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  1. Art68

    To the 2 'Z's: Balshai spasiba! What you have told me is Ochin Harasho!

    Seriously I know what you mean. Even though your accent and pronunciation are crap, the dyevs do break into a little smile when you say in that terribly formal way they teach you in class, "Hello. My name is... What is your name...Very pleased to meet you." And then: "Pashlee!"

    Still its embarrassing that a girl from some little village in Estonia, who never finished high school and has to work in a brothel, speaks better English than you will ever know Russian... And while our accents in Russian are probably quite comical, isn't it oh so sexy when they speak English with their accents? Sigh...

    (Although I must say I was surprised how many words in Russian are derived from latin or from English. I mean, christ, the Russian word for "Shock" is "Shok!")

    Anyway, aside from that I think its best to savour these countries as much as possible now, before they become little outposts of the West. In the space of 11 months, between my first and last trip to Tallinn I saw it happening and it really is frightening how quickly its changed. I mean, of course like France or Spain or Italy there will be small towns and villages which will feel more traditional and rustic, but the big cities - forget it. Zadig, I really understand what you mean about it being a shame, and not just because of mongering. While I was in Tallinn 3 weeks ago, as much as I still liked it, it had lost a lot of that untouched charm it had had a year previously. Everyone is so concerned with being slick and savvy and building big skyscrapers and office blocks like they have in the West - meanwhile so many (non-mongering) tourists flock over to see their untouched Old Towns...

    Anyway, thanks for the info. I may try to get over to Riga quickly before Ryanair starts flying in and it goes the way of Tallinn.
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  2. Jake_Sins


    Thank you for the additional information.

    Could you let me and other mongers know how much security settled for? I would not wish to overpay, make them 'greedy', and spoil it for others in the future who may wish to follow in your and my footsteps in Riga.

    What is the current situation as to the requirements for ID for the girls?

    How long ago was you last stay in an apartment owned or managed by Patricia?


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  3. aqerty

    Hi all,

    I have been to Riga 6 to 10 times a year since 1999.

    The city is changing so fast!
    First came the cafeteria then the new petrol station and supermarket. Now it is looking like any nordic city with restaurants clubs and shops.
    Even the girls are not as hot as they use to be. I see more and more pants and less and less short dresses. It used to be terrible for a girl to wear trousers, it was not feminine, well this time is over.

    Regarding language, it use to be russian everywhere. Nowaday you hear more latvian than russian, advertising is in latvian and some restaurant do not offer russian menu anymore. In shops, it is better to speak english then russian.

    Regarding the girls, very few girls with latvian passport work in the business, most if them are born from russian parents (unless you like older woman, then they are russian!) and they hold an alien citizen passort wich actually in like wearing a yellow jewish star during ww2. The only difference is that if they decide to forget russian language and learn latvian language instead and if they forget about all they learned at school and decide to learn the new official history of Lavtia then they will get Latvian nationality and real passport.

    As of today the easiest to meet girls is just to walk in old Riga or stop for a drink at one the many open space bars. Look for russian looking girls (they are easy to spot as they are the sexiest) and then make eyes contact. Usually the girl will come to you and start talking with her 25 words english vacabulary. Do not worry those include every word then need to make you beleive you are very special to them.

    One word of advise, heroine in Latvia is cheaper then vodka, so check their eyes in dark place. Under heroine the black of the eye get very very small and do not react to darkness. You could check there hands and harm also for injection marks.

    It is not that heroine is such a big problem, it is just that usually heroine girls will rob anything they can sell.

    Regarding taxi girl and russian escort agencies, it works that way. A girl want to work to earn a little money. Then the escort agency or taxi will offer her some vitamins and spedd so she do not sleep and can work longer. Then when she is very tired and need sleep they will offer heroin so she can calm down from the other drugs. after a week working like that the girl will be addicted and will work for the taxi or agency giving all her earning to buy heroine.

    Like it or not it is the way russian prostitue business is working in Latvia.

    So better stay with girls you meet in bars and clubs.

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  4. Paroni

    Few comments for aqerty´s text:

    "Regarding language, it use to be russian everywhere. Nowaday you hear more latvian than russian, advertising is in latvian and some restaurant do not offer russian menu anymore. In shops, it is better to speak english then russian."

    This one I disagree. Nevertheless that Latvian language is the only official language in Latvia, Russian language is widely spoken because of the fact, that over 50% of Riga´s approx. 900 000 inhabitants are Russians. In Riga it is still more likely to become understood by using Russian than English language, that´s a fact.

    The fact is also, that most of the alien passport holders don´t even want to become Latvian citizens due to several reasons (for example military service for males). In matter of fact Latvian naturalization is not even diffucult if you really want to became citizen. Nobody asks local Russians to forget their own language, but authorities requires them to study Latvian language and history before giving them Latvian citizenship. Do you think that it´s strange that you have to know country´s own language before getting citizenship, I don´t.
    And which one you believe is more correct, country´s "new official history" like you wrote or history by Soviet Union, which they have been studying earlier in schools?
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  5. Firewalkwithme


    We will be in Riga from September 9 to 18 and are looking for a nice, modern, western standard aparment with two bedrooms in the city center. Who can recommend a website or an agency? Should some folks also be there during that period drop me a line please. It's our first time and I would be thankful for any insider tip. ;-)
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  6. Psychonaut

    I stayed in Riga from 24/08 to 03/09 and here are my impressions about the changes I saw.

    First time I went here was three years ago, and I can really say the city changed. European accession really created a tourist invasion, and in the week end it is really packed with English and Italian people.
    The girls are still hot, and always well dressed and sexy. It is still easy to get some smiles. But now, it is quite impossible to get a girlfriend in the normal (non paying) way. In disco or in the streets, the girls are so annoyed by stupid heavy guys hitting on everything, that as soon as the girls see you are a stranger they just walk their way.
    I look like russian or latvian, so I often get eye contact, but when I speak English, bye bye! Before it was not like that. On the benefit of the girls, I really understand them... Imagine 20 or 30 guys in a night trying to offer you a drink, just because they want to fuck you and fly back to their home country the next morning.
    They are not stupid

    Anyway, partying in Riga is still good, and you can enjoy the view of extremely hot and sexy girls dancing around you. But getting laid became in my opinion a very difficult sport.

    About the adult scene, let's say it became really lousy... The mass of tourists create the market of scam, and all striptease clubs only think about taking the maximum money they can (without any service).
    I strongly discourage anyone to go in "Cleopatra" strip club, where they charge 25 LAT per drink for the girls, without really your knowledge (and they have heavy security guys).
    In a general way, you will get nothing from striptease clubs. Private dance are lame, massage are not even erotic, and everything is extremely expensive (100 LAT for 15 min in Cleopatra).
    The only place which I recommend is DOLLS, located near the National Opera (Old Center). The show are good, and the girls are really the top. You'll see there many 10s. Private dance is 40LAT for 15 min, where you can't really touch ; but at least you have a dance from a model.
    Jockey club is a lousy place, but at 5AM when you are devastated and drunkm just go there and talk to the door guy. Ask for girls and he will show you directly some working girls waiting in a car. Expect 4 to 5 looks, but hey you are drunk. 40 LAT for FS in your hotel or appartement (one hour).
    You can also order girls on LADYLUX.LV or INTIMSERVIS.LV but they don't all speak English, are available usually in the day only, and from what my friends tested, very bad service (girl ok but service awful).
    What is left is Massage Saloom, where you can get an erotic massage for 25 to 30 LAT (one hour). They are usually open 24h. Some people said here you can have FS with 10 LAT more but all the girls I tried in all the saloon declined, even for more money (only in Okinava I could get laid, but girls are old and ugly).
    In disco, Roxy or Voodoo, it is said you can find working girls. we never found! Maybe we were out of luck, but impossible to talk to girls there (fear of tourist syndrome).
    About Voodoo, the gogo dancers are still here, and are the same. They are not available, but very sexy and it is nice to watch them.

    In conclusion, adult scene in Riga is extremely bad, and the mass of tourists kill the fun in the discos. As a girl said, "half of Italia is in Riga now".

    Riga is defenitely not anymore the place for mongers... (it never was really, but still before there was some good points)

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  7. Jim2001


    Excellent report you posted. But I have to wonder whether you've sampled the outcall escorts in Riga. That seems to be the best venue for mongers in Riga from what trusted reviewers tell me. I don't have firsthand experience in Riga (I'm seriously considering travelling there) but know the Amsterdam and Montreal scenes well.

    The rate for Baltic Beauties outcall (see bbeauties.com) is 400E for 24 hours. The girls at mmalinka.com are more expensive than bbeauties.com but purportedly compete well on looks/service. And there's now a baltichostess.com that's even pricier than Malinka. The value for the money (VFM) with the top-notch GFE escorts sure beats the prices of contact dances, no-touch dances, or rushed F&S in the back room of a club.

    I think you're going to encounter a fair amount of disappointment in strip club or bar scenes in certain countries. The strip clubs in downtown Montreal have some superb lookers but they're often money hungry. Off the island, there are clubs offering F&S in either broom closets or small cabins (cabin costs an extra $20CDN typically). Some of the Quebecoise gals can be world-class lookers. But the going rates for F&S are $120-160CDN for about 10-15 minutes (generally 3 songs) and the experience is often rushed; the outcall rate starts at $140CDN per hour at most of the Montreal mid-tier outcall agencies, plus you have the advantage of the safety/security of your hotel room. Some guys are keen on eyeing the girl before buying, but outcalls are such nowadays that online pictures plus strong word of mouth (public/backchannel posts) raise the probability that you'll have a satisfying rendezvous and not pay for overpriced/mediocre service. I'd hope you'd give the outcall scene a try on your next trip to Riga. Best of luck.


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  8. manuel


    I am going to Riga the end of September and I am staying in the old town. Could anybody reccomend a place where action could be found? or phone numbers
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  9. Spiderman1


    Try the following intimservis.lv and ladylux.lv the sites include photos/prices/reviews/phone# of the girls. You can also find pretty nice action at the massage places (check older reoprts..). You can also pick up the magazine "In your pocket" at your hotel and you will find alot of escort ads there.

    Happy hunting!
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  10. LatinBull

    Hello Amigos.
    I will be staying in Riga the weekend from 15th to 18th of October.
    Probably at the same hotel where the Vodoo Club is
    If anyone wants to hook up for a beer and to explore the scene, drop me a PM.
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  11. Merlin_Magician

    Hey guys! Ryan Air is now flying into Riga from STansted London. I'm gonna go try it out!
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  12. Jake_Sins

    I arrived in Riga after my escapade in Tallinn (See Tallinn board for details). Unfortunately my Estonian colleague who was driving me from Tallinn to Riga thought he was qualifying for a Grand Prix and did not believe in using the brake pedal. This is all good and well until the car hits a pothole and then a slow moving small delivery truck. To cut a long story short instead of arriving in Riga at around 14:00 hrs I finally reached my hotel at 17:00.

    I was staying in the Radi in VecRiga - the old town. I followed the advice posted on the board and managed to secure a double room away from the nightclub opposite the front of the hotel. I made some excuse to the receptionist that my girlfriend had been delayed in Tallinn and would try to catch up with me, when she asked where the other person was. Luckily for me my Estonian colleague was in another hotel, so no awkward questions from that quarter. He was in a hotel outside the old town which had free parking. Driving in the old town costs 5 Lats (7.50Euro) per hour - I kid you not ! The receptionist said she would deduct the cost of one breakfast since my girlfriend was not with me on that first night. My kind of hotel. The cost of the room was 44 Lts for double occupancy and 41 Lts for single. The room was on the 5th floor. It was clean, warm, had a good size double bed, not 2 singles placed next to each other, and also had a small fridge. The wardrobe had a room safe contained within it. The key had to be obtained from reception after leaving a 5 Lts deposit.

    I quickly unpacked and had a hurried shower and shave due to a business meeting between myself, my Estonian colleague and some locals. The next 6 hours was just boring work and dinner.

    I got a Taxi back to the old town after midnight, but it appeared dead on a wet monday night. As the Dickens pub was still open I went inside for a beer. About 20 minutes later the bar staff started to close up and the customers were asked to drink up and be on their way. I said to myself this is shit. My first night in Riga and no way will I be in my bed at 01:00hrs. There were 3 Irish guys sitting in the bar next to me and I think they must have had the same thoughts, because we both asked the bar man if there was anywhere we could still get a drink . He had a think, said a lot of places would be closed on a monday, but suggested a bar called the black cat, which was open all night, so off the 4 of us went. I had heard a few bad reports about the black cat and I mentioned this to the others, namely drinks being spiked and people being robbed. They had also heard the same from other Irish Ex-Pats, but we decided to give it a go as the call of beer and a chance of pussy was too much.

    There was about 25 people inside the bar having a drink, playing various games (pin ball etc) and 1 of the pool tables was in use. The clientele were either a few guys in groups or a few couples paired up. No girls/women on their own or in groups. We grabbed some beers and started to have a game of pool ourselves, doubles. Security wandered around every 15 minutes or so, but I still could not loose the thought about drinks being spiked and security possibly being involved. We made sure that our drinks were visible and watched at all times to be sure.
    After about a hour I noticed a WG arrived. She was at the bar having a drink by herself and looking around. She was about 40+ , brunette, carrying a little bit extra weight (about 4.5). She had the appearance of being very hard. Nothing about her appealed to me.

    We carried on playing pool. About 1 hour later a couple of girls came into the place grabbed some beers and started to play on the table next to us. One girl was blonde the other light brunette. They were about 20 years old. They were very attractive (8 and 7 respectively). 2 of the Irish guys started gradually talking to the girls. I should add they were only a few years older than the girls. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about me, as I am closer to being double their ages.

    The 3rd Irish guy was not happy the other 2 guys seemed to be getting on so well with the girls and he was feeling left out. I had a quiet word with him and explained that all was not as his friends were thinking and hoping. I asked him to look at the facts: 2 girls in a bar playing pool at 03:30 hrs on a wet working night. They had already said they were not students but worked. The blonde had even said she did some modelling. He was still having difficulty joining the dots so I was a little bit more blatant - Wgs. This brought a huge smile to his face. Apparently both his friends had no idea, they thought it was their charm working its magic. One had boasted previously he had never paid for a women in the past and never would. At about 03:45 I decided to get back to the hotel for some sleep and said my goodbyes to the Irish lads and wished them every success. I had a smile on my face as I headed to the door thinking they would be in for a shock when the girls asked for cash.

    The WG was facing away from me as I went out the door but must have seen me out of the corner of her eye as I left, because I could not have taken more than 2 or 3 steps when I heard the clatter of heels and a shout of ‘Hey ’. This was a first I had ever had a ***** chase me. I turned round and said ‘hello’. She came towards me and smiled. As I mentioned earlier she ‘did not do it for me’, so I said ‘Goodnight. Time for bed’, and left her standing outside the bar with her mouth open and a look of shock on her face.

    I headed back the hotel whilst still on the lookout for any SWs that may be around, but nothing. My first night in Riga was a complete loss. Had to put it down to experience.

    Day 2 was a heavy duty work day. Managed to get back to the hotel about 18:00. I was feeling horny as hell. I had checked out some numbers and details from the intimservis.lv and ladylux.lv sites. I telephone a few, but some did not answer, some did not speak English, even when the site said they did. Finally got through to Adelaida, listed on the intimservis site. She quoted 40Lts for 1 hour. Which was more than on the site, but I thought so what. She said she would be over in an hour, so I gave her the hotel details.

    I showered and generally got prepared. 19:00 hrs came and went. 19:30 came and went. 20:00 came and went. Nothing. I was really pissed off by now. 20:15 my cell phone rang. Before I had a chance to say I now wished to cancel, a voice at the other end said she was on her way up. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I looked through the eyepiece and saw this horrible bright pink hair. This cannot be right I thought to myself. It must be a trick of the light, so I opened the door. It wasn’t a trick of the light. In front of me was this ‘Thing’ with bright pink hair and looking nothing like the photo of the girl on the site I had ordered.

    She came in dumped her coat on the chair,. looked around the room and said it was OK. She went into the bathroom. As I knew she would have to be paid something, I decided to see through the task in hand. She came out and started to undress. Her body was not too bad. She was tall, slim but had a nice big rack - a D cup. BJ was very ordinary and not helped by the fact her cell phone went off. Sex was initially doggie and finished off in mish . All in all a shit session - one of the worst. I gave her the money and got rid of her within 35 mins of her arriving. At this time I was reminiscing of the delights of Tallinn and wishing I was back there.

    I had another shower and went to Dickens for a drink as it was round the corner from the hotel. I had a couple of beers and a steak. Both more than acceptable. 2 Wgs were in the place looking for business. They were both about 40+ and blonde. Not very attractive. One looked a bit like a heavier version of Princess Anne. She almost put me off my food! The 2 were joined by another girl who’s face I did not get a chance to have a good look at, but she did appear younger than the other 2. They all left a few minutes later. I went to an Irish bar called De Lacys for a few drinks, and then generally wandered around, but there did not appear to be much action. I headed back to the hotel at around 01:30. 2 nights in Riga and the only thing to show for it was one absolutely crap fuck. I hoped the rest of the time would be better.

    (more to follow)
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  13. Roger_Mellie

    Merlin - fabulous news. 31st October is first flight
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  14. Toscana

    For those based on the Continent, Ryanair is also flying in from Frankfurt/Hahn
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  15. Jake_Sins

    In addition to Ryanair, Easyjet also fly to Riga from Berlin.

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  16. MarcoMan

    I am in Riga till the end on November. If some fellow monger in town would like to hook up for a night ride, send me a message.

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  17. Jake_Sins

    I managed to make breakfast on the morning of my third day. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent working. I arrived back at the hotel at about 17:30 after a quick beer in the Dickens and had a quick nap. I showered and planned the rest of the evening. I was meeting up with a Lithuanian friend later in the night, so had a few hours spare. I phoned the Baltic Beauties escort agency. I had e-mailed the agency prior to my trip to the Baltics for information and a discussion of my possible carnal requirements. Alex was the person I e-mailed and he was very, very helpful. The agency can supply girls for appointments all over the three Baltic states and beyond, with adequate notice. I explained to Alex that I was pressed for time and was looking for a short time appointment of about 2 hours. He explained that a 2 hour appointment was possible, but unfortunately would cost the same as 4, due to their fee structure. I could not manage to squeeze in a 4 hour for that particular evening, so I politely declined.

    After speaking to Alex and remembering the photos of some of the girls on the BB site the sap had risen. I needed a fuck. I consulted my copy of ‘Riga This Week’ and spread a local city map on the bed. The ad for Okinava caught my eye. I remembered the name from the Riga board. The venue was only about 3 - 4 minutes away from the hotel . I telephoned the number in the ad (+371 9663018) and spoke to a lady in English. She said the cost was 25 Lts for the massage and another 10 Lts for the girl. I decided to give the place a go. I left the hotel and went to the ATM opposite for cash. Just a small note of information to all. Both Riga and Tallinn have large numbers of ATMs so there is no requirement to carry large amounts of cash around. Just draw it out as you need it. Okinava is in Vecpilsetas Street. It is next to the Italian restraint called Pomodoro underneath an arch leading to a courtyard. The door was open so I walked in.

    A lady in her late 30s or early 40s appeared behind the bar. I ordered a local beer. She asked if I was interested in having some female company. I said that rather depended on the girl. She called the girls out. There were 3. All were wearing white T-shirts. One was slim, late 20s, frizzy dark blonde hair, smallish rack with her nipples prominent through her shirt. The second was also late 20s, jet black hair, fuller figure with a huge rack. The third was slightly hidden behind the other 2 in the doorway and I did not get a good look at her figure, but she looked to be in her mid 20s, blonde hair and with a nice smile. All 3 were about 5s. I chose the big breasted black haired girl, Katrina, Katya for short. I followed her outside the building and downstairs.

    The room I was lead into was very large. It had a seating area with a couch and armchairs, a sauna, a shower up the stairs and two cubicles where a massage couch and a bed were visible. After a few minutes very basic and polite chat, we went into the cubicle with the bed. Katya was from Belyorussia and had been on a tour (working ?) around Europe for the summer. She was heading back home 3 days later. We both got undressed. Me naked and Katya to her thong. She had a good body with very big breasts (40dd) and nice upstanding nipples. Unfortunately she also has a large number of tattoos on her upper arms, a couple on her shoulder and her back - not my taste. The massage was very ordinary. Katya’s attitude was very indifferent. She didn’t appear to be bothered. After about 7 or 8 minutes of massaging my back she asked if I required other services. I said French and F/S. She said that was an additional 15 Lts. I told her I was informed that only another 10 Lts was required. She insisted on 15. I said OK. The BJ was ok, but I have had much better and much worse. Katya did not like her breasts being fondled or sucked too much. I was getting a bit pissed with this, as her breasts were the reason I picked her and not the others. Sex followed in doggie and mish. - she would not do cowgirl. After ‘shooting my bolt’ I had a quick shower to get rid of the oil used in the massage. I paid Katya 40Lts, 25 for the room and 15 for her - no tip.

    The facilities at Okinava were good, but the girl I had was rubbish. This could be just due to picking the wrong one. Only future visits will determine whether my experience of service is the norm, or ‘just a one off’.

    I went back to the hotel to change. I met up with my Lithuanian friend ,V. We has a few beers in De Lacys and Dickens and had dinner in a café/restraint nearby, Amsterdam ?. V was only in the city for one night as he was travelling to Helsinki the next day for a job interview. We decided to visit the Pupu lounge. We arrived at about 00:15. It was not very busy. The bar contained pictures of breasts plastered all over the wall. The barmaid was an absolute looker. She was early 20s, long frizzy brunette hair, clear complexion, attractive face, slim build, but nice full breasts. She was the best feature of the place by far ! I bought some drinks and was a little shocked at the price- 5Lts each for a gin and tonic. Yes the drinks appeared large, but 5 Lts was a bit steep. I then recalled something the 3 Irish guys had told me in the Black Cat a few nights previously. The had been charged double for drinks in a nearby bar in comparison to the locals because they were foreign. We finished the drinks and decided to go to the Roxy

    Entrance for the Roxy was 5 Lts. V had been to the venue before, when it was known as Pepsi Forums about 3 years previously. The Roxy is on 3 levels. There is a dance floor on the entrance level with a bar. The floor above contains tables and couches for people to view the dance floor below. The basement contains a number of rooms and bars. The club was very busy with most of the people being around the late teens and early 20s. This was due to that day being the start of the academic year. The club had more than its fair share of Italian guys trying to pick up the local girls, who did not appear to be remotely interested. The guys were crowding the girls and were making no discernable effort in preliminaries. This is fine if you are sure the girl is a WG, but it just causes offence to the Semipros and amateurs. I noticed a number of instances were the girls just picked up there drinks and stormed off.

    V and myself had a few drinks whilst we wandered around the club. Downstairs one of the rooms was playing solely Russian music and was the liveliest part of the club. Some very nice girls were dancing and drinking, but they were generally ‘paired up’. A number of very ‘shady’ characters were also holding ‘court’ - local Mafia V told me. There was one obvious WG sitting at a table very close to the bar in the entrance level dance floor. She was late 20s, dark hair, all dressed in black, with an expression on her face which indicated she may have been sucking lemons - very sour faced ! After a few circuits around the club I did not see anything which would appear to be a likely target. I generally do not go for young girls these days, but prefer women of mid 20s +. V finished his drink said goodbye and headed back to his hotel. I had another Bacardi and Coke and then decided to leave myself as it was after 03:00.

    I kept my eyes open for SWs. I was approached by one, but I had seen her talking to a guy out of the corner of my eye as I was walking down the street, who was still lurking nearby. I suspected the guy was her boyfriend/pimp. The hairs on the back of my neck were giving me danger signals even though I was drunk. I just said no thanks and walked on.

    I surfaced out of my bed sometime after 09:00. I had free time available until a meeting in the mid afternoon and decided to do some sightseeing. Had a late breakfast/brunch.

    I arrived back at the hotel just after 17:15. I telephoned Alex at Baltic Beauties and asked for a girl be sent over as soon as possible for a 4 hour booking (Cost 200Euro 130 Lts). She needed to be slim, have a good rack (are you getting the picture of my preferences by now ?) provide DFK, OWO, CIM, F/S and A. He said he would make a few calls and ring me back. 10 mins later he phoned and said I had the choice of Marilyn or Mona. As I could not recall from memory exactly who was who, I left the decision to him. He would send Mona over for 18:00. I had a shower and then waited for Mona to arrive. Alex phoned at 18:00 and said Mona was caught up in the rush hour traffic and was delayed by 15 mins. At 18:15 I received a phone call on the hotel phone. It was reception asking if I expecting a visitor. I said yes and he said OK. Mona knocked on the door a few minutes later. She was dressed in a 2 piece suit, with her hair tied back looking very business like.

    Mona explained the problem at reception. As she was walking through the reception area she was asked who she was visiting. Mona only had the room number given to her by Alex not the name of the room booking. This could have turned into a disaster, but Mona kept her cool and the receptionist did not kick up a fuss.

    Mona was as per my request made to Alex. The photo on the BB site does not do her justice. I offered her a drink which she accepted. The choice was Vodka, Vodka, Vodka or Vodka. She choose Vodka, but there was a problem - nothing to mix the Vodka with. She settled for Vodka with mineral water on the side. We has a chat and a drink. She had a cigarette and then a shower.

    She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looked good enough to eat. The towel did not stay on too long as I put my arms round her and proceed to start the action. We fell onto the bed and in between deep French kissing my clothes were thrown on the floor. We rolled around the bed with my lips licking and gently biting her nipples to arousal. She rolled me onto my back and started to bite my nipples before moving her tongue down my stomach and taking my cock between her beautiful lips. Her oral action was superb. The tempo was altered between a fast rough action and a slower gentle rhythm, when she felt I may be approaching climax. She used her tongue to great effect on the head of my cock by licking and running the tip just below the rim of the head - sheer bliss. My balls were not left out as they were licked and fondled as well. I gently pulled her up as too much more of her oral attention would have ended round 1 very quickly. I gave her breasts and nipples the appropriate attention they disserved. Mona was gently pressing and moving against the shaft and base of my rock hard cock. I could feel her wetness. She was emitting sighs of pleasure and her breathing altered. She reached over and put an overcoat on my cock and started to ride me cowgirl style. We went at this for a good 10 mins before I came to a shuddering climax. It was a real toe curling finish one of the best I had experienced to date. We stayed as we were for a few minutes with Mona sitting on my still partially erect tool. A thought appeared in my mind. I hoped she might have come as well. I was so wrapped up in my receiving pleasure that I was not sure about her, but there again I was paying her, so her satisfaction was less of an issue.

    Mona went to the bathroom for a quick visit. Upon her return she had a couple of cigarettes and some more Vodka lying on the bed next to me. We talked about a number of things, whilst getting ready for round 2. She confirmed the number of tourists visiting Riga had started to increase significantly and the obvious ‘sex’ tourist would find it increasingly difficult to link up with non WGs. She was very scathing about the large number of Italian men in Riga this summer, their ’bad manners’ and general ‘unwillingness to spend money’. These are her words not mine I hasten to add, before the e-mails start flying.

    My hands started to play with her breasts while her hand drifted towards the direction of my groin. A few minutes of foreplay had the usual effect of ‘springing the man attention’. Mona was lying on the bed and I started to DFK her. I then moved the kissing, nuzzling and licking to her ears, to her neck, her breasts, her belly and finally arrived at her groin. Her pussy was not quite fully shaven but it was very short and neat and tidy. I DATY for a good 20 mins. This time there was no doubt as to whether she came. She did, like Niagara Falls. On with another overcoat and I was banging her away in mish. This I altered slightly by placing her legs over her head and against my shoulders. This position was continued for a good few minutes before Mona was turned around and placed on all fours. I entered her from behind with slow and deep strokes which I, and she, appeared to enjoy. After a few minutes of doggie I told her it was time for the big A. She could not find her lubrication, so we tried it without, but it was too awkward and painful for her. She apologised and said she was at her friends when she received the call from Alex and had to rush home to get ready. She asked if I had anything which could be used for lubrication, but alas I did not. Round 2 was brought to a finish with a long further session of doggie.

    Mona lit up another couple of cigarettes and she had some more vodka. By this time I was out of mineral water and she had to make do with tap water. I had stopped drinking by now as I had to meet a colleague later at his hotel. It was now about 20:45. We were laying on the bed. Me on my front, with Mona gently rubbing her hands over my back not unlike a massage. She eventually moved her hands down over my arse to my legs heading towards my feet. When she reached my knees, she changed direction and put her hands on my inner thighs and reached between my legs and proceeded to play with my balls and my cock. This slowly had the intended effect and the ‘old man’ woke up. I turned over and Mona put her mouth over the head of my tool and she blew, she licked, she sucked, she teased and she gently bit. I was in heaven. A good 20 mins of this followed. Round 3 came to an end in her lovely mouth. She swallowed the contents, had a drink of Vodka and gave me a kiss before heading for the bathroom. What a girl !! I new it would take a lot to get the ‘old man’ to stand to attention again that night - certainly not in the remaining time left, so I told Mona it was time for both her and me to leave. We both showered and got dressed. My cell phone went off as I was paying her. The money was already counted. She gave me a kiss and said she hoped we would meet again when I was next in Riga and left. It was a few minutes after I had answered the phone call that I realised I had not given her a tip. Shit !!! She certainly deserved one for her excellent service.

    I left the hotel and realised I had not eaten. I went to De Lacys for a Guinness and a steak. After quickly eating I got a taxi to the Reval Hotel Latvija, home of the famous Voodoo club. I needed to drop off some contracts and presentations to the regional manager of our sister company, who was staying in the hotel. As I was passing through the lobby I notice a couple of WGs in the ground level hotel bar. One was a blonde stunner a 9 in anyone’s book. I met the manager and give him the material. He surprisingly invited me to have a drink upstairs in the bar on 26th floor. I bought 2 Bacardi and Cokes. These were finished in 10 mins. He said he was tired and disappeared to bed without getting me a drink. The miserable prick.

    As I was drinking my second B&C, into the bar came a party of Scotsmen. Yes they were Scots as half of them were wearing kilts. I said to one of the guys I expected to see a lot of different things in Latvia but not kilts. The guy I was talking to, Bruce, said they had just arrived in Riga for a 4 days stag trip. There were 17 of them in the party and he was the best man. The guys asked about places to drink, clubs to visit and general questions about the city. I explained I had been in the city for 4 days and this was my last night. They immediately invited me to join them. I accepted their invitation. We finished our drinks and then I lead them, by foot, to the old town. I pointed out a few features along the way. We walked passed the Freedom monument, McDonalds, the Roxy, Martini up to De Lacys. They wanted to know the precise location of a good Irish Pub.

    We headed back towards the Roxy, but decided to stop in Martini for a drink or 2. A very nice girl was dancing on the stage. The bar staff were not expecting a party of 18 to arrive ‘on mass’ after midnight and had difficulty coping with the rounds of drinks of 18 beers and 18 Black Balsams.

    After about 45 mins everyone went to the Roxy. The club was quieter than the night before. The sight of Scotsmen in kilts certainly caused a stir. The same WG from the night before was sitting at the same table, wearing the same clothes with the same sour expression on her face. An hour was spent in the Roxy before some of the guys made it plain they were anxious to see some naked flesh. They wanted to visit the strip club Kleopatra. I did try to convince them I had heard it was a ’rip off’ but it was close to their hotel and they were insistent.

    9 people piled into a strectch Cadillac which was available outside the Roxy for hire (20Lts) The others caught taxis. The driver of the Cadillac made the slowest journey I have every been on for the distance concerned. I worked out why eventually. The guys were drinking from the on board bar and I am sure he was hoping more than one bottle would be opened. We finally arrived at the club. The driver escorted us into the club where he was in discussion with the manager/owner. One of the guys was going to give him a large tip, but I said there was no need as he was arranging his ‘delivery fee‘ /‘kick back‘ for bringing us to the venue. We were charged 10Lts for admission. I cannot remember the exact cost for a beer but it was not unreasonable.

    There were only a couple of girls in the bar when we arrived, but the number suddenly increased soon after our arrival. The girls were fairly ordinary 4s to 5s with a couple of exceptions, a brunette who was a 7.0, and a blonde 6.5. Every 10-15 mins one of the girls danced on stage. The dancing was not very good or imaginative apart from the brunette and blonde mentioned previously. A couple of the guys went upstairs for a private dance. Cost 20Lts each. Verdict rubbish. Very little contact allowed - a little on the body but nothing on the breasts or down below. I was approached by one of the 4.5s. She stared to chat. When asked if she was local, she said no like most of the others in the club. She was from Belorussia. She asked me to buy her a drink. I offered to buy her what a I was drinking, namely a beer, but this was refused. She said the girls only drank ‘ladies drinks’ i.e. cocktails. The cost 20Lts. I just shook my head and said no. She got up and went to find another prospective mug. I stayed for a couple of more dances and then decided to head back to my hotel. I wished the groom well in his future marriage and said my goodbyes to the others. I asked the boss for a taxi number. He spoke to one of the girls who made the call. The taxi arrived a few minutes later and cost me the extortionate sum of almost 5Lts - it only cost 8 Lts from my hotel to the airport !

    I arrived back in the hotel and that was the end of my mongering session in Riga. I caught a flight back home the same morning. I will return again to Riga sooner rather than later.

    What have I learned after my visit ? The city is full of very, very attractive women:-
    1. The amateur scene - is extremely difficult for someone on a short visit to tap into. You will have to do the research and establish contacts prior to arrival. Repeat visits along with local in depth knowledge may help you unlock the key and succeed with amateurs. If your intended tastes and targets are towards the younger end of the market you will also probably need to be younger than me, far younger!
    2. The Semipro - a lot of points in 1 will apply. In addition you will need to be in the right place at the right time.
    3. P4P i.e. Wgs - Ultimately ‘money talks’. During the next few years as more and more tourists come over to Latvia and the equilibrium between supply and demand changes to an excess of demand, I can only see prices rising at a steep level. The increase in prices has already become evident over the last 12 months or so.

    Personally I suggest avoiding the intimservis.lv and ladylux.lv sites as much as possible. They are a complete rip off. This is not only from first hand myself. But also experiences from other posters to this board, and from other ex-pats I spoke to during my visit. My visit to Okinava was very disappointing, but this may well just be to my wrong choice in girl. Other members of the site, who have posted on this board, have previously obtained an excellent service from this establishment. I will try them again. Baltic Beauties I found were extremely professional, not just in the quality of the lady provided, but the general service e.g. e-mail enquiries answered promptly prior to arrival, telephone manner and general attitude. Yes, I gather they are towards the more pricier end of the spectrum, but I have no problems with paying for good service and quality, especially when I have a limited time frame for mongering. Finally I would have no hesitation in booking Mona again again.

    I am sorry my reports both on this board, and the Tallinn board, have been so long and detailed, but I found when doing my research prior to my visits, the details provided by fellow mongers the most usefull. The more details posted the less need for stupid questions to be posted or asked. I do not have the best typing skills in the world, far from it, so sorry for the delay in posting the reports. If any of my posts provide any assistance to other fellow mongers, the hours spent on my keyborad have not beem wasted.

    Happy mongering,


    PS. You never know I might even get promoted to a senior member.
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  18. Hwwd22

    Just got back from another brief visit to Riga and can report that there are plenty of semi-pro opportunities in the Old Town bars and clubs if you're looking for it.

    I met a delightfully cute, slim, young (18) and local girl in Pupu Lounge and it didn't take long to work out what her game was. A few drinks, some very sexy dancing and then back to the hotel.

    10 lats for the night porter and a full range of activities back in my room - DATY, AR and FS doggie style. A real GFE with lots of kissing and hugging. 100 lats seems a bit on the expensive side but was money well spent in my view.

    Been in touch with her since I got home and will hopefully see her again next time I'm in Riga. Have a couple of photos but they exceed the maximum size and I haven't worked out how to reduce them.

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  19. Zagor

    Couple years ago, visit to Riga for (12 days) some tourism business reason. Stayed one of the big hotel building Latvija Hotel, I guess it was 4* hotel in thera like a skycraper. Per nite paid $140.00 USD a sng room. There was Casino Club/Bar on the hotel's basement floor. Each chick cost me per nite $100.00 USD just for 3 - 4 hours. Bellboys arranging the girls to you, even they call you in your room evenings. They have great girls list to choose one of them. Those was nice days for me.

    Zagor T
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  20. Sun_Rise

    Hi Zagor,

    The hotel you are talking about is the Reval Hotel Latvija this Hotel is not far from the Old Town. This Hotel is very girl friendly but today the Bellboy wont arrange you any meting with girls or the girl wont call you in your room (like is the case in China). Nowadays for a nice girl you will have to pay more than 100$. But like many of the report here will tell if you have patience and time you can pick up nice girls form the Pupu or the Roxy (I haven’t try the Voodoo) If you don’t have time look in Riga this week in the lat page you will find good escort agency and Salon the massage erotic.

    Hello Patata Chips, I do not know for germane FKK but it’s true that Riga is not cheap like Thailand but the girls in Riga (working and semi-pro) are so beautiful that the trip is worth the trip.

    Chattel Lver
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  21. Wanking

    I spent a few months in Riga in 2002, and trust me the very best option for working girls is the following :

    Note : Brothels and sex clubs are rare in Riga, and most action takes place in your hotel room/appartment. Many of the massage parlours advertised in the toursit magazines only provide nude massage and hand jobs.

    1. Avoid any tourist sex attractions, they are all a big rip off. USE the services that the locals use. I found most Hotel/disco Working girls to be way over priced and many will try to rob you, by offering to spend the night, then when you fall asleep they will take anything they can.

    2. Go to any newsagents and buy the local classifieds paper, the name of which i cant remember, but if you have more than 2 brain cells you will work it out. In the back of the paper there are adds for escorts and working girls. These escort agencies are aimed purely ar the local market and are way cheaper than baltic beauties and all that rubbish. Most of these women are Russian as apposed to Latvian and most are in the 6-8 range, slim and small breasted.

    3. Many of the Escort agencies and Working girls have little or no English so find a translater, I often used the girls in the tourist office to make my calls and make sure you have a mobile phone - both for your translator to make the calls and more importantly for the escort service to call you when they arrive.

    4. The usual method is that after you make your appointment with the Escort Agency they will send a car to your hotel/appartment complete with a selection of 4/5 girls. When the driver arrives he will call you and then go out onto the street to meet him, and he will get the girls to all line up in front of you and you then make your choice, and then the driver will ask you how long you want her for.

    5. when you bring the girl to your room you pay her the standard rate of 25 lats per hour, which gets a basic service of sex, covered BJ, and licking pussy. The girl gets 10 lats out of the 25, and they dont have set fees for extras, but if you wave another 10 lats around , you should be able to get the girl to do anything you want i.e. BBJ , kissing , anal.

    6 Enjoy
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  22. Hwwd22

    Banana Moon

    I'm planning a return visit to Riga next week and will hopefully hook up with the lovely young girl I met last time. I've since found out she works in a club called Banana Moon. From what I've found out about it from the web it looks like a basic strip club. Has anyone visited - what can I expect?

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  23. Sun_Rise

    banana club


    The Banana Moon club is on Arhitektu n.1 street it’s a small street next to the university and very near of the old town it’s in front of the Opera House. The Club offers almost everything you dream off massage, escort and striptease here it’s there web site www.bananamoonclub.com. You will find in the same street a place call Getera n.2 www.getera.lv it’s a massage place it’s on the second floor of the building no advertise but you will find a ring bell at this place YMMV normally at best you can have only a HJ but some time more. The Banana it’s ok club not to expensive if compare it to Dolls and at Banana club some girls will go with you for more than only a striptease at your table what is not the case for the Dolls.

    Have fun and tell me if you find your 18 old beauty

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  24. Wanking

    Newspaper with adds for cheap escorts in Riga

    This is about the only way to contact local cheap escort services in Riga, remember these services are aimed more at the locals than the tourists, but of course we still use their services And they dont charge tourists more than locals.

    The going rate when i was there 2 years ago was 25 latts per hour with these escorts , compared to 50-150 for the tourist crap.

    The newspaper you need is called "CM-PEK*AMA" - it's in Russian, and sold in all newsagents there. The words on the newspaper's front page look just like I spelled it above, but instead "*" you should see a cyrillics letter which looks like latin "V", but turned upside-down. The name of the newspaper is pronounced "SM-REKLAMA" and it means SM-advertising, where SM is the name of some publishing company. The newspaper costs about 0.40 Ls and is veeeery thick - over 100 pages; it conains only advertisments (both private and from companies). So take it and look at last pages - section "sex services" is the last. There you will see one or sometimes two pages full of advertisments from prostitutes. There will be also phone-sex advertisements, you can distinguish them by international phone numbers. OK now. When you found the page you need, pick an advertisement and call the number, or get a translator.

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  25. Hwwd22

    Banana Moon

    Thanks Chatte. If she doesn't show, I'll be back at Pupu to meet another lovely young Latvian. I have a 100% record there so far (2 from 2).

    All the best.
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  26. Toscana

    Import Duties

    Took advantage of the new Ryanair flights between Frankfurt/Hahn and Riga to fly this independent in last week:


    She arrived on the flight from Riga at about 23.30, we went to a hotel right by the airport and she returned on the 18.30 the next day. I booked everything on the internet website. All worked out efficiently. I paid for 24 hours of her time.

    Cleopatra is a Russian Latvian aged mid-twenties. We spoke German (her preference), which like her English is perfectly adequate. She says she speaks Italian as well. What struck me on the site, and was confirmed in the email correspondence and meeting, is that the girl has a fine attitude. She was keen to find out what I wanted, had no problem with doing it and when we met proceeded to give it to me. She knew why she was there and played no games, e.g. time-wasting, refusal of promised services, constant smoking pauses, mobile interruptions etc. Simply wanted to give VFM.

    Her pictures rather flatter her. While tall, well-built and good-looking (good enough to turn the heads of the local yokel night staff at the airport for sure) she is not a real beauty. She has had children and this has left its slight marks. Services included excellent DFK, proficient OWO, good, if not inspired sex. Very responsive to DATY, a real highlight for everyone in the hotel……. CIM (no swallowing) was more of a problem and was more on the lines of CIMFHPHBJMLS (Come in Mouth, Face, Hair, Pillow and Headboard, Just Missing the Lamp Shade). Oh well, we had a good laugh about that. Everything as often as you wanted. The real test is when you wake them up in the middle of the night for another round, and, yes, she passed that one with flying colours.

    I would say this experiment was a qualified success, considering the great options available at the FKKs in the Frankfurt region. But Cleopatra is a cheaper overnight than the agency shipments from Riga I have found on the net, and if you want to exhaust yourself unashamedly with a girl with a great attitude and who enjoys herself as well, this is one perhaps to consider. I will certainly look her up when in Riga next year.

    If anyone has any other suggestions for Latvian girls to bring in on these cheap flights, I would be interested to read them here or to receive a PM.
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  27. Field_Commander

    Nice but ...

    Toscana I think the lady is nice, but a bit overpriced. Better go to Riga yourself and look around.

    But I repeat the photos are nice so it could be OK just to try once.

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  28. Cornelius

    Well, now that I have been here for a two weeks, wanted to share a few of my experiences. I agree with a post earlier that for 25-30 Lats the best option is to uses to the "Peklama" newspaper. You will get only a few who answer that speak english. But persistence is the key. And be very specific as to your requirements.

    Since I spoke english I have also been quoted prices of 40 LVLs......no way I was buying into that. One quoted me 35, and I challenged her right there and then, and she came down to 20 plus 5 for taxi. The quality really varies, sorry to admit but most of them are young mothers. Imagine this, I met a 20 year old who had a 4 year old son....!!! From other magazines like Riga this week etc the quality is a bit better, but the attitude a bit stuck up. Prices quoted for extra services at one occassion was 30 LVL for OWO, take it or leave it. She surely is going to remember the slamming I gave her for trying to be a bit too arrogant.

    A little gentleman's behaviour does go a long way. Most of them will give their direct mobile and are available by shutting the agency out. Was also able to pop a 21 year old's anal cherry, could tell by the pain on her face. She admitted is being the first time as well, boy was it a picture worth taking. Seeing another one for OWO, anal, CIM no swallow, deep french, rimming for only 30 LVL a pop.

    Now about hanging around clubs, it is far too time consuming but can be fruitfull as well. After two excursions to Roxy I was finally able to get a 19 year old's phone number. Wasn't sure she would call the next day, but my charm worked along with buying several drinks and a taxi back home as well. Its worth spending the intial investment, cuz if you strike it, then the fruits are for the picking. So, she calls me the next day and says that would only meet along with her sister, cuz she dosen't know me etc etc. I was a bit reluctant, but boy did am I glad I agreed to it. The sister, as I am told 18 was a bomb, blond, dressed all sexy and really outgoing and crazy. So we hung around for a while, and really beginning to take more interest in the yonger sister but all the while not to let the other off the hook either. I had to do quite a bit of persuasion to get them back to my apartment just to hang out and eat the cheese burgers we got from McDonalds. Turns out the sister is learning to be a professional dancer. So, that gave me an idea, pumped up some music, dimmed the lights and started dancing right there in my living room. Wow......grinding up against both of them, kissing and feeling them up as well. Had to be carful though, not to offend the older one. Will have to put some more capital in this investment, but the returns look prosperous.

    All I can say, that it is not going to be the case of getting into the pants the first night with non-pros. If you got a little time on your hand then its fun.

    Will post a follow-up as well.
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  29. babbelman

    upto date Riga.

    Hello Guys,

    Does anyone have upto date information on prices in riga , and the best places to visit. arranging a trip and would be great to get the current low down. also anyone visiting london , i pride myself on being a specialist , so happy to assist with any quieries.

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  30. Suggsy

    Don't pay more than15-20 Lats (25 TOPS!!!)

    Here is the webpages where all the girls advertise. They are all asking 15-25 Lats per hour. Don't overpay! There is no need to as plenty of local girls are in the business here. 15-25 Lats TOPS for an hour (and you can usually get a girl for the whole night from 30-50 Lats, in other words two hours worth).





    Despite what has been said here, I've always had a great time at OKINAWA.


    I've never had anything but excellent full service there. Hot girls that give GFE but I've only been there twice so maybe I got lucky twice. I'd say give it a shot. 25 Ls per hour, do not overpay though!
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