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    Partytreff Bremen - Bremen

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  2. Wanking

    Bremen - 2 bad days - 1 good day

    I visited Bremen 3 days this year. 2 of these days were on a Sunday and were a disaster. I also visited on a Monday that was rather good, only because it was quiet there, and the presence of 2 generous Polish girls...

    It might be worth visiting on a weekday if you are in Bremen.
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  3. Ph_D_C

    More on Partytreff Bremen

    Just few words to be added to the poetical report of WanK, really a good writer, about Partytreff Bremen I visited last week.

    There is a strange atmosphere there, let’s consider it was the first time for me going in such "institution", as you might somehow enter into knowledge of girls and costumers staying there due to the long time you my spend in a place like a Partytreff. The only difficulty, I noticed in my case, is the lack of knowledge of German language. In this case, you stay by your own. But this is not a problem. Consider for instance that when I decided to leave the place, everybody start playing cards. .

    By the way, I wanted to highlight that when I was there, girls were different from those Wan King found. I do not remember names but on Saturday August 19th there were. On duty.

    1. A German lady, around 45 or more, tits 5, sex attitude: quite active, sex performance: 7

    2. A German lady, less than 40, tits 7, sex attitude: almost zero, not tried cause she attracted me but she seems very annoyed.

    3. A Spanish lady, around 30, tits 6, sex attitude: quite neutral, sex performance 6

    4. A Spanish lady, around 30, tits 7, sex attitude: quite neutral, sex performance: 7

    5. A maybe Romanian lady, around 30, tits 4, sex attitude: quite active, not tried because not my type.

    6. A Black lady, around 30, tits 7. 5, sex attitude: good, sex performance: 7. 5

    The ratio between girls and costumer was quite OK, overall not more than 15 guys passed there during the 7 hours I spent there. There was just a shortage of girls for few minutes when a porno starts, due to the increasing excitation. Anyway, usually a girl proposes a sex action soon you when you arrive, just to calm you down.


    Philippe de Champagne
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  4. Wanking

    FKK in Bremen with PT day


    See they have a PT day on Sunday from 2 to 8 pm. €180 for 6 hours seems very expensive. I wont be trying it out.
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  5. Wanking

    4th visit

    Visited PT Bremen on Sat 4th oct, after swearing I wouldn’t visit again. I was in Bremen hanging out for 6 days and was horny but not prepared to travel so I went for it.

    This was the 2nd best day of the 4 days I have had there this year, mainly due to some almost GFE activity from an ugly black woman called Melanie. I'm going to upgrade the club from "terrible" to "below average". The line up was terrible and most women still rush, but somehow I managed to have an ok time in the 7 hours I spent there.

    I had 4 sessions with Melanie, and 3 cums. Long sessions running to over 30 minutes each, light kissing, and lots of DATY. Her blows were covered unfortunately. I also sessioned with all the other women. Visually not one woman was over a 3 in my estimation.

    Only visit if you are in Bremen and want a few hours of cheapish sex. If only they could recruite some hotter looking women it wouldn’t be too bad.
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  6. Jackyo

    This is possible?

    Hey WK,

    Is is really possible to have "almost GFE activity from an ugly black woman" and despite the fact that "the line up was terrible" find the experience to be okay?

    I laughed hard reading this and almost fell out my chair.
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  7. Wanking

    Originally Posted by Jackyo
    Is is really possible to have "almost GFE activity from an ugly black woman"?
    Well it was possible, cos I have actually had some girlfriends in the past that were uglier than her. Man I have shagged some minus women in my life.

    When I say minus I mean below zero on the zero to 10 scale, cos they were so ugly :D
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  8. Meis365


    Anyone with info about this place?

    Looks nice on web.
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  9. Bayern96

    I saw this thread on PT Bremen and thought I'd add my thoughts to the mix.

    I visited PT Bremen in December '07. Based on what I read in the other reports, I'd say that little has changed since then. I was attracted by the low price and the concept of sex with multiple women. Even if it were only half as good as I'd imagined, how could I go wrong?!

    I arrived late-morning during a weekday. A turkish fellow took my money and brought me up to the changing room. After taking off my clothes and putting on a towell, I wandered up the stairs and into the sitting room. There were a handful of dudes on the couch, and a handful of 30-something women lounging around. If I remember correctly, there were approx 7 women there that day (lots of variety, though most were not young - I remember a German, a few Eastern Europeans, a Latin American, an Asian, and an African). Having never been in a PT, I wasn't quite sure how everything worked. So, I poured myself a glass of water and sat down at the end of a couch, right next to a tv that was playing a porno. The mood was a bit awkward. There must have been 7 or 8 guys sitting on couches, and a handful of girls. No one was talking much. After a few minutes, I decided to get up and go exploring.

    I walked up to the second floor for a look around. Some action seemed to be wrapping up in one or two of the rooms, but I didn't get a good look. I checked out the shower area and the sauna room. I looked for a massage room, but it seemed to be closed/locked (I really wanted a nice massage!). So I then went up to the third floor, where nothing was happening.

    After I came back to the second floor, a 30-something so-so woman saw me in the hall and asked me if I was new to the place. I said yes. She quickly grabbed my hand and led me into one of the rooms, onto a large empty bed. Within no time, she'd removed my towell and hers and had slipped a condom on me. She then went to work with a so-so BJ. It all happened quickly. Interesting, I thought. Before I knew it, two other naked 30-something so-so girls had come in and were all over me too. The girl who was giving me the BJ really turned it on and went crazy on me. Before I knew it, I had come. Interesting, I thought to myself again. One of them told me that they wanted to get me off as soon as I arrived, so that I could last longer later on. Fair enough, I thought. I then went for a shower, and made my way back to the sitting room.

    So, I sat on the couch for a while, which was overcrowded with some weird looking dudes. One had a serous mullet! A German girl in her late 30s made her way to the couch and sat next to me. She was mediocre. We chatted for a bit, but it was a bit awkward; the room was quiet and it felt like everyone was listening to us (and hence my less than perfect German!). Anyway, she beckoned me upstairs. Once again, everything happened lightning fast! Towells off, condom on, go go go! It was starting to feel pretty good, when suddenly another girl joined us. Great, I thought. Unfortunately, they both seemed intent on making me come as quickly as possible. As soon as I'd popped, they moved to the next room, where another orgy was taking shape. Weird, I thought. So, I showered and then spent some time in the sauna, relaxing. It was nice.

    I went down to the sitting room again, which was still quiet and awkward. There seemed to be about 7 or 8 guys there. After sitting on one of the emptier couches for a while and enjoying some nice relaxation, a black girl beckoned me over to her couch. We sat and talked for a little while, then went upstairs. I asked her if we could take things a bit slower. How about a massage? She was open to the massage and rubbed lotion all over my back. She really wasn't very good though. While she was massaging, a dude and two girls moved onto the other end of the bed. It was both odd and incredibly cool. Interesting, right? Especially if you've always had sex one-on-one. So I watched the guy eat out both girls and engage in some 69. It was somewhat stimulating. Anyway, my masseuse wasn't doing much for me, and she was obviously tired of rubbing my back. So she flipped me over and started giving me a hand job. It was ok, but I really didn't dig her body. And she seemed intent on finishing me off really quickly. Frankly, each stroke was making me limper (they were almost painful and way too aggressive)! However, a curvy eastern european, who had been at work in the next room, crawled onto the bed and made her way to me. Her body was great! Huge, firm tits (real), a pretty face, and a decent body (not at all fat, but definitely not skinny). I instantly became hard as I stared at her. She smiled back and let me feel her up. She took over the hand job and worked me like an expert. I was quickly throbbing and coming. It was excellent. After that, I had to be on my way. I think I stayed for about four hours.

    Would I go back? I'd certainly give it another shot. I think that there's a ton of chance involved (I unfortunately met my beauty at the end of my visit!). The majority of the girls probably won't be young, hot and taught; however, one or two might be. If you hit it right, you might actually have a decent selection. I'm still not overly comfortable with the orgy concept, but I think that I could learn to like it (at least watching it!). Given the price, it's a decent experience. I did wonder about some of the dudes, some of whom looked really sketchy (of course, I've seem similar fellows at other clubs - so goes it). If you go during a 'quiet' time (when the ratio of girls to dudes is much more favorable), I'm sure that you could have a nice time (regardless of how hot the girls are/aren't). I wish that they didn't rush your orgasm with such energy. I didn't really understand the motive, especially as they weren't being paid by the orgasm (or maybe there were!). I might be in the area again in the next few months. If so, I'll let everyone know how things are shaping up there.

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  10. Winthorp

    During my first trip to PT Bremen, I visited it on a Thursday in early March 2009 between 16. 30 straight through to closing and I have to concur with the other posts here that things are not good at all and nothing has changed. Firstly the place is easy to find (if you know where to look) otherwise it is very inconspicuous. The video on their website makes it easy and WK’s Map also. It is located over a Thai Restaurant and you go to a side frosted door and open it in before ringing a bell and then the lady of the house (Madam) will open it and explain in Good English. It is €100 for the time there.

    I went in and up the stairs to level 1 where I got my towels and key to the locker, you then strip off naked and tie the towel around your waist and also wear a pair of (the most annoying) sandals. Upstairs on Level 2 you then give the key of your locker to the Madam for safekeeping.

    Upstairs on level 2 is the living room with a Flat Screen TV playing porn and the cold buffet, this is also where the madam keeps an eye on things from the Kitchen and where the boss (her husband maybe? ) also is seen lurking around.

    On Level 3 is where all the action happens there is two smaller rooms and a third larger room plus the showers, sauna and whirlpool (Jacuzzi).

    Level 4 is where the s&m chamber is and there was no activity on Level 4 while I was there or no activity in the Jacuzzi or Sauna either.

    Food was basic but there was a good selection of coffee, soft drinks, cold mini wiener hot dogs, Porridge and salads etc. The madam served hot bread rolls in the evening and they were good. When I went in there I took a look around and got to know the house before taking a look upstairs where a few people were busy having sex, there are no doors upstairs and there is no privacy to the sex. Also the Girls do not walk around naked and only undress upstairs, nothing sexual happens downstairs on Level 2.

    The Madam explained to me that all the girls in the house are not paid and that they are all there of their freewill for the love of sex. (I find it hard to believe that they are not paid). Also and quite importantly for us, she informed me that the girls are not required to be STD tested and everything is left up to the individual girl themselves. This I found out is standard across all facets of Prostitution within Germany and the stricter laws which once applied are no gone in favour of individualism, which is in my opinion a bad thing for the customer as it leaves both men and women at a greater risk of STD’s. The myth of German prostitutes being clean and tested is not true. Anyway as I lingered in the living room I could see nothing happening and the few customers that were there could not speak English, I was wondering would I ever get any as I had already rejected the advances of a black girl and a tiny Thai girl (which really freaked me out due to her tiny size and the fact she looks like a kid).

    During this period around 17:00 the club was busy with around 6 or 8 men and around 6 women, the most men ever was 9 with 6 women, however most men were thrown on the couches exhausted looking. I think some were early arrivals there before me who were waiting for a change in shift and which never materialised.

    Take One:

    My first encounter was with a mind twenties black haired Spanish Girl called Bula and another Spaniard called Gaby. Gaby (twentyish) had brownie blonde hair and a real bad attitude and only wanted to finish immediately; the first thing I asked for was a massage as I was tense and nervous. However Bula began a CBJ and her body was quite good with a nice amount of fatty padding and she had good boobs and some love folds (fat) across her stomach. Gaby began trysting across me and with I grabbing her ass while Bula sucked my cock saw me blow my load straight into Bula’s mouth within three or four minutes. This session was only a CBJ and a condom (London’s? ) was used.

    Take Two:

    I washed off and returned downstairs and about twenty minutes later I took 30 year old blonde Polish girl Yvonne upstairs and had the black girl try to join us except I asked for a sometime with Yvonne on my own and she hastily retreated. With Yvonne I had CBJ, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, and more missionary before having a really good cum. I had some really passionate moments with her and kissed her neck and got one nice kiss to her mouth also. This was as close to a GFE as one could come in PT Bremen I reckon, Yvonne had a good attitude and what she lacked for in looks she made up for in her performance.

    Take Three: (I crash and burn)

    Once again I made my way back down and topped up with soft drinks and a god awful Becks Non-alcoholic beer (nasty vile stuff). Tina had appeared and like WanKing said in his post her pierced pussy must have some story. She is 41, short black hair and really showing her age, with a fat ass plenty cellulite and stretch marks. We began with a CBJ, and her fat ass was beginning to turn me on and I had good kino with her. I had missionary with her for a few minutes until I remembered WK’s post here and realised who she was, the blood immediately drained from my cock and all I could think of was Chlamydia, even though she seemed clean to me at the time but I am sure she has her battle scars. The lighting there is pathetic though especially when you want to do a bit of an inspection beforehand. Yvonne spotted my difficulties and joined in giving my nipple a good licking (a massive turn on for me) and general kino, however Tina was by now furiously wanking me and this was killing the mood even more for me, she tried again with a CBJ and changed the condom also. I sucked on her boobs but even that could not stimulate me. Yvonne had by now left and I was becoming repulsed by Tina who then got frustrated and got angry with me and told me to take a long rest and that I needed more time between sessions, (she was right) however if the girl was hot enough I would blow my load fairly fast, however trying to think of porn to try and force a cum with Tina was not good.

    Rest: 2. 5 hours

    I took a good rest for the next two and a half hours as I was well spent especially from Yvonne. I topped up well with some food and plenty fluids. A young German around 25 had arrived and amazingly he spoke English and we had a good conversation between his downtimes. He lived in Bremen and was advised to go there by his work colleagues and never even knew it existed. At one stage the girls and clients began playing poker using cards and condoms as chips, there was a lot of men and women on downtime at this stage and it was interesting to watch. There was also a 1st generation Germano-Albanian and his best friend who were there and he also had enough pidgin English for us to communicate and he was really firing on all cylinders and I counted him doing 14 sessions but whether he was cumming or not I do not know; he was on good terms with the girls and they were slobbering all over him during his downtime and Gaby and him were almost unable to keep their hands off each other in the living room. He also translated for me as I asked the girls some questions. I spoke a lot to the Black Senegalese Girl as she had some Basic English and I have a little French and my new Albanian friend filled in the gaps by translating the German for us. She explained as the Madam had said how they do not get paid and how testing is completely up to the girls, she explained that the girls get tested sometimes but the incubation period puts them off also. This did not instil a lot of confidence in me disease wise. She explained she loved sex and we exchanged stories and her best and funniest was when a guy brought a torch to find her pussy upstairs in the bad lighting as she being black made it near impossible for him, we all had a good laugh at that.

    Take Four:

    Around 21. 45 the club had emptied out and the two Germo-Albanians and I were left, The porn was switched off and "Germany’s Next Top Model" was being watched tentatively by the girls, seeing Heidi Klum set my engine going again and myself and Yvonne made it three cums out of four in a repeat of take two only in a different room.

    Take Five:

    Around 22. 15 the madam and the girls had finished most tidying up and the mood was of close down and Tina prompted me up which I did but with no guarantees I told her. Yvonne joined us in the room and took over from Tina and I had a good session with her but was failing so I withdrew and began rubbing her pussy while masturbating and even though she refused to allow me finger her I quickly orgasmed partially thanks to her porno like blond hair. I showered and left shortly afterwards, however I told the Madam that I was reviewing the club online and she got a little shocked, the two Albanians and I finished around the same time and they returned back up fully dressed for more conversation with the girls and Madam.

    My rating of the six girls present:

    No. 1: Yvonne: Blonde Hair, small breasts bad teeth and smoker, not great looking but a great performer, we clicked and only for her I would have left shortly after arriving.

    No: 2 Bula: The best looking Girl in the club and I only partied once with her, she gave me a great CBJ but her shift ended during a busy period around 17:30.

    No: 3 Simona: Attractive Black Senegalese girl who was 28 if I remember, she was a nice "thick" girl who had nice big breasts and thighs and a lovely fat ass. I did not party with here as I have never been with a black girl and harbour fears due to HIV etc. Of all Africans.

    No: 4 Gaby: Bad attitude, really fast go go go type, small thin, tiny boobs with dirtyish blonde/brunette hair, her hairdresser must be bad with highlights.

    No: 5 Tina: The MILF who never gives up, that pierced pussy scared me upon remembering WK’s post, however the fact she was still there many months on relieved a lot of my post visit worries. By far the worst looking and we did not "click" right and her giving me a lecture upon resting left a feeling of icyness between us.

    No: 6 Nan: (I think was her name) was a 4 feet tall Thai girl who I did not party with, she asked me to but she was to small and child like for me. She kind of freaked me out as I never once had experience with Thai girls. My Germano-Albanain friend partied with her several times.

    Final Toughts:

    All in it was my worst ever experience in paying for sex and there is no comparison to the pay for time format with a hot girl you choose. PT Bremen represents quantity over quality for a cheap price. Yvonne was good and did her best and I highly respect and honour her and like WK it was the Polish to the rescue again! I would have loved to have taken Bula but she left early also. What more can I say if you like and want cheap plentiful sex without any standards with minus women then PT Bremen is the place for you. And no I will not be making a repeat visit to it again unless I am sure of the lineup which is impossible.

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  11. Masayama

    Daffon wrote this report in the Germany/Bremen thread:
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  12. Winthorp

    Just to update I was STD tested a few weeks after my experience in PT Bremen and thankfully got the all clear and caught nothing while I was there. Good Condom usage is so important.
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