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  1. Hungry

    Just been tranfered to jb just for short buz trip but want to look for overnight fun anyone can help me pls email me at stephen79@lycos.com
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  2. HappyChap

    Just got back from JB after 2 nights exploration.

    Must say that JB is a bit tricky and not so easy to find PRCs.

    For best locals - Eden Garden but pretty expensive (250 rm for in room service). Strictly locals as hotel is half owned by Govt.

    Also tried Merlin Hotel. Quite good massage (99 rm) & sex (130 rm) but again locals.

    Grand Continental - all locals at HC but if you probe hard enough there is an agent working in hotel. They have 2 PRCs. You either go to their rooms or they come to yours. 170 rm per hour. The PRC fr Szechuan I had was very good.

    Still think Crystal Crown is best overall. There are many joints nearby and they can send girls to you at hotel. Paid 350 rm for overnight PRC. Very good value for the one I had.

    JB is more difficult perhaps because the market is still pretty small compared to KL.
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  3. Pretender

    Hi Happy Chap,

    I guess you have gone to the wrong HC or hotel. I read a couple of forum regarding JB and it pretty amase me. There are a lot of "stock" down there in JB. You can always refer to this forum for more information. I read through couple of them and I feel like going down to JB for some action.


    Happy Hunting

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  4. Hungry

    Will be in jb on monday can u guys give more detail stuff then asking to go other forums cause i can't get to them .See my comp is in the house .ur help will be very appreciated.
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  5. Sainter

    I was told that there is quite a good HC in Muar. Does anyone know anything about that?
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  6. Happy_Kiwi

    Can anyone recommend a good hotel to stay in JB (just overnight)? When I looked up the web there were only three rated hotels listed:

    - Puteri pan Pacific
    - Crystal Crowne
    - Continental

    Does anyone have a preference or can suggest a different hotel altogether. I'll be catching the plane to KL the next day from Senai (?).

    Has anyone been to Lion Spa? Where is this located in relation to the three hotels above?

    Many thanks.
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  7. DaThinMan

    I have stayed in Crystal Crown, Grand Continental and New York Hotel before.

    Crystal Crown was a bit run down.

    Grand Continental is okay. New York Hotel is the newest. I recommend either of these two.

    All 3 have Health Centres with action, so I hear.
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  8. Happy_Kiwi


    Thank you once again!

    You are always so helpful, polite, and tolerant of others. Is there any way I can buy you a drink and give you a small gift from New Zealand as a token of my appreciation?

    Please PM me via the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.
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  9. Fatty_Joe

    Is it hv any action in Pontian or Perling?

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  10. Tew

    I am new to this forum and found it interesting. Sometime goes for massage alone but without reference numbers to try and OKT always give me no good ones. Now, scare to try already unless some of you 'tai koh' out there can give me some good references in and around Klang Valley. I promise to post it here for all of you if found anything new!
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  11. Lui_Hunter


    Will go down to JB next week.

    Any good HC to recommand in JB.

    Totally new here.

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  12. Penang_Boy_#2

    To Lui Hunter,

    Last week I just stay at JB, if you are stay at Eden Garden Hotel you can try go 2 7th floor Spa Center, I just try the oil massage RM88 + Fj RM112 together damage RM200. cuz extra RM20 4 you can call them 2 your room. Package girl is RM258.

    Happy Cheonging Brother!

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  13. Milrono

    To Lui Hunter

    I was in JB yesterday and went to Lion Spa at Jalan Lumba Kuda. I took one lady numbered as 168 and had really a wonderful time with her. There was no rushing and she kept me busy for the full time limit. Perhaps you can consider taking her and keep this forum posted.
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  14. Lui_Hunter

    Dear Milrono n Penang Boy #2,

    Thanks for the recommandation. I'll try one. see which one more convenient to me!

    Both HC have prc inside? The gals both of you mention is local or PRC. Especially the 168! really hope to try her up, does she look pretty?

    Keep in touch ann make this Forum live!

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  15. Orientalovers

    Dear Friends,

    I will bring my foreign friends, 2 taiwanese, to Kluang, Johor for a business trip end of this week. I am new to this place. Lately, my friend told me there is not much action overthere. I afraid my taiwanese friends will get sick about it. Recently I saw an ad regarding Primecity new spa, how is the situation like? What type of services provided? Can anyone provide me some information in urgent?

    Thanks a lot for your attention.
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  16. Wiley01

    Took a side visit to JB during my stay in singapore (see my posting there too). Stayed at the New York Hotel. visited the New York Spa on second floor (open from 11AM til Midnight). Got the 198 special. All inclusive! Girls were 9+, Massage was great, the extras were outstanding. Recommend this one to all.
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  17. Viper_Z

    To all,

    from cacturz

    have heard quite a fair bit in this forum about Li Xin Pub in JB and some directions mentioned that it is opposite Crystal Crown. I've tried several times to locate this place but to no avail. Am wondering if they operate under a different name or is it that I am really that blind! Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

    On a different note, I do travel to JB for work every month and I usually head to Sakura. For the benefit of those who have yet to visit this place, it seems to be the place to be. The place mainly has Thais and a few Indons & PRC. Girls there are generally wild and open. Tips for Thais & Indons including FJ would be RM70 in the room and slightly higher for PRC. The few times i've been there, I've opted for Thai girls and their service is close to top notch. Very GFE and worth every single cent. Take aways are also available for RM300 after 2am.
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  18. Dr_Devil

    Lixin's signboard name is Star Cruise and it is further down opposite Crystal Crown. Golden Million is the one that is directly opposite the hotel.

    Lixin is a sister joint of Sakura and owned by the same boss, has much lesser gals and lower quality. These are the only joints in JB where you can literally bonk on the spot for RM70.

    If you have tried Alibaba and Golden Million, you will then realised that the service from Sakura and Lixin are yet the best. Sakura popularity is dropping significantly and most of their top gals has returned to Thailand.
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  19. Focus_Four

    Hi, Guys,

    I am new here, thanks to Hunter for providing such a lovely site for us to exchange "useful" information :-)

    Went to Eden Hotel Roma Spa with few friends yesterday late evening, since the usual no. (110) is not available, the OKT recommended #116.

    Was quite surprise when meeting the gals, because she looks just like girl who stay-nextdoor, pleasant appearance, big eye, Japanese girl-like teeth, long hair, fair skin, look skinny but big breast (34 c) :-o, and only 21yo.

    Overall service is good, very friendly, excellent BBBJ and good reaction but not wild. Real value for money.


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  20. Shanadda

    Hey there ppl!

    I'm a newbie in this forum and this is my first posting. I kinda noticed that most of the JB area reports are kinda in the high price bracket area. Myself being a student in the local U, we look for the cheaper side of things but try to minimize on the lack of quality. So far I think I have found 2 avenues for cheap sex but not skimping on quality.

    First option.

    For those who can blow around RM 120 for a fuck, go on down to Jalan Wong Ah Fook (City Square). No more are those really cheap and bad street girls but nowadays managed by pimps. I know one guy who is super accomodating and strives to fulfill all demands. Go on to Wong Ah Fook and ask for Ah Lai from the pimps who loiter at the street corners. Find this guy and ask for anything and he will try to get it for you. Friendly chap, get his H/P no. Will be useful. Best bets, his Indon or Thai/Cambodia girls

    Second option.

    For those people who can blow only RM 100 for a rather long fuck (45 mins to 1 hour), you gotta travel a little bit. Head on north of JB to Kulai. Find entrance to Taman Sri Putri Kulai. Enter that road and take the second turning on your left, goes uphill. Take the first left turn and make turn left immediately again. You will have a row of shophouses on your right and the road on your left. Go to the end of the shophouse row and u will see a pub like place with the signboard of pusat rekreasi. Enter asn ask for a girl to anyone. Only Thai/Cambodia girls. Good lay! Try it.
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  21. Johntodd

    Question, where do I go that is close to the Singapore boarder?
    Can I taxi from downtown Singapore to the JB boarder, walk across and try my luck?
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  22. Focus_Four

    Dear Johntodd,

    I assume you are now in Singapore and wish to visit Johor Bahru, if the answer is yes, then you can either take a cab from downtown Singapore to Woodland checkpoint, then walk about 2KM to cross the Singapore and Malaysia Causeway to enter Johor Bahru Checkpoint, or you can take bus no. 170 from Singapore bus terminal, and this bus will take you straight from Singapore to JB without much walking, but ofcause, you will have to get down from bus when you reach both countries immigration checkpoint to get your passport stamp.

    Wish this will help.
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  23. Male24

    I need pros from Muar, Malacca and Batu Pahat. Any suggestion? I prefer overnight and can kiss, can do anything and she obey your order, please help me with this.
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  24. No_Diggity

    Went to BlueWave spa (6th floor of Grand BlueWave Hotel) around 7pm upon recommendation from a JB friend. OKT told me that most of the girls were working, so decided to wait. Saw no.76 came out, very attractive, but OKT said she's booked until 9.30pm. So told OKT that I would book her for 10.45pm last call (spa closed at 1130pm). Took at cab to city center for a few hours and came back to the spa around 1030pm.

    Finally proceed to room 803. The room was very big, with a big lounge with kitchen facity and a big bedroom with bathroom attached. After 2 min, #76 came in. Introducing herself - from KL - only been here in JB for less than a week. Very chatty girl.

    Took me to shower - SOP. Then ushered me to the bed, start with a catbath on my back, culminating with a brief AR. Then flip me over and start a long BBBJ. I have to compliment on her BBBJ skills. Then proceed to a FJ, start with missionary then doggie. She's probably a bit tired and I had to do all the work. The FJ is a bit rush. Overall,

    Look: 8/10
    Skin: 10/10 (very fair, pink nipple and ass)
    Body: 6/10 (a bit skinny)
    Tits: 7/10 ( B cup )
    Butt: 7/10 ( good looking ass)
    Leg: 8/10
    BBBJ: 9/10
    GFE: 6/10 (Not as GFE as the PRC in Chile/skyriver KL)
    AR: 4/10 (still better than nothing)
    FJ: 6/10 (I had to do all the work and I was dead tired too)
    CIM: Not available.
    WIR: No.
    Damage: 200
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  25. Viper

    Hi guys,

    Was at JB sakura just the other day. I definitely recommend to you guys G30.

    She's actually Indonesian girl but does not look Indonesian at all. Service was fantastic. She likes giving BBBJ and licking the asshole.

    She dies for AR and keeps on asking for more and more. She then asked me to come in her mouth and she swallowed my entire cum. Kept on sucking my dicky even after I came.

    She's very friendly and quite cute. Body quite good. Age look like 18 or 19 years.
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  26. Porn1437

    Anyone here know where can I get the on-door service or over-night service in Johore Bahru? Does the ladies in Jalan wong ah fook willing to overnight? Anyone know the OKT's contact which provided this service??Urgent, because going to have a busines trip in this Friday, and I am looking a over-night lady service there.

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  27. Dr_Devil


    You have more choices for selection from LSB in JB, instead those street hookers. LSB gals mostly are in late teen or early twenties from Thai, Indo and Yunan. It usually cost RM300 to book a gal out from 2am till 12pm the next day. We will be heading to JB this Fri, PM me if you would like to join.
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  28. Focus_Four

    Went to Roman Spa yesterday with a friend, #110 fully book again, OKT said got to wait for about 50 min., and other usual number either absent or working, drop the idea to look for them, and OKT strongly recommented #55, so decided to try.

    Waited at the room for about 3 minutes, the girl came in, look at her, is not really my type, but anyway, give her a chance. She is from Perak, face look O.K, I suppose her age is around 27+, but the OKT told me she is only 23 yo, damn OKT. Body is only average, luckily service is good, overall I will give her a 6.5/10. I am sure next time I wouldn't go to the same OKT for recommentation.
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  29. Banker


    This thread seems dead.

    Any lastest info for JB?
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  30. Focus_Four

    Dear all,

    FR on Goodhope Hotel, Skudai.

    Went to Goodhope hotel HC on 16/04 around 15.30 (too horny), ask OKT whether any foreign dish, because all local nasi lemak there is pretty old, OKT brought me straight up to hotel 5th floor, and parade me 2 Myanmese WL, choose the one who name Mei, 7/10 look (long hair, cute face), 7/10 body figure (wearing low-cut sleeveless T-shirt and jean). After paying damage RM180 to OKT, went into the room, she passed me a towel and ask me to shower, then her turn. After she wipe herself dry, take away the tower, found she got a pair of reasonably big breast, small tits like peanut but dark brown in colour, good shape butt.

    Started with some chats, French kisses and rubbing, found her breast is still quite firm, and moan in a very nice way, use finger to find out the juicy level, well, not bad, at least she didn't apply KY, after about 10 minutes of romance, start the FJ with missionary position, follow by doggie style, and also Old man push car style, she is really juicy (may be because she is just reach Malaysia for 4 days, haven't cheong by many cheongster), then finish in missionary position.

    Overall feeling is average, still consider worth the money I spend.
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