Puerto Vallarta

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  1. Late_Night

    To Local experts,

    Can someone name me the name of the two or three strip/FS clubs that are next to each other with one of the clubs that has a shower inside and girls dance while taking a shower. I was there a long time ago with an- anti p4p friend few years ago and had to leave cause my friend did not like the whole scene.

    I remember I saw few 9s. I 'm going back soon and would like to visit this region again. I dont think this was the "zona rose" you guys are commenting on. This place was on some kind of hill and private.


    Late Night booty!
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  2. Toledo_Rocket

    The only one I know of up on a hill is Juniors.

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  3. Shanghai_Bound

    For those interested in PV here's some info:

    April 1st in PV included a tryst with a beautiful young lady named Perla. The day was going nowhere and I really wanted a sexual message, but couldn’t decide if I really wanted to go looking for it. I finally got tired of saying yes & no over and over and went downstairs to find a cab driver who could help me in my quest.

    The cab driver’s name was Paco and he was right outside the hotel, Aventura Palace. I told him that I wanted a full massage with extras. He asked if I wanted a relaxing massage or the other. I said the other. He made a phone call and off we went to pick up my masseuse. She was a beautiful young lady named Perla, and the minute she entered the cab I knew she was something special. She was in her early 20’s, black haired, olive skinned and very petite. She was probably 5’ 2” in her bare feet and perfectly proportioned. She had an engaging smile and rested her hand on my thigh as we drove through the back roads of PV.

    We headed to a small motel by the aero Puerto named Marina del Sol, or something like that. Surprised me given that it was inland. Clean little place that charged $20 per hour (though Paco charged $30, course he did hang around for the hour that I was with Perla).

    The time with Perla was beautiful. She climbed on the bed and began swaying back and forth and wanting to “dance”. As I held her, she began taking her clothes off and helping me out of mine. The next hour was filled with fucking, sucking, and generally having a grand ol’ time. She even gave a half way decent massage during the last half hour. We finished off with a shower and watching the last few minutes of an old Kiefer Sutherland - Jeff Bridges movie.

    Random thoughts on this: Perla was a lovely and charming young lady. I hope that some of what she got for this afternoon provides her with the ability to become self-sufficient and do whatever it is she wants to do with her life.

    The Latina woman is the most natural creature in the southern latitudes. No offense to nortenas, but Hispanics have it all over them as far as the ability to look confident and at ease when the mercury is rising into the 90’s.

    If people would get over the stereotypical role models that we are shackled with from birth, and just follow their bliss, there would be a lot fewer problems in the world today.

    Should have left well enough alone. On my last night in PV I decided to go to a place called Hysteria. It’s a table dance night club near the Sheraton. Once there I was paired up with a chiquita named Roxanne. Where Perla was vibrant and energetic, Roxanne was listless and tired (she said she’d had a migraine for 3 days). She was taller than Perla and thinner. Her time was $125 for a half hour and the drinks and cover was $30. Net effect was that they both cost about the same, but Perla was more satisfying. After my time with Perla I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. After being with Roxanne I was tired and disappointed with the world and life in general.

    Better to trust the cabbies and let them find you exactly what you want.
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  4. Winston569

    At Q*eros, there is a private room where the girls dance while showering. It is actually close to the Krystal Vallarta on the main strip. It is very private. Chica's Girls also has a "shower dance" but it is one on one and costs extra.
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  5. Don_Tonto

    Oh my, how things change in Puerto Vallarta: Q'eros is now called Prestige and Chica's Girls has been defunct for awhile (after changing names and owners a couple of times over the past year or two). Did Chica's Girls recently re-open (as in early 2004)?
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  6. Teddyboy

    In my two trips to PV....... I scuba dive during the day and monger in the evening. The best place I have found is Candy's. I walk in leaving my taxi driver waiting for me. Go upstairs check out the babes..have a drink ....ask the prettiest one to come back to my room. I speak very little spanish...but the head guy there will gladly translate for you.

    The total cost incurred is $180 to $200 US for one hour, this does not include the taxi ride. There are some beautiful women in Candy's. I would rate the top echelon at 8's and 9's.

    See my cuban posts and photos to get an idea what I consider an 8 or 9 to be.

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  7. ManonsanBoy


    Wow. They do look great. The Cuban girls I mean. How much did you pay them. I am on a world mongering trip right now (currently in Vietnam). I was in 2 minds about Cuba but those girls are great.
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  8. Teddyboy

    ManonsanBoy ...In Cuba things are very different. I paid the Cuban girls between$30 and $40 for an hour. As per my post I met about 10 girls.

    However, you must negotiate the ever present police and have a casa paricular to take the girls to.

    The polictical scene is a real downer. It began to get to me by the second week.

    The scuba diving is excellent in Cuba.
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  9. Viking_Dane


    This is my first report so as you can guess I’m pretty new to the WGS, well to be honest I’m pretty new to “the sex for money” scene too! Except for the odd time or two I have found myself on a business trip in some godforsaken town, alone, drunk and horny, I’ve mostly been enjoying the strip scene after the motto “watching is good, touching is dangerous”. After this last trip I probably won’t use that motto anymore even if it’s still true; touching is dangerous, especially for ones valet if you get addicted to playing with beauties in their early twenties!!!

    Well on to the report. I spend a couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta in early April. The first week mostly went by watching beautiful girls from the beach bars all day and partying most of the night! I stayed in the old part of town, that’s south of Hooters (over the river), to the ones of you who are familiar with PV. A nice area with a lot of restaurants, bars and a good atmosphere.

    I knew there where strip clubs in PV and had planed to go to one during my stay, but the ones I had seen where all in the outskirts of town and I didn’t feel tempted enough to go that far from my hotel at night. Sunday afternoon before Easter I was exploring the hills behind the Southside of town and suddenly fell over a place called Junior’s bar. I remembered to have come across the name earlier in a good context and since it was in walking distance from my hotel, I decided to go back later. Opening hours where 8 PM to 6 AM daily. I moved on and to my big surprise it only turned out to be a 5 min. walk from the hotel, most of the time due to some pretty long and steep stairs.

    Junior’s Bar is easy to find even if you don’t want to use a taxi.
    If you are in the old part of town (Downtown South), just find the road closest to the waterfront “Olas Altas” and follow it almost all the way south. Just before it ends (and you hit the hillside!) look left and you will see some pretty scary looking steep stairs going up. The bar is located at the end of the stairs.

    On Wednesday I finally was ready, and drunk enough, to go watch some naked chicas so around 2 AM I was entering the bar. Inside there where around 12 babes and I really mean babes. Around half of them where what I would call cover girls and would fit into any magazine! The rest where pretty much around 8´s even though a couple where not my type. I’m not too keen on tattoos, if a girl is too skinny, too heavy or if she looks too fake. Luckily taste varies and to be honest, I would have done every one of them if I had the chance without having to pay! If you are a big breast man the place is probably not for you. There are a few A-cups, lots of B- and C-cups but not many larger. Personally I don’t care about breast size as long as they fit the body aren’t saggy.

    I also quickly realised that it wasn’t just another strip club, but that most or all of the girls where working! The place was quite busy with all tables around the stage occupied which is fine with me, I like to have the overview and not too much traffic behind me!

    Let’s go over to the interesting stuff, the prices! (At the time I was there 1 USD was approx. 11 pesos)

    There was a 100 pesos cover charge, included in that was a tequila at the entrance and a “sexy dance”.

    The drink prices where not too bad either, it seemed that no matter if I ordered long drinks or beer the price was around 50 pesos. Ladies drinks where worse but still acceptable, 150 pesos (incl. a kickback to the girl) and again it did not seem to make any difference if it was tequila, a bottle of beer or one of the mix drinks without much alcohol.

    Most of the staff (and there are many, waiters, security, floor managers and so forth) speak pretty good English but this doesn’t apply to all the girls. No problem though, the “manager” who negotiates the deals is pretty quick to let you know the options.
    They start out with asking 2000 pesos for 1 hour including a room and 3 condoms (which means 3 pops if you can manage that in an hour). The specific on what’s going to happen seems to be up to you and the girl! There is also a half hour option at around 1400 pesos but I don’t know what’s included. Also a quickie option in some booths next to the bar but I didn’t get prices or what was included. On top of the price it seems that the “manager” expects a couple of hundred pesos tip as well as the room manager expects around 100. The girls on the other hand don’t seem to expect tip??? Or at least they act almost ashamed but very grateful when you give them some!

    First night I didn’t negotiate a lot, but later found out that it was possible! If it always is possible or it was due to the night, my negotiating skills or the fact that I was a returning customer I don’t know.

    In general I like the place and if you behave yourself and act respectfully and straight with the girls, you can spend quite some hours in the bar enjoying the chicas without getting your pockets cleaned out. I talked with a lot of the girls, but friendly declined to buy them a drink until I had made my decision and that gave no trouble! The service didn’t suffer either actually quite on the contrary!

    On to the girls I chose.

    First night I spend a couple of hours in the bar drinking (probably a bit too much), until I had seen all the babes naked. At that time I was so horny that I forgot my motto and called one of the girls I had talked to earlier over for a drink. She was a rather tall, early twenties Mexican knockout with a perfect face, long curly hair, flawless skin, an almost perfect body (her tits could have been a little more firm, but still wow!) and a great relaxed, laidback attitude! I learned that she was a single mom with one kid and only came to PV from one of the bigger cities up north to work (true or not I don’t know or care).
    We quickly agreed on a one hour session and got a hold on the “manager”. I paid the 2000 pesos plus 200 in tip without thinking and went upstairs with my “catch”. In hindsight of course I should have negotiated, but on the other hand if I want a chance at a babe with these looks here at home, I will at least have to spend the double amount in restaurant and bar bills, without even being sure at one pop!

    We got upstairs and where shown to a decent room, pretty large and with a very large, good and bouncy bed. A bit dark but most important of all it seemed clean!
    We quickly got undressed and started off with her giving me a rather good massage (another rookie mistake due to the time limit!). After that she gave me a very good bj and after a short break and some nice conversation (She spoke ok English), I mounted her in a couple of positions and ended up in missionary ready to pop, when she told me not to cum inside her. Well ok with me so I pulled out, without paying any attention to the condom (which by the way got stuck inside her!). I didn’t realize this before I saw that I had fired my entire load all across her body. She was a good sport about it though, and just complained a bit about the shot that had landed in her hair. After having fingered her to an orgasm (fake or real?), she quickly went to the bathroom to rinse the cum off in the shower. I was pretty beat and began getting dressed since there was only 10 minutes until the agreed hour was up. She came back and actually looked disappointed that I turned down round three! Time didn’t seem to be a main factor to her and I didn’t see the room manager either. We spoke for a while and then I said goodbye and went home to my hotel.

    One of my concerns was getting hooked on these hot Latinas and surely enough I found myself back at Junior’s two days later. It was Friday around 2 AM and it was quite crowded. Some larger groups of locals and quite many that looked North American. Again there where around 12-15 girls but today they where spread out, many sitting at the tables so it was harder to get the overview. I sat down ordered a drink and watched the happenings. A couple of very beautiful senioritas came over but sadly none of them spoke a word of English and my Spanish only consists of single words but no sentences, so I turned them down! After two hours the stage was entered by a stunning dark skinned beauty that looked like she came from the south of the country. I was sold but not quick enough! She was almost pulled off stage after the music stopped and went with a young American into one of the quickie booths next to the bar. After a very short time the room manager banged on the door and the babe almost came running out with her close over the arm and over to a local guy that was waiting to take her upstairs for a session. Suddenly I came to think of where she had been the two hours I had been in the bar? Well, probably upstairs with a customer and the thought about becoming the minimum forth known client to jump her that night turned me off!

    But ok the decision was made; I had to jump someone by now and as it turned out, one of the earlier mentioned senioritas entered the stage. With close she was almost as stunning as the busy one and after the close where gone she turned out to have a killer body also. I quickly got a hold of my friend the “manger”. I asked him about the girl, the language barrier and we negotiated the price. He told me he would go talk to the girl as soon as she got off the stage and came back five minutes later. The deal was ok and if there where any trouble I just had to call him, great service and even about 25 % cheaper than the first night!

    She was a petite, young thing with a perfect body, angel like face, long curly hair and what seemed to be a bubbling personality. I later learned that she was a 21 year, PV local with no kids.
    Another five minutes and the babe came out of the dressing room but looked a bit concerned and not so bubbly than when we first tried to talk. I ordered a bottle of water (btw 35 pesos) and a couple of drinks and the waiter brought it up to the room. We got the same room and I found out the she could a few English words since she stated “Me nervous”, well babe me too!!! We had a good laugh, the ice was broken and she turned out to be a volcano!!!
    1-2-3 the close where off, heavy French kissing and then she moved downwards via my nipples and ending up swallowing all of my pride. This resulted in the without competition best bbbj I have ever received!!! Lots of tongue, just the right amount of suction and lots of hand and tongue attention to both balls and stomach, WOW. I tried to ask if it was ok to shoot a load in her mouth, but she didn’t understand me so I decided not to. Damn, I’m too polite, should have done it anyway and blamed it on her bj skills! Ah well she kept on working and I had to stop her and put a condom on before I was gonna explode. On with the thing and girl on top, roll around, me on top and fire! Boy I was glad I ordered that bottle of water. We where both soaked in sweat so I also turned on the fan, which made my princess for the night smile because I had just declined that option about 20 minutes earlier.

    A bit of relaxation, a little communication and a lot of cuddling, kissing and petting and on we go for the second round. She was just as good a fuck as she was giving head, lots of foundling, kissing and anyway I wanted. I also found another word she knew; “Turn around”! After this second round I had to give up again and we just fooled around for the last fifteen minutes. Again no hurry and I didn’t see the room guy!

    All in all this girl took the price, total GFE!!! If I hadn’t just paid her and she had spoken anything else than Spanish, this would have been my dream girl! I was so satisfied that I invited her for a drink in the bar and she gladly accepted. We worked on our language skills the next 30 minutes or so, only interrupted by the security whistling every time she got a little too friendly. It seems that you are allowed to touch the girls and they are allowed to touch you (within limits), but kissing is not allowed! She also asked if I wanted a turn with her friend (another non-English speaking babe I had talked to earlier almost as beautiful) but sadly I had to decline. I was too beat and it was about time to hit the sack so she kissed me goodbye (damn that whistle!). On my way out I meet my new best friend the manager and we had a nice talk. I told him that I had to go home Tuesday but probably would return one more time before that.

    Sure enough, Sunday I was back again! My plan was to try out the GFE babe’s friend to see if she was just as good, but she wasn’t working that night or had already left. My friend the manager was not there either, but instead of him there where a younger guy who was more busy talking to his friends than doing his job, also another room manager.

    I was there at my usual time around 2 AM after my favourite bar slowed down and the crowd moved to the discos. It was a bit slower than the other days but still a lot of fun. I don’t remember how many girls where working but it was a good selection again! After a while my eyes fell on a bit taller late twenties girl with a great body, even though she had fake tits (very beautiful made and in good proportion to the rest of her body). On top of that she was a phenomenal dancer with some really interesting moves that sent my imagination in overdrive. I had actually seen her on Friday, but there she was busy servicing a table of Mexicans with lap dances. I think there where 6, all of them in turn cashing in their “sexy dance” voucher for her perfect curves.

    I was just about to wave her over, as another stunning petite beauty with the most amazing smile jumped down on the chair beside me. Man that smile was just heavenly and she talked very good English so I started a conversation. We talked for a couple of songs but then it was her turn to go on stage, so she had to run off. Right after that the “fake tit beauty” came and sat down at the empty table next to me. Wow she really looked classy and a bit closer to my own age, so I was really tempted but at the same time “killer smile girl” was on stage dropping her close. Naked she was just perfect and with her smile I was sold, sorry neighbour!

    Like said she was petite with a perfect body, long straight black hair, a dark tan and an even more beautiful face than my GFE girl.
    After a few irritating moments I got a hold on the substitute manager and told him I wanted the same deal I had got Friday, with the girl momentary on stage! Off he went and after the last song ended he talked to the babe, who ran directly from the stage naked and jumped right on my lap with the biggest smile, Wow!!! If I hadn’t been in the mood before I certainly was now! I told her to go freshen up and in the meanwhile I would order us a couple of drinks. She came back and we talked for a while and then upstairs to “my room” with the rest of the drinks and a bottle of water.
    She seemed a bit uncertain about the procedure of the house as we walked up and I later learned that she was new to the place. She was a 20 year old student from a city a bit south of PV, who used her spring break to earn some money. She had begun working at junior’s five days earlier and where only supposed to be there during her holiday. She also told that she had only had two boyfriends, but judging by the way she sucked cock I tend not to believe her!

    Man third time this week I was playing with a super babe! Again a very good GF experience, lots of cuddling, French kissing and foundling. We started off with a great bj that turned into sex in various positions until I was ready to unload. I blasted off inside of her and she acted pretty surprised until she was sure the condom did hold. It seems that it’s customary not to blast off internally?!? At least 2 out of 3 preferred that! After a break and a lot of talking/fooling around she asked what I would like and since we already had tried most positions, I just felt like leaning back, looking down and watch a gorgeous girl work me over with lips and tongue. My wish was her command and man would I have liked to have that sight on videotape! Almost there it suddenly banged on the door and she jumped up like the energizer bunny. I looked at my watch and damn it, precisely one hour since we entered the room, too much talking! I shouted ok and then turned to her “please give me 2 more minutes”, she agreed even though she seemed a bit uncertain. She gave me a quick hand/mouth work over and two minutes later I blasted the second load into the rubber between her lips. She jumped up and began getting dressed, five minutes later the room manager was there again, damn what’s going on, why the hurry, I want the regular staff back! She was also way more reserved after the session than the previous two girls and in a hurry to get out.

    Well to make a long story short, my exit that day was a bit more rushed than the two previous times. If this was due to the substitute staff, the babe’s inexperience with the place or that I’ve just been lucky the other times I don’t know.
    On the other hand except for the exit, I had a great experience with a very sweet and extremely beautiful girl!

    Man I just realised that what should have been a short report has turned into a short story instead. I just hope that I haven’t bored someone to death but it was quite fun writing it, especially since I had to relive the great experiences in my mind while doing it.

    As you have probably guessed by now, I got pretty hooked on Latinas and where very sad to leave but I’ll be back. Next time more ready and with only one goal: to bang as many Latin beauties as my time and valet allows, but you’ll get to hear about it here in the WGS. Next report will probably be from Eastern Europe since I have a couple of trips planned during this autumn and now I simply have to try it out there too!

    All the best and keep the reports coming in, its valuable info for all us horny guy’s out here!
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  10. Macgoo

    Viking Dane

    First let me welcome you to the “club”. Next, let me be the first to say; great report. I have read many ‘monger diaries’ but yours, by far, was the most enlightening as you provided excellently relative detail. Yours is a guiding inspiration and I will certainly reference this for future travel to Mexico.

    I, for one, really appreciate a well-written and substantive report!

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  11. Sun_Devil

    Thank you for the report Viking Dane. I have been deciding whether a trip to the west coast of Mexico is a good idea and as to which location.

    Your report regarding PV has given me impetus to choose that location.
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  12. L_V_Whitey

    Thank you for the great report Viking. I had been planning a trip in December to Cabo however I think I will make a detour further down the coast to PV. I visited PV on my honeymoon of all things about 12 yrs ago. Thank go that did not last. This trip is with some buddies here in Vegas. I will look up your joint.


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  13. Don_Tonto

    Here are a few 24/7 outcall massage places advertising in Puerto Vallarta. I haven't used any of them, so I can't be of much help. You can find Juliette Massage on the web using a Google search.

    Juliette Massage - Escort 224-0339, 224-3638
    Musas Massage / Escort Service 225-4987
    Justine Massage & Escort 224-7605
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  14. Teddyboy

    Regarding the outcall services in PV. It's hit and miss. For those of you familiar with my posts and photos in the Cuban section...you know I look for a minimum of 8's. These businesses send girls ...sight unseen....to your room. The 5 girls I have met , three through Juliettes the rest from other services, have ranged from one 9, two 7's, one 6 and one 5.

    As a result, I don't use these services anymore. I recommend going to either Candies or Juniors. I prefer to bring them back to my room. The travel time is not included in the hour by the way.
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  15. Gordita_Lover

    Went to PV about a year and a half ago. Looked around the strip clubs, and there were certainly some hot women in them, and like other Mexican cities, it looked like you could get some decent action relatively cheap, or some more satisfying action somewhat expensively.

    Instead, though, I grabbed a cab and asked for the zona roja and the cabbie took me straight to the right place. He clearly got a kickback from the places from the way he interacted with the managers.

    The place is small and dingy, but it serves its purpose. The first place I went to had the most hot women. I was taken directly to the hottest woman in the room, who asked for $60. She would have been worth it, but a) I don't want to just jump in, b) don't have typical tastes. I don't want a Playboy model in general (not that she was that hot, she was probably a 8.5 to 9). As my nickname suggests, I like chubby girls. Chubby girls or truly petite girls are more to my taste. Most of the hottest women seemed to be busy in the back rooms and would come out and almost immediately get chosen to go back again. Most of the women dancing and hanging out were more like 6s and 7s.

    I decided to check out the other places. The next were mediocre. No hotties. The place was darker and dingier. I think there was only one more place, though I can't remember that well. The cabbie insisted that the other place was all gay guys and so no good, but when I asked to leave, he talked to another guy outside (too fast for me to follow) and then took me over. It was about half guys and half girls, most of which were 4s and 5s, some worse. However, there was one cutie that was perfect. She was chubby with a pretty face. Probably a 6 or 7 by most people's standards, but again, just what I was looking for. She seemed to have an excellent attitude, too, which is always very important.

    Discussed price with her. She asked $40, I offered $30, and she agreed reluctantly. The house took $10. We went back into a concrete little cube with a bed and sink. She offered a rubber, but I was more interested in a bj and gfe. (I know, my prefs aren't typical.) She had a big set of lovely, soft, chubby breasts and a nice round bum. We made out and I fingered her and sucked her tits. She kissed my neck and chest and stroked me. After about 15 minutes of this, she went down on me and gave me a bbbj which she didn't want in her mouth so I let loose all over her breasts and lovely chubby belly. Man, cum looks better on brown skin.

    We cleaned up and I left, quite satisfied. Didn't have another chance, but it was a fun outing. I wish I had my digital camera back then, but I imagine most of you wouldn't have appreciated her the way I did. Could have got a couple pics of the hotties at the other place, though.
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  16. GettingTang

    Does anyone have a clue as to why PV has such a low quantity of WG? It seems there would be more in this coastal town. Lots of tourists with $, lots of poor surrounding villages, yet PV, has little to no action???

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  17. Don_Tonto

    Hi GettingTang,

    The quantity is certainly not near Tijuana standards, especially with street girls, of which I have only seen a handful. But, there are lots of club girls, especially on Saturday nights. Monday and Tuesday nights seem to be the worst. The quantity does seem to fluctuate throughout the year.

    Sometimes, the dumpy "Zona Roja" can be packed with chicas. Except for a few girls, the zona is absolutely dead before midnight, however. It is really a midnight until 5 AM kind of place.

    But, to answer your question, I suppose:

    1. Tijuana more "tourists" than just about anywhere else in the world. It's border with the U.S. is the busiest border crossing in the world. So, PV will never approach TJ quantity.

    2. PV has tourists, but some are:

    a. cruiseship arrivals who arrive in the early AM and depart at about 9-10PM, on the same day. They are not there in the PM to partake.

    b. male/female couples who arrive together. It's kind of hard to slip away from the Ms.

    c. gay travelers. PV is a popular gay destination in Mexico.

    d. more interested in the regular nightclub scene, where a little skill can and charm hook you up for "free" with a non-WG. (or maybe a semi-pro WG who is hanging out by the club entrance discretely waiting for some gentleman to invite her inside). Most of the tourist nightclub dollars go to these clubs.

    3. There may be some seasonal fluctuations in girl quantity, depending on when you visit. Of course, holidays such as Christmas can thin the numbers out as the girls travel back home. Many are not actually from PV. Also, the "high" tourist season runs from November until April. That is when all of the snowbirds come down from the U.S. and Canada to pass the winter months...and its when all the hotel rates go up!
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  18. Teddyboy

    Don Tonto has it exactly right. I would guess Don Tonto has spent alot of time in PV.

    The only thing I would add is there really are some beautiful women...8's...9's and 10's in the night clubs.But you have to do a little shopping.

    The club where I consistantly have had good luck is Candies. My modus operandi is I pay a little extra so that I can take them back to my hotel room for an hour or so.

    The other thing PV has going for it is it's natural beauty. It's an artistic community with many art galleries and facinating and friendly people.

    The scuba diving is good also. I have seen 15 foot Manta Rays, whales, dolphins, sea turtles not to mentioned coral reefs and abundant fishes of all kinds.
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  19. Xdentx

    I'm researching my first trip to PV and looking for daytime opportunities to monger, whether massage with happy ending or FS. I've heard of only one place that is open during the day. Antorchas apparently services cruise ship staff on Wednesdays. Can anyone confirm, add details, or suggest an alternative. I'll not have much freedom to roam late at night. PM me please.

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  20. L_V_Whitey

    I will be in PV in early December. Looks like Vikings post below has the most quality info. If anyone has anymore current info or "hot tips" please advise. I passed on a trip to Cabo for PV. Looks like I have made the righ choice based on some of these threads.

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  21. Don_Tonto

    I have seen Antorchas from the main road, but I never went inside because I thought it was a just a local restaurant/bar. I guess I was wrong. Hopefully you can check it out and give us a report.

    I think the daytime action in Vallarta is very limited. The Alamo Hotel usually has some girls hanging around in the mid-to-late afternoon after they have woken up for the day. At night, they work down the street at the Rolex Club but some live at the Alamo. The Alamo Hotel is a REAL dump. It's not really a hotel at all - just a place for the girls to live. But it is safe and the girls are very friendly. It's rare to find a good looking girl there, however. They are mostly 2's, 3's and 4's on the looks scale. Maybe you might get lucky and find a pretty girl, but the odds are generally against you. Nobody I know would recommend the Alamo as a desired destination, but if you are limited to daytime activities it's an option at least.

    As I said before, the girls hang around the Alamo Hotel bar in the afternoon; sitting, talking and playing board games. There may not be any other customers there, but the girls will be happy to drink a beer with you and negotiate a daytime trip back to their rooms. If you aren't shy and don't see a girl you like, you can ask bartender if there are any more girls around. The bartender will probably take you around to the rooms and introduce you to the girls who are still in their rooms. It's a really low-key kind of place.

    Everyone at the Alamo only speaks Spanish and any taxi driver should know how to get you there. There are always a few taxis hanging out in front of the building.

    Here is a link to some guy's travel blog that more info: http://homeboys-adventures-in-australia.com/mex/laroja.html
    You can get a good idea of the typical girl quality there from the pictures. I hope that posting this link doesn't violate any of Hunter's board rules, since it's just a guy's travel report and not a competing message board.

    I don't have much experience with the massage parlor scene. I only went once to a place that is no longer open. After the regular massage was finished, there was a slightly uncomfortable pause in time before the girl indicated that additional services were available. I don't know if she normally provided these services or if it was just all part of an act. The girl keep looking nervously around as if she was afraid of someone else walking into the room and discovering us. It was slightly after closing time and we were the only two people in the building.

    Good luck with your travel. I hope you have a good time.
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  22. Reese27

    I am new at this but very interested in making contributions. I have none now, since my trip to PV to monger (monger light?) will be my first such deliberate attempt. Okay, so everyone has to start somewhere!

    I have been to the old town part of PV and seen many signs for MPs. What places and girls (names) would you recommend? I know that visiting a MP is really on the light side, but I am more comfortable starting there. Once I have done this, I will write a report and who knows, I may eventually get good at this.

    Posted 10 years ago | #Reply
  23. Don_Tonto

    Hi Reese,

    First of all, I don't know much about the MP scene in PV. What I do know suggests that most of parlors on the street are more-or-less legitimate. You might get "a little extra attention" provided conditions are right, but there aren't wholesale sexual services being offered to everyone who walks in the door. Also, your choice of massage girls will probably be limited to the one or two girls that work there. I admit that I may be completely wrong, but it seems that the possibility of disappointment is high.

    So, my suggestion would be to go to a place where you know you can receive service and also have a good selection of girls. Junior's Bar, on the Southside of town, would be my recommendation as a good "first stop" for someone getting into the hobby. No matter what your tastes in women are, Junior's probably has someone that will meet your desires. Viking Dane has published a very nice report on Junior's Bar a little farther down the page.
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  24. Reese27

    Don Tonto,

    Thanks for the advice. It appears that I am something of a timid soul when it comes to plunging into this new pursuit.

    On the light side of mongering, I did notice that others had varying levels of success at Lucy's and Luna's. They even gave names of girls which might help. When I am in PV, I have lots of time on my hands and am very patient. It's my only relaxation time.

    I am sure that I will go to Junior's and some of the other places that have been suggested. I will be sure to post my novice experiences. However, I don't think I'll ever manage a report like the one by Viking Dane. He's a great author!

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  25. Hacker

    A couple buddies and I will be traveling to PV in early November. Based on previous posts I can see that Juniors is a place that we would want to visit. Can anyone tell me if Juniors is open during the day and if so what is the selection like during those times.

    I realize that we would be best served going there during the evening house, unfortunately that will not be possible as we will be traveling with the wife’s. We figured we would plan a couple guys only shopping trips or maybe even a fishing trip, if you now what I mean.

    Any current info on juniors or other daytime activities would be greatly appreciated.

    Be safe,

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  26. Dickus_Maximus

    Will be headed to PV mid-october and will do a thorough study and report my findings here. Last time there was about a year ago and tried only the zona rosa. The girls were mostly pretty ugly or pretty expensive, Tijuana is way better. But I was in a hurry.

    Did get a good massage, at a place in town but it didn't appear that any extras were offered.

    If anyone is going to be down there mid-october, PM me and we'll hook up.

    Posted 10 years ago | #Reply
  27. Don_Tonto

    Sorry Hacker, but Junior's Bar doesn't open until 8PM :-(
    Posted 10 years ago | #Reply
  28. Allen_Eire


    I will be there 18th-22nd so PM me if you are going to be there during that time.

    The Mrs. & I will be staying at our old standby The Playa Los Arcos. Not the best hotel not the worst but we like it because it is in the heart of all the old town action!

    I used to have a neighbor in San Jose, CA whose uncle owned a strip bar called Los Lobos about 3 blocks from the Playa LA. This was 4 years ago but I was able to sneak over a couple of times & fucked this Mexicana Delta Burke look-a-like in the lap dance booth for $40. For those of you who don't know Delta was a voluptious & stuningly good looking actress in the late 80's with jet black hair, blue eyes& a nice rack. Unfortunately she blimped up into a fat pig & her career went into the toilet. Not sure if Los Lobos is still in biz but we shall see!
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  29. Don_Tonto

    A couple of years ago, Los Lobos transitioned into more of a legitimate late-night "hangout" bar for the restaurant workers, hotel workers, etc., when they got off from work. Last time I went, the place was closed and the bar name was removed from the building. But, businesses are always changing so who knows what goes on there now.
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  30. Maloso1


    In August I stayed at the Playa los Arcos (the one on the beach) as well and took a walks around the area looking for MP's or lady bars and couldn't find S#!@t, I even went across the street of Playa to this place that said "estetica" to my surprise it was a legit estetica for pets! Man was I dissapointed.

    Btw, if you want to score points with the Mrs. take her to this nice restaurant called "Le Cliff" (if you haven't been there yet) just follow the main road past Juniors (the strip joint up on the hill) for about 20 mins and you're there, take her at sunset and she'll never forget it.

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