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  1. Bone_Claws

    Trip report

    Was in Montevideo for a week, but only had two nights free to check out the action. Thank you guys for the address information. The city is not like TJ or Thailand where you see obvious indications where the action is. I had walked by three of the places earlier during the week without a clue.

    First I checked out Candy's at 1276 Soriano. It was about midnight during the week. The club was packed, but in the wrong way, there were only 3 girls and about 20 guys. The girls were introduced and ranged from 6.5 to 8. The club did have a stage and pole where one of the girls got up and did a 2-minute strip tease. I paid 20 pesos for a soda and used my very poor Spanish to ask the 8 for prices. She responded 60 for her and 30 for the room for 30 min. It didn't click immediately, but she meant US dollars!!! I told her no thanks and left. I can only assume that I immediately stood out as a tourist as pesos were never discussed. Oh, none of the girls were in schoolgirl uniforms like a previous reviewer had mentioned

    Next I went to 1414 yaguaran. I got the cheek kiss from 6 girls in skimpy outfits that ranged form 6-7.5. I got a 60 peso soda and grabbed a corner to check out the girls and the porn on the TVs. One blonde girl named Sandra came up and offered a menu of prices for bj up to everything. My poor Spanish skills thought she had said everything (bbj, multiple pops, anal, cim, russian ect.. ) was for 500 pesos (she also spoke with a non Mexican accent that made it hard to understand). It was above latin addicts pricing structure, but it was obvious that I was not a local and it was for everything. We got up stairs; she striped and asked for the money. I handed her the 500 pesos (mistake) and she said 50 dollars not 500 pesos. The deal went south from there. I said no, so we negotiated and settled for 400 for half an hour of the basics with finger probing wherever I wanted. Her performance was a 6 at best, but I made sure to give it to her hard with two fingers in her ass for the entire 30 min.

    The next evening I went to 1060 Ejido. The madame opens the door and takes you off to a side room. She asks if you had been there before (Only Spanish was spoken here) and if you knew the pricing. I had some idea from this site, but asked to see of I would be given the gringo price. She listed off about 8 different options from 15 min covered bj and penetration for 160 pesos (finally someone spoke pesos) to full service 30 min bbj, multiple position, anal, and cum in anal position or facial for 400 pesos. I selected the full service option paid the madame and was taken to another room. The other room had a price list on the wall and was pretty much just as the madame had said (no tourist price this time). A 6.5 blonde girl came in, introduced herself and stripped down for action. The girl was actually very tight and delivered as promised.

    The city definitely has a tourist price structure, which I find very annoying. Most of the girls are only ok looking and I could get a knockout in TJ for their original tourist asking price. It may be better if you spoke fluent local Spanish and looked like one of the locals. I didn't have either of those in my favor.
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  2. Lexton

    Gringo pricing Montevideo

    It looks like you were really hit for gringo pricing in all of these, Bone Claws. The $u400 1/2 hour sounds double what I can find for 1060 Ejido. It may be that they are getting to posting false price lists now, and telling locals about it.

    I see from a spanish language forum the price in Candy's was $u300 1/2 hour in December 2005, a little expensive but I think I saw something earlier in cityxguide.com for that rate.

    The $u400 rate at Yaguaron 1414 you finally agreed on is double what has been quoted also.

    The net is that Montevideo is really getting vicious in trying to fleece tourists, especially mongers. This place is the pits.

    I am here in Montevideo now. I will write a more complete report later.
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  3. Lexton

    Danger in Montevideo--Thievery and Pricing

    In the interests of warning about potential danger, I am making this post separately from another report I plan to make later.

    Be very careful in Montevideo. From the standpoint of theft, this may be the most dangerous city I have been in outside the US. Fortunately, the people of Uruguay seem to be very unaggressive with regard to physical violence. I can't see any evidence that armed robbery, mugging and kidnapping are prevalent.

    What is prevalent is thievery and manipulative pricing. I have never had as stong a feeling about being a target as in this city. I feel as though I am constantly being watched and measured. The first time I walked down 18 de Julio at around 11:00 PM I reached the corner of Convencion and 18 de Julio and thought "this area is very dangerous". There was a group of young men in the 16-20YO range hanging on the corner. There were various other young men in 18 de Julio hanging around. All were relatively poor wearing "felony shoes" (sneakers). Generally, I consider groups of boys in the 15-19 YO range as the most dangerous. They feel invulnerable, and egg each other on.

    Also, there is a look I would have to describe as "envy". There just seems to be a real attitude here, and I suppose it is justified. They are Buenos Aires wannabes, and are VERY sensitive about comparisons to Argentina and Buenos Aires. There is also another attitude, what I would call "complacency". They don't generally seem to be very ambitious. This is a dangerous combination, because they probably don't feel they have a lot of control over their destiny, and their ability to impove things thru personal effort.

    As luck would have it, in my first 5 days here I witnessed some part of 5 crime scenes. All took place in the areas of Andes and 18 de Julio, Andes and Colonia, and the area of Colonia around the Radisson Casino. The Plaza independencia also looks dangerous, although I saw no actual crimes there.

    The 1st night here, I was standing on Andes and 2 young men ran into the street from the Plaza and tore down two blocks and turned left onto Soriano. I knew they were running from a robbery, and sure enough about 2 minutes later a middle aged couple entered the street looking for them, with the woman complaining about a robbery.

    I saw one arrest by the police from the casino. I didn't see the crime.

    I saw in Colonia in front of "Moon River" near the casino 2 boys about 17 going down the street suspiciously, "gingerly". They weren't running, but were moving purposefully but worried about what was behind them. Sure enough, about 15 seconds after they turned the corner, 2 policemen came running from the direction of the casino in pursuit. They were much too late.

    I got robbed on the corner of Andes and 18 de Julio at about 12:30AM. I was standing talking to the street tout on 18 de Julio about 20 feet from the corner, near the curb with my back to the street. Someone crossed the street behind me and walked up behind me on my left side, unbeknownst to me. I was taking some little fliers for whiskerias out of my pocket and sort of reading them and talking to the tout. Suddenly, there was a grab in my left rear pocket, and someone ran to the corner of Andes and dissappeared around it. Fortunately, all they got was a plastic envelope containing a copy of my passport, the entry stamp page, and a card from the hotel. So that system worked. DO NOT carry a wallet in Montevideo, especially at night.

    After they robbed me, I was talking to a young woman at the hamburger wagon on Andes. I was also sort of looking over her head to 18 de Julio. After about 10 minutes, on the other side of 18 de Julio, on the corner, there was a pair of young women talking. The same thing happened. A young man walking down 18 de Julio crossed Andes, and as he approached behind the woman with her back to him, he grabbed into her left rear pocket, and then ran down Andes away from us. He turned the corner at Colonia.

    Watch out for pricing of all kinds, especially gringo pricing situations. I will say more about this in a future post.

    I have been here now 16 days, and have seen no other crimes. But I still have a feeling of being watched on the street.

    To end on a positive note for Uruguay. At night, there is practically NO police presence except near the casinos. In most of the areas I have been in, there is little of the neighborhood vigilante presence one sees in many other cities. Salto, for example had a strong vigilante presence in the centro area. With this in mind, one might think that the people are basically NOT thieves, because there is not more robbery than exists. I have walked around in a large part of el centro and Punta Trouville at night, with no other problems. I have seen many beggars at night, but they have not bothered me.

    So caution is the watchword, but not paranoia. Bear in mind the absence of police presence. I don't think going around drunk is likely a good idea. I do not drink at all, and this may be a factor in being left alone.
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  4. Jon32

    Hello all. I was just wondering what is the name of the rich neighborhood on the beach in montevideo?

    Is this also the most popular beach in the area (where say girls ages 18-24 hang out )? Thanks!!
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  5. Bone_Claws

    gringo pricing

    The worst part of it was that I knew I was getting ripped off, but I didn't have the time to shop arround for someone who would charge at least something close to the local price. The low volume of available girls didn't help any either.

    Originally Posted by Lexton
    It looks like you were really hit for gringo pricing in all of these, Bone Claws. The $u400 1/2 hour sounds double what I can find for 1060 Ejido. It may be that they are getting to posting false price lists now, and telling locals about it.

    I see from a spanish language forum the price in Candy's was $u300 1/2 hour in December 2005, a little expensive but I think I saw something earlier in cityxguide.com for that rate.

    The $u400 rate at Yaguaron 1414 you finally agreed on is double what has been quoted also.

    The net is that Montevideo is really getting vicious in trying to fleece tourists, especially mongers. This place is the pits.

    I am here in Montevideo now. I will write a more complete report later.
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  6. Mate_Oriental


    I think you are talking about POCITOS beach.

    Originally Posted by Jon32
    Hello all. I was just wondering what is the name of the rich neighborhood on the beach in montevideo?

    Is this also the most popular beach in the area (where say girls ages 18-24 hang out )? Thanks!!
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  7. One_Wing_Low

    Apartment Girls in Montevideo

    I took the leaflets from the touts on the main drag and went to an apartment nearby.

    Climb up the stair in the trash laden stairwell to third floor. The apartment was very dark and dirty. The floor and the walls were rotting out in places. The girls were old and ugly. It looked very scary. I made a hasty retreat. The girls were disappointed and they acted angry.

    The same thing happened in a few apartments near 9 Julio. I would never go to these smaller and obscured apartments again.
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  8. Lorenzo

    A slightly belated report on my recent stay in Montevideo. However, I had a revealing exposure to the double pricing practice that is carried on in Montevideo, i.e., differing prices for gringos vs. locals, that some mongers might find helpful.

    I am currently on a 60 day trip through South America on a One World Visit South America airpass. This isn´t necessarily a mongering trip, but I monger whenever I can. I was in Montevideo August 6-9. The weather was miserable, not only cold but it rained literally every minute I was there. I scanned this thread for information. I´m not much for the bar scene, buying chica drinks, etc., so decided to skip that entirely and opt for the brothels. I decided on Candy´s, which has a new address from that previously reported. It is now at Soriana 1271, between Yaguaron and Yi, telephone 903-2220. I called to be sure they were open and while doing so asked what the price would be for one hour. The girl on the phone asked me to hold on, then asked someone else the rpice. She came back on and told me that it would be 500 pesos for an hour, roughly US$20. Quite a bargain, I think.

    So I took a taxi to Candy´s, rang the bell, was admitted and walked up a flight of stairs to the level where the action is. I was greeted by an older woman, presumably the madam or mamasan. When I told her I wanted an hour she said it would be US$70! She seemed quite taken aback when I told her that I had called just a while ago and was told that it would be 500 pesos. She said, incredulously, `500 pesos?´ She then admiitted that it was 500 pesos until 8pm but it was now 600 since it was after 8. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 7:55, but I didn´t argue the point and agreed to 600. I felt that I had won a minor victory against double pricing.

    They then took me to a spartanly furnished but clean bedroom, and soon afterward the girls came in one at a time, gave me a ritualistic peck on the cheek and told me there names. I settled on Luciana, a light skinned brunette who was very tall and lithe. I talked to her first to be sure that she does DFK and BBBJ, two things I insist on, and she agreed that she does. I then spent a delightful hour with Luciana. When she got naked I saw that she is bonier than I thought she was, but this was compensated for by her height. She has a true model´s figure. She has small but adequate natural breasts, just large enough to fit into my hand. She has a bubbly personality and is in fact a nonstop talker, but she provided a true GFE: DFK, BBBJ, DATY, and CFS. She offered to fuck bareback for a tip, but I declined. I use Trojan Supra condoms, which I always bring with me, and they provide a near bareback experience. So I would recommend Luciana highly, but watch out for the double pricing at Candy´s.

    Personally, I found little of interest or of attraction in Montevideo, and I see little reason to go there unless you need to go there on business, or unless you are a compulsive country counter like me. But that´s just one man´s opinion.

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  9. World_Travel_69

    The report originally posted here has been superceded by a new report posted later in this thread.
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  10. Cogelon

    Brothels: "Casas de Masajes" in Montevideo

    The next report is from "INFO CASAS DE MASAJES" from Mr. Relax. For more detailled information, click on:


    Updated: 04.18.2007:
    (name of the place and address)

    Acuarela: Ejido 1626 esq. Galicia Tel. 9016047 - 24hs

    Batoví: Batoví 2129 esq. Lima

    Casa Violeta: Solano López 1766 bis (ex-Comercio) esq.
    Humberto Primo Tel. 6136641 - 24hs

    Candys: Soriano 1267 esq. Carlos Quijano (ex- Yi) Tel. 9032220

    Casablanca: Ejido 1060 esq. Isla de Flores Tel. 9089231

    Casablanca: Gaboto 1472 esq. 18 de Julio

    Chaná: Chaná 1834

    Divas: Yaguarón 1414 esq. Colonia Tel 9018750 - 24hs

    First Class: Buxareo 1231 esq. 26 de Marzo

    Glamour: Tacuarembó y Guayabo

    Hechiceras: L. A. de Herrera 3587 casi Gral. Flores Tel: 2000027 - 10 a 24hs

    Mamasas: Rivera 3587 bis esq. Tiburcio Gómez Tel. 6285075

    Nueve Reinas: Neyra 3626 Tel 4860077 - 14 a 21hs

    Priveé: Daniel Muñoz 2268 esq. Acevedo Díaz. Tel 4082915

    Ronbilis: Guayabo 1516 Tel. 4019167

    Sensaciones: Tacuarembó 1520 esq. Colonia Tel. 4025814

    Starbene: Ramón Fernández 285 Tel. 7102368

    Sweet: Rondeau 1541 y Paysandú Tel. 9031063

    The One: Paysandú esq. Yaguarón

    Mamasas: from Av. Italia 3281. Tel 487 36 10

    Malibú - Constituyente y Tacuarembó - horario nocturno solamente

    La Clínica - Juan Paullier 1529 y Brandzen

    Angeles - Zum Felde 1611 y Rivera. Tel. 614 21 33

    Lirio Azul - Martin C. Martinez esq. Goes

    Amigas - La Paz 2328 (atrás del Chopin XXX)

    La Casa Azul - Marmarajá 2110 y Agraciada Horario 9am a 22hs

    Río Branco 1312 y San José - No me acuerdo el nombre.

    Marcelino Sosa 2213 y Martín García Horario 9 am a 22hs

    Andes 1342 apto. 702. precios alrededor de los 300 1/2 hora

    Whiskería Bahía - Yi entre Colonia y Mercedes

    Whiskería Odaliscas - Salto 1182

    Estamos en tu mira (ex Pétalos de Rosa) - Burgues 2926 y A. Machado. Tel.. 2081374

    Monte Caseros 2796

    Best option in Montevideo are the "escorts-girls" Nice chicas all night long for very low rates.

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  11. More_Action

    Diva Yaguarón 1414

    Dropped in there about 2am a few nights back. About 6 chicas all about 5 or 6's. Gal greeted me and asked if I wanted a drink or just a chica. They all came over and introduced themselves and kissed me on the cheek. I asked about costs and was quoated by one of the chicas 800p UR 30 minutes (double that for an hour) ... my jaw dropped and I said Carisimo...

    There was a guy smoking a butt and pounding a beer in the corner. Two video monitors were pumping out bad porn. I started speaking to this guy who was a bit buzzed. When I told him how much I was just quoted he couldn't believe it. He said it should be 300p. He went to bat for me. But the chica said no 800 is the extranjero price.

    I told him I'd do one of the Chicas at the 300p and he went to bat for me and got me a chica at 300p. When I got the room she wanted the cash first. I paid. And then she imformed me that there'd be no kissing. If I wanted kissing on lips - an additional 100p; kissing on cuerpo another 100p; DATY would be another 100p.

    I had bought the guy downstairs a Plsen for 100p.

    I said uh uh. No deal. And asked for my money back which she did. Then downstairs I noticed a blond that I had eyed earlier and thought maybe I should try this again. She was 25, short, med. natural breasts and a tight ass. Definately the nicest body. The face was okay. I negotiated 500p for besos anywhere and everywhere I like.

    Meanwhile downed another beer for 100p with my friend.

    We moved upstairs to a dingy room, with dirty linens and a bidet and sink that had been stained allover by burning cigarette butts. We started kissing and then eventually she went to the CBJ. She was actually very good at this through a thick nasty SA condom. Then we went through multiple positions but I had to take a piss. She said once the condom comes off there's no more sex. I protested and had to piss real bad. Then just continued. But I couldn't cum. Then just lost my erection. Triste.

    I spent the remaining time kissing her and giving her a massage.

    She was far from enthusiastic and still hesitate at any kisses on her mouth. A disappointment on all fronts.

    I'd avoid this place and try the others on Cogelon's list.

    BTW - the massage parlor that WT69 lists: Alto Nivel, Rio Negro 1145 isn't there. The place was shut down tight at about 9pm on a weeknight.

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  12. Lexton

    More Action's good response at Diva Yaguarón 1414

    Your story presents a really interesting situation, More Action. It contains a lot of useful elements.

    Perhaps most important is the way you handled the pricing by asking someone there, especially someone a little buzzed(less likely to also try to rip you off). Buying him the beer was definitely your best investment. Its too bad you didn't also ask the beer price. Latina Addict reported it as 60p/liter in January 2006. In the end, it is one of the few ways we have to combat this kind of crap. Eventually, though, the locals also become greedy for tourist cash, won't help without it, and help little with it. I encountered this type of attitude some in the resort towns of Dominican Republic.

    Another thing it shows is the need to study the forum and try to learn a little of the culture and attitude of a country. The 100p/item cafeteria pricing is not so much gringo pricing as it is a cultural phenomenon of the country. They love the upsell. I didn't say much about this in my posts on Montevideo but discussed it much more in my post on Salto. They may have gringopriced the 100p portion, but Latina Addict reported the same price in January 06. The idea of the upsell is pure Uruguay. For an idea, look at the way they price the popular local Chivita sandwich in restaurants. The basic sandwich was maybe $ur50, but put on decent options for toppings and stuff and you will pay $ur120 or more, definitely overpriced.

    This cafeteria pricing is a useful way of getting all the wealthier to pay more, and is probably more a result of the long socialist heritage of Uruguay. For those with limited resources, it is possible to buy some product. The more luxury one demands, the more one pays proportionately, with real luxuries commanding huge prices. This is more or less fair. It does, however, complicate the situation. The only defense is what you did ultimately, negotiate a price for a package beforehand. To do this, one needs to learn the appropriate levels for the economy of the area. If you don't, the sky is the limit in this situation. This makes it hard to deal with Uruguay unless one truly doesn't care about money. I personally found it tiring, as I was constantly being hustled.

    I also found the overall business attitude toward tourists was hard and unfriendly. I went thru an exercise with a hair dryer I bought in a main street store but had to return because at 2000 watts I couldn't use it in the hotel and needed something smaller. I finally got them to exchange it(about 2 hours after buying it) for a 1500W model, but they wouldn't return the extra money. They made me buy other products in the store for that value. They were practically desperate for the money. Again the culture of the country.

    I do wish that more people would learn to just say no and walk away. They essentially won in this situation, since they extracted 700p from you for not much, and could easily have extracted 1000p or 1200p. So they are still encouraged to do it again, and stronger. "Este no es aceptable" or "No van a robarme" (you are not going to rob me) is a great response, followed by an exit. Very few people have had a good session after one of these go arounds, especially if the negotiation is difficult. The situation shows a bad attitude on the part of the business, and a difficult negotiation may leave the house feeling they lost, and will deliver service accordingly. Paying the price isn't likely to yield a good result either, again because of the original bad attitude.

    But congratulations on putting up the good fight. And better luck in the future.
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  13. Lorenzo

    Originally Posted by Cogelon
    Candys: Soriano 1267 esq. Carlos Quijano (ex- Yi) Tel. 9032220
    The address is incorrect. Candy's is at Soriana 1271. The one you gave is the old address. The phone number is correct.
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  14. Cogelon

    Originally Posted by Lorenzo
    The address is incorrect. Candy's is at Soriana 1271. The one you gave is the old address. The phone number is correct.
    Candy´s is at Soriano street (not "Soriana"): 1267 is next door to 1271. Is the same thing.
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  15. Cogelon

    Escorts in Montevideo,

    Hi folks! About “ESCORT GIRLS” in Montevideo, take a look on this website:


    Best wishes,

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  16. Voilamonte



    I requested an escort. I found her number on the web (she's Paola and I don't recommen her).

    She started asking for 150USD and then accepted 120USD for one hour.

    She had a nice body but pretty ugly.

    Next time I will ask to see her first elsewhere than my place.

    What are the prices you guys paid?

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  17. Iamsmooth

    Montevideo Report

    Visited Montevideo and had a pretty good experience. Dropped by the Star Bene spot which has about 7-8 regular girls that work Mon-Sat 11-11PM, they will freelance on Sundays by appt. ThaiPie massage parlor is no longer around. Prices at Star Bene range depending on the type of room. They have a small room ($40), larger room ($53) and the super room with jaccuzi ($60). Girls will ask for tip after finish. You get the complete hour with the girl to get off as many as you can, usually 2 cups minimum. Also went to Baires Night Club which has some pretty hot girls working there, semi strip show goes on late in the evenings. Must buy ladies 2 drinks as the bar fine before they can leave with you. All will ask for $100, but you can get most of them down to $75 or $80. Overall a nice time.
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  18. Deep_Sea_Diver

    Great Escort Website

    I recently had some great experiences with independents using the following Website:


    Strongly recommend Vera. She is as pictured. A very nice and fun girl who sincerely aims to please.

    Have fun!

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  19. World_Travel_69

    The report originally posted here has been superceded by a new report posted later in this thread.
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  20. CrimsonKing

    Bar Girls in Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo

    Just visited Montevideo, Uruguay (took Buquebus—high speed Catamaran boatline from Buenos Aires, cost about $80 USD one-way).

    Just across from the port exit is Mercado del Puerto a tourist section with many restaurants. Just to the left of the Mercado del Puerto entrance is a bar that is full of working girls. It is called Barkada. At about 8 PM there were about 5 working girls mostly 5s through 7s. After 10 PM there were about 20 girls, the quality got a little better. I did not get any prices, but it appears that these girls go back to your hotel (nothing on premises apparently). The economy is horrible there. Prices in general are pretty low.
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  21. Cogelon

    Drinking again, my friend?
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  22. DrHosem

    Puerto Putas

    WOW WHAT A LIST BELOW! Wish I'd had that when I was living there a 1-2 years ago.

    I used to hit several of the various clubs and little fuck parlors round town plus pick up some of the SW that would frequent the Pocitos Beach areas corners. Never had any real problems with them, quality hit and miss, just keep looking, it was right out my door soo......

    I used to go to one of the bars right by the Port down from the Puerto Mercado restaurant area. DOn't remember the name but it was on the corner. I'd go there and party with the ho's buying drinks and sitting outside. They'd be firing up doobies, semi-legal in Uruguay, and I'd just be drinking and having a good time till I took one home.

    I had one of THE BEST *****S of my life out of that bar. She wears her hair real short and keep it dyed a peroxide blonde. Dresses the part, a CERTIFIABLE ****! I like taking photos and videos and she'd go home with me and let me take all of the photos I'd like as long as I didn't slack off of fucking her. She would take it in the ass, deepthroat with the best of them and loved getting a load of cum on her face. While doing videos I'd ahve her facing the video camera that was hooked up to the TV and she would use the videos remote to zoom in on her deepthroating me and she'd instruct me on moving or adjust the aim of the camera! She was about 35-45 bucks LT. Hell she was even fun to go out and have a bite to eat with.
    A GREAT FUCKING *****!

    I'll try and find the photos that the wife hasn't trashed )-:Wow what a list below! Wish I'd had that when I was living there a 1-2 years ago.

    I used to hit several of the various clubs and little fuck parlors round town plus pick up some of the SW that would frequent the pocitos beach areas corners. Never had any real problems with them, quality hit and miss, just keep looking, it was right out my door soo.

    I used to go to one of the bars right by the port down from the puerto mercado restaurant area. Don't remember the name but it was on the corner. I'd go there and party with the ho's buying drinks and sitting outside. They'd be firing up doobies, semi-legal in uruguay, and I'd just be drinking and having a good time till I took one home.

    I had one of the best *****s of my life out of that bar. She wears her hair real short and keep it dyed a peroxide blonde. Dresses the part, a certifiable ****! I like taking photos and videos and she'd go home with me and let me take all of the photos I'd like as long as I didn't slack off of fucking her. She would take it in the ass, deepthroat with the best of them and loved getting a load of cum on her face. While doing videos I'd ahve her facing the video camera that was hooked up to the tv and she would use the videos remote to zoom in on her deepthroating me and she'd instruct me on moving or adjust the aim of the camera! She was about 35-45 bucks lt. Hell she was even fun to go out and have a bite to eat with. A great fucking *****!

    I'll try and find the photos that the wife hasn't trashed.
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  23. Loso69

    Loso in Montevideo - The Presidential Suite

    Cama Matrimonial

    When my alarm rang after just 4 hours of sleep, I dozed off again. I was lucky not to miss my flight! The road from Montevideo airport into town was long & twisting. When the cab driver produced a chart to convert the meter value into pesos, I thought he was ripping me off. After an enervating journey, I was looking forward to settling into my comfortable room at the Balmoral Plaza.

    I’d made reservations through hotel-rates.com. Even though I specifically requested a “double bed / cama matrimonial”, the hotel received a reservation for an “Executive Twin”. Fucking morons! No rooms with a double bed were available, so the receptionist tore up my reservation as I walked out angrily.

    There were plenty of other hotels in the area, so I figured I could easily secure alternative accommodation. I wasn’t aware of the long holiday weekend in neighboring Argentina, though. All the hotels were fully booked... except for twin rooms.

    When I enquired at the Crystal Palace Hotel, they had one double room available... the Presidential Suite. It was only available for one night, as newlyweds would be spending their wedding night there tomorrow. When I was quoted a favorable rate, I decided to have a peek...

    The Presidential Suite occupied an entire floor. I imagined myself fucking on the plush sofas, in the Jacuzzi and on the double bed. I checked in!



    Belen was top of my list of escorts in Montevideo. She doesn’t come cheap, but is supposed to provide great service. Alas, I got her answer phone...


    Rubi e Vicky

    When I called Rubi & Vicky, who no longer advertize their services on Ururelax, a guy picked up the phone and I heard girls giggling in the background. Guess they were busy...

    Sublime Escorts

    Sublime Escorts could send a PYT to my room. For 2500 UYU! When I enquired about services, I was told that none of the girls gave BBBJs. Agency policy! Fuck that!

    All the other girls I called had their phone switched off on a Friday night. I gave up on escorts and ventured into town...


    Bicos had been recommended, so I made it my first stop of the night. I wasn’t exactly impressed. There were only a handful of girls. They were old, fat & ugly. Sharon was the only exception. She was young & pretty... but still fat.

    When I was half way through my beer, I was ready to leave. The owner picked up my beer, started drinking from it... and gave me a fresh bottle. He promised that more girls would be coming in later & that they would have a show. He was lying on both counts.

    Bicos is a grubby little place. The owner’s a drunk. When he burnt my shirt with his cigarette, I’d had enough



    Pykaros is an upscale place, with a large selection of girls, including a few beauties. I couldn’t keep my eyes off a hot platinum blonde with a curvaceous body and pretty green eyes. When I bought Anna a drink, we spent plenty of time flirting and kissing, even though she was shy and extremely ticklish. She would only agree to a CBJ at first, but caved in. Her price remained a stumbling block, though. She wanted 100 USD for an hour or 300 USD for the night. She later dropped her price to 200 USD, but insisted on leaving at 5 AM. Anna looked the part, but wasn’t the kind of girl who would set my Presidential Suite on fire. I passed.

    BTW, Paula told me that Anna doesn’t get taken out very often. She’s too greedy!


    After failing to strike a deal with Anna, the pretty birds had flown. I figured the President would be spending the night without his First Lady... until Paula came over to talk with me. She was a short-haired little spinner I hadn’t noticed before. She offered to give herself to me from head to toe... including her cola. She only wanted 1000 UYU for 2-3 hours and was prepared to stay the night for “a little more”. She wasn’t my dream girl, but seemed to be up for anything. Vamos!

    There was plenty of time to take pictures while the Jacuzzi was filling up. The jet streams were massaging our back as we splashed around and when I stuck my dick through the bubbles... Paula knew what to do. We started fucking in the Jacuzzi, then dried off and moved to the salon. We fucked in every one of the sofas. We fucked on the floor in front of the fireplace. We fucked standing up before the mirror. The grand tour of the Presidential Suite finished in the bedroom, where I drilled Paula’s tight little asshole until I exploded.

    After spending more quality time in the Jacuzzi, it was time to hit the pillow. Paula cuddled up to me, but wasn’t allowed to sleep for long. After the encore, I had to check out and make way for the newlyweds. I bet they couldn’t match the show we put on!

    Paula was magnificent! Wonderfully sweet. Totally passionate. Truly a First Lady! Her stelllar performance was rewarded with 2000 UYU. She deserved it!

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    • Loso69

      Loso in Montevideo - Chameleon


      After pigging out at the buffet breakfast and moving to a regular room, I had some errands to run. Most ATM machines in Montevideo are inside a bank building and... closed on weekends. ABN Amro was the only exception. I tried to buy a SIM card, but the phone company offices are... closed on weekends. I tried to buy a Buquebus ticket, but the office in town was... closed. After walking around for hours and seeing more “Closed” signs than I care to remember, I’d had enough!

      As I didn’t get enough beauty sleep the last 2 days, I tried out my new bed. I went to sleep at 3 PM, woke up at 6 PM, but promptly dozed off again. It was 9.30 PM by the time I finally got out of bed. A tad late, even for my standards.

      Princess Night Club

      After a quick dinner, I was ready to hunt for pussy. On my way to Baires Disco, I was handed a flyer for the Princess Night Club & decided to check it out. There were only 4 girls present and none of them were the least bit attractive. I walked straight back out.

      Baires Disco

      Baires Disco is a whiskeria with a circular hardwood dance floor, and a few locals were strutting their stuff. The tango is a visual delight and I enjoyed watching the dancing couples until they were rudely interrupted by... a strip show!

      Baires had a decent selection, without any real beauty queens. My favorite was a cutie called Andrea. She was wonderful company in the bar, as she was showering me with sweet kisses. She needed 1500 UYU. Time was not important, but she was unable to spend the night with me. Fair enough.

      Once we got to my room, the sweetie from the bar changed her colors and turned into a total ice queen. She wanted to be paid in advance, but settled for seeing the money. She’d only kiss on the lips and wouldn’t allow French kissing. She started off by giving me a BBBJ, but was quick to put a condom on with her mouth. Totally mechanical service!

      Lido Balnearia

      After the disappointing ST with Andrea, I checked out Lido Balnearia, a regular disco. The 90 UYU entrance fee bought me a whole liter of beer. The dance floor was packed at 4 AM on a Saturday night, but there didn’t seem to be any unattached females. I didn’t notice any obvious age disparity between the couples – the hallmark of P4P. It may be a pick-up spot for locals, but a foreigner who doesn’t know the steps will most likely be a spectator.

      I did venture onto the dance floor, but never connected with anyone...

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      • Loso69

        Loso in Montevideo - Devil in Disguise


        After waking up in the middle of the afternoon and travelling by bus to Tres Cruces to book my Buquebus ticket, I tried the escorts again. I still didn’t have a local SIM card, so I had to use the hotel phone. I didn’t waste any money – no one was answering their phone on Sunday.

        Sweet & Hot Nights

        On my final night in Montevideo, I wanted to check out the whiskerias on my list that I hadn’t had a chance to visit yet. I walked to the address for both Sweet & Hot Nights, but didn’t see any sign of life.

        Baires Disco

        Slow Sunday

        Pykaros definitely had the best selection in town. But they’re closed on Sundays. My only other option was to go back to Baires...

        They open at 9.30 PM. I arrived just before 10 PM. I was the 1st customer. There were hardly any girls...


        Fernanda came over to flirt with me. I wasn’t interested. Her face was too “manly”. But while watching her strip show, wearing a sexy devil outfit, my pants were suddenly bulging. When she came back and promised to be a really naughty girl, I succumbed to her charms...

        She wanted 1500 UYU for 1 hour or 100 USD for 2 hours. We settled on 1500 UYU for 2 hours. When we got to my hotel, Fernanda asked to be paid in advance. Déjà vu! I told her about my bad experience with Andrea yesterday, said that I didn’t want a repeat performance and invited her to leave. Fernanda started crying! She said that she always insisted on being paid in advance and never got any complaints about her service. She sounded sincere, so I proposed to pay her 500 UYU in advance.

        Fernanda wasn’t lying. She delivered everything she promised... and then some. Her pictures are unadulterated porn. I have her on video masturbating using her high heels, licking her boots... She sucked my dick like a lollipop until she tasted my sweet juices. She was pumping and grinding my dick, while still wearing her fishnet stockings & boots. She took it up the ass like a champ... Fernanda ain’t pretty, but her performance was nothing short of amazing!

        2nd Helping?

        I promised Fernanda to burn her a CD with her pictures and went back to Baires to give her the CD and... find another chica. I figured more girls would have shown up for work by now, but the selection was just as awful as earlier that night.

        Oh well. I had to get up in the morning to catch the ferry to Buenos Aires anyway.

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        • Loso69

          Loso in Montevideo - General

          Getting There

          GOL Flight

          The flight from Porto Alegre to Montevideo cost me:

          Flight: 221,82 BRL
          Taxes: 78,00 BRL
          Total: 299,82 BRL

          Airport Transfer

          After the scenic ride along the harbor into town, the meter showed 202. But when the driver got his ficha out, it was converted into 569 UYU. I thought the bastard was ripping me off by applying a “taxa do turisto”... until the hotel staff confirmed that 600 UYU was the regular fare.


          Balmoral Plaza Hotel

          I’d made reservations through:


          I booked an Executive Room at the Balmoral Plaza Hotel for 60,97 USD a night (excluding taxes).


          When I checked in, I was shown a twin room. WTF? The reception clerk showed me the form they received from hotel-rates.com, requesting an Executive Twin. I showed them my printout, requesting a “double bed / cama matrimonial”. Even though I specified my preference in 2 languages, those dumbasses at hotel-rates.com managed to fuck up my reservation!

          The hotel was not at fault. They couldn’t help the fact that no double rooms were available because of the long holiday weekend in neighboring Argentina. The incompetent nitwits at hotel-rates.com are entirely to blame.

          Crystal Palace Hotel

          There were plenty of other hotels in the area, but the only hotel that could offer me a double bed was the Crystal Palace Hotel.


          I stayed in the Presidential Suite the 1st night (110 USD), and moved to a regular room (45 USD) the next day.

          - The room rates include a sumptuous buffet breakfast.
          - The Presidential Suite occupies an entire floor and features a Jacuzzi.
          - The regular rooms are nice enough and there’s a safe in the wardrobe.
          - Wireless Internet was available.
          * The hotel network required a WPA key.
          * The Linksys network was available free of charge.

          ATM Machines

          There are plenty of ATM machines in the centre of town, but they’re inside a bank building and... closed on weekends. The only ATM machine that was accessible on a Saturday afternoon was at ABN Amro.

          In theory, ATM machines dispense both Uruguayan pesos and US dollars. I only extracted local currency.

          SIM Card

          You can’t just buy a local SIM card at any newsstand. You have to visit the phone company’s office.

          - CTI has an office on the main drag (18 de Julio).
          * They’re closed on weekends.
          - Ancel also has an office on 18 de Julio.
          * Also closed on weekends.
          - The Ancel office on the corner of Paraguay and San Jose was open on Saturday.
          * But they don’t sell SIM cards on weekends.

          Since I arrived on a Friday evening and only spent 3 nights in town, I was unable to procure a local SIM card.


          I walked everywhere and only took a taxi when I had a chica with me. Taxis used the meter and had a ficha to convert the displayed fare into pesos. A glass separates the driver from the passengers. You pay the driver by sticking the money through a hole in the glass. Cab fare from the whiskerias to my hotel was around 40 UYU.


          If you need Buquebus tickets (ferry to Buenos Aires), there’s an office on Plaza Fabini in the centre of town. Like most places, they’re closed on weekends.

          The office in the Tres Cruces bus terminal is open every day (including weekends) until 11 PM. Buses # 64, 187 and 188 will get you there (15,50 UYU one way).

          Alternatively, you can also make reservations through the Internet:


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        • Loso69

          Loso in Montevideo - Overview & Conclusions


          I was in Montevideo:

          May 25 - May 27 (3 nights)


          During my 3-day stay in Montevideo, I had:

          ST: 2
          LT: 1
          Girls: 3



          Whiskerias are bars/clubs with hostesses. The overall quality isn’t very high, but the more upscale places do have some decent-looking girls.

          The girls earn commission on expensive ladies drinks. You need to buy the girl 1-2 drinks before you can take her home. Most whiskerias don’t have on-site rooms. Baires Disco is the exception.

          Whiskerias generally have strip shows, which are pretty entertaining in the upscale places.

          Officially, you’re not supposed to smoke. There are no-smoking signs everywhere. Nobody cares! They don’t have ashtrays, though. They give you an empty can to use as an ashtray.

          Baires Disco


          - Address
          * Calle San Jose 872

          - Beers
          * 100 UYU
          * Choice of brands.

          - Ladies Drinks
          * 200 UYU
          * 1 drink is required to take a chica to the on-site ST rooms.
          * 2 drinks are required to take a chica out.

          - Open on Sundays.


          On Saturday night, there was a decent selection, without any real beauties. I picked the wrong girl! They’re open on Sundays, but few girls show up for work. Fernanda was no beauty queen, but the kind of girl who’ll satisfy all your perversions.

          Unlike any of the other whiskerias I visited, Baires has on-site rooms.



          - Location
          * San Jose and Convencion

          - Beers
          * 150 UYU
          * The only brand available was Heineken.
          * When I refused to drink that cat piss, they went out and got me a local brand.

          - Ladies Drinks
          * 200 UYU


          The handful of chicas seemed perfectly in tune with the bar’s ambience - old, fat & ugly. Sharon’s pretty young face looked strangely out of place - if only she weren’t so fat.

          This low class whiskeria sells the most expensive beers in town and the owner’s an annoying drunk. Stay away!

          Hot Nights


          - Address
          * Florida 1276


          Walked to the above address on a Sunday night. Didn’t detect any sign of life.

          Princess Night Club


          - Address
          * Andes 1313

          - Open on Sundays.


          Had a peek inside after being handed a flyer on 18 de Julio. Only 4 girls – all dragons! Didn’t stay to have a drink.



          - Address
          * Convencion 1260

          - Beers
          * 120 UYU
          * Choice of brands.

          - Ladies Drinks
          * 200 UYU
          * You need to buy one drink to take a chica home.

          - Closed on Sundays.


          The upscale Pykaros has the largest and best selection in town. Alas, the blondie sitting on my lap was too greedy & didn’t give me the right vibe. Her replacement couldn’t match her beauty, but her inspired performance made my one night in the Presidential suite a memorable one.

          Apart from the local girls, Pykaros had a number of black Brasileiras on offer. When I enquired why a Brasileira should choose to work in Montevideo, they replied: “Too much competition in Brazil!”


          Escorts Sites

          The main escort sites for Montevideo are UruSexy & UruRelax. Both sites feature ads for independent escorts.



          I tried to get in touch with a number of escorts over the weekend. Nobody picked up the phone!

          Escorts Reviews

          ForoRelax is a local forum with escort reviews. Spanish only.


          Casas de Masajes

          Montevideo is littered with massage parlors / brothels. The basic service is cheap, but there are many extras! An overview, complete with addresses, phone numbers, prices and reviews, can be found on ForoRelax.

          Final Words

          Montevideo isn’t particularly cheap. The girls aren’t particularly beautiful. The P4P scene caters mainly to locals & sailors – Montevideo is an important port!

          Unless you’re a country collector, Montevideo isn’t really worth visiting. Nevertheless, my night at the Presidential Suite with Paula was one of the highlights of this trip.

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          • Trash_Talking

            Has anyone ever visited these Escorts

            I heading to M.V. and there aren't five people on this site (or the other two I am aware of for this hobby) that can say nice things about Uruguay.

            IF you have seen these girls, tell me what you think, how was the price, and what services did you get? Specifically, did you get anal?

            I am heading through on a trip from Rio, Sao Paolo, and then B.A. Mid April to early May.

            Let me know.




            (I understand she is almost a certainty in country, like getting your passport stamped)

            http://www.galeon.com/mayraescort/u4.html (chick has a thing for body stockings)


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          • Masacuata

            Short overview

            I was in Montevideo a couple of weeks ago and would like to share my experiences

            I found Montevideo cheaper than Buenos Aires but way smaller and not that many things to do,
            there are some all you can eat offers for around 9 euros, no need to use local transportation, you
            could even rent a bike and drive around the city, Plaza Independencia is the heart of Montevideo,
            at nights there is a lot going on around the Plaza, bad idea to do shopping on weekends since
            everything is closed.. they only work on saturdays til 14:00 I think.

            I visited massages "Sensaciones" and "Acuarela" where prices are quite low, the procedure is as follows:

            * you walk into the establishment
            * madam asks you to wait for the chicas in a room next to / right at the reception
            * in contrast with Buenos Aires, all available chicas walk into the room, greet you and tell you their name
            * finally comes the madam and ask you If you found anything interesting
            * any extra cost 30 Uruguayan pesos (french kisses, kisses on the body, DATY) - no anal

            I was in several brothels in Buenos Aires, and in despite of the number of available
            chicas, only 3 chicas came by and next the madam would ask me if I wanted to have a session
            with any of them, maybe I had to say explicitly that I wanted to see more chicas.. but well I didn't.

            I went first to Sensaciones (Tacuarembó 1520) 180 uruguayan pesos 1/2 hour and had a double session
            with two chicas, approx. 14 chicas were available, ranging from 2-7, I chose a slim 7 and went to the room,
            in the room she enquired about the desired "services". Prices were incredible low and when she told me that I could have
            a double service for as low as 360 Uruguayan pesos (11.5 Euros), I decided to have another "7" girl
            to join us.

            The session was only ok, with one kissing my body and the other doing CBJ for a while and then exchanging roles,
            then one of them rode me while the other was caressing me, after a couple of minutes they change the
            condom and the second one rode me, what I didn't like is that I couldn't fuck again the first one since
            "it was not allowed".... according the them.. then I had to fuck the second one in several positions.

            I finished and was heading back to my hotel when I ran into the street where Acuarela is located
            (Ejido 1626 y 1638)and since I couldn't find the first time the address cause the map in
            http://relax.wikispaces.com/Casas+de...+en+Montevideo was misleading I decided to give it a try.

            The quality in Acuarela was slightly better (up to 7.5) for 200 uruguayan pesos + extras, and service was
            better, with 2 pops in around 40 minutes (kisses, caressing, moaning...), the chica was passionate and had nice ass, but had a scare
            on her belly though...

            Later, I decided to try a club, here was mentioned Pykaros as an upscale club, but I would differ from
            that review, the quality was hardly a 7, the club was somehow empty and girls were bored, I ended up with a
            short blonde who quoted 1500 uruguayan pesos for 1 hour, I asked the price for the whole night and she quoted
            at least 300 dollars, wtf?... I countered offer 2 hours for 1500 and she agreed, we went to a hotel nearby
            but had to take a taxi though, the price of the room was around 120 UP for 2 hours, I fucked her hard twice without any complain,
            CBJ and no anal, it was not a good deal compared to prices at massage parlors.

            I did not have chance to try escorts so I dont't have a clue, besides I read in a forum
            in Spanish about some SW in Av. Italia but I was not interested, so no clue neither.
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          • Buffer

            Montevideo Update

            I was recently visiting Buenos Aires for an extended period of time and made a quick side trip over to Montevideo. My timing was very poor. I went over for 2 nights and one day. The one day turned out to be Labor Day (May 1). This is one of the holidays when almost everything is closed and the streets have very few people in them. However, there were clubs open each night, although only a few girls were working.


            I went over to Montevideo from BA on the Buquebus boat that leaves from Puerto Madero. Going over I took the boat to Colonia, Uruguay (1 hr.) and then went down to Montevideo on the connecting bus that Buquebus provides (2.5 hrs). I wanted to see some of the countryside, so I took the boat/bus combo rather than take the direct boat. I paid 135 AR pesos (3.2 AR pesos = $1 US).

            I returned on the direct boat from Montevideo to BA provided by Buquebus (3 hrs). This cost 219 AR pesos.


            I stayed at the Crystal Palace Hotel located at Av. 18 de Julio 1210. I paid $94 US total for the two nights taking advantage of an Orbitz promotion. I think this saved me around $10 per night off the normal rate. The hotel is well located on the main street in the city and is about six or seven blocks from the area where a number of chica clubs are located. There are many banks with ATM´s, restaurants, and cambios located all along Av. 18 de Julio. There are also many restaurants on Calle San Jose, the next street over from Av. 18 de Julio. The hotel does not charge to bring a chica in for short time. However, if the chica doesn´t leave the hotel by 5:00 AM or so they will add an additional charge. I don´t know how much. I rarely keep chicas overnight. I liked the hotel and its location. I would stay there again.


            Pykaros (Convencion 1260)- This is reputed to be the top club in the city. It´s a small club, but nicely laid out. I went here on my first night in the city. There was no entrance fee, a beer ran 100 UYU pesos (20 UYU pesos = $1 US). There are no onsite rooms in the club. The night that I went was the night before the holiday and only 5 chicas were working and none were doable. One chica did quote me 1000 pesos for 2 hours of sexo. This club was closed on my second night in Montevideo (May 1). The club is within walking distance of the Crystal Palace Hotel (6-7 blocks).

            Baires Disco (Calle San Jose 872)- This club is located about 1.5 blocks from Pykaros. Baires is a much larger club than Pykaros. I also liked the layout here. They always have 1 chica dancing on a stage in the center of the club. There is no entrance fee. A beer costs 120 pesos. A chica drink runs 250 pesos. They have onsite rooms for 450 pesos an hour. If you want to take a chica out of the club 2 chica drinks are required. Only 1 chica drink is required to take a chica to an onsite room. Expect to pay 1000 - 2000 pesos to the chica depending on your neg. skills. My first night in the city there were about 12 or 13 chicas working. There were 2 or 3 in my doable range. My other night, the holiday there were only 5 chicas working and none were doable. I have a feeling that this club has some potential on a more active/non holiday time. This is the only club that I could find open during the holiday night.

            Final Observations

            Montevideo is a nice break from the all the action in BA if you are on an extended trip. It is not a primary mongering location. I always felt safe on the streets. I walked all around the city during the day and all hours of the night with no problems. Often there were only a few people on the street. I will probably return in the future when I have an extended trip to BA. I would like to visit Pykaros and Baires Disco when they are fully stocked with chicas. In addition, I would like to visit a number of the other clubs in the city. I will also do a better job of planning to avoid the holidays.

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