisfy a submissive's tolerance not being worth what they were charging. The focus isn't the money in the real version of this game, though there is money exchanged, it is more of a formality. Mostly I think that the fakers out there do it just for the money and could care less about the sub. If you don't push the sub to their limit you have no place holding a whip.

    A true Dom/Domme wants to get that sub to their limit and then push a little further. Maybe not in one session, but as a goal. Luckily the community is pretty tightly knit and a sub looking for a real Dom/Domme can find one who does enjoy it. If the Dom/Domme isn't having any fun, then the sub isn't going to get a good session.

    Hope this was helpful,

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  14. MeatMan

    Not sure if this belongs here but, I'll ask none the less. Have any of you ever done either vaginal or anal fisting on a woman before? I see that this is more common in places like Germany and the Urkraine as I rented a couple of DVDs showing fisting.

    I know little of this, but enquiring minds wanna know.
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  15. Bend_It

    Meat and Gentlemen,

    Yup, I've done pussy fisting, a couple of times. Haven't shoved my fist up a ho's ass, though. What would you like to know?

    Bend It
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  16. Daddy_Lows

    Bend It,

    I take it you don't have large hands? Or the lady was "well-endowed?" I've only gotten four fingers in my hoes cooches. Seems my thumb gets in the way. But if I ever find an appealing tall, amazon with a big cooch, I'll try the thumb, too.

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  17. Call_Me_Goo

    Wow - didn't know this section was on the board.

    Just a recommendation for all you guys out there (Hunter, I'm not trying to sell the site just relating some info)...try the site alt.com.

    I've hooked up with a few women on there. And as they were basically looking for a fun fuck, and were submissive, they let me do all sorts of wierd shit to them.

    Of course, it helps to be able to stomach obese crazy chicks - but when you don't need to worry about pleasing them at all (well, I'm not talking about tieing them up on all fours and whipping their ass with a belt), it makes things better.

    Plus the site is not all that expensive considering the amount we drop as mongers.

    Also a couple things as well about that site - it really educates you as to the formal "scene". Like one of the previous posters said - there is a certain level of understanding and relationship building needed, etc, etc... That's one philosophy. Me, I'm part of the other philosophy, where I don't consider myself part of the scene, but like rough and raunchy sex. But it's good to know the perspectives people have about the subject.

    Anyway, I'd like to know about fisting as well. One of the three women I hooked up with, we fuck around every now and then. This chick is sub to the extreme! I mean pretty much nothing is too much.

    Anyway, she's a big fat chick with a gaping pussy - and she loves craming big objects into her ass and snatch (she has one of those fist dildos if you've ever seen them)...

    Well, we're going to be hooking up soon, and every time I meet here, I try something new...you know so I can check it off of my perverted things to do list. So since she's into fisting (her profile on alt says how she wants to get pictures of her taken while she gets "punchfucked"), I figured I'd try it out.

    My main concern however is the danger - as I've heard this is a potentially dangerous act. And the last thing I need is a reinactment of the *****house scene with the senator from the Godfather movie.

    So how do you execute a safe fisting?


    P.S. By the way fetish - fuck yeah I love doming. It's pure greed and I love it. Kind of can make you feel guilty afterward, because it really pushes your level of depravity. It brings out your dark animal side in a big way.
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  18. Bend_It

    Gentlemen --

    Sorry for not getting back to this forum for a while (was out of town for a couple of weeks).

    Daddy Lows, my hands are average size, I think, not small, not large. Have done this with three women and I think they were average sized.

    Goo, I love your new word - "punch-fucked"! That sums this fetish up.

    In my experience, you need to have a woman who really wants to be submissive. She needs to be really relaxed (drunk doesn't hurt) and you need to work on her clit like crazy. Lots of lube, of course, clit activity, vibrator on her clit, and patience. Once you are in, though, then fuck away and enjoy the look on the b****'s face like she can't believe you're doing this to her.

    Best wishes,

    Bend It
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  19. Benchseats_Rock

    Regarding safe fisting:

    Lots of lube, patience, clitoral stimulation etc. Be sure to take your time, you may not be able to accomplish the full stretch in one session, but the most important thing is to cut your nails and file them smooth... just to be sure though, nitrile gloves are highly recommended.

    Have fun...(thank God I'm not a chick!)

    Stay Safe

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  20. Bend_It


    Anyone ever ass-fisted a woman? Or is that just something you see in porn?

    Bend It
    Posted 10 years ago | #Reply
  21. Benchseats_Rock

    It's not only in porn, but probably not outside of long term relationships either. Same rules apply: manicure, LOTS of lube and patience. It can take months.
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  22. MeatMan

    A little late to the party Bend It? I already asked that question.
    Posted 10 years ago | #Reply
  23. Benchseats_Rock

    The trick is not in getting in five fingers. It's getting past the knuckles that can be the real patience buster.

    Once you do though, well, can you say squirt?

    Alicia Klass has nothing on my gf.

    Benchseats Rock
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  24. Mr_Spanky

    Greetings fellow pervs (and pervettes).

    Fisting is one of the things I love to do. Over the years I've gotten pretty good at it.

    As has already been pointed out, fisting requires: lube, PATIENCE (sometimes in abundance), and surgical or other type of latex (or some non-allergenic material - ask the fistee first if she's got an allergy to latex). Latex gloves can be purchased cheaply at any pharmacy. For more exotic gloves, so a web search or 2. There's a web site for medical BDSM toys (name excapes me) and they carry gloves.

    The gloves provide a far more slippery surface than just using your bare hands. Lube them up and start the adventure. :-)

    I always start with 2 fingers to get the lay of the land - so to speak. How tight is she? How far can she stretch? Then stretch her open with 2 fingers from the other hand. Massaging her clit along the way helps the lubrication process.

    Pick a hand and start inserting more fingers. If she stretches well, then you can try the whole hand. One technique is to form your hand by touching the tips of all your fingers and thumb together. This makes a nice sleek sort of giant (but wide) dildo. Insert it SLOWLY, work it in and out, gradually, slowly go deeper. Eventually, you'll get past the mid-knuckles and up to the top knuckles. As someone already pointed out, getting past this point requires patience and practice. But - once you're past the knuckles, what a treat! The phrase "Oh my God!!" can be heard in abundance.

    If a woman's delivered a baby vaginally, then (usually) she'll be easier to fist. She's already been streteched.

    Be certain to ask her if she's had any surgery on her female parts or if she tore internally during childbirth (if this applies) because scar tissue can prevent sucessful fisting, and may be risky.

    I've fisted submissives and slaves, and a small number of providers. My experience tells me that bigger woman are easier to fist (but I once fisted a 5', 110 lb woman who'd never had kids, so go figure).

    Just don't ram it in. That just normally doesn't work.

    Have fun and keep the lube handy!

    Mr Spanky
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  25. Mr_Spanky

    Bend It and MeatMan,

    Yeah, I've anally fisted women before.

    Same rules apply: manicure, lube, patience, and as I said in a previous post, surgical/latex gloves.

    One sub I had could be fisted in BOTH holes simeltaneously. That was fun. I ass-fisted a provider once, too. I've never tried it with SWs though. YMMV.

    You'll really want the gloves here. Believe me. Ememas before hand help cut down/eliminate the mess.

    Mr Spanky
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  26. Zidaho



    Would some one help me out here please. I have heard of a place in Thailand that a man could check in and submit 24/7/3days-5days as a sub. I have read the posts on this thread. I'd prefer to be the Dom, but I understand the hiearchy sp. Here are some pics, this American girl was fun . . . met her on Match. I know alot of women want to be submissive but I feel I need some fundamental experience to go where I know a few women want to go. Advise appreciated!
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    • Domino

      answer and question


      Zidaho: See above. Glad to know business is ocming back to Phuket

      Here is my question: I am friendly, generally platonically, with this Mistress, who is young, white and beautifully proportioned. She likes me because I am a man and I despise her slaves like she does. She wants me to impregnate her, which I am happy to do but I do not like the names she wishes to call her children. I am also a little wary about fathering children with someone in that profession. But she is great in the sack. Any words of advice?
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    • Chocha_Monger


      I say breed her with some good pedigree and throw in a donkey punch that will make her see stars at no extra charge.
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    • Iron_Felixus

      Golden Showers

      I think this is a proper forum to share my experience in "watersports", or "golden showers". First of all, let us agree about the terminology: by "ws", or "gs" I mean, here and below, the client's pissing into the girl's mouth, no matter whether she swallows or spits the piss away. I am not interested in pissing over her body, nor even in her face (with her mouth closed), let alone her pissing on me.

      My first successful experience happened 8 years ago in Brazil. I came to a self-employed "garota" in RdJ, who asked USD20 for a simple intercourse or French, cheaper than the average price for that time. The girl was white, 19 yo, had a mediocre face, but a nice slim body. She, obviously, desperately needed money for herself and her baby. A caesarean section scarce was well visible on her belly. Later she said me that she started fucking at the age of 13 and had a baby of about 9 or 10 months old.

      At the entrance, I offered her gs for her price of the intercourse, that is USD20. My Portuguese was rudimentary, so she did not understand what I meant. When she, finally, did, she refused with a disgusted face. I immediately doubled the price. She agreed, after a short reflection, but refused to swallow.

      We started, I pissed, quite a lot, she took everything in her mouth but, when it filled, spitted my urine into the bin (which was, otherwise, intended for used condoms). This repeated three or four times. Then I fucked her, with protection, and afterwards again pissed into her mouth twice. All this was for USD 50 (I added her a tip of 10 dollars). So far, it remains the cheapest gs I ever gave.

      I must say that this was the first success after many unsuccessful attempts. This story revealed me the main secrete: if you want gs, you have to pay more, in fact, much more than for the usual fuck.

      Several months later I moved to Europe and applied this strategy therein. After some time, I worked out several simple rules, which allowed me to give gs many times. Here are the rules. As a whole, they apply only to Europe, but, I believe, with suitable modifications they can be used everywhere.

      1. Choose a reasonable, but not a luxury brothel, or a self-employed girl.

      2. Choose a right girl. She should NOT be Western European. Ideally, she should be a Thai or latina. An Eastern European would also do, but the chance is slimmer. Avoid too aggressive or angrily looking girls. Avoid blacks: I never managed to give a gs to a black girl.

      3. Speak to the girl DIRECTLY and DISCRETELY. Neither the brothel owner/pimp, nor her colleagues should hear your conversation.

      4. Offer the girl a tip equal to 2-3 (sometimes 4) times the basic intercourse price at that place. Say, if the the prices start from 50 euros, offer her 50 (the official price that she reports to the owner) + a tip of 150 for her personally, that she is free to report to the owner as well, but may hide and keep for herself. What she does with your tip is her business, not yours.

      5. If the girl refuses, you may increase the price. It is up to you until which level.

      6. If the girl refuses definitively, leave the place immediately and go to a different brothel. (Of course, you may have a usual sex if you like the girl, and/or if you have already paid the basic price.) Do not try another girl from the same brothel with your gs offer.

      7. Once payed, be tough. The girl can start pretending to have misunderstood you (though this seldom happens). Ask for your money back: usually it helps.

      8. Very important: BE READY YOURSELF! Do not assume that you can make yourself piss whenever you wish. Drink a decent amount of water beforehand (1-2 liters). Of course, this creates you certain inconvenience, especially if you do not have a definitive girl and must look for a one. But it is very disappointing when you already have paid, but cannot piss more than a drop.

      9. If it was not stated beforehand explicitly that she would not swallow, but she refuses to, you can try to make here. A trick: have no bin or bucket nearby. She will have either to swallow or to spit the urine on the carpet, what she certainly would not like to do. However, do not force her: she might indeed be physically unable to swallow the urine.

      10. Generally, be kind and polite with the girl. Most probably, this would be her first gs experience, so she would be stressed. If possible, leave her an additional small tip (10 euros or so) when you are living, even if you do not intend to be back. Remember, she is as human as you.

      Following these rules, I managed to give many successful gs during the last 8 years. According to my experience, about 70% of Thais and 50% of latinas (Colombians, Brazilians and Dominicans are the best) agreed to my conditions and let me piss into her mouths. Some of them swallowed, some did not. Most were visibly disgusted, but many were curious and interested. One Thai girl confessed that it was an ultimate taste not resembling anything she drank before: )

      I had also several experiences with Eastern Europeans, but only one was successful: the beautiful bulgarian Adriana from my Graz report. She was the only one who did the thing with enthusiasm, and the only one (except the very first Brazilian) whom I tipped less than twice her usual rent. I secretely believe that she would do this even with no tip at all, but she derserved every cent she received.

      Of course, there were several rips off, but not much. Once a Thai from Zurich, after having received 500 SF, refused to continue after the first drop, motivating that the amount of piss was not stated before: ) Generally, in Zurich's Langstrasse district I had better experience with latinas than with Thais. Sometimes the girls try to dissolve you piss in water, by mixing it with shower or so. Usually, I successfully stopped these tricks, but be aware.

      Anyway, most of the girls were honest and friendly and did what promised.

      Cities where I successfully tried gs include Zurich and Basel in Switzerland, Munich and Frankfurt in Germany, and Graz in Austria.

      And the last remark. Anyone wishing to speak about my moral deficiency can fuck himself. I did not force anybody to anything; I paid the girls quite a lot for the service I wanted from them, and they provided it to me at their free will. By the way, all the girls received the gs from me asked me to come again, and I did return many times.

      Sorry for my English. If you have any questions, please ask.
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    • Member_#3055


      He Iron,

      Good story and dont worry about negative reactions. Most men love WS but never had the change to try it. (Maybe even an idea for Hunter to open a new item: Watersports and scat). I love it myself very much (even one step further:scat). I agree that you need be carefull by approaching girls, especially when you dont know if the girl offer these services. I have much experience with girls doing WS, not all of them allowed me to pee in their mouth, but for me is this not as important as this is for you.

      Especially in Germany you can find easily girls that do WS (Natursekt or NS in German). Most German profeesionals give (Aktif) and some receive (Passif) and even some will swallow it (Mit aufname). A good resource can be sexrelax.de, a german website for Ruhrgebiet (Cologne, dusseldorf, Bonn) area. I always call the lady or club before I go to there. In general I receive a normal and honest anwer.
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