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  1. Gas_Can

    Runn Mann,

    That is probably the only legit massage place in the Songtan area. Even though it's technically off limits to the military, I think they look the other way. Bunch of folks I know have been in there for back and shoulder issues. According to them, prices were reasonable and good massage.

    For FS Sports Massage, try the Songtan or Prince Tourist Hotels. Won 160k for the works with a girl who is usually a 7 or 8.

    Smitty's is one of the five off limits clubs in the area. Really a small number compared to someplace like Itaewon where almost everything on the Hill is forbidden.

    More and more Korean girls are starting to show up. Something to do with visas for the Russian girls. Doesn't bother me as I prefer Koreans or Flips.

    Compared to the rest of the peninsula, I've found the prices to be very reasonable in the area. If you're playing the juicy game, drinks are usually Won 10,000 compared to 20 or 30,000 up in Seoul.

    If not, then any of the nightclubs have girls available. You may buy one or two drinks, but I consider it a finders fee. Going rate for an all nighter on weekdays is Won 250,000 and Won 300,000 on weekends. Rooms at any of the hotels in town range from won 50,000 to 80,000.

    Once you find a girl you like, grab ajumma and ask her the price. Last night, I went to one place around 7 pm, paid mommy the 250 and told her which girl I wanted and which hotel I was in. At 7:30 a knock on the door and we spent all night.

    If the girl isn't available, ajumma will tell you she has to work. Nota big deal, just move on.

    Pretty much given up on finding any short time. There is one gal, old, fat and ugly who runs up and down the main strip asking you if "You wanna go? Lets go." Allegedly she takes you to some type of brothel where you have several girls to choose from. She told me rate was won 80,000. I haven't tried it as I like to see what I'm getting for my money.

    As a side note, had a really bad experience at the BBS across from the bus station. New crop of girls in and all mine did was bug me for tip. Then provided a BJ and fake FS.

    The four pole BBS farther down the street at the intersection of 1 is much better. It's won 80,000 vs 60,000, but you get into that little room and no doubt everything is real. Plus they don't bg you for extra money and seemed thrilled with a real tip.
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  2. Bagu3

    Does anyone know where the action is in Jeonju City or in areas nearby? ("Nearby," meaning within an hour's drive of the place)
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  3. Old_Retired_Man

    Can anyone tell me about coffee girls who work in coffee shops?
    I know about the ones who deliver.
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  4. Gas_Can

    Don't know what's going on in Songtan, but prices in the Sports Massage places are down to Won 110,000 from 160,000. And that includes everything.

    As usual, the Songtan Tourist Hotel has better girls and better overall service compared to the Prince.

    Almost like make two visits get the third one free.
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  5. Hi_Rub

    Uijeongbu FS Massage - 100,000 Won - no english

    Exit Uijeongbu Station on the side without the McDonalds food court, going toward City Hall. You'll be facing a huge road, get on the left side and cross at the first light. After you cross the street take a left, go straight down that road and the anma is right at the corner of the next light. There's a semi barbershop poll on the building its the swirls mixed with writing and says open 24 hours. Resturaunt is on the first floor and massage is in the basement. Very high class setup, the deskman called a girl out, and a few minutes later a tall, tanned, and big tittied Korean girl in her early twenties walks out, I nod in improvement, he asks for the money, and on our way we go. As I walk pass the booths, I start to notice that the place is pretty busy at 1am, I walked by many hot girls, they're all in bikinis and those sashes that you tie around your waiste to make a skirt.

    Undress, put on the shorts, she expertly massages shoulders and arms, then turns you over, straddles you and does the back, stretches your arms and legs. Then she leaves, and comes back when the shower room is available. Go inside, get naked, scrubs you down, oils you down, then she rubbed her huge tits all over me, next she rubbed me down with her pussy, she started to go for the condom and I'm like no. I pointed to her tits and then to my cock, she nodded and wrapped my cock in titty heaven. When I've had enough I stop her and point to the condom and she gives me a short CBJ, lies next to me and we go at it. I wasn't sure if she was moaning in pleasure or because I was her 50th customer that day. But at the end, I get off her, and she pulls me toward her, I got the hint and we cuddled for awhile. Actually she cuddled and I fondled her great natural breasts, I also noticed that she lost her breathe, she scrubs you down once again and the rest is the normal stuff.

    In the area are love motels, western bars, a booking club called The Continental Club, and a Hip Hop Club called The Train. The latter is ussually a good pick-up place, except for the weekends when its packed with GIs, but they're good for leavin a bunch of drunk chics at 1am, curfew time.

    Well enjoy.
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  6. Razzor

    This was on another board, it's about Songtan, enjoy:
    What a weekend

    Started off friday night....got to Songtan around 6:30pm, checked into our $30 hotel. Then started hittin' the clubs. The place does have color, I will give it that. All kinds of little street vendors set up. Selling all kinds of knick nacks, sunglasses, chicken-on-a-stick, umbrellas, and all sorts of Korean handi-crafts. (most made in China) People of all diffent backgrounds...couples out on dates, fat white chicks, hot MILF officer wives, black, whites, puerta ricans.....the US military is nothing if not diverse. Plus all the grizzled looking civilian contractors wearing Kokomoz and SMB t-shirts....throw in the Pinays, Russians and slutty, "Americanized" Koreans walking around and you have an interesting cast of characters on this main strip in Songtan. There is something addicting about it. Not as addicting as AC...but this place could be called "Mini-Matrix". Complete with a Baskin Robbins, Burger King, McDonalds and just newly opened Popeyes chicken.

    This is the time that there's alot of Pinays walking from their nearby dwellings on the way to work. Most clubs open between 6 - 7pm. So it's kind of a cool time to be out on the street watching them all. What I've really noticed last few times I've been here has been the large amount of dirty, scruffy looking Filipino males who seem to be always hanging around, sitting on benches, leaning up against their motorcyles...just looking like they're waiting for something. Sometimes you'll see them walking with their filipina girlfriends on thier ways to work. I guess alot of these guys work in factories over here and come down to Songtan on the weekends to ball the Pinays that work in the bars. (Hey, arent they supposed to be here for us Americans?) They obviously have an advantage. (At least for gettin' freebies anyway)

    Me and my buddies set a limit of spending no more than 40,000 won on juicy drinks tonight. That meant 4 drinks @ 10,000 each. So we hopped from bar to bar and ended up in one called "Lazy Daze". This bar has moved like 3 times since I've been here back in Korea. They keep gettin' shut down for the wild shows they put on. Before they were "Penthouse Club" and then "Join Us Club". Same girls and staff, just different location and bar name. I didn't really like these clubs becoz the drink pressure was, by far, the WORST in town. And that's saying alot. But we were drunk and went in anyway....coz they do normally have some HOTT girls. We sat and looked around for a second and the mamasan came over almost immediately and asked if we wanted "young lady" to sit next to us. We declined.....or thought we did and just ordered ourselves some 3,000 won beer. (local brand, "OB")

    Seconds later, 2 girls seated across the room look at us, then looked back at each other, and then come over to us and sit down next to us......without even asking or anything I got the Filipina and my buddy Ben got the Korean. Although this Korean spoke the best English I've ever heard from a Korean. An obviously sign that she as a long time pro. Mamasan came over and motioned for us to buy them ladies drinks...(they call 'em "juicies" here) and we weren't able to put up much of a fight. My pinay was average....your typical veteran bargirl. The thing that sucks about Korea so bad is that when you order a girl a drink.....most of the time they are in a big hurry to finish it. The mamasan is ALWAYS in a big hurry for them to finish it and can be seen standing on her tip-toes across the room and squinting to see if her drink is near-gone so she can come squeeze another 10,000 out of you. There's no warm, cuddly, friendly loveable kind of companionship going on here like there is when you order a a drink for a girl down in Angeles. It's all very "plastic" (as the pinays say) kind of talk. They dont really give two shits about getting to know you.....reason: there's just TOO much money to be made....even in one night. In AC, most of the girls make you feel like they really want to get to know you. There's that "could THIS be the guy?" factor. But not here in Korea. Ok, enough about that.

    So we moved on to another club called "VIP". We'd gotten familiar with a pair of girls in here over our previous trips to Songtan and came to see them with hopes of lining up a "meeting" or "date" during the daytime tommorrow. So 3 lightning fast drinks later we had plans to meet at noon tommorrow and sing some karyoke somewhere.

    Then it was into "Eagle club" where we know 2 other girls from before. These girls were kind of our mainstays on previous trips out here and we hung out with them off-duty quite a bit. They'd come over to our rooms after they got off work for a little while and we'd eat and shoot pool during the daytime, etc. Even got to see where they lived a few times.

    So they were all excited to see us return. It had been over a month since we made the trip out here last. Both are pretty young, although my buds girl Jenny is VERY young. My girl, Vicky, is 19 and coincidently from SanFernando, Pampanga. Nice, sweet girl...been here since January so "the game" has certainly taken its toll on her. Average looks, but a fairly tight, sexy bod. She was onstage when we entered and was literally jumping up and down and stuff. AC style...I was surprised even. When her song was over (they dance one girl at a time here), she got down off stage, ran over to me for a big hugg and kiss.....then back to her awaiting customer with awaiting juicy drink. That made me uncomfortable.....guy paid 10,000 won ($9) for his limited time with a girl.....the least she could do is NOT be giving attention to other guys until AFTER she was finished her drink with him. There's so much pressure here, so much sexual energy....you can FEEL it. All these lonely, young cock-hounds running around with pockets full of money...and not many other options for poon....forced to be in the situation they are in. They blow ALOT on these juicy girls...(or else these places would be out of bizness)...and there's not enough girls for as many guys as there are, so you can imagine the pressure i'm talking about. Supply and demand. Business 101. The Koreans laugh all the way to the bank.

    So Jenny is with my buddy, cuddling as much as you can cuddle here in these Korea bars....while I'm waiting for Vicky to finish her drink. She finishes, comes over and I only buy her one juicy before saying good-bye and heading home for the night. The place was just about closing up. We stopped at Mcdonalds for some grub before heading back down the narrow, dark, damp alley to our hotel.

    I woke early and hit an internet cafe across the street, then back to the hotel to wake Ben for some breakfast. One other thing this place is lacking is a decent breakfast spot. Even the Burger King and McDonalds don't serve any breakfast food during the morning hours. Damn Koreans...who the hell eats a Big Mac at 9:00 in the morning? They dont call it "The Land of The Not Quite Right" for nothing

    We walked by this fancy looking place called the "Blue Opera" and stopped because we saw some people sitting there outside with what looked to be breakfast type food. (they had eggs at least) So we went in to check it out. The menu only had one dish for breakfast and it was called..."breakfast" Came with egg, bacon, ham and toast. Ok, we ordered that....cant be that bad right? The ham was actually good, but they only gave you "1" egg. Who only gives you ONE egg for your breakfast meal? I've never seen that done anywhere. I thought TWO was the minimum standard for eggs.

    Ben shopped for a cell phone at one of the bizillion cell phone places and then it was getting near time for us to meet the 2 girls from "VIP" club.....Beth & AJ. She actually called just shortly after 12noon and asked if we could meet outside "VIP" at 1pm now. (they live ontop of the club). So we wait just up the street from their club on these little plastic patio chairs outside another bar. Ordered up some beers while we waited and just watched the people stroll by.

    Saw many maganda's and some not so maganda's. I've been telling my buddy Ben about the wonders and magic of Angeles City since I met him 8 months ago. He was an easy sell although he has been waiting for his divorce from his ***** american wife to go through first. It became final TODAY and this weekend up here in Songtan was supposed to be part of his divorce celebration I told him the REAL celebration will be when I take him down to AC for his cherry trip in September! haha

    So the girls come up the street and we head off to some karyoke joint. Both of us agreed they look much better in the darkness of the club at night with their make-up on. These were some rough looking girls. Very professional. They value their freetime like gold. Especially on a Saturday afternoon after a military pay-day as this was. It's time for them to put in some time with old/and/or new customers to keep "stringing them along" so that they will continue to come back to their clubs at night and buy juicy drinks. It's a strategic investment for them. I laughed to Ben later on, these same girls would KILL to spend time with us down in AC and we'd have to kick THEM out in the morning just to be rid of them. Here, it was like we should be so priveledged that they chose to spend any bit of time with us at all. Gosh, what a joke. Still, it's hard knowing what I know and having to put up with that crap. Ben doesn't know any better.......yet.

    So we all went to this little Filipino restuarant for some food and drink. They didn't even have San Miguel, I was astonished. However they did have Red Horse, so me and Ben tried that out. Ate some lumpia and adobo with the girls....and Beth (Bens "date") had to answer her phone several times during the meal. Even said without batting an eye during one of the conversations, "No, I'm not with a guy. Just here eating with my friends" LOL, jeez. AJ was playing her best and feeding me lumpia with the chopsticks. Like I've never seen that before? Good grief.

    Then on to this Kareyoke place ontop of the "Rodeo Club". Got our own private room and spent 2 hours singing and drinking korean beer which we'd brought before coming. Beth got a phone call and had to leave about halfway through and never came back Ben was a little purturbed by that, but I told him to let it go. AJ was a decent singer and actually stayed the whole time. I even got some cheap feels in....she does have a sexy body.

    By now it was time for her to run off to work, so Ben and I met up with another friend to eat some fast food. We had poured on quite a load by now, (been drinking since 11:30 am) so the food was much-needed. Next, we stopped back at the room coz Ben needed to shit and I needed to shower. While one did the other, our other friend waited and watched Korean soft-core porn on channel 89 in our room.

    Then it was on to "Apple Bar", where Ben and our other buddy like to go coz they say they have the best Bloody Mary's in town. Dont know coz I dont drink 'em. We were all pretty damn drunk at this point and it was still light outside. Maybe only like 7:00pm.

    Then began a looooong, blurry barhop. Hit "UN Club", "Xanadu", "Songtan Nights", "Golden Gate", "Lazy Daze" and "Mystic" to name a few. There are SO many bars & clubs here in such a little area that it's mindboggling. Close to, if not more clubs than Angeles. No, I believe there are more than AC.

    I met this brand new girl in "Rodeo Club"...a country-western place. Her name was Ivy from Cebu...and you could still tell she was "fresh". She'd just gotten to Korea last week and she had this "Kid in the Candy Store" type of look in her eyes. Undoubtedly from all the money she'd seen along with all the stories and teachings from all the other girls. "You mean I can have 20 young, guwapo, american boyfriends all competing for my time? Buying me juices in the club at night and then fighting to see me the next day? Buying me things I want from all these great shops here or buying me those American products I've always wanted from the store on their base?" Who could fault her really?

    I make the analogy to Ben that being a Filipina juicy girl outside one of these bases in Korea is like being a western guy in Angeles City. So I buy Ivy a drink and to her I am still guwapo. She looks at me and talks to me like the girls in AC do and I was transported back there for a moment or two. But alas, a month from now I will not be guwapo to Ivy anymore. Yes, no more than a month is all it will take I'm afraid.

    Funny thing it is. These are the same girls as the girls in AC, yet due to the surroundings and situation, they are TOTALLY different. They are no better and no worse in terms of looks, personalities, English, etc....but money has warped them completely. I'll tell you one thing, seeing a place like this makes me cherish AC that much more. This is like the "bad dream" version of Angeles. When I'm there, sometimes I think to myself, "Ohh my GOD, what happened to my dear Angeles??"...and then I wake up. Count your blessings oh ye men of AC...

    So damn now, its late and we stumble into "Eagle Club" to see Jenny & Vicky. We are totally fucked up by now and start shelling out some juicy money. It's still not exactly clear what happened next, but I think the mamasan asked me if I wanted Vicky to stay in my hotel with me for the night....and I think I just handed over my VISA card without thinking. Of course since I did it, she pressured Ben into it doing it too. I don't remember ever asking Vicky...or Vicky ever asking me about doing it. The club was about to close and I guess mama could see how piss-drunk we were, so she figured she'd give it a shot. Well, it paid off. Oh boy did it pay off To the tune of $200 buckeroos!

    Now realize this is not a common thing. Not like AC at all. The US military has specifically outlawed barfines in these SOFA clubs surrounding the bases. Any club that gets caught doing it will be shut down. So it's a total "down-low"...."sneaky-sneaky" type of deal. I think I remember the mamasan even whispering as she was asking about me it. And looking around as if worried someone would see as she brought me back the slip to sign.

    Then the girls go get changed and we tell them to meet us at our hotel. We get to the hotel and realize we were sharing one room and needed to get another. Somehow Ben got to keep the one we had and up the stairs he went with Jenny I roused the old Korean lady from her sleep to ask about another room but she shook her head, DAMN! So I went to the hotel next door and they refused me too. Then, by some grace of God, a Korean guy passing by grabbed me by the hand and motioned for me to follow him. I had to run and this old bastard was pretty fast. I was carrying a hot chicken-on-a-stick and 2 gatorades, with Vicky hopefully keeping up behind me. We went through a bunch of pissy alleyways, crossed some train tracks and he led me inside some tall brick building and I got me a room. Whew!

    Vicky said she was gonna take a shower and I ate my chicken stick....barely acknowledging her. *I was DRUNK* She came out wearing a towel and then asked if I was gonna take a shower. I said yeah, and went to the sink and splashed water on my face with the CR door open. She said, "Thats it?" and I said "yeah" and lied down.

    I got naked and she removed her towel. I only remember being able to feel her body for a few seconds before I lost all feeling everywhere. I'd hugged and cuddled with her before so I already knew she had a decent body, but MAN it was nice to finally feel her naked. Nice firm 19 year old tits and ass....God, I just hope I can getZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

    Oh no, FUCK, I passed out! I was stirring back awake,,,,wondering what time it was...and OH, whats this? I had morning WOOD! Yehey!....Now its time for action, right?


    When I reached over I felt nothing but a pillow....I then kept my eyes shut tightly and said to myself, God, please God tell me she's in the bathroom! No such luck. She was gone. A $200 dollar runner!!! INCONCIEVABLE!

    How fucking pathetic. I was sure as hell NOT going to put this on the board I thought....the guys will never let me here the end of it.

    Well, I thought about it, and as a public service...I'm putting it on here. For educational purposes only. So you all can know and understand.....or be "re-taught" (in case you've forgotton over the years) at just how friggin SPECIAL Angeles City is for guys like us.

    Never take it for granted fellas.....NEVER!

    Hey, on second thought, it was only 10 days worth of barfines in AC. Not the end of the World, right? Jeeezusfuckingchrist!
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  7. prince1900


    Go to city hall on the main drag through town. From the front doors, look across the main drag and to the left. Follow the neon. You can't miss it.
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  8. Run_Mann

    Gas Can,

    I've seen that girl walking up and down the main drag there many times. However, I thought she was passing herself off as the main course. I didn't know she was an agent of sorts, may check the goods out next week. The problem with her though is that she may as well use as microphone, her approach has probably turn away lots of potential clients. This area, along the Pyong-Taek/Anjori area will see a significant boom once the military relocate some of their bases in the area. Hopefully we'll see some improvements in the quality and quantity of services being offered.

    Was in Tonduchon yesterday and there are a couple of old Ajumas with the same aggressive type approach. They've torn down all the (businesses) buildings on the side of the road across from CP Casey, building a railroad station through there replacing them with some more advanced shopping in the area. It may also have to do with the military leaving this are or at least reducing their numbers in the near future. They will have to cater their much more of their product line towards the locals than the GIs, as is the case now. The village/shopping area does have some more clubs from the last time I was there. Still predominantly Filipino girls, but I did see a few more Korean girls.

    Check out the Koex Mall in Seoul for a eye popping view of lots and lots of Korean Babes. Visited it last week, lots of smiling and chatting going on (from the girls), but I was with my date, so I had to behave. That place is a gold mine if you have the time, a couple my buddies and I will hit this place next month for a boys day/night out.

    Outcall massage service in the Herald/ Korea Times are big business these days. I'm impressed with the quality of these services. Sun He and Cherry Massage will give you a go for your money, but there is a cost factor.

    Be safe.
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  9. Old_Retired_Man

    That streetwalker is the real thing. She has a room in a cheap hotel off of Aragon alley. She gets most of her business from TDY troops of Navy and Marines.
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  10. Phred

    Hi All

    Back in Osan, it's been 1 1/2 years since last trip. I went to the sports massage at the Songtan Hotel. The price has gone down ($100 now vice won 160,000 then). The service was still good. I had Oh Ni, a pretty very slim girl. Looks about a 7 and quality of service about th same. I will go back again.

    Happy Hunting
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  11. Member_#2460

    I am looking for some action in TongYeong or Masan, in South of Korea.

    Does anybody have some experience?

    I have tried something like one year ago a bar in Ulsan where Russian girls propose you drinks up to 2am then they can leave with you for 100usd till 8 or 9am. Was good although the girl was a bit fat but friendly, not trying to screw you like Koreans.

    So any info is welcome.
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  12. Dhendog

    I am on my way to Korea in November. I was there in 1996 and I know since then things have changed alot. I hope that I can still have a good time like I used to have there. I will be stationed at in ujimbo( I think the spelling is alittle off). If anyone has pictures from theie time there, can you please send them to me so that I can prepare myself mentally.
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  13. Love_Taipei


    I would recommend you go down to Changwon (30 minutes south of Masan). You can take bus from Masan to Changwon hospital (near party are) and catch it back next morning.

    Can get cheap hotel ($30) to take your catch.
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  14. Ho_Man

    Love Taipei

    I think your message was meant for Member #2460.

    There used to be a frequent poster called "Changwon Charlie" who gave useful tips. Why not PM him, as well?
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  15. Member_#2460

    Thank you Ho man and Love Taipei.

    I will try next week the Changwon hospital area.

    Any particular places which are foreigner friendly?

    I am a bit desperate to find anything here.
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  16. Bide59

    Dear fellow mongers,

    Could anyone please give me any input on the scene in Ulsan ? Would appreciate any kind of girls, Russian, Koreans etc. Where can I find them. Pleeeaaase ?
    Regards and thanks, Bide59
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  17. Phred

    High All

    Another two pole barbershop in Osan. If you go down the shopping mall away from the main gate untill you cross the railroad siding, there is a door on the corner of the street going up to the left. The shop is on the second floor. Miss Huong (mid twenties fairly attractive) provided a good massage of my arms and sholders, followed by a good BBBJ. She let me rub her pussy through her panties, but wouldn't let me inside her. After the BJ she gave me a good massage of calves and thighs. Cost won 60,000 (I tipped her 20,000). There was another girl there when I went out.

    I will go again

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  18. Love_Taipei

    Ho Man:

    You are right, 2460. I have to figure PM, so far I only have replied to ones to me.

    Thanks, LT
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  19. Nefarious

    My First Osan, Korea Report

    I went to the same two pole BBS (actually there is 4 poles here if it is the same place) that phred went to. My price was also 60K won, but I was a little cheaper with just a 10K won tip.

    When I walked in, there were two girls there. One was good looking (about a 6), but the other was not as cute (maybe a 4). Both were short, skinny, and had small A cups. The younger one was about 22 and the older one was maybe 26 or so. Both started telling me to take off my shoes the moment I walked in. Before I could get my head on straight and choose, I was led off by the not so cute looking one of the two. In my defense it was dark, she was quick, and I was ready to get my first Korean fun started. Also, I sometimes like to give the not so cute ones a chance if I am in an area a long time. My thinking here that they might be more eager to serve.

    She led me to a small room where she handed me some huge boxer type shorts to change into. She started with a nice foot washing. There is a sink conveniently located at the foot of the bed. This was nice since my feet were a little tired from walking around.

    After the foot scrub, she had me flip on my stomach where she gave a good sports type massage while straddling my ass. I was suprised at how much hand strength that such a small woman could have. After working over my back she had me flip back over onto my back. Through the big boxer shorts she gave my cock a little wrestle, getting it nice and hard very quickly. She then turned off the lights, pulled down the boxers, and gave my cock and balls a nice wash. After that, she gave me some poor head, which only lasted maybe a minute. Then she got some lubricant or lotion and gave me a HJ. It seemed to take forever, but finally she got the job done.

    After the HJ, she finished the massage, which was very relaxing. She also said something while grabbibg my dick. I think she was asking if I wanted another HJ. I was too spent for that so I declined. While I was getting dressed, she gave me some kind of drink in a small bottle. I am not sure what it was, but it tasted good. Anyone know what the drink is?

    Once I got back to my hotel, I noticed that my cock was a bit swollen, but everything was back to normal the next morning. Maybe this was from the extra long HJ. However, the rest of my body felt great. The massage really helped the muscle aches I got on the flight over here. Overall, I would say that the service was OK, but not great. More reports of Osan will be coming next weekend.
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  20. Byung


    She probably gave you "BACCHUS". It's like an energy drink. Has that somewhat tangy but sweet taste. I believe the full name is "BACCHUS-F", but it used to be called "BACCHUS-D".

    I believe the drink "VITA500" or "VITA1000" is a similar drink.
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  21. Sam_Katz

    What do you guys know about a " Bacchus hal muh nee "?

    Haha, not so great.

    Sam Katz aka SKPIMP aka ....
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  22. Love_Taipei

    Bacchus is another one of the long list of Korean Stamina/hangover remedy drinks. Harmless but I am not sure it actually does anything good.
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  23. Korling

    Bacchus is not necessarily harmless, it has 20mg of nicotine and 60mg of caffine in it per bottle. It also has ginseng, B6, B12, and phospuric acid in it (makes it glow green black light like the blood from the Predator). I got bored one night and decided to translate the ingredients. The "F" version is the latest. It became popular when it was the "D" version. The "E" version was only on the market for about three months if I remeber correctly because it tasted like crap and rumored to have opium in it (pain killing affect for hangovers i guess). Tastes like Dimetapp to me. It won't really cure a hangover, but it sure will wake you up after a long night of drinking. I used to keep a case in my frdge when I lived in Korea.
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  24. Love_Taipei

    When I said harmless, I was referring to one bottle (per daily or otherwise hangover). I too lived in Korea (5 1/2 years), no issue with Bacchus or other similar Korean products.
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  25. Nefarious

    Songtan, South Korea (near Osan Air Base)
    Songtan Hotel Sports Massage
    August 25, 2004 - 9:30 PM

    Thanks to Gas Can and other posters, I tried the sports massage at Songtan Hotel. It was a little hard to find for me. I could see the big green sign from all over Songtan, but once I got there I wasnt sure if the hotel was corret because it says tourist hotel, but I didnt see Songtan. The Sports Massge down to the right just before you go in the hotel is the place you want.

    I was greeted by a not so hot looking girl, but dont let that throw you off. She is NOT the main dish. She just escorts you to the room and takes your 110K won or $100 USD. Unless you will give a small tip, dont take any more or pay any more! Here is what you do:

    Take off your shoes before entering of course! After paying, get undressed and put your clothes in the small closet. She will ask if you have been there before. I said yes, but never had. I seem to get better service when I say yes. As I sat nude, I prayed that the girl that took my cash was NOT my girl. Suddenly, a small and very hot looking girl named Chee-Nah (sorry but that is about the best I can do with her name) walked in. She is short, thin, with A cup tits, and a very nice ass and legs. Also, a bushy patch down below. She has red tinted hair. I think she is just beautiful!

    She first gave me a tooth brush and I brushed. She then had me lay down on a table and washed me down. This was nice. She then had me flip over and wahed my front. She paid special attention to my dick. She hosed me off and gave me a B2B massage starting on my back. It was kind of funny because she kept sliding all around on by back. Again, I flipped over. This was the best part. A nice slippery oil B2B massage of my front.

    Then she hosed me off again and complimented me on the size of my dick. Good for the ego. She then told me to go onto the bed while she cleaned up. She then told me to lay on my stomach. She kissed my legs, ass, and back. It was nice. Then (YES!) the flip came. She gave a wonderful BBBJ! Perfect lips! She slid right into a 69 and she had a great taste, very clean. We went onto with a condom in many positions. The condom was very very small. Guys, please take American condoms with you if you come here! The whole experience was unhurried and sensual. She did not watch the clock, but we were there at least 1 hour. I rank her as one of the best pros ever for me. In many ways she was the best. She certainly was number 1 for making me feel comfortable and that is usually a problem for me with pros. She smiled a lot and was very sweet. No kissing, but I suppose that is pretty standard.

    After we were done, she offerd a beverage of my choice from the fridge and sat with me until I was dressed. She told me that she works 1 month every single day and then gets 5 days off. So, chances are good she will be there.

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  26. Fluffy_One

    Forget Bacchus D or F, drink the ginseng bottles (I prefer the alcohol versions) and eat the root.

    That will keep your equipment in tip top shape.
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  27. Gas_Can


    Sorry you had so much trouble finding it. Assumed you were familiar with the area and would have given directions.

    Don't believe I've seen this Chee Na and I thought I'd been with every girl in there. Will have to ask for her next time.

    Without a doubt one of the better ways to spend 100 bucks is in the Songtan Hotel Sports Massage.
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  28. Da_Pimp

    I think what Sam Katz was referring "Bacchus hal muh nee" is to one of those over the hill "ajumas" selling Bacchus for a ridiculus price around Namsan. They go around and ask men to buy one bottle for 10~20 bucks but what you are actully paying is including a quicky in a bush. I haven't seen anyone attractive but when someone try to sell you a bottle of Bacchus for that price, you know what that means now.
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  29. Carrick

    I read the back-posts and saw only the slightest of information on Daejeon. I have cause to go there from time to time. Any recent or reliable information?
    Posted 10 years ago | #Reply
  30. Ho_Man


    It's fairly obvious that the "5 days off" at the end of a full month stint, are for Ji-na's period.

    We should all be grateful to her for stopping work when she does!
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