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  2. None

    In Managua, most of the street girls I have seen are pretty nasty looking. I have seen a number of them with no front teeth. I wouldn't have anything to do with them. However, I do recommend a bar called Polanko's that is not too far from the airport. It is two stories. The second floor has nude dancers, but the girls are expensive to take out. The first floor has either a DJ or a band (depending on the night), and a lot of local women go there for dancing. Any woman in the place will dance with you, so don't be shy. On slow dances they will grind the heck out of your crotch. Most will go back to your hotel and spend the night for $20 plus cab fare home in the morning. Have your own condoms (I recommend bring them from the US) because most of these girls do not have condoms.

    Most of the larger hotels will not let you bring women in at night. However, the Hotel Las Mercedes, directly across the street from the airport, will let you bring a woman in. The girl has to register at the front desk when entering, and you will be charged about $10-15 extra for the night. I have stayed there numerous times, never had a problem, and the hotel is clean.

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    I haven't been to Nica in about two years, but here is what I remember in Managua.

    The clubs that have dancers are expensive! A couple of clubs that I went to (I can't remember the names) wanted about $100 for 20 minutes in a back room. They even charged for the condom!! At a club called Josephine's (I think the name might have changed) near the Intercontinental Hotel, the manager wanted $200 plus I had to buy a bottle of champagne for $50 to take a girl out. I said no thanks.

    You will see a lot of SW on Careterra Masaya (spelling?) I have had some nice ones from this street, and they were about $20 for about 45 minutes. You can take them back to your hotel or rent a room at a local hotel. I did the latter for about $8-10.

    Be careful, don't drive in Managua, and there are also a lot of transvestites on the streets.

    I ended up going to Polanko's most of the time. It was near my hotel (Las Mercedes), there was a good slection of girls (they don't work there, they are customers just like you), and I NEVER had to pay more than $20 plus cab fare home for a girl to spend the whole night. I never had a problem with any of the girls. A friend of mine did have his laptop computer stolen by a girl he brought to his room, but he ended up getting it back.

    Stay at the Hotel Las Mercedes. It is across the street from the airport, it is cheap, clean, safe, and they let women in for an additional cost. Most of the hotels will not let you bring women to your room.
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  4. Hawk_28

    This is an Up date on Hotel Mercedes, they had re built it and now is a Best Western, I didn't stay at the Hotel because I made a one day trip to Managua last Friday, but it looks nice from the outside.
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  5. fununcle

    I just got back from a 4 week trip to Managua. I stayed at the Intercontinental Metrocentro Hotel. The street right beside the hotel (I believe it was Reuben Dario or something like that) had a lot of prostitutes on it at night. I was told be a cab driver that the going rate was 200 Cordobas (around $15.00 U.S.). I was very leery of the street girls due to high crime rate and risk of disease.

    One night I visited Club Valle Todo. Any cab driver can take you there. The girls there were fantastic! It's a lot different than any strip club that I have been to. It was sort of expensive, but not outrageous. I did give my hotel name and room number to one of the better looking girls there. She said that she was 21. She had a great body! A couple of days later she called me up and then came to the hotel. This hotel allows females in the room if you escort them. For $50 American I had some of the best fucking and sucking that I have ever had. She even called me up two days later and came over again.

    If you go to Managua, visit Vale Todo! Ask for Vanessa.
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  6. sfo

    Does anyone know anything about “Camino de oriente” mall? Five years ago, it was the spot for the best free lancers, of course they were extremely expensive. Most of them were 7 to 10’s, but their prices were between $60 - $100. I never got one for the last reason. Are they operating on the same place? Have the prices vary since then? Anyone with upgrades on this? Thanks.
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  7. Jaimito_Cartero

    I went to Managua from Costa Rica recently and found the information pretty lacking.

    You can take either Tica Bus or TransNica from San Jose. About 9-10 hours including the border stuff. About $20 round trip. $14 in border taxes if you're not a citizen or resident of CR. These are very nice buses, and have movies and a/c and such.

    Dollars are readily accepted almost everywhere (gas stations, fast food places). Bring $1 bills for taxi's, tips, etc. $100's are hard to change.

    Exchange rate changes all the time, but it was 14.8 Cordobas to the dollar when I was there in late Feb 2003.

    I decided to do an in depth study of the whole scene, and to try a little bit of everything.

    First night:

    A nice small hotel near the mall is El Almendro. Normal rates are $55 per night, but ask for the special $40 rate and they will give it to you. (No taxes or anything extra.) Nice place with small frig, microwave, stove, sink, dishes. 100 channels of cable, hot water, nice place overall. Phone number is 505-270-1260 or 277-2476.

    Guest friendly, and the desk help speaks good English.

    I first tried the girls on the Masaya freeway near the Metro Centro mall. 200 Cordobas was the standard price (About $13). Service was very mediocre, and the girl had her friend waiting in a Taxi out front my hotel. (This was near the big Metro Centro mall).

    Not a good sign.

    She would only give a CBJ, and did it very half heartedly.

    She then asked for cab fare, which I thought a little ridiculous since I had already overpaid the cab that was waiting for her outside.

    Conclusion: You may be able find a good street girl, but I don't know that it's really worth the trouble.

    Second day/night:

    A quick note on Taxi's. The normal rate for 1-6 kilometer trips was 10-20 Cordobas (66 cents-$1.35). None of them have meters. Before you get in negotiate. I had a few drivers who tried to charge me 50 Cordobas, where others had charged me 15.

    I found a good taxi driver who knew a lot of the good places to go
    and was reasonably priced. The Taxi driver, Martin Pineda was a real help the whole time I was there. His cel number is 07781445. You can hire him by the hour (About 80 Cordobas per hour), or he'll take you where you want for a reasonable (15-30 Cordobas) fee.

    There was some mention of crackdowns on massage parlors. There might have been some hassling awhile back, but they're in full swing now.

    He took me to the Sol Y Luna massage. I saw Nicole there, who is a 30 something Nica. She was not the hottest babe there (about 10-15 girls all the time!), but she had a good attitude.

    The room and the girl cost $25-$30. You can get a room with A/C, for a few bucks more but the room fan was fine for me.

    We showered together and then she gave me a nice little massage before we started. She was very orally inclined and was licking and sucking everything in site.

    She also took direction quite well, and was really attentive. She's about 5' 5", with B size breasts. She gave me the best BBBJ in Central America I've ever had!

    She didn't rush me at all, and we talked for quite a long time after the deed. I think I spent 70-80 minutes with her.

    I was totally drained after that experience, and went to the hotel and crashed.

    Third day/night:

    Martin drove me to Granada for a tour of the old city. This is about 45 minutes driving each way from Managua. He spent about 5 hours driving and going around Granada. Cost $27.

    That night I wanted to go to Polancos. Martin wasn't too thrilled about going there since he says there are lot of fights, and it's a bit of a bad neighborhood. I kept insisting on going there. I'm glad I did.

    It's a pretty normal club with Nicaraguans dancing there. There is a strip club upstairs, but I was looking for normal Nica girls. No real pros, this time.

    I'm a big guy and didn't know if any of the girls would come over to me or not. Not to worry. Within 10 minutes, I'd had my shoulders rubbed a couple of times, and very nice Nica in her early 20's came over.

    Her friend came over and sat next to my Martin, but he's married, and wasn't out for adventure himself. My Nica was very nice, and we talked in Spanish a bit, and then we danced a little bit.

    She thought I danced a little funny, but we had fun doing it. We sat and drank and kissed a bit afterwards. About 20 minutes later, one of the Nicos got pissed because someone was dancing with his girl (or something like that), and he threw a chair at another guy.

    Then one of the guys threw some sort of stink bomb or shot some mace. The place halfway cleared out while the bar personnel restrained the two guys.

    My Nica got some of the stuff in her eyes, and was coughing. We decided to head out before things got too bad. As we were hitting the door, one of the guys got away and rushed the other guy. Luckily we were outside, and all 3 of us left in the taxi.

    My Nica went home with me all night, and stayed 24 hours in total with me. Very nice, a little shy in some ways (wouldn't let me eat her out). We went out to eat, to the movies, and a lot more the next day.

    She never even asked for any money, though of course I gave her a fair amount when she had to leave for home.

    Very affectionate, and fun to be with. She made me feel like I was 18 again.
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  8. Carlitos_LA

    I just came back from Managua for a 4 day visit. My mother is from Nicaragua and I had found a tremendously in-expensive internet airfare that I decided to go down for a few days after a 5 year absence.

    Things have changed since my last visit. My first night there I went out with a couple of male relatives to go to a strip club. On a Thusday night (May 15), things were quiet. We first drove by Vale Todo, around 9pm or so, and there was no one there. Next we decided to go to Lips, near the InterContinetal Hotel in old Managua. We got there around 10pm. It was empty. I didn't mind more chicks for us. Well needless to say it is very expensive here, but the women are beautiful all 7-10's, and young. As soon as we sat down, and ordered our drinks, 3 latina lovelies came over to sit with us. WOW! They were beautiful!! As I said the drinks are expensive and that is how they make money, our bottle of whisky was $40.00, and the girls can not drink from our bottle, their drinks are ordered separately and are $13.00 a pop. Ouch! We spent hours with these lovelies, and unlike the US, where their may be rules on lap dances and touching, but here THERE ARE NO RULES!

    In the club, their were 15-20 girls taking turns dancing, including ours. Nude dances, these girls grind you, and are generally all over you, and you can touch anywhere you want, feel them everywhere and kissing is all part of it. It was great! We had a blast! Dancing with them, one show was they get all soaped up and you dry them off with a towel however you want. My girl sat on my lap and I was making out with her and touching her everywhere. She kept asking me to take her to a private room in the back for $94.00 (the cost of a bottle of wine, being the pretense) where she said we could do anything we wanted! I never had so much fun in my life. but we paid a hefty price! $$$$

    After the club, we left around 2:30am, we drove around Managua , looking for SW to have fun with. In the old part of town, we chatted with one (about a 5), and her charge was 50.00 cordobas (around $3.50, yes 3.50 US!)

    Then we drove to Carretera Masaya where most of the SW hang out, and wow, we saw some 7-8's. They were gorgeous. They wanted 150.00 cordobas ( $10.00 US). WOW We drove up to some other ones along they road and chatted with them for a while and one came to my car window and started feeling me up, my chest and my member! It was fun.

    If you want to get laid, Managua is great...not too expensive, except maybe the strip clubs, but the women are beautiful. It is great for mongers. We had a blast that night. The subsequent evening we went to Mirador de Tiscapa, then Montelimar which is a beautiful resort on the pacific.

    Happy Hunting!
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  9. Excat

    I was in Managua in Dec 2002 and got the following from the local newspaper. Visited a couple of salas de belleza, which appeared to be beauty parlors, but had available chicas for on-premise or take-out. In the evenings, suggest hiring your taxi by the hour. I paid 100 colones per hour, which probably can be negotiated down a little.

    Codes: “c.” is cuadra or block, domicilio is at your place or hotel, the word “de” followed by a name can be the name of a store or building, Bo is barrio, and numbers beginning with 0 are for a cell phone.

    1. Sala de Belleza Claudia, 266-3066.
    2. Masaje Corporal, Cabrera 3 c. al sur, 222-5509.
    3. Oriental Massages, 150 cordobas permanente, 278-6401.
    4. Sala de Belleza Acuario, masajes corporales, 249-8706.
    5. Nuevo Centro de Masajes, 249-5161.
    6. Club Lady, M-Su, 248-6030, 077-87906.
    7. Peluqueria Yami's, 244-0969
    8. Exquisitos Masajes a domicilio, 077-78487.
    9. Tantra, C150, BBB, servicios a domicilio, M-Su, donde fue La Estatua Rene Schick 3c norte (lago), 289-5073, 086-61035.
    10. Los Faroles, salon de masajes, 266-8689, 077-65540.
    11. Masajes Corporal, 268-6345.
    12. Mileydy, masajes a domicilio y local, 088-80349.
    13. Masajes Profesionales, locales y domicilio, 088-21764.
    14. Masajes Bellamar, domicilio y local, Bello Horizonte, de la Iglesia Pio X, 3c. arriba, 3c. al sur, 2c. abajo, casa rosada No. 55, 244-1395, 088-30105.
    15. Sol y Luna, 200 cordobas, 9am-0pm, 861-7078, 222-7732.
    16. Mercedes No. 1, Monsenor Lezcano de Telcor 2c. arriba, M-Su, 8am-10pm, 268-1283.
    17. Centro de Masaje No. 2, Altagracia, Repuestos Resadom 1c. abajo, 8am-10pm, 266-8012.
    18. Cleopatra, sala de belleza, 266-0593.
    19. Centro de Belleza Bolonia, masajes corporales, saunas, 268-4677.
    20. Masajes a domicilio unisex, 088-80257.
    21. Sala de Belleza Gloria, masajes corporales y saunas, De la Tiendona, Calle 14 de Sept 2c arriba, 1/2c al lago, 248-3824.
    22. Centro de Masaje, Altagracia, Bo. Altagracia, de la Fosforera 3c. al sur, 086-81681.
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  10. Nicoya

    Hey there Excat, some of the places you listed have been shutdown already. I'll try and make a detailed list when I have the time.
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  11. Happy_Cat

    Managua is a rather complicated city, has no downtown as such and the areas are very far one from the other. You have to rely on taxis, that can charge you anything from 1 to 6 dollars for the same trip, depending on the hour, your spanish, and other factors. A regular fare is 20 cordobas (1.3 US).

    The street scene is not bad, but you have to try your abilities from the car or while walking in unsafe environments. The prices are always around 10 US. The Clubs Lips, Vale Todo and Hollywood are similar (the same guy owns the three), the prices are outrageous and qaulity is fair. There is another club in C. Masaya called Kings Palace that is not worth the visit.

    The best option is to buy a drink to a girl and get her phone number. Here you have three tested, good attitude and looks between 6 and 8.

    Gloria Celeste 0888 6170
    Willy 0600 7898
    Fatima 270 9821 086794459448

    Massage houses (see previous posters) were disapointing, quality and attitude.

    Never pay the club price for girls, wine, etc.

    Check with your hotel the guest policy. My Hotel (Princess) blocks the SW, but is friendly to club girls.

    Didn´t find really good, enjoabble FS, the girls seemed always very concerned with money and far from a GFE, but of course YMMV.
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  12. One_Great_Man


    Thanks for your earlier post.

    If I were coming to Managua for 2-4 weeks, where might I find a guest-friendly room (being careful not to bring rowdies home) for $40/night or under? The owner/manager would have to be out of it not to realize why I was paying for his room.

    I'd prefer to spend the money saved on accommodations on the chicas, which I'm sure I can score. (Your tips, however, are invaluable). Anytime I trust a taxi driver, I have to realize they are taking me somewhere they get a cut.

    I don't like paying "bar fines". I'd rather give the $ or whatever to the girl - it tends to inspire their expertise.

    Picking up numbers in a bar, though, sounds like a good idea. How important is Spanish? Can non/lingual thoughts be conveyed if necessary? Telephone could be a problem, yes?

    If two people are of the same mind, the "zig-zig vous" or "le gusta...", get the message across, in person. I suppose I would have to negotiate the scenario in advance before I called the lady, just so we both knew what was expected.

    You've been there - done that. If you have suggestions, please pass them along.
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  13. Nicoya

    Hotel Mansion Teodolinda is a nice little hotel near a hot spot in Managua. Prices start at $40 a night there. It's located near hotel intercontinental. If you go to any club in Managua expect to pay a fee for either a room in the establishment or to take her out. Prices in the clubs out here are outrageous, and aren't really recommended. If you are into street walking, you can find a load of street walkers on Carretera Masaya. Going towards Masaya most of the beautiful looking ones are on the left, mostly near the local dance clubs. These girls are definately worth the 500-600 cords($40) you will be spending. Every now and then you can find a decent looking girl for around $20. The girls near Intercontinental usually charge around there. They post out in front of Lips and other spots around there. The massage parlors around here aren't as bad as some people in this board have been saying. If you can find some good ones you'll be in for a treat. Always carry just enough to pay the girl. A lot of girls out here have very sticky fingers. Spanish is very important, over here, if a girl notices that you are american they will jack up the prices just for you, so a guide is recommended. If your just looking to meet some people, you probably won't have a problem. The women out here can be very nice to gringos. I happened to know someone who would have been excellent at that, but he is no longer a taxi driver. I'm sure if you ask around here people can put you in contact with past guides. If I can come up with something I will. If you need any more info just ask.
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  14. Jaimito_Cartero

    T1GM - I stayed at El Almendro by the Metrocentro mall for $40 a night. Very nice accomodations, very helpful security guard. Their normal rates are $50 per night, but I'd guess they go 30-35 for a two week stay. I never saw them full any time I was there.

    It is a bit of a ways away from Polankos, so if you have one place in mind, you may want to get a hotel that is close.

    Find my recommendation for the hotel and a really great taxi driver earlier this year.

    I don't recommend the casinos for fun. You might as well throw your money up in the air.
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  15. Jaimito_Cartero

    Gee, I feel like Nibu here, asking if nothing is going on in Nicaragua? There's some nice action there, I only wish they had cheap flight there like Costa Rica.
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  16. Green_Giant

    I get into Managua Friday nite and out early Saturday morning so I have little time to waste. I think from reading the earlier posts, that, for sampling the local fare on a tight schedule that the best idea might be one of the clubs. I will be traveling with someone else so my room won't work. I am unclear as to just what clubs do and don't have rooms available. Is there a specific recommendation for a short time hotel if I would go for a SW near the Intercontinental - the Hotel Mansion Teodolinda was mentioned earlier?
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  17. Noguera

    Hey Green Giant,

    Let us know all the details of your recent overnight in Managua. I just now joined the WSG so was not able to give you advice before you left. Anyone out there planning a Nicaragua trip just let me know and I will be happy to jump in and give you advice. I'm an expat that used to live in Managua.
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  18. Green_Giant


    OK, here is what I found.

    Considerable money can be saved at the clubs if you don't drink there and don't buy the girls drinks. I didn't do either and no one seemed to mind. I bought a single Coke each place I went and the most I paid was $5 with tip.

    At Vale Todo the girls were fair. Worth checking out to see if there is someone you like. Room and girl $135.

    The Red Palace is higher class with more girls that will probably be of interest. Room and girl $150.

    Club Hollywood was by far the best I had time to visit. If you don't find something to your liking there, then you just aren't horney. Cover $5. Room and girl $180. The Nica I had there was most adventurous and enthusiastic.

    There are some real possibilities with the SW scene, a few very good looking women at first glance. Managua can be a dangerous place for a gringo especially if he has been drinking. However, I am convinced, that If you don't drink and research a room ahead of time, one that does not have your posessions in it and take your time to pick out your Nica, so that you know what you are getting (clothes cover many falts), you could have a great time on $50.

    I'm sorry I forgot my camera or I'd post some pics.

    To sum it up , it is more expensive and not the quality of Costa Rica or Panama but good quality can be had at a price much less than the States.

    Play safe.
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  19. Doc_Sail

    I have been going to Nicaragua for about 5 years now. The Best Western Los Mercedes accross from the airport is the best hotel in town for the money. It will allow chicas, has 2 pools, a good restraurant, and hot water and clean rooms. Some of the help speaks English, and will help find chicas. Glorias is a short cab ride away, and offers a non rushed full service for about 300 cordobas. I hope Green Giants prices were in cordobas and not dollars or he way overpaid.

    Selva Negre near Matagalpa is a very relaxing place but you need to bring your own chica.

    El Churrasco is the best restaurant in Managua in my opinion, and Tip Top toward Masaya is also very good.

    Montelemar is a great all inclusive beach resort near San Jaun del Sur but you also need to bring your own friend.

    All i n all, Nicaraguya is a great country with very friendly people, but few Americans visit because fof percieved safety issues. Once you get out of Managua, which is like any city, the country is safer than most places at home. The people are warm, friendly, and helpful.
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  20. Muffdiver21

    I made it to Managua, Had been staying in Granada. Currently in the middle of allot of action near the big mall. There is a Hotel called King´s Palace right next to the Red Palace Strip Club, it cost $50.00. Many other attractions within a two block area - Club Hollywood, Casino Las Vegas, Pharaohs Casino, Aladdin's Casino, Caesars Casino.

    To early for me to go inside, will report more later.
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  21. Jaimito_Cartero

    Sounds like you're near the Metro Centro. I stayed at El Alemendro near the university last year. It was really fun because they were having all the "Irak no"! demonstrations, and the traffic circle was closed 1/4 of the time.

    I found the girls on the highway real hit and miss. Hopefully I'll be able to visit Polankos later this year.

    It sounds like Green Giant did pay dollar prices. To say that Nicaragua is more expensive than CR is wrong. I'd say there are less working girls, but that pricing is the same or less in Nicaragua if you just know where to go.

    You can get a nice non-pro or semi-pro at Polankos for $20 for all night. $10-$15 for some of the highway girls, or $25-$30 for a nice massage plus action at the massage places.

    I had a 24 hour girl friend from Polankos. It was one of the most fun days I've had in the last few years. She never asked for any money at all. If you only experience the high end clubs I think you miss much of the charm of Nicaragua.
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  22. Muffdiver21

    Wanted to tell everyone about my night in Managua. All the street action that I saw started from The road next to the Red Palace Strip bar and went on for at least 1 Kilometer towards Club Hollywood and beyond, heading out of town away from the mall. Only saw one girl that I would of considered,she was a 7 and wanted $50 dollars for the entire night. It being early I decided to check ot the clubs before I choose a girl. Ended up going to Polonko's then Venus Strip Bar across the street. Chose a Girl at Venus Strip Club, paid her $50 for 2 hours with Club bedroom included.

    The Polanko's area is not as nice as the area around the mall, but the prices are much better. If you have money, I am sure you would be happier near the mall and all the Casinos, with Club Hollywood and the Red Palace.

    If your on a budget hit Polonko's or the Street scene. The area around Polonkos is a real dive, prices are good though.
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  23. Noguera


    You found a cute girl at Venus, 2 hours, on-site, for only $50? That is a great price. Tell us more about the encounter. Do I understand this correctly?
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  24. ViajeroTropico

    Spent thursday night 3/4 in Managua. Stayed at the Princess. Confirmed before heading out that could register a lady if I brought one back and paid a fee.

    Used the hotel taxi, and he insisted that Polankos areas wasn't the right place to go, that the neiborhood was risky. He wanted to take me to Lips or Hollywood; I said that I heard Lips had no cover, so take me there. The place was just opening, dancers start at 8:30 and I watched the first one. My drink was 80 cordovas (about $5). This was the first part of a two drink minimum (so now we know what you get for no cover charge).Immediatey I was hounded by a cutie, whom I let sit beside me and tell me how it worked there.

    I bought her one drink (180 cords). She told me how were table and private dances, and if one was really motivated, one could buy a bottle for $280, yep, thats dolares, and could go to the back room and be by ourselves for 2 hours and do whatever we pleased.

    I asked about take out, and she said she didn't know, but called for the waiter to find out. He left to go talk to the boss, and came back and said that if I bought a bottle for $390, yep, more dolares, she could go as long as I wanted. I just waved him off, saying thanks, but I ain't no fuckin stupid Japanese businessman, and he left. I reconfirmed with her that for $100 less we could go to the back room, so I said, "why would anyone want to pay that price?", to her. About 2 minutes later, the guy returned and said she could go for 2 hours for $250, and I said no thanks, and in 1 minute later, he came back and said, $150 for one hour.

    Again, I said no thanks. In looking around the room, although there were some pretty girls, all young, there didn't seem to be the fuck of a lifetime in there, so I boogied out.

    There was a cab waiting when I bounced down the stairs, and I asked the guy, "are you from the street or from the house?" He laughed, and said, no problem. I won't rip you off. I said, okay, let's talk. I told him I wanted to go someplace that was more real, un lugar "popular" that the ladies were nice, but the house wasn't in to just ripping a guy a new one. He asked if I was willing to pay $50, and I said yes.

    He took me to Sala de Belleza Gloria (listed in one of the posts on this board sometime back.) He waited outside while I went inside to check on things. There were 3 girls, a 6, a 5, and a 4. The one 6 (really young) hustled me, so I asked the price. She said $50 for a room here, and for take out, $100. I said, no thanks, finished a quick one and took off. Just as I was leaving the fat lady that was running theplace offered me a discount to $75, and I told her sorry, I had already received her message of trying to screw the gringo, and wasn't interested in participating.

    I told the Taxi guy, let's try another, and if that didn't work out he could just take me to Red Palace, and even though it was like Lips, I would almost be at the hotel and would hang for a while without eating any snatch for the evening.

    He took me to a place called CC; not classy but clean and friendly. Immediately I spotted this lady with a wonderful smile and pretty face, which when got close saw she also carried DD's. She was a bit taller, and although carried some size, was proportional and very attractive. I asked her inside and outside prices. She said 750 cords for inside ($50) and 1,000 ($66) for take out without a time restriction. I asked, so you would stay until I had to get ready to got to airport at 5:30 am?, which she responded yes. It cost me 10 cords (75 cents) to get in, and I bought the taxi driver a beer while we waited for her to change into decent clothes.

    I gave the taxi guy his fair wage, for waiting twice and he didn't try to gouge me the house price. When we got to the hotel, since it was still early (about (9:30-9:45), we went to the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks and ordred some food since I hadn't had any dinner and talked a bit. I could now see her in better light and she truly did have a very beautifl face and quite sexy attractiion. She was from the Atltantic coast, had been dancing about 6 months; first 4 months in Lips and two months in this place. She said Lips was too many rules, and that in the end she made about as good as money in this other place. She was 24, had a 5 year old, divorced, but he has some money and helps her with the kid's expenses.

    We each had a drink in our hand when we left the bar, and as the front desk was busy checking people in, we just sort of sauntered over to the elevator and scooted right up like we belonged there; no big deal. This is a trick I have done other places, by going in earlier in the night, (before the night shift comes on), sometimes there are moments to just be part of the hotel crowd and everybody doesn't notice as much.

    We got up to the room, took a shower and then jumped into bed. She had wonderful big natural DD's, probably 44 or so. She weighed herself on the scale at 150 pounds, and I would say her height was probably 5' 5", maybe 5'6". She certainly wasn't fat.

    We played around, but she wasn't a big kisser, and seemed to want to get the jonny in as soon as she could. I tried to go down on her, but she said she didn't like that; which made me very disappointed. I talked to her a bit and she said that it had only been done once and she didn't like it. I tried to convince her that it probably was poor tecnique and she should give it another try, but no such luck. It was back to pound the jonny time, but somethiing just wasn't right; I guess I am not ready so fast, so I just pulled off and rolled over, like I had totally lost interest.

    She asked me what was wrong, and I said nothing, just differences in approach and goals. She continued to work jonny over really well (but only CBJ), to the point that jonny just couldn't resist. She climbed on top, and worked me hard until I had no choice but to pop the hormones...In the end it turned out to be nice, although not the type of session I try to extract from these ladies. Some are a true GFE, others not quite so. She was in the middle.

    She had a good attitude however, I must say that. She wasn't winey or turned different after the deed was done. I was bushed, and it was easy to tell; I had started the morning out in Bogota at 5:30 eastern time and had to get going at 5:30 the next morning as well. She asked if she could go, since she said there was no way she was going to sleep since she is used to staying up all night. I said, yes, no problem, and gave her taxi fare. I escorted her downstairs, and we walked out to the street to get a street taxi to avoid the more costly hotel versions.

    In the end, for the money, I couldn't complain. She appears to make more money in the dance/drink trade than the take out version, and when she has to do the popping, she is probably keen on getting the deed done. However, I think with thepassage of more sessions and comfort, a guy might get her to be more GFE. Regardless, i have had much worse in attitude for much more money. At that price, for that nice of a body and sweet lady, it is hard to complain.

    I don't recall hearing about CC on this board before, I would like to see what others think, or encourage others to go there and file some more reports. I will go back fishing there again to see what else might be there for harvesting.

    All the best...VT
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  25. Noguera

    Viajero Tropico,

    Great report. Thoroughly enjoyed your evening out (“in”?) with the young lady.

    Since I have spent most of the past 8 years either working or living in Nicaragua, I consider myself a relative expert on Managua. However, “where the hell is CC’s?” You got me. Not only am I clueless on where it is located, I have never heard of the place! What does “CC” stand for? Where is it located? Is it a lower-tier strip club, or a casa de cita? I generally enjoy the lower-scale places the best.

    What was the name of the young lady you took out of CC’s? I know a few girls in town that are larger-framed, though all of them have great bodies. I have never seen a Nicaraguan with 44-DD’s. You would think the whole country would notice someone like her. I chuckled at your attempt to DATY her. Reminds me of several years ago with a little spinner named Isamar from the Red Palace. It was an afternoon session and she wouldn’t let me go down on her either. So I whined and moaned and finally talked her into only one minute. Then, if she still didn’t like it after a minute I would gladly quit. Well, you can guess … after 5-10 minutes of her going absolutely crazy, about tearing my ears off, and bucking like a true champ, she was totally spent. Never had a problem with her denying DATY again! If I would have been able to breath through my ears and had a video screen on my forehead, she would have been in heaven!

    I am proud of you on your report of Hollywood. I just don’t get that place. Who the hell pays that kind of money for 1-2 hours with a girl? Especially in the poorest country in Central America. I use to know the owner (Inmer Tracero) and he also owns Vale Todo on the other side of town. The manager is a great friend of mine named Chepito. He has been a really good friend for maybe 7-8 years and even I cannot get a discount from these guys! But it is absolutely ridiculous to pay those kind of prices, but they continue asking. I remember the good old days before Hollywood, when the two “best” clubs in town were Vale Todo and Playboy (the old Josephines, current Lips, has always been priced off the scale) and you could go in, visit with a girl for maybe an hour, buy her drinks, go do the nasty in the back, and go home … all for under $100. Do the Japanese and Chinese guys lurking in the corners of Hollywood actually pay those prices? The trick at Hollywood is to only buy them a drink or two and then get them to meet you the next afternoon somewhere around town. Or get their cell number. Even the hottest girls at Hollywood will almost always meet you at the Esso station at Metro Centro the next afternoon, and go to your hotel for a couple of hours for $50-$100 (but only pay the $100 if she is a drop dead stunner). If you ever are “innocent” enough to buy the $100+ bottle of champagne in any of these clubs. Next time go to any of the Esso’s or Texaco’s and you will see the exact same bottle of shitty wine on the shelf for $7. Buy it there and then just hit yourself in the head with it as hard as you can. You can pretty much use this same strategy if you ever pay more than $50 for a young lady in Managua!

    Where is Sala de Belleza Gloria located? Can you give us directions?

    Great report and enjoyed it thoroughly.
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  26. ViajeroTropico

    A couple of clarifications. I remember looking up at the sign, and it had two large C's, hyphenated, like C-C. I remember talking to the girl later in the night and asking her how long she had worked at CC's, so I had the name pretty close. There might have been some other words in connotation with it. Now that you tell me that you don't recognize the name, I am a bit worried in that I wouldn't be able to find it again, but what I would do is go back to LIPS (it wasn't Hollywood) and find the cab driver again and get him to take me. This guy won't forget me for a while.

    He drove a black taxi (some foreign asian thing that is short in length but has a high part over back seat, not much of a trunk) with yellow lettering. He told me his name, but in my stupor didn't remember it. If you wanted to cruise over there and find the cab driver and discuss the little trip with the gringo who he took to two places and then the Princess and what was the second place, I am sure he would tell you.

    Her stage name was Lizette, but she showed me her cedula, indicating her real name. Unfortunately I can't remember that either (there was a lot of liquor in me by then, because we were on the elevator headed up).

    These things had to be at least a 40-44, and maybe she wasn't that large and they were only 38, but regardless of the inches, they were double DD's damn things hung down to the middle of her belly. They didn't show as much when she was dressed, but undressed is when their real size came up.

    As for an address of Sala de Belliza Gloria, I have no idea, but if you scroll through this Nicaragua secition, some guy lists it as one of several he copied out of the papers and it is listed first. That is why I recognized that name.

    As for what type of place is C-C's, it was open with several tables, and an elevated dance floor, with a vertical pole. Only one lady was dancing while I was in there. Most of the girls were setting at tables. There weren't too many guys. Again, it might have been early for Managua or for a thursday, about 9:30-10 pm.

    Your idea of "un minuto maximo" might be a good trick that I will invoke if that opportunity arises again. Oftentimes I asked ladies in advance their attitudes/feelings about oral sex either way before I agree to do business. I do this because besides enjoying a good snatch, like you, I have found that proper technique can send these girls into heat and once that happens, then the rest is so much fun. It is like a way to get them to forget for a little while that they are ho's, even if it is make-believe, it tends to stop the clock a lot and other bennies arise.

    Yes, in the fancy clubs I generally go in those not to make something happen that night, but rather to find one who is willing to do business on their own another time. Unfortunately my total time in country was 20 hours, from the time I landed until the time I was on a plane again.

    Myabe my business will pick up and I will be making more trips. If so, I will let you know if I am headed back.

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  27. Jaimito_Cartero

    I've run into the same kind of reluctance to allow DATY. I've often done the "one or two minutes" only. I've never had them tell me to stop in that amount of time. It's usually when they can't stand it (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it), and make me stop, or threaten to wrap their legs around my head and suffocate me.

    My taxi driver didn't want to take me to Polankos, but I'm so glad I made him. Just stick to your guns, and you'll be fine. I've got contact info from my reports from a little over a year ago for the taxi driver I used.
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  28. Muffdiver21

    In responce to Monaghan, did go to Venus bar across from Polankos. Currently in Costa Rica. Remember paying the girl $50 dollars, 2 hours for the bedroom inside the club. She was the only good one there. Costa Rica action is in better area of town and a $100 an hour for the best girls at the Del Ray. As low as $12.00 a half hour for girls in low end brothels.
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  29. ViajeroTropico

    Does anybody know if Hotel Robles is girl friendly? I have a client who is insisting that I stay there, and I was wondering if anyone knew. I checked it out on the web site and looks nice, and has business center which is good, but wondered about its friendliness relative to bringing a lady in..discretely, of course.

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  30. Belmont


    Don't know about that hotel, but I can recomend the Hotel Grenada. No frills here, But for $25 and chica friendly, and close to the plaza.Good deal, A/C of course, very neccesary here. I was here in Nov. and really apreiciated the staff. good folk. Enjoy Grenada!

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