1. Neeew

    Sandys Superstars

    Originally Posted by Uk Ouroborus
    Theres only a couple of places close to the train station.

    Bentleys and Piccadilly Selecta.

    Personally I'd stay away from both and venture out of the city centre to Sandys Superstars or Buntys
    Hi Uk Ouroborus,

    Thanks for your advice on what parlour to visit.

    I went to Sandys Superstars as it was quite easy with a £3 metro return ticket from Piccadilly. And the prizes at Sandys seem very reasonable (and then of course they have Farrah who have had great reviews)

    First impression

    Very professional. And very busy!

    Small but nice reception/waiting area. I decided to wait 40 minutes for Farrah to be available and because of the small waiting area it almost felt strange not to have chat with the other guys waiting for their girls.

    £100 for 60 minutes + £10 for OWO

    Before we began I had my doubts since it was obvious how popular she was and probably had been all day.

    But I must say she was a pleasure to be with and you really felt she was enjoying herself. The owo was too little but she was nice in so many other ways. I really liked how she looked me in the eyes all the time!

    She is no longer 20 and has been in the game for many years but she has maintained her nice body and still looks close to er profile picture. Which you only could say for 2 of the 4 girls. One of the girls (Peyton) was even rude in the way she talked to the potential customers who were looking at the profile pictures in the waiting area – as they were half way blocking the passage.



    Price level


    Some of the girls are very far from their profile pictures

    The girls seemed almost too busy (influenced atleast one girls attitude)
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  2. No_Bslam

    In Town

    In town for the week and looking for some facts.. something fun and clean. Maybe an anal playtime too
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  3. Pacey

    City centre

    I'm staying in Manchester for a weekend in two weeks time. Are there any action around Piccadilly now days? I will not have a car for the weekend. If I want to pick up SWs around Piccadilly. Do they have places to go near by, or would I need a car to drive off a bit for the action?

    What parlours do you recommend in the city centre within walking distance of picc garden?

    Cheers lads.
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  4. Terry_Terrier

    Looks like The Times They Are A Changin' in Manc:

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  5. TheKnight

    Originally Posted by Terry Terrier
    Looks like The Times They Are A Changin' in Manc:

    Bollox. Put the girls on the street with no support...that's great policing.
    The oldest profession will survive - at least protect the girls.
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  6. Ravydavy

    Manchester is such a great place for mongering but rubbish for SW's, think the best value in a parlour must be £40 for 40 minutes at arabesquegirlz in bury and Bolton. At that price theres really no sense in cruising the streets for druggies.

    Most the parlours the prices advertised cover entrance fee and basic service (covered oral and sex, reverse oral) and then charge on top for extras (nearly all places is extra £10 for owo)

    Chelsea is well worth a bash just so you can say you've done it, visited myself a few years ago, she came in the room and asked if I wanted oil or talc with my massage, before I even got to answer she stuck her tongue a good 2 inches up my arse, found her a little bit ott for me.

    Few other girls who you really shouldn't miss. Lisa from arabesquegirlz, Jessica (one of the original sandys girls) currently working at louisas and the retreat and also tamzin from lamaison in bury.

    If your looking for an out call then can only recommend kinkster (google kinkster4u) £110 quid and hour and a really great girl
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  7. El_Kapitan

    Manchester Massage

    Looking for sensual or tantric massage in Manchester. Anyone recommend either an outcall or incall place? Not really into full service and hate to pay FS rates for a rub and tug.

    Feel free to send me via pm.


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  8. Ravydavy

    Originally Posted by El Kapitan
    Looking for sensual or tantric massage in Manchester. Anyone recommend either an outcall or incall place? Not really into full service and hate to pay FS rates for a rub and tug.

    Feel free to send me via pm.


    Can recommend a thai lady called Nid, need to google 'nid atherton' great massage and first class HJ £60 for the hour.

    Would just mention the thai massage can be a little rough so might be worth asking for oil massage at the start.
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  9. Kristoffer


    I ended up in downtown Manchester by coincidence. I needed a massage, found a Thai massage place and got a good one, was not offered a happy ending though so I felt a little disappointed. After dinner and a few beers at a couple of pubs I saw a sexy girl go down a small alley and disappear.

    Tropical palms!

    I rang the door and was let in. There were 2 girls available, had I not been so horny I would have left.

    Melissa a British girl, we got undressed and got a back rub, and then she flipped me over for a average CBJ, after that she got on top, I eventually finished in doggy. She was very energetic but would I repeat? Probably not but at 40£ it was ok.

    I left and went for a beer, but I still felt horny so I went back for another go to see if there would be any others there. There had been a shift change but still it was only 2 girls ready.

    Nicky a Bulgarian girl, we got undressed and I saw her big natural breasts that I had play with. I got the same treatment as with Melissa in all aspects, however this felt more mechanical. Sure she was a lot sexier. Would I repeat? Don't think so, but still at 45£ an ok price for some sex.

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  10. chinafan12

    *Ladda Massage & Napa Massage - Manchester*

    My first attempt at a Thai massage in Manchester was in a little place in George Street. I only wanted a proper massage due to a back problem, so I wasn\\\'t expecting any extras. The massage was offered by a seemingly experienced and professional Thai lady in her early 40s.

    About a quarter of the way through my 1 hour session, the door opened and in walked this delightfully pretty Thai girl, mid-20s, low-cut top with boobs spilling out of it.

    She clocked my wedding ring and said, \\\"oh, you married! You want fuck buddy!\\\" and started laughing. The older lady asked if I wanted her to finish my massage off, telling me \\\"she\\\'s very good\\\", all the while the younger girl had taken my hand and was stroking my arm.

    I\\\'ll admit to be a bit flabbergasted, but I agreed. The older lady left, and the girl with the low-cut top took over.

    My heart was racing by now, thinking that my innocent massage was about to get much more interesting, but unfortunately, while the massage was excellent and it helped my injury, it remained 100%.

    That had me fired up, so I had some time to kill the following day I scoped out Napa massage which sits on Faulkner Street. I booked an appointment for their £30 per hour full body massage and returned an hour later.

    I had to wait a few minutes for one of the girls to become available and spent it chatting with the petite, pretty Thai receptionist. Their website states that no sexual services are offered, and not to ask. So I genuinely didn\\\'t expect anything other than another firm massage.

    The girl that was to massage me arrived wearing a short skirt and the typically asymmetrical fastened tunic often worn by \\\"proper\\\" masseuses. I was shown into the small, simple room and left to undress. I kept my underwear on. The girl return and pointed at my boxer and asked if I wanted to keep them on.

    Now, I was taking the \\\"no sexual services offered\\\" thing seriously, especially as it was emphasised via a poster hanging in the room. I wanted to remain under control of my cock, so I said, \\\"yes, I\\\'ll keep them on\\\". Such naivety.

    Anyway, the massage progressed without incident until she started pressing her groin into my elbow as she worked on my back. I tried to ignore it, but I didn\\\'t move my arm either. Eventually, after it happened a few times, I very gently pressed back. She didn\\\'t budge, but continued to work on me, pressing herself against my arm.

    She then climbed onto to the table, her thighs pressing against my hands as she did my shoulders.

    When it was time to turn over I, rather embarrassedly, explained that I was trying to \\\"keep myself under control\\\". She laughed and told me not be silly, that getting a hard on wasn\\\'t a problem. She then started working up my thighs, pushing my boxers aside as she went. Eventually I suggested I just take them off, which I did. She made no bones about taking a good look at my tackle before placing a towel over it.

    I had generated a fair amount of pre-cum by now and had a bit of a semi, so when she asked me if I wanted her to \\\"take care of it\\\", lifting the towel and pointing at my cock, I agreed. We settled on a price of £30 that would allow me to touch her, including up under her tunic - lifting up her bra to touch her small but full breasts - and her butt (which was lovely and firm and round).

    So, all in all, a great massage with a genuinely surprising happy ending. I loved how it started out innocent, but at her suggestion got very interesting.

    Follow this up to another visit to Napa a few months later. I booked in advance but when I arrived and asked for the spa service, I was led by the same petite, cute receptionist from last time to another Thai massage place, this time Ladda, which is a hundred yards away. She told me the same people owned it and the spa service was only provided from this establishment.

    A bald Mancunian man took my payment and I was shown into a room, similar to the one in Napa massage, for my treatment. This time two Thai girls came in, and as before, a poster was on the wall stating no sexual services were offered.

    One of the girls was being trained and she wanted to see what the spa service involved, which is basically a scrub down, followed by a shower, then a quick gentle massage.

    This time I stripped off completely and lay on the table while the girl scrubbed me down, the trainee watching. And this time I knew how I was going to handle things.

    By the time I had to turn over (I\'d kept myself under control) the trainee left, leaving me along with the masseause. The girl scrubbed my front down, liberally pushing my cock and balls out of the way through the towel which covered me, then told me to go for a shower. The shower room had a bath robe, which I put on to return to the treatment room. She helped me off with it, me standing there bollock naked. It was then back onto the table for the massage, again me starting off face down.

    This time when I turned over I used the line from before about \\\"trying to keep under control\\\". Again, this girl laughed and said it wasn\\\'t a problem if I got turned on, in fact it\\\'s perfectly normal. I told her I was struggling to relax, and she told me that if I was relaxed I\\\'d enjoy the massage more.

    I asked her if she could help me relax more... she immediately said that costs extra. We agreed on £40.

    As she oiled my cock up I asked if I could touch her butt, and she exclaimed, \\\"yes!\\\" and offered it to me right away, putting one leg up on the table, asking me if I liked her butt. I did.

    I tried to pull down her leggings, but she told it would be another tenner for that, which I didn\\\'t have. But she did, when I asked, open up her tunic and pulled down her bra, again eagerly, for me to feel her breasts. I was able to finger her through her leggings and she seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was.

    All in all I can recommend both places, as long as you play it cool about asking for extras.

    I\\\'d rate both girls as 7/10 and 8/10 respectively for looks, with the girl from Ladda being especially sexy and \\\"into it\\\".

    I will return!

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  11. Jayyplayy

    Do you know a good Thaimassage place with more than happy ending? I have been to Thai Sanook, but I want to try some new places.

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  12. trianacutts

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