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  2. Laloupe


    I have just two Short questions .............

    1) Where are Located the gilrs who have their own small van in Vincennes.

    2) Could you inform me with names of the streets or alley.

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  3. Merlin_Magician


    Forget the vans in Rue St Denis/Vincennes areas. Not safe---many gypsys. Also stay the hell out of the Pigalle/de Clichy area totally. There are nothing but 99% ripoffs and tourist traps there.

    Try in the blocks north of Place de Madeleine to St/. Augustine Church/Malesherbes. ( in Arrondisement 1) Many nice girls there who know taxi drivers with large SUV type taxis. Also many of the older pro's work out of their own cars in this area also. Excellent deals and mostly very safe.

    I found that area by accident and I was like a little child in a candy store with pocket full of hot pennies.
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  4. EFrog

    Merlin :
    just explain where you saw vans in St Denis area...
    There are none as it is inside the city and two cars broad small street...
    So check before saying...
    You forgot the area around the Arc de Triomphe.
    It is even better than Madeleine area and you can have a chance to meet a non pro sometime.
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  5. Merlin_Magician

    Ok EFrog: Your answer.

    I did see at least 2 vans with girls working out of them very near St Denis area at a small park. I also saw gypsys and got the hell out of there.

    I did forget to mention around the Arc, but then too, when I was there at the Arc area, there was a heavy riot police presence dispersed all around with Zhiang Zmin and Jaques Chirac holding talks. The heavy police presence was due to imminent threat of riots by Chinese dissidents.

    I did see a few nice ones closer to Porte Maillot, but nowhere near in numbers like at Madeleine.

    I hope this explains my actions.
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  6. Denis

    This is an update on other areas in the South East of Paris and in the 94, 77 Suburd

    You will find young Eastern Europe girl and black chicks on the Esternal Boulevard (Soult, Poniatowski and Davout) Avenue de St Mandé , and Cours de Vincennes toward Nation is also pretty good.

    SW in Minivan
    Many in Le Bois de Vincennes but generally pretty old and ugly (some exception), best in front of the Parc Floral and near the Vincennes Horse Race Track, some are Avenue de la Guyane (along the Boulevard Periphérique)

    Prices are always 20 to 25€ fro BJ and 35 to 40€ for sex. Few will do anal (50 to 70€)

    Suburd East of Paris 94 and 77
    You will find some also working in Minivan in the 77 near Brunoy on the N6
    Few eastern Europe girls working the N19 after Brie Comte Robert before Coubert.(in Minivan) and after Coubert (SW).

    One pretty good one (mid 30) working in a minivan near the exit Moissy Cramayel on the A5 direction Troyes, (3 vans are always parked there, one big old, one old black and this mid 30 excellent, no rush)

    More info will come later.
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  7. Denis

    Update on South East of Paris (12e)

    Things are changing as now you can find Asian hookers in Paris

    Found a nice Chinese girl (SW) abour 24 , working on Boulevard de la Guyane, very shy , took her to a hotel near Cours de Vincennes, (paid 30€) for the hotel and 50€ for the girl , very nice accepted everything except anal,

    found a Korean one (not so good) about 30 looked a bit dirty , working near the entrance of the periferique porte de Vincennes(near the gas station) just pick her up for BJ in the car paid 20€,

    I have not found any AMP in Paris , if anyone have found one , please feed back

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  8. NottyNotty


    I'm from malaysia an am wondering what the sex scene is like in Paris. Are the girls there average looking or do they look like the ones i've seen in porn films? What about the high class prostitutes? How much do they costs?

    Any of you here from this Forum been to Malaysia?

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  9. Laloupe

    I will be visiting Paris in august. I have two questions.

    1. I heard the best street action is "rue joubert". Are there other places you can f..k a girl ?
    Someone mentioned "rue Joubert"is a good place to meet old and ugly .
    what time of day is good to meet them and how much time do you get for 50 Euros?
    2. Has anyone been to the Pigalle or the Rue St-Dennis?

    A report would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  10. Merlin_Magician


    I already answered your question way back down the line here. Read way down the list.

    Also stay the hell off DeClichy in Pigalle area. There is nothing but ripoffs therfe for you and every other unwary tourist. The famous Moulin Rouge is there at thre intersection of Rue pigalle and De Clichy and you are safe in there but that is the only place.

    Rue St Denis is also a virtual gauarantee you will find trouble.

    Stick with the areas mentioned herinbelow by me, Denis and others.

    Also check the archives closely; there very good reports there too.
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  11. cyrano

    I Know Paris quite well, but i've never been with a girl in this city.
    here are some streets where you can find girls :
    between La Madeleine and St Augustin Church ( Bd Malesherbes)rue de Sèze, rue Joubert
    Near Arc de Triomphe, ave Foch, Ave Victor Hugo, Ave Mac mahon, Ave d'Iena,rue de Tilsitt,
    Between Nation and the Périphérique,
    Rue de la Chaussée d'Antin.
    I've got these adresses searching on the web. I go to Paris next week-end, and if I have enough time, I will try to see the quality of these streets.
    I know 3 erotic theaters in Paris. In these place, you cannot have sex with the girls, but they are good places to see and play with nice girls. I've been in these three theaters and two of them are really nice.
    If you are interrested tell me, I'll give you the adresses on this
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  12. Philip_Augustus

    To Merlin Magician:
    Regarding Rue St. Denis I would like to modify your statement somewhat: all the things that look like shows or parlours are clip-joints and rip-offs, no exceptions, whereas the girls standing in doorways are on the level. They're a mixed bag, of course, but they're not scams. (Well, maybe I should use the past tense, it's been a while since I was there.) I had some very nice girls on the RSD (both French and African), some so-so, but suffered no disasters. Nor did I ever feel unsafe on the RSD, which I wouldn't say about the Clichy -- that's a nasty, nasty street.
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  13. Merlin_Magician

    Philip, you are correct about St Denis. It's just that I'm morbidly in fear of Gypsys. I saw many there. The women will try to pickpocket you and if you resist them they slash your ass with Stanley box cutters. Worse, their men are nearby, if you try to battle your way out and away, they will get you. I learned this the hard way in Bosnia in 1996. I got 40 stitches and a gypsy lady is in a wheelchair now because I managed to break her neck before I ran to a British patrol group which happened by and took me to a field hospital.
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  14. Philip_Augustus

    To Merlin
    Oy! They must have hit RSD since I was last there. I'm not very politically correct on the subject of gypsies myself. Thanks for the warning, next time I go to Paris I'll maybe try some of the options round the Madeleine and Arc du Triomphe that people have been writing about here, or try incall.
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  15. None

    I just spent some time in Paris, and as always had an
    excellent time at "La Cheminee" (OK looking 40 yo
    with her husband, giving me quick vaginal sex, then
    blowing me off for 5 minutes urging me to come
    in her mouth and swallowing it all).

    But I decided to give a try to a "bar a hotesses"
    outside the Pigalle/Clichy area, since once in a
    while can have a pleasant surprise (it happened
    to me in Rostock). It was " Le Monocle" (Paris 14).
    RIPOFF ! nice staff at first, but they were rude
    to "my" girl (a 6/10 Bulgarian 22 yo with nice and
    warm body, very gentle) and had to pay € 400
    for almost nothing (and quick ! I had experiences
    were nothing much happened either, but had 1 hour
    private "massaging" with the girl for this price).
    Then,as in the Pigalle area, the staff turned
    quite aggressive, I wonder how I got out
    without paying more, and am a little afraid
    about my credit card details which I think
    the barman scooped.
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  16. drummerboy150


    I am currently living in Fontainebleau and am wandering if there is any action in this town or even somewhere nearby (Melun perhaps). If someone knows anything, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
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  17. tbd

    I take it you're anglo/american type. I just spent the last year in france. Here're my thoughts. Hooking in France is legal (pimping is not; only the hooker can benefit from the services she provides.) ergo, finding ads is simple.

    General rule is 100e and you're paid up. Find a publication called "Les Loisirs et Spectacles" or something like that ( I lived in the south; names are different.) This pub will have all of the event/movies/concerts and, ads for hookers! Look in the back. Generally, they'll give their name, phone, and where they are. If there's a local paper (like for the town of Fontainebleu) look there in the "contacts" or "rencontres" section. If you don't speak at least some French, this may be a bit tough, but I'm sure you can figure it out (I'm guessing you're there for one of the worlds most renowned grad schools!)

    some of the women say they speak english in their ads. enough anyway I'm guessing.

    if you get really hard up, take the train to Nice (5 hours.) there are 100+ hookers working the streets there every night! Promenade des Anglais. Couldn't be simpler. And, a lot of these girls are eastern european; the learned some english before they learned some french.

    good luck. send me a note and let me know if this helped.
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  18. robser

    PARIS - dead?

    Was in Paris last week. Prepared my homework with this forum but was VERY disappointed:

    Round Madeleine area -- did not find 1 only girl ??
    Rue Tilsit , Foch, Victor Hugo --- nothing
    Nation - Cours Vincennes: Yes there were some girls but 3-5 and only one 7-8
    Boulevards exterieurs: Yes saw some eastern girls and black in the busstops but lousy quality.

    It was so different as the -even recent- messages, that my only reasons could be:
    1) There had been a police clean up just that day or
    2) It was too late at night (23.30-01.00)

    Any ideas????
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  19. EFrog


    if you went to these area and you didn't see any... then we can do nothing for you... you must be blind.
    Of course, they don't carry a sign saying "WG, SW, please ask for it"... lol
    Maybe it was Paris in the US ....
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  20. Merlin_Magician


    Where were you? Paris, Texas or Paris, Tennessee?

    You were in the areas at the prime time. I don't understand why you saw no ladies. I doubt there was a police clean-up. All you have to do is take a sidewalk table at the little corner brasserie a block south of St. Augustine Church area and watch them stroll by. Or walk the area from there toward Opera area and you will see many in parked cars waiting for you.
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  21. CBGBConnisur

    Personally I had the same experience in Paris last August 2001 as Robser, I hardly saw any hookers available and was really dissapointed by that fact. Personally my advice to Robser is to go to Amsterdam for the real fun, Germany is also a great place for hookers, if you really like French women, Belgian women are very hot and Brussels has an Amsterdam style RLD, Denmark and Norway has many brothels, Barcelona Spain is becoming a major sex capital as well.
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  22. robser

    Re: Paris dead? reactions:

    Hey, you guys: I was in Paris France, yes and I know Paris since a long time -when even Rue St Denis was a very good place to go-

    I agree with others that Barcelona Spain is MUCH more fun and hotter!
    I Know; I live there.
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  23. Putana

    Don't underestimate Robser,he is a real Spain "specialist"(not only Barcelona)
    I am sure his posting about Paris is correct.
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  24. EFrog


    Of course, nobody is talking about August... it is holiday : they are all at the Riviera : they follow the customers ... lol...
    But Robser was talking recently so normal time and at the best time in the day...
    So what ?
    In the area he was talking about there are 100's every day.
    And we have no police clean the area they have something more serious to do.. not like in the US where they can play game with honnest guys looking for fun... when by the same time the last FBI report states a 2% increase in crime...
    Where ar the cops : playing games with the Johns...
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  25. CBGBConnisur

    So I was simply in Paris in the wrong time? I was not completely alone in my Paris trip last August 2001, I did manage to meet a nice French brunette near the Arc who was quite beautiful(about and 8), and very thin and tall. She had a shaven nether area and she did give me a good time. Only problem was that it took me 2 full days to find her. Overall there were many gorgeous women in Paris that August but I was dissapointed I need not meet enough girls. So you say there are 100's of women in this area Robser visited? When is the best time of year to meet these women? Thank you. Merci.
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  26. aht169

    Hi all:
    I just saw a report on the French evening news we get here locally through the international channel that was talking about recent efforts by the local government to clean up the prostitution problem. I was caught off guard, so I didn’t have time to get pen and paper, but here is what the report was saying as best as I can remember.

    There is an effort afoot in municipal governments to clean up and get rid of prostitutes. Apparently 3 cities in France have outlawed prostitutes within their city limits. They are Strasbourg, Aix en Provence and I forget the third (sorry). Although French law permits prostitution, cities do have the right to restrict/outlaw it within their city limits. As a reminder, while prostitution is legal, soliciting, pimping and brothels are NOT.

    The city fathers of Paris have been looking into this problem and debating on how to handle the exploding problem with prostitutes. It seems that there over 15,000 prostitutes in Paris with many coming from Eastern Europe and Africa. It is these prostitutes especially those from Africa that are causing the problem.

    With a hidden camera, the reporter showed how these prostitutes, specifically women from Ghana are violating various laws and the long standing gentlemen’s agreement of discretion between government and prostitutes. These women are extremely aggressive, openly soliciting clients, physically trying to pull potential customers to a room. These women were specifically in the Rue St. Denis area, an area known to be of lower quality. These women are, according to a couple of white women prostitutes, selling their services for significantly less than going rates to attract customers then fail to provide services or worse yet have their pimps in corners waiting to ambush the customer and rob the customer. This was confirmed in an interview with a city official that claimed that the number of complaints were increasing. In fact the black SW will lure the customer with promises of full sex for anywhere from 10 to 30 Euros depending on the hour of day, then proceed to rip them off (standard prices are 50 Euros – even there – for full service) with the help of their pimps.

    According to the report, most of these women are being pimped by men to who bring them to France and then give them quotas to meet. If they don’t meet them, according to the reporter and other SW, the women are beaten.

    This increase in violence along with increasing neighbor complaints – with regards to noise, solicitation, lack of discretion, and the constant back and forth has led the Paris city government to look at options. While I doubt that anything might be done right away, especially given the fact that the Mayor is a liberal flame, I noted that one of the city councilwomen (or equivalent) who has links to the mayor’s office stated quite correctly that outlawing prostitution will not solve the problem as they will just go elsewhere. Truly an enlightened individual given that the many areas of SW are actually outside the Paris city limits. While she did not have an immediate solution, she did note that something needed to be done to deal with this problem.

    So the while the council tries to decide what to do, my suggestion would be to avoid this area completely. Stick to other areas described in other threads. In this case you do get what you pay for and paying a little more may save you when getting beat up. Rue St. Denis has always been a low quality place so no real reason for quality hobbyist to go there. There are so many other areas that offer decent alternatives.

    Stay safe!
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  27. CBGBConnisur

    Why don't the French build a German or Dutch style RLD system to manage hookers? It seems like the best solution, from my experience in Germany and Holland is that they have the best sex services in Northern Europe. Dutch RLDs and club brothels as well as German FKK Clubs are the best quality sex at bargain prices. There is plenty of talent in France, I don't know why it is hard to get a hooker in Paris, though.
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  28. Buster_Cherry

    I had tried once earlier this year to post about the growing problems with African *****s and their violent pimps. It was pulled by the moderator as it may have been construed as racist.

    Most of these people are Somali and extremely violent. I have encountered them in France, Italy, Germany and in the UK. They are a problem which nobody wants to recognize, given the big push for politically correct "multiculturalism" in the EU areas.

    It's not a race problem; it's a crime problem.

    The Germans, Belgians, and the Dutch have the situation under control as they have managed to expel most of the foreign outsiders from their RLD areas. This has caused them to flock to France, Spain, Italy, and the UK.
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  29. robser

    Originally posted by putana
    Don't underestimate Robser,he is a real Spain "specialist"(not only Barcelona)
    I am sure his posting about Paris is correct.
    You're only too kind!
    I like your reports as much.
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  30. CaptRenno

    I'm reposting this message from March because I see that many of you are still confused about Paris. Granted, it's not the easiest or the best place to get laid in Europe but if you find yourself in this wonderful city and you do want to get laid by a high-quality girl for a reasonable price, then just follow these simple directions. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me and I'll try to help.

    Capt. Louis Renault
    "He's just like any other man, only more so."

    How to get laid in Paris for a reasonable cost:

    1) Take the metro to Charles De Gaulle/Etoile which is the stop for the Arc de Triomphe. Best times to venture out are weekdays M-F starting at 8:00 -9:00 PM with the action continuing until midnight or later. Saturday night is not that great. Even working girls like to take the weekend off.

    2) Starting at the Ave. Hoch walk in a counter clockwise direction on the street that circles the Arc de Triomphe, which is called Rue de Tilsit (and changes name to Rue to Presbourg after passing Ave. de la Grand Armee--get a good map and this will appear clear). Follow this street circling the Arc and you will pass the following main streets which radiate out like a star ("etoile"=star) from the Arc: Wagram, MacMahon, Carnot, Grande Armee, Foch, Victor Hugo, Kleber, Ilena, Marceau and then you end up at the Champs Elysee. The best area is between MacMahon and Kleber.

    3) You will see quite a few good looking women along this street but be careful, because only a small number are available to keep you company. Others are just hot, sexy Parisians on their way to bars and clubs. Be very discreet and take care not to offend anyone. Walk this circular street a couple times and soon it will become clear to you which ones are the working girls. They tend to stand on a corner or next to a building (a few are in cars) for awhile and they wait for guys to approach them--they are very discreet. The girls are a mix of native French girls (some of whom are a little older) and younger, hotter looking ethnic types (like Sharmilla and Karima). I happen to like the ethnic types so that's a plus for me, but it might not be for others.

    4) Once you spot a girl you like and you've figured out whether she is available, make eye contact, smile and say "Bonsoir." Most will speak at least a little English, some a lot (I met an English speaking Indian girl named Sharmilla who was very nice). Anyway, don't let your lack of French stop you because the girls are used to dealing with foreigners, though the majority of their customers are probably French.

    5) The going rate is 100 Euros, or about $90 US. I consider this to be a real bargain considering the relatively high quality of the girls. These are not ugly, druggie streetwalkers, though they are also not drop-dead gorgeous models either. Shop around and you will find someone you like. The girls will take you to their nearby apartment or go back to your hotel (I took a nice Moroccan girl named Karima to my hotel which was five metro stops away and I gave her an extra 20 Euros for her trouble). I didn't bother to bargain because 100 Euros is cheap for Paris.

    6) You'll see some of the same and some different girls each night. Some are fulltime pros and some are amateurs, like Karima, out to make a few extra $.

    7) Though I didn't have a chance to do this, I'm told that there is some good action around the Palais des Congres too, metro Porte Maillot. I did check out the area around the Madeleine Church and I thought the Etoile area was overall much better. Whatever you do, avoid St. Denis, Pigalle, and almost all "American" bars, strip clubs, etc. unless you want to get ripped off or disappointed. The girls around Etoile are independents and based on lots of experience and research I can assure you that they offer the best value in Paris.
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