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    North China - Dalian

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  2. Kendo

    Here is my report from 2 days in Dalian– Last Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I’ll start with the best part and then continue with what else I learned. I found a great street full of “Clubs”. These are like little KTVs with 3-4 seating areas that would hold 8-10 people/each with perhaps a total of 8 to 15 girls at each club. Some hot young girls available. The girls hang out near the front door and in most clubs you can just choose one and take her out. They started by asking for 1200 RMB but I was able to get a short time for 700 RMB with a very cute 19 year old. DIRECTIONS: Start at the Central Plaza Hotel, 145 Zhongshan Road, Xigang District. Turn left (East) as you exit the lobby of the hotel. Immediately take a left at the first little street. Go up 2 or 3 short blocks and down a street to the LEFT you will see a row of well lit little clubs.

    I was traveling alone (typical for me) and so I have to be careful about going to “Clubs” and KTVs. Sometimes these places get you to sit down before they let you look at the girls. Then, even if you don’t like anything you see, they demand, with raised fists, 500 RMB for sitting for 5 minutes. With the little clubs described above I only went into the front entrance and told them I wanted to take a girl out. I refused to sit down and did not go into the clubs that did not have the girls out in a front room (or hanging out in the street.

    The next night I had a massage in the room at the Central Plaza. She had a great body and was 23. I think I paid 600 for FS.

    Other information from Dalian: The KTV in the basement of the Central Plaza did not have any girls that were attractive and only had half a dozen in total. The Bar at the Shangri-La—several old (above 25) and not too attractive girls working the bar.

    Leaving the Shangri-La turn left out the front door, then take a left at the first street and you will see a number of small bars all the way down the street. I went into a couple and there are girls working each bar. Again, mostly around 25 years old.

    At the end of the street, turn left and you will find a number of clubs that seem to have a better quality of girls. These are more KTV style and very little if any English communication was possible. Not many with girls in the front like described above.

    I tried the 7th floor of the Swiss hotel next. Nothing there! This is a lobby lounge type bar and it did not have a single unattached girl there. Only about 6 people there on Tuesday evening at 10 or 11 pm.
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  3. Avery_Anderson

    This is my first post here, and it's a request, not a report.

    I'm a veteran Canadian hobbyist who will be in China for 10 days starting Saturday, Sept.20. I will be spending 4 days in Dalian before moving on to Beijing.

    Kendo, would you please give directions to what you called "the room in Central Plaza". That sounds interesting. Also, could you please indicate whether you took the KTV girl to your hotel room, or whether you went to her place. Thanks in advance for your help.

    If I get any action in Dalian, I'll definitely post reports here.
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  4. Hans_Kohl

    Li An is a student of international relations and speaks Maderin, English and Japonese. She is a non smoker and sometimes visits Furama Hotel, Banana Bar Disco in Dalian. Li An's mobile phone is 13940826889 and if you are the right person she may be able to help you enjoy your visit.
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    • MisterAzure

      If you are ever in Dalian, take a short walk to aroung Gang Wan Jiao - if you walk out of Shangri La Hotel to the left till the round about. Go around the round about to the street that are after Gang Wan Street (you should see the seaport to the left of you) , if you walk down 3 more blocks, there is a large Sauna on the right side of the street called Hong Bao Sauna (Ruby Sauna).

      Take a relaxing bath and head up to the lounge. Tell the Mami that you want the extra special massage. She will bring you to the 6th floor and you will be shown a real clean and luxurious bedroom complete with bathroom.

      The Mami will bring a couple of girls for you to choose. I find them about 7-8 in looks and age. She will proceed to give you a very sensuous oil massage from top to bottom with special attention in your little brother. After which she will give you a very vigorous FS.

      All in all a very memorable service if you like no nonsense quickly. The damage RMB 600 all in.
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    • Dalianren

      Dalian seems to be a dead town, at least the part of the city I live in, the outskirts. There are absolutely no BBS as I have noticed in other cities, especially the South. I don't crave the bar and KTV scenes.

      Can anybody guide on the area action can be found. Not too pricey, please.

      Thanks for any info.

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    • Wolf

      Report from Dalian # 1

      I was in Dalian last week and had the opportunity to enjoy the scene.
      It does not seem to be as dead end as some posts here seem to say.
      Actually, I found quite some action.
      I was at the Furama Hotel, next to the Shangri-La.
      The first night, I first checked to back streets and discovered a street full of Sauna and Massage places. I was to enter the larger one (even thinking that I would be barred since I do not speak Chinese) when a car stopped by me. Inside, an interesting lady asked me in a slow but correct English if I was lost and would need some help. She invited me to come in the car as it was much warmer than outside. So did I enter the car. She immediately put het hand on my leg and started slowly to go upper mentionning that we could go either to her appartment or to my hotel room. I asked her how much she would charge and what I could get for this. She answered Rmb 500 and say that I could have everything I could and want within 1h30mn. I said everything. She said everything. I said 300Rmb. She say no, 500Rmb. I say 350. She said ok 400 rmb because I was her first customer this night and the first nice one of the week. Geee, they lie well here..
      So I took her to my room where she immediatly rushed to the bathroom. I had to stop her and to have her swear on the bible for the Hooker Rights and Obligations :
      - You will not steal anything from this bathroom
      - You will not put a mess in this bathroom
      - One towel is enough for you and you do not need to try all of them as the softness is the same
      - No you do not need to wash your hair and dry it afterward, it is only ST afterall
      - You will not spit on the floor nor in the tub
      - Amenities are for my own use, not for resale to your friends
      - Time being money, you better rush out the bathroom quickly
      Off she goes and actually took a rather quick but complete shower (I was watching). She then took me in the shower box and started washing mister Junior and mister bullet hole thoroughly. I then understood we were not going to play chess but rather chest.
      We dried ourselves and went to the bed. I did not have the time to lay down, she was already sucking Junior. Who was more than happy and showing it by the way. Her breast was ok, not small but not big either. She moved to give me a wonderful tongue bath everywhere and especially where it sems I have been wounded at war. She insisted especially there in an appearant fear that this get healing and closed. That was really good. I then tried to make other movers to reach her back pack. She let me put my finger in while she was sucking my nipples. I asked to mount her and she put the condom on and welcomed me in a very thight and warm pussy. After 10mn pumping I turned her downside up and took her doggy style, which she seemed to enjoy and appreciate. The mess was when I retrieved and came back with all strengthes in her war hole. As I was already entering she started screaming and insulting me. I didn't know if I should go deeper in to stop her or retrieve. She put me out. She insulted me for about 3mn and then said she was sorry and cuddled in my arms. Unbelievable. I told her she promised everything. She said she could not imagine I thought of this. So I say that the price could not be what she quoted. She said that the price she quoted was for as much as I could. So I invited her to give me a very good bbbj. She did. She even rubbed me with her breast and she tried to have me come on her neck but (and I do not do this often) I pressed her head down on my dick so that she could enjoy all my cream till the last drop. And she did. I sent her to the bathroom as she was not going to swallow. When she came back she made compliment about my stamina and asked if I was satifyied or wanted some more. I ask for a nice massage and then more action. She provided the massage and on her own decide to maturbate me while she was masturbating herself too. Quite enjoyable as she apparently made me come together with her. We both decide this was ok and final.
      Attitude = 6/7 (because of the refusal)
      BBBJ = 8 (good thechnique and CIM, even if forced to)
      FS = 6 average
      HJ = 8 quite enjoyable
      Massage = 7
      Face = 6
      Breast = 6
      Ass = 7 too bad vI did not copmplete the deed
      Overall = 7
      Damage = 400 Rmb
      Cellular Phone = 139 4286 7408
      Available everyday in the vicinities. Has a car and car commute
      Speaks a sufficiently good English to do the job

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    • Wolf

      Report from Dalian #2

      After the deeds with the # 1, decided to go out to wait for my salesmen. They were staying at the Shangri-la but were out for diner with a customer. I went to the bar in the lobby.
      Men, this bar is a mine gold. It was full, I mean full of young ladies, all working and in search of customers. When I entered the place it was about 21h30 and there were no more than 7 men (3 westerners) and about 45/50 ladies. Some treally gorgeous. And there was also a Russian lady alone at one table. I did not have sat for more than 10 seconds that the first lady come to me and asked me where I was, if I was alone, if I was staying at this hotel and if I wanted som,e company. By curiosity I enquiried about the price and laughed loudly when she annonced Rmb 1,200. She looked surprised and said, ok, ok 1,000. To which I gave a big smile and told her I was not a tourist. She then said 800 and I asked her to leave me alone. She was nice but not fantastic by the way. The same way, 4 ladies came to my table in a row with about 5mn interval. Same game. Same laugh. The last one told me that evetything could be negotiated but that this should be done outside in order not to let her colleagues know about it. I had my drink and then went to the toilets at the opposite part of the lobby. When I went out, the last girl came in the toilets (the men's !) and pushed me back it too. She asked if I was ready for a BJ with a dirty smile. I was not (I just ad 2 pops in my room) but told her I was waiting for my friends and that we might use her services afterward. She told that she was the best for BJ in Dalian (liar again...) and quoted 300 negotiable. She gave me her phone number and her name : Liu Xue 130 7411 5356. I could not continue the negotiation as my salesmen called me to invite me to join a wild KTV. So off I went and she waved good bye to me. I called her later in the night (2 in the morning) but she was busy and answered the phone saying that she was sorry but could not take care o me tonight as 2 other men were already waiting for her.
      Next time.
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    • Wolf

      Report Dalian #3

      KTV Dalian New Frienship Night Club (some blocks away from Shangri-La hotel).
      I went to this place with my staff and have been introduced to the mamasan Xiao Hong Yan. The telephone of the place is 0411 2825888-385. Her mobile phone is 138 4098 6409. She speaks only Chinese but her club accepts westerners even if they do not speak Chinese but as long as the come with Chinese people or peolple who speak enough Chinese to understand the rules.
      We have had the usual program of a KTV, including 4 superb Chinese Ladies, including one with a very good command of English (for me obviously).
      When we ended up the program, the girl was proposed to me for an extra of Rmb 2,000. I said it was a bit expensive. They said that this was for the whole night with everything I wanted. I had heard this one before earlier this same night. But this girl was really pretty, tall and with a wonderful breast, or at least what she was showing of it. I was really interested. I then asked the girl directly if she wanmted to join me back to my hotel. She said she would but had to warn me that she was on the rag !. Sorry, I do not take this. I had to decline. She was sorry. So was I. Even more was the mamasan who talked strongly to the girl afterwards.
      So I had to go back home by 1 o'clock.
      Total damage : not too expensive to my standards 800 Rmb for the fun for 2 hours 1/2 for 4 persons + 200 tip for each girls + 200 for the girl in charge of the music and the drinks.
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    • Wolf

      Dalian Report #4

      The following day, I had a long business review and a boring diner. I also had to take a plane early in the morning. I had a few drinks with my customers in the lobby of the Furams Hotel and then went to my room.
      Not ready to sleep to easily, I called for an in-room massage. They said : immediately ? I answered : yes.
      5mn later came a very pretty girl in sport outfit, about 25 to 30 (hard to say), nice make up, very pretty smile.
      I was ready to receive her in my robe as I had taken a quick shower before she came.
      When I took of the robe and show her that I was nacked and she did not react but asked me to lay down on the bed, I understood that I could have more than a massage.
      She ask me to pay her upfront for the 90mn I was requesting. That was 500 Rmb.
      The girl was speaking a broken English and a better Japanese so we found a way to understand each other well. She started to provided a very good and professional massage (quite surprisingly as they normally are quite lousy). When she finished with my back and my first leg and before she started the second, she volontarily touch my dick which was at sight between my legs and laughed saying: good massage ? I said of course and turned down side up to show her how ready I was. She smiled and said : Tip. To which I answered yes. She sais 500. I said 200. She said 300. I said OK. She started to massage gently my balls. Actually very nicely. She then took some oil and massaged my cock slowly but very professionally. It was actually very good and well done. She did not rush any thing and looked at me all the way smiling. I tried to touch her but she refused my hand on her breast. She only allowed me to massage her pussy. Which I did. Could even put my hand in her pants and she had not panty ! My finger in, we went this way till I could not wait more. She saw it and came to give me a kiss when I came high and loud. That was quite enjoyable. She cleaned me completely. Went to wash her hand. And then came back to continue the massage. This time it was my chest time. She did it very well once again. And after another while, I was hard again. So she again said laughing : good massage And I said : yes, once more. And she went on it once more ! This time, believe it or not, she almost sat on my face so that I could play with my mouyth and her pussy. She had kept her pant on but I took it off quickly as she was starting to steam out. While I was datying her she was masturbating me quite nicely and slowly. She moamed often and suddenly went wild shaking my cock as if her life was depending on it. I came once more and I believe she did too.
      After the clean ing she claimed her money, asked for an additional tip which I asled her to come and pick up the next day. She, smiling, gave me a quick kiss and went out.
      I slept well this night.
      No name, no number to remember. But the hotel is nice.
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    • Ralph_Kramden


      Your report from Dalian was quite enjoyable. I arrived there on 12/22 apparantly as you were leaving and stayed at the Hilton, which is an extremely girl friendly establishment. I went to the bar at about 10 PM, and it was somewhat quiet. There were only 3 available girls there, but one was very cute, which is all that is necessary. One of her friends was very aggressive and I had to ask the waiter to tell her to get lost. The cute one and I made eye contact and she came over at the music break. She spoke almost no English but that was no barrier to the business/pleasure at hand. I gave her my room number and she came up a little later. We showered and then proceeded to get it on with bbbj, daty, 69 and numerous positions. She gave me a very nice neck and head massage afterwards. It was quite a wonderful experience enjoyed by both. When we met she intimated it would be all night, but I think that is just a come-on because they only really want short time. She asked for 1200 and I gave it to her knowing it was too much.

      Security is lax about girls in the hotel. After my pleasure girl left, her aggressive girlfriend came up to my room looking for her, which surprised the hell out of me that the hotel would let something like that happen. The next day I came back to my room and found an outcall massage business card had been slid underneath my door, again quite surprising since the hotel would have had to given them my room number. I guess they sincerely want single male room guests to be happy. It is China afterall!

      The next night was a repeat with the same girl, but this time I got her to accept 1000, which included a talented full body massage. While at the bar, a couple of Russian babes, one blond and the other with quite sizable jugs, came in with Chinese customers in tow.

      The night of the 24th I was at the Shangri-la for their wildly overpriced Christmas Eve party with my guide. The food was good, but the entertainment was poor. I ducked out and went into the BATS bar for a look and found a full house at about 11:30 PM. There seemed to be a lot of couples there, perhaps the working girls had already paired off with customers or were upstairs working. I saw only two girls at the bar, one very pretty and friendly who spoke good English. Christmas Eve is no doubt an off night for professional girls, so perhaps many stayed home. I slept with my guide that night.

      In Dalian I think the high price is largely determined by the many Japanese businessmen who regularly go to work there. At 1200 rmb, a 90 minute shower/bath, massage and full service sex is a bargain for them. With a very pretty high quality girl in their hotel room, the Japanese certainly have to pay double, and even up to 4 or 5 times the price in Japan. So it it is little wonder that they readily accept 1200 ST without bargaining. So if you can get serviced for less in Dalian, then you are doing well.

      I found Dalian to be an enjoyable city, and will return for the obvious reasons.
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    • Member_#1456

      Kent: Happy New year !It seems that it is not only the Japanese who bring the prices up here in Dalian.

      One should get a decent girl in all Dalian 5 star Hotels at a range of 600 to 800 RMB. Some "regular customers" here even get prices down to about 400 RMB. Shangrila is normally full with working girls, however have not been there during Christmas time.
      If in Dalian, try Alice Bar. (one of the Bars on the side of the Shangrila). Beer is cheap, music also OK... The girls are mainly young ( and often quite childish) but prices are better and they are less pro - just feels better. Most of them will tell you the student story, some of them even dream of finding Mr. Right there.

      Anyway Happy Hunting in 2004
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    • Ralph_Kramden


      Thanks for your valuable information. Please keep in mind it was my first time in Dalian, and in fact, my guide is one of the hard core pros working at the Shangri-la, so I was led to believe I was not overspending by such a large degree. I will work for a lower rate upon my return to Dalian. It seems from your and Wolf's reports that there is quite a large contingent of girls at Shangri-la, and that it can become somewhat of a buyers market if you play it right. I took what was available at the Hilton, not being able to look for service at the Shangri-la for the above stated reason. Please offer more reports from time to time. I am looking to return perhaps in April or May.
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    • Ifnot

      Filing this report from Dalian. I am staying at the Hilton Hotel which is one of the best establishments in the city. CNY has emptied the place and the city is very quiet. The action at night is all on the street adjoining the Shangrila Hotel, all taxi drivers know where to go. The most famous bar on the street is Alice's, owned by Alice herself, who is a party monger, a wonderful lady and a great operator. She knows and uderstands the value of customer service. You don't have to go anywhere else, just settle in and enjoy the music. Get to know Alice and she will take care of all your needs. Bar fine is in the region of RMB 800 and it is nice to add a small taxi tip afterwards. Ladies are polite, very nice and most speak english to a level of understanding. Faces is another good bar to visit, very small and intimate and owned too by Alica. Music in both locations is typical bar stuff, and you will have a good time.

      Take care and enjoy
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    • Ifnot

      The Dalian scence continues. The Shangri-la Hotel has a new band in the bar and is attracting lots of new inventory and mongers. The location is perfect because if nothing is happening there just stumble out and walk 50 yards into Alice's, where all hell continues to break loose. Tell Alice where you saw this reference and she will take care of you.
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    • Member_#1456

      Alice gets now a lot of free advertising here. However one must admitt it is the best bar (not only for girls) here in Dalian, but also if you just want to hang out with friends, have a beer, etc.

      Don`t look for too much beauty at Alice's the girls tend not to be stunners, however they treat you nice, without any negative attitude. If you are looking for reall beauty try Swiss Hotel (even the bar is boring) or, as mentioned, FATS in Shangrila.

      Some Discos here are good if you are in the mood for hunting, in JJ and Night Cat one can find pros and freebies. A lot of expats (and gurls) hang out is the (not so stylish) bar of RAMADA Hotel (former Holiday Inn). Even not the best of huntig grounds, beer is cheap and the music is OK.
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    • Jack_Spratt

      Based on the good advice posted on this board, stayed at the Shangri-la for my 1st Dalian visit on Tuesday night.

      Between the bar there, and Alice's, I don't think you need to go anywhere else.

      Wandered into Alice's about 9.30, and was soon in deep and meaningful discussion with Lili (how many girls in China have that name?). Offered me Rmb800 for overnight (assured me no problems with the hotel), or 600 short time, 1 - 2 hours. Tried to negotiate, but she wouldn't budge - said she had to pay a 200 fee to the bar. Like a bar fine I guess.

      Took her back to the hotel for S/T - good BBBJ, and a reasonable root. No kissing, because she said she had been to the dentist that day, and was getting a new crown - even pulled the tooth ou to prove it. Didn't stop her getting my cock in her mouth all the same.

      Saw a Philippino working in Alice's - Lily said she was not popular, and had an attitude. Also demands a premium - Rmb1200.

      Sent her on her way, and headed down to the bar in the S-la. Full of large-breasted, and in some cases very attractive ladies. Had an enjoyable hour or two listening to the Philippino band, and politely explaining to a number of ladies that I had already had a massage shortly beforehand, so was therefore in no position to use their services.

      Quoted rate was Rmb1000, but not sure if L/T or S/T.
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    • Apac_Boy

      I was in dalian over the weekend. After my meetings, I decided to hunt. First stop, Alice's next to the S-la. It was just ok...only like 4 girls, of course, it was only 9

      The cutest one there was talking to some guy already so I decided to walk. I see a shit load of KTVs and saunas but nothing interested me. I walked for like 40 min. before I see this sauna next to closed shops and it looked kinda shady so I popped in.

      I already took a shower so asked if i can just get da massage. It was 65rmb for an oil for 45 min. Went straight to the lounge and a pretty ugly girl came up 2 me and asked if i wanted a massage. She was fugly but I needed a massage and she was da only one there. What da heck, I head back and found myself lying in a cubicle and getting an oily.

      45 min. past and she finally said "What do u want"...I said "wahtever is offered". She said I can fuck (not her) a KTV girl in a room for 198 rmb (but I still had to pay 65rmb for the massage) or get an oily HJ from her for 100rmb (TOTAL). I was too tired to fuck, so decided on an HJ.

      Within a min. I talked her in getting her to give me a quick BBBJ...that was kewl...she was gooooood...she stopped after 5 min. and whacked me off.. it was good for 100rmb!

      Anyways, i see so many of these saunas so I am sure it is available in any one of those...

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    • Blue_Sky_Molka

      To All,

      If you can read and speak passable Japanese you can pick up a tourist magazine at some major hotels titled "i.d" that was very helpful. The magazine is geared towards the Japanese tourists. It lists around 30 massage places. Most will come to your hotel for a small additional charge (15 to 30 rmb).

      Tried 2 places 2 different times. I spoke Japanese on the phone and the girls came to my hotel at the appointed time. Both girls extremely friendly with excellent attitude and service. One was 25 and the other 19. Paid 600rmb each for about 2 to 2.5 hours of service.

      The mamasan spoke Japanese but the girls did not. Luckily, I can speak passable Mandarin so communication was not a problem.
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    • MisterAzure

      Last weekend my friend took to a new KTV called Dong Fang Pa Li (Paris of the East) on Lian He Lu. It looks like most of the mid price KTV that have some 30 rooms. When the Papasan brought the girls over, they are mostly from Dong Bei and they are wild. The girls were able to strip completely naked for us in the room for a short period of time and the overnight rate is a very reasonable 700 RMB. Highly recommended place for fun.
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    • Steve_Naive

      I recently stayed at Swissotel in Dalian. On my first evening I was approached by a reasonably attractive girl, not classically beautiful, but good enough. Mid 20s? 800RMB for the shortest short-time I have ever experienced. I had just arrived from the states, and wasn't particularly looking, but her aggressive approach paid off for her.

      I thought the money included a body massage. She poured some baby oil on my chest and spread it around - I don't know why, it wasn't particularly pleasurable. She used her oily hands on the little captain for less than 2 minutes, then put a condom on me and gave CBJ for less than 30 seconds. (I know, baby oil is not compatible with latex). I popped fairly quickly during the main event.

      On a price-per-minute basis, this was perhaps the most expensive session I've had, as it lasted 10 minutes or less. She was really rushing me - and since I was beginning to not like her for that, I decided to just finish and send her on her way.

      Unless you're willing be forceful about what you want, I would not recommend her. I saw her in the lobby the next two nights, but had no interest in spending more money on her. There were no other girls giving da look, and I looked for them on several occasions.

      Other than this lady, I saw nothing going on at the Swissotel bar (lobby level) - pretty dead Friday 11pm and Saturday 930pm - and the few ladies in there seemed attached, except for the girls in the band on the stage, who were quite lovely, made music that was quite lame, and were quite unlikely to be available.

      In China I frequently find action just walking around the hotel, but nothing like that here. I did not have time on this trip to get down to Alice's or the area around Shangri-la, but by previous reports that seems to be the place to go looking.
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    • Tinybobo1002

      Steve Naive,

      That's a rip off for 800 rmb for a bj only. In China, the price at hotels or similar places like KTV, is 500 rmb full service short time and 800 rmb for overnight all you can fuck. At BBS, the price is like 1-3-5, that is 100 rmb for hb/bj, 300 for ST and 500 for overnight. At hote, it is usually 2-5-8. Remember that kind of price structure.
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    • Big_One

      Dalian - Standard Price for Full Service at a BBS


      I am not trying to argue with you or anything but:
      Are you sure the 300 RMB price you stated for full service at a BBS in Dalian is really the 'standard' price (meaning the price that the locals pay)? I believe that locals pay only 170 RMB for full service there (inclusive of all fees). Foreigners should insist on the same!

      I will tell you about my experience. I was only in Dalian for a short time in 2003, but during my stay there I asked a friendly taxi driver to take me to a BBS. I asked the Taxi driver to wait outside for me. Once inside, the lady I was with quoted me a price of 170 RMB. I thought this would be for full service, but she later said full service would be 100 rmb more (for a total price of 270 RMB). I suspected I was being overcharged, but ended up paying the 270 RMB price anyway.

      Afterwards, while the Taxi driver was taking me back to my hotel, I told him that I had paid 270 RMB for full service. As soon as I said that he immediately turned the taxi around and went back to the BBS. He told me that the standard price is 170 RMB for full service and that I had been ripped off. He then proceeded to get out of the car and went into the BBS to argue with them for 15 minutes because they had overcharged me! This Taxi driver was an honest and intelligent guy, so I do believe that his info was accurate.

      Big One
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    • Member_#2400

      Well, last month it was Dalian time.

      I ususally stay in the Hilton which is very centrally located .. and has a great bar.

      In the past you could not miss it ... either they hit you in the bar (500 ST, 800 LT) or they slip a note with phone number under your door.

      This time dry dry dry.

      I wandered around the lobby, the bar, the Haagen Dasz upstairs ... no luck.

      I went back to the room, accessed Internet (expansive !) and logged in to WSG.

      What do you know, back in December Wolf posted a long story (thank you) and this story had a working phone number in it.

      Well, the details you can get from his story, but I may add:

      - she drives a car (her own) for the oil company during the day
      - she will come during the day if you pre arrange it
      - she is great (did fire and ice on her own initiative, allowed anal, allowed CIM and would stay as long as I wanted).

      Total damage 400 and a kiss.

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    • Member_#1456

      Regarding the FlyingScottsman bar in Hilton: It is definately the Band that is scaring everyone and everything away.

      Also the Bar in Swisshotel is realy dead. Seems again Gurls are not allowed to go inside alone, but have to wait in the hall for customers. Also seems that the gurls there are on the inventory list of the hotel, since years it is the same gurls working there.

      Before there used to be some small BBS around friendship square but all the old houses disapeared for reconstruction. On ChangJiang Lu there is still a Korean Style Sauna (has golden curtens) were one can get a good massage and more. Not all gurls do FS there... but generally they look OK.

      It is said that 21 Century hotel KTV should have nice gurls, however have never been there... will check it out soon, la
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    • Tschak28

      True, Swissotel is almost dead.

      Was lucky the other night, when a lady followed me to the W.C. in the lobby, offering a massage.

      No problems to take the bird to my room.

      She was about 28yo, nice pair of tits.

      Great sex and she swallowed my cum.

      Was pretty happy with her.

      The damage was RMB 500, but I am sure I could have had it for RMB 300. She didn"t seem to have a lot of customers in the past weeks.

      Hilton is also dead, didn"t see any birds there, maybe I was too early.

      As I stay in Dalian very often, I would really appreciate any other recommendations.

      So long, T28
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    • Aqueduct

      Report from a dalian sauna:

      Got into a cab about 2am asking for a massage parlor (an1 mo2, qiao1 bei4). Cab took me to a sauna - can't read chinese unfortunately so don't have exact address. I do have the number to the sauna - 82728566 - if you want to ask directions.

      Anyways this was a really classy place. On the first floor there was a mamasan and a cute girl (face 7/8, body 9) lounging around with two guys. The girl was dressed in normal clothing and the guys were in uniform. I don't really know that much chinese but luckily my accent is good and the girl volunteered to take me up. On the elevator up she asked me what kind of service I wanted - I said yes to everything =).

      We go up to the 5th floor where I take a shower and change into these purple pajamas they provide, and lock my stuff up in a locker (they charge you based on the locker # you have). There are other girls there in uniform but apparently I was spoken for. I come out, she leads me up to the 8th(?) floor into a big bedroom with some sofas and a queen sized bed, and pretty much we got straight down to business. CBJ plus FS - when I asked her for cowgirl she said she couldn't because "ni3 tai4 chang2 le". Very tight, very wet. She said she was 22 from inner mongolia.

      Afterwards she takes me to the 7th floor where I'm led to a darkened room with a bunch of lazy-boy type sofas for my oil foot-massage. It being 3am there was only one masseur on duty and I got tired of waiting so I skipped it - however, it seems you can spend the night in the room because another client asked the masseur to wake him up at 7am.

      Afterwards I went back to the 5th floor, showered, and asked for the bill. There was a very (face 9, body 8) cute girl waiting there for next time. Total damage - 268 kuai.
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    • Hitman2

      First time in China, studied the forum, thought I was well prepared - disappointing experience. I stay at the Furama Hotel (right nex door to the Shangri-La). There is a nice disco bar next to the main entrance (BananabaR) - and yes the uppercase "R" at the end is correct. A very nice and attractive girl (in her 30s) approched me after making eye contact with her, in the hotel bar. She asked if I wanted a massage. I replied "definitely more than that". I asked the price and she quoted 1000 RMB for full service. She was really beatuiful and had style, fluent english, and that special look. So I told her I was willing to pay 800 RMB, which I know is already expensive. She came to my room 5 minutes later, but was talking on the phone. A moment later, the door rang again and another girl joined. Turns out that the attractive one was the Mammasan. The other one had a decent body, but I wasn't that impressed about her face. No english at all as well. As I already had build up much pressure so I didn't reject, which I should have done, I guess. She entered the bathroom and undressed. I liked what I saw, nice big breasts and a slim body. She took a shower, where I joined her. She didn't touch me at all, which I found negative in the first place. She slipped into my bed and immediately started to play with my little guy. As soon as my friend reacted she applied the condom and wanted to get on top. I stopped her and told her that I want a BJ. She started to look funny and indicated that she doesn't like it. I didn't care too much thinking about the 800 RMB I had paid. She then did it (not very good). I got over her, changed once more to cowgirl style and finished. She immediately rushed towards the bathroom again, took another shower, dressed and said good bye. She didn't even remove the condom, clean me, etc. Over all it was around 30 minutes - very poor performance. I met the mammasan again downstairs a couple of hours later and told her that I was not happy at all with the service. I complained about the rush as well as not getting any massage. I felt that her english skills immediately got worse. While we were talking a beautiful young girl came walking by and looked at us. She remained close and I had the impression she is with the mammasan. After complaining a while the mammasan called the girl and said she was the most beautiful she has, and that she would send her next time. She also offered a 1 hour massage for 100 RMB, which I rejected.

      So after all I am still un happy, not sure whether I should give it another try with this mammasan or just try another girl tonight. There were several outside of the BananabaR, even though I didn't spot any stunners. Maybe I should try Alice instead.
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Hitman2

      As my first try left me somewhat unsatisfied I found myself horny in my hotel room yesterday. I gave it a try at Alice's. I entered the place around 1am. Still many girls around most of which were not really stunners but some of them wer pretty cute. One particular girl caught my attention. She was walking around lonely an didn't even approach me when I made Eye contact. She is a Phillipina and I would assume she is the one mentioned in one of the previous reports. I asked one of the girls what the Philipinas Name was and she called her over. She was really sweet, I couldn't sense an attitude. Told me that she is one of the dancers at Alice's then asked me whether I would dance a little bit with her which I did. We spent some time together at the bar and for a 800RMB fee I took her to my room. Turns out that she is a real beauty - I would rate her 8. Slim body, nice natural b-sized breasts and a pretty face. Service was awesome. Excellent BBBJ, hot ride and an unprecedented GF experience. I had to get up early so I sent her away and didn't insist on the overnight - worth the money definitely.
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    • Hitman2

      Was there again yesterday night. Took out the same girl around 10. Had a great time with her exploring some Live Music bars. Took her back to my hotel rook - better experience than before. She's a really wild one.
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