1. Priamos


    Duly noted. My favorite haunt is the area immediately west of Mustapha Kemal Cad., and that's a bit of a minefield with, I'd say, 60 per cent rip-off traps and 40 per cent "honest" places. I will gladly add a couple of hot tips to your map, AS SOON AS I come back from Istanbul in three weeks' time. My present problem is, I've never bothered to take a note of the names of places I could easily locate in situ. I could therefore add six or seven points to the map even today, but I'd be at a loss regarding their names.

    No, let's do it properly: I'll come back from Turkey with enough dots to fill the space between Bacardi and Seranda. That's a promise!
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  2. Lux74

    Can anyone tell me more about Istanbul's general houses called GENELEV. Which one is the best, and where can I find them.

    I've heard that general houses are not so good, and there are many ugly and older girls, but still it can be found young and pretty. Is it true?

    Can non turkish enter there, or it's for turks only?

    Are there other types of brothels, 'couse i'm not intrested in streetwalkers, or rip offf girls from night clubs where u have to leave houndrets of dollars ,only for drinks before you go with girl in the room.

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  3. Connect_28

    As a foreigner you don't wanna go to Genelev, unless you have a very strong stomach. Just go to Irmak or Seranda with limited money you will get decent quality girls. The place where the genelev ids called Karakoy and the street name is Zurafa Sokak, but it is not worth the hassle. Trust me.
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  4. Priamos


    Connect28 already gave you the address, and I totally agree with him: not worth it! However, if you want to have a look, its very close to the famous Galata tower. Walk from the tower down the increadily steep street toward the Golden Horn (there are two main roads from there - the other one leads to the Taksim). Zurafa Sokak is a short parallel street on your left.

    On the issue of "Turks only", the formal answer is yes, no foreigners allowed. The pragmatic answer is, it depends. The entrance is guarded and if there are several policemen hanging around, they'll normally enforce the law for fear of their colleagues. However, if there's only man he may be "persuadable" by means of a little bakshish. I've been there twice. The first time I was turned back, the second time a 10 euros note bought me access. But, again, it wasn't worth it, except perhaps for curiosity value.
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  5. Big_Bro_AJ

    Unfortunately there are no brothels like in Nevada or Houston,TX.

    I've never forget the great times at Chicken Ranch and Bunny Ranch.

    "Genelev's" are very low profile places to have sex. It's a clear and present danger for your health. As a foreigner stay away from those places. Waste of time and money.

    Irmak, Seranda and Bacardi are the best places to find eastern european girls to spent joyfull and sinful moments; all three places at Mustafa Kemal Street-Aksaray.
    $50-$100 for two hours, $200 all night long; prices are various one girl to another

    Seranda is a bar-club, you pick the girls while they are dancing. If you deal, then you take her to the clubs hotel(Hotel Seranda).

    Irmak is a resturant-bar-disco mixure, you can talk with the girls, if you deal then take her to your place.

    Bacardi is the top spot. Girls gone cost you around $200 for all night long, plus $50 expenses at the club.

    It's summer time in Istanbul, as a foreigner you have a change to find freebies(college girls and young women) at the bars around Taksim,Etiler and Bosphorus.
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  6. Ortos

    Hi Big Bro AJ,

    Very informative, thanks.

    A question a bit off topic though, if you please:

    I notice on another section dealing with Cyprus that one of your posts was deleted by the Admin. What on earth did you write that was so offensive to warrant deletion? Who did you attack? You seem to have informative and important things to say, so I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read it before they deleted it.

    What did you write?
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  7. Inostranets

    I paid a visit to Irmak earlier on this week, half out of boredom really. Was about 3pm on a weekday so didnt expect much to be going on. As the weather was nice the past week, 20c+ and clear, the chairs were set up outside though at first I sat inside. Were quite a few girls, maybe a total of 10, although some seemed more interested in chatting to each other than anything else. They were all darkish looking, no blondes, and the ones that were talking were doing so in what i guess was romanian. After about an hour I got bored and went outside where a lone russian was sitting. I chatted to her for quite a long time in russian. She told me that all the girls inside were either moldovan or romanians pretending to be moldovan. This goes against what I had read ages ago about a no romanian policy, maybe business is slow at this time of the year? Needless to say I have a preconception that such girls are dirtier than russians and ukrainians so struck a deal with the russian outside. $60 for 2 hours, was alright as we chatted for quite a lot longer anyhow.

    As for picking up turkish girls, you would do very well to find a one night stand. Girls in Istanbul are not that impressed simply by the fact that a foreigner is such, as there are so many tourists here at all times of the year, and if you appear like a tourist then your chances are virtually nonexistent. As I have never gone out looking to pull in Istanbul i cant be too certain of my probabilities, however judging from what I see when out with friends, the chances are very low, many places wont even let guys in without a female in the group. That said if you want to try then just check out the sidestreets off Istiklal, or for more stylish places (ie. better looking but possibly stuck up snobby girls) in the summer the clubs down in ortakoy or some of the trendy bars near in levent/etiler.
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  8. Vegamars

    Your chances as a tourist to hang out with Turkish girls are quite higher,but it's a complete waste of time to monger with a bunch of ugly idiots who think they are unreachable.
    Instead you can try to seek regulars from almost every country if you know the right places and occasions.
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  9. Zinger_Burger

    I agree with Vegamars. If you dress nicely and are fairly good looking, opportunities exists to hook with regular turkish babes.

    I would recommend Kemanci, Mojos, Hayat Kahvesi (diagonally opp to Mojos) to pick up regular turkish girls. The chances are few however they do exists. I did hooked on to an babe at Hayat Kahvesi that too being an brown asian :-)
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  10. Aslan_Kral

    Returned back from another 3-days trip and wanted to share some information.

    1-) Regarding Turkish hookers, some ladies mentioned about Ugur Disco, where 2 working Turkish girls visit on a regular basis. My understanding is that it should be close to Big Pub, same side on the Mustafa Kemal Caddesi. I will possibly try one of these ladies on my next visit. Someone else will arrange it and send it to my hotel. They also mentioned that this is a relatively small disco, never been there myself.

    There is a girl from Azerbaycan who speaks fluent Turkish, but I would possibly give her 5 out of ten, she is very much like Turkish, I mean it is hard to describe the difference. I might be able to get her phone number, though no guarantees. Please send me a private message.

    One lady mentioned about Hisar Gazinosu around Istiklal Caddesi. She had worked there before and there are now 3 Turkish girls working on a regular basis. As far as I understood, they are good quality and very hot. However, it would cost several hundred million Turkish liras to go there and stay for some time in the casino to pick them up. Standard con scheme works in most casinos around that area. So, the best way is to go there and without sitting talk to the manager and arrange one of the Turkish girls. According to her, this is possible with one condition, you take the girl to a hotel that the casino has an agreement with. For a few hours, she would estimate the overall cost around 400M Turkish liras, about 300USD. She said this is possibly too much, I mean you can get a cheaper deal in Aksaray, but these girls are good, again according to her. She offered to go there together, may be I will. I pushed a little bit to get the phone numbers but did not get them yet. I would love to have sex with a hot Turkish girl for $150-200 a night.

    2-) I stayed in Topkapi Eresin, 73.5 USD per night including taxes and breakfast. I would rate it as a true 4-start hotel, better than Akgun(3-star) or Holiday Inn(3-star). During April, it seems the price is going to be similar. Just go to www.goldentulip.com and make a reservation. Price is slightly higher, but you don't need registration for the girls, close to Aksaray (5-6 minutes by taxi), and nice enough. The girl can directly come to your room without any questions.

    3-) Some of the girls agreed to share their phone numbers in this forum so I will post them. There are 2 Hungarian ladies I had mentioned earlier. They don't speak good English, but you might be able to communicate well. The second one worked in Europe and should be able speak Spanish.

    0 535 315 7711
    0 535 516 9295

    Once you call, just mention that you got the number from internet. If agreed, they might come to your room directly.

    In terms of appearance, I would rate one of them as 8 and the other one as 6. But the second one plays very aggressively in bed. I would possibly rate playing/fucking quality as 8-9. You will possibly get a true BJ(or BBBJ), she is a PRO. Of course, this is difficult to guarantee, she might play completely different with you.

    The ages are 30 and 28, heights 1.70 and 1.67, respectively. One is plain brunette and other one is slightly darker and slightly overweight, possibly have some Gypsy background. I mean I didn't ask direct questions about the background for the second lady.

    You can have a 2-some, and I myself plan to have such an experience during next visit. They offered to do it last day before my departure, but was truly tired, having fucked four different women previous day, thanks to aggressive plays and 25 mg of Viagra. Two of the women completely sucked me out.

    4-) There is an easy way of getting Viagra, in the airport. After you go through the customs, you will come to the waiting area. Just turn right and at the end, there are shops on the left. There is a pharmacy which sells Viagra, 25, 50 or 100 mg tablets by Pfizer. I bought two 50mg packs for 63.5M Turkish liras each, slightly cheaper than what I had paid in Aksaray a few weeks ago. They don't ask for a prescription.

    5-) I want to provide an interesting statistic. A few months ago, police raided our popular joints and collected 150 girls, almost all of them being foreigners. These girls had to stay in a hospital for a night after the tests. Here are the results;

    3 Moldavian girls with AIDS
    7 girls with Frengi
    1 girls with bel soguklugu (I don't know its English, can't just remember)

    One of my ladies had talked to them before they got deported. It turns out that these Moldovian girls had visited the same abortion clinic in Moldavia and they seriously suspect that they got it there. Anyway, these gals fuck Turkish men without using condoms. I am not saying that just Moldovian girls are dangerous, I don't know why Moldavians would be different from Ukrainians or Russians in this respect.

    Anyway, AIDS is a reality, even in a relatively closed country like Turkey. Most of the men visiting Aksaray area, according to the girls, are married and possibly fucking their own wives on a regular basis, spreading the disease. The state is just trying to prevent this and not forcing the law to deport all foreign prostitutes. If the girl turns out to be clean, she is released and can go back to Irmak.

    There was another raid just on Irmak a few weeks ago, the police collected 17 girls. The tests indicated that all of them were clean.

    Girls are claiming that most of the ladies in Irmak use condoms. My experience shows otherwise. After some sex, they are willing to take it out. I would say, 1 out of 5 is using under all circumstances, 2 out of 5 are using it depending on the guy, 2 out of 5 don't have the notion of using a condom.

    One of my ladies mentioned that a girl can consistently avoid police raids to go undetected. Consider this, a girl knows that she is infected, and still comes to Turkey and try very hard to be undetected. Most girls I talked want to avoid the police because of money, because they lose at least 1 full night. On the other hand, they said the hospital is usually good, food and a nice bed is provided and police officers usually don't treat them badly. They also get reliable test results.

    6-) Many ladies have Turkish boyfriends. I mean serious relationships, not just regular visits to have sex. A few of the girls got married to Turkish men and left the business.
    Some of the girls I had sex with are staying in apartments where the boyfriends are paying the rent. In this arrangement, boyfriend handles food and room, have free sex from time-to-time and lets the girl make money in places like Irmak.

    During slow seasons, it is possible to completely rent a girl for 1000-1500USD for a month. Certainly, there would be additional costs around room and boarding. A girl can make a lot of money but there is also cost.

    7-) Nearby restaurants don’t have as many ladies as Irmak and some girls from Irmak are being called up by managers and waiters of these restaurants when a horny customer shows up. The major difference is that these restaurants have arrangements with nearby hotels and make the customer go to these arranged hotels and get a share. So, the customer ends up paying 40M for a hotel which is worth 20M. According to some girls, these hotels are very dirty and are raided by police more often and girls don’t want to go there. At Irmak, there is no such condition and girl can make a selection for a better hotel if the customer agrees. For 50M a night, there are reasonable hotels like Grand Tasciyan, if I’m writing it correctly.

    Aslan Kral
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  11. Aslan_Kral


    You can find girls from many countries at Irmak. I met Romanian, Russian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Ukrainian and even Azerbajcani girls at Irmak. I would expect girls from Georgia and Armenia as well, but never met with such. There are girls from as north as St. Petersburg. However, no Turkish girls there. Ladies mentioned that a Turkish pro-singer comes to disco section after 2-2:30AM on most days. She seems like a singer, but in fact an expensive pro. Her name is Arzu.

    Some girls never sit at the restaurant or smaller section next to it. They come as late as 1AM and go up to disco section.

    Aslan Kral
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  12. k__rat

    Hi all,

    I'm a white American guy going to Istanbul in early May for about a week (work work work). I think I will be staying in a pretty posh hotel in Taksim (Marmara?). I have yet to come up with a decent map to see how it relates to the places listed in the forum (e.g. Irmak and such). I'll be busy until fairly late every night, so I won't be able to wander around during the day.

    I'd appreciate any info about the area around Taksim - is this close to the areas discussed recently in the forum? Any good agencies that can supply beautiful women who speak at least some English would be good to know as well - I won't have time to really search and will probably have to just "order in". Am I likely to have luck scoring in the bars of the nice hotels?

    TIA for PMs or replies to the board. I'll give a report when I get back
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  13. Inostranets

    Interesting and informative report Aslan. It is true about the aids situation in Turkey, i'm convinced it is more prevalent than is it is reported to be, although nothing serious. However I certainly wouldnt have sex with an aksary girl without a rubber (and my own at that). The phenomenon of girls marry turks is interesting, I know of one girl who has done so and has a turkish passport and everything, it must genuinely be for love as ex ussr can enter turkey upon simply paying a fee like westerners, and one would even think that working in such a field and having turkish papers might even cause a problem when encountering the cops, maybe not. Though I can't see any advantage in having them.

    To any vets. of the Irmak scene, when does it start hotting up, as right now seems quite attrocious? Prefer blondes right now none at all it seems.
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  14. Aslan_Kral


    As far as I understand, police collects all ladies in such places regardless of citizenship. If a foreign pro has Turkish citizenship, it doesn't help, as it wouldn't help regular Turkish pros.

    Again, my understanding is that prostitution outside of Genelevs is illegal, Turkish or foreigner. For example, the state can't get any income from these activities as no one submits any tax forms or these foreigners don't have any work permit in Turkey. However, the police does not force the law on Aksaray girls or shemales around Taksim area. The major goal is just to make sure that sick girls are identified as soon as possible and deported.

    Regarding Irmak scene, I had seen about 15-20 girls in the smaller section when I visited on a Sunday evening between 7-8PM. Most of them were waiting for the disco section to open.

    I myself don't prefer a blonde, but you could try other places like Seranda, Big Pub and Bacardi. BunnyHopper had provided a map for the locations 1-2 weeks ago. For Irmak, go there after 8 and may be even try disco section after 11. I was there three times, and Sunday evening was the best.

    Anyway, I will ask for a blonde, but can you give me more info about a 'blonde' that you are looking for? For instance, how much 'blonde' she should be?

    Aslan Kral
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  15. Vegamars

    The truth is that the girls who don't have Turkish citizenship have a higher chance of being collected by the police and a very low chance of being able to come back without being deported.Moreover,they can stay as long as they wish as compared to the max visa peirod of 2months for the non-citizens,so most are willing to pay a couple of thousand dollars for the papers.It's also evident that the police can never enter or interfere with the top clubs like Bacardi.
    There's nothing easier than finding blondes in Istanbul.The best time to search for the best girls for all places including Irmak and Bacardi is between 10p.m and 1a.m on Wednesday,Friday and Saturday.
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  16. Connect_28


    Taksim is 10 min. cab ride to Aksaray. There are several night clubs and bars around Taksim, but with 90% probability you will get ripped off in those palces. Just take a cab and go to Aksaray and if you want to spend around US$200 go to Bacardi, if you want to spend less go to Irmak.

    Good luck
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  17. Inostranets

    Personally I prefer dirty blondes (hair colour that is) or just plain natural, none of those peroxide jobs that seem popular with the devushki, if you know of or could find a blonde russian/ukrainian with a number that'd be great. Maybe I'll check out Irmak in a week or two, granted when I have been around that area it was always during the daylight hours and thus choice is probably severely limited. Although I wouldnt been too inclined to lurk around aksaray alone after dark, maybe it is not as bad as I imagine.

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  18. Catalyst

    So 22:00 to 1:00 is the best time to look for action, but what are other times like? Is there any point in looking during the afternoon, or into the wee hours? (Are the wee hours safe?) Suppose you want to see a few girls in one night - can you get started at 18:00 or 20:00? Or maybe it is more cost effective to find someone for the whole night and convince her to spend a lot of time relaxing in your hotel room.
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  19. Connect_28


    There is action although it is limited from lunch time onwards at Irmak.


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  20. Aslan_Kral


    I had posted 2 phone numbers for Hungarian ladies a few days ago. Apparently, they received several calls because of that and connected with a few people in respected hotels.

    I should point out that, initially, they only come to an hotel. Later, you can convince them to come to a house. Second, you can do a negotiation with the first one only, if you want to have a 2-some.

    Third, they will not be available until the end of the month because of Easter holidays. Most of the gals are returning back to their countries for 2-3 weeks. They will still be expecting calls after that.

    I was in Istanbul over the weekend and will post the details soon.

    Aslan Kral
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  21. Aslan_Kral

    I visited Istanbul for 4 days and had sex with several girls, including 2 separate 2-somes.

    Stayed in Holiday Inn Istanbul City, slightly cheaper than Topkapi Eresin, but considerably inferior. Registration is a must. They even follow the girl to the elevator and get an identification card. I wouldn't recommend this hotel, instead arrange a room in Topkapi Eresin, still 73.5USD per night inclusive of tax and breakfast.

    Friday evening, had a 3-hours 2-some session with Hungarian ladies, but was not satisfied. Taller girl didn't participate actively in a group sex environment. Aggressive one sucked me out, but I always felt that they were somehow reserved in bed when the other gal is around. For example, aggressive one sucked me out quite aggressively in bathroom while showering, but wouldn't provide the same quality in bed when the other one is watching. I always felt that she would allow me to finger her asshole, but wouldn't do it because of other gal. Other problems, they didn't suck my dick together. Fucking required not only a condom change but additional cleaning in bathroom when I changed the girl to fuck. There were still nice moments, fucking one gal, and other gal is foreplaying with you, you touch 2 girls, put their asses side by side, suck them out, etc. I would rate the overall experience 6 out of 10, but I might have had higher expectations. We continued to have sex with the taller one after wards, but I could not still finish.

    Saturday, I had sex with a Turkish girl and finished twice. This was my first Turkish pro in my life, so even though I would rate the girl 6 out of ten, I was satisfied at the end. Short brunette, small boobs, but awesome ass which helped me to finish twice within 3 hours, which is now very rare.

    One of my previous ladies arranged this gal, who works with phone contacts and referrals only. She mentioned about a contact point and several Turkish gals working under the contact point, but wouldn't give me a phone number. Boy! I would even offer her money to get the number, but didn't ask. At some point, I asked if she could arrange another Turkish gal, but she said no. I guess she wants to make some money before I hop into another girl.

    Sunday was the most active and I fucked 5 different gals; 2 Hungarians, One Romanian, One Ukrainian and One Turkish. I felt very tired at the end. I started the day with the Romanian we had sex last week. Then aggressive Hungarian followed. During the experience, I learned that these two ladies would give me a true 2-some experience, so scheduled them for the next day. Then I had a 2-hour session with a new girl, an Ukrainian arranged by another gal. She was quite OK, but couldn't finish. This gal didn't give me a phone number, I could only arrange her calling the other gal who referred this girl. She told me, she was living with a boyfriend who doesn't know that she is in this business and wouldn't take a risk giving her number to customers. We used condom during the entire session(as always), but at some point my penis was touching her pussy without a condom and she didn't show any sign of disapproval. I guess I could fuck her without a condom. Too risky, I will post some government stats and you will realize how dangerous to fuck these gals without a condom. Anyway, she told me she only has sex with her boyfriend without any protection and that was an obvious lie. Very slight penetration would make me fuck her without a condom and she didn't seem bothered. Definetely, I would not want to be the boyfriend, if she is telling me the truth about that part.

    I banged the Ukrainian lady for about 2-hours and couldn't finish so I called the Turkish lady. I was sure her ass would help me to finish quickly and it happened as expected. I fucked her ass for about 30 minutes and I was done. I mean, she is not pretty, but great ass for sex.

    Later in the night, I called my Hungarian lady and fucked her for hours. That was pretty good, passionate sex at different positions.

    Monday morning, after I fucked my Hungarian lady, dismissed her and called the Romanian girl for a 2-some. They came around 5PM, and ordered champagne. When the room service guy entered the room, he seemed slightly puzzled, not shocked, to see one guy and two girls together, apparently before sex. I mean we were not naked, but gals seemed like pros and I am sure he quickly figured that out. Reception guy downstairs was always aware of who is going in and out, and I am sure he might have thought of calling the police if I am in the pimping business. He knew I had sex with 5 gals previous day.

    Anyway, after the champagne we started kissing and that was a true 2-some. They sucked me together and were not reserved in any way in bed when the other gal was watching. In fact, they even kissed each other, quite passionately, kissing everywhere except sucking. I mean you see two gals, one is sucking you, and other gal is sucking the nipples of the other gal. Wow! That was like a porn movie and I tought champagne helped them a lot. I asked them if they were lesbos, they said no, but would't mind foreplaying together with another man. They love this type of group sex and did it in a 2-men/2-gals situation. They say, that's the best, because you see another couple is having sex next to you. They even joked that we should offer it to the room service guy. Ha ha ha, order something and lure the guy into bed. They say, Turkish guys are very hungry for sex, finding additional 'yarrak' (a slang for penis) is no problem in Turkey.
    I fuck them for 3-hours, we joke and talk most of the time. I can't concentrate to finish. I mean, you are fucking one gal, and joking with the other gal, no way to finish it mentally. Most of the time, I lay down and they do the sucking and fucking. If you need the phone numbers, send me a private message. You can arrange a 2-some session in a hotel room, but they won't be available until the end of the month.

    I would rate the Romanian lady as 6, she has nice ass but older, like 35. She gives a true BBBJ, covers the most, sometimes all of the penis. I wouldn't buy her alone but together with the Hungarian. Then everything changes because they truly engage in sex and give you very good sucking/fucking.

    Later I had a very good session with other Hungarian lady for hours. In the morning I had to leave for the airport. Now most of the ladies were also leaving this week because of Easter holidays. But they should be soon before the end of the month.

    Aslan Kral
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  22. Aslan_Kral

    I would like to provide some government stats I had seen in a newspaper few days ago. These stats show how many girls have been deported during 2003 and how many of them had STDs. It doesn't say what type of STDs the pros have, but for some countries the ratio is quite high;

    Country # STDs # PROs Total # dep STD Ratio

    Azerbajcan 28 262 290 %9.6
    Germany 0 1 1
    Belarussia 1 17 18
    Bulgaria 6 16 22 %27.2
    Armenia 2 11 13
    Georgia 37 206 243 %15.2
    Iraq 1 11 12
    Kazakistan 1 16 17
    Kirgizistan 7 47 54 %12.9
    Moldavia 104 354 458 %22.7
    Uzbekistan 20 63 83 %24.1
    Romania 24 38 62 %38.7
    Russia 29 235 264 %11.0
    Turkmenistan 12 3 15
    Ukraine 65 258 323 %20.1
    Uruguay 1 16 17
    Serbia 0 2 2

    Total 338 1556 1894

    Overall STD/deported ratio is around 17.8%. This might be misleading as girls with Turkish ID cards should not be deported.

    According to ratios above, Romanians are the worst. Gals from Ukraine, Moldavia and Bulgaria have somewhat similar ratios. Russians seem safer compared to other countries.

    Aslan Kral
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  23. Local_Expert

    wow, we got 17 chicks from uruguay here ???? where do they hang around ?
    Aslan Kral.... very nice and informative reports !
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  24. CityDude

    The numbers for Moldavia are surprising - Anyway these Natashas are getting to be a bit sloppy aren't they
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  25. Novice

    Hi Everybody,

    I have been following the excellent posts by Aslan Kral with pleasure. I hope to check out this Hisar Gazino place soon. Meanwhile, i have recently used a hotel called Grand Asiyan near the Irmak Restaurant area and its cleanliness was rather impressive. Its phone number is as follows: 212 518 6290. I am pretty sure there may be a group of high quality girls working at the more luxurious hotels near the Taksim area, but our group has no access there.

    I want to know what became of this Kemerburgaz Hotel like place where somebody from the group once went and stayed overnight and it was a great location as per the description. Any follow up on this lead?

    Bye for now
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  26. Priamos

    Dear all,

    I'm making good on a promise made to BunnyHopper a few weeks back: here is a more detailed map of the places of entertainment in the larger Yenikapi area of Istanbul. Please note that while I have not included places that I hold to be pure tourist traps, the waiters in some of these bars/clubs/discos are a bit too smart.

    Green: Irmak. No further introduction needed.

    Blue: Big Pub. A bit seedy, but honest. Girls congregate there from late afternoon. Next to Big Pub in a basement is Ogur Tur. Their action starts a couple of hours earlier, but they have fewer girls and are a bit on the tricky side.

    Violet: Bacardi. No further introduction needed.

    Red: Ozkan Akgunler. Very seedy, rather tricky, but sometimes offers good-lookers on the bargain rack. Opens early. Surrounded by a few night-time discos which I haven't sampled.

    Yellow: Gold Can. My personal favourite. Slightly seedy but honest. Good selection of girls from mid-afternoon. Girls get a bit picky in the evening, as some local bigwigs use it as their haunt.

    Orange: Sultan Club. Opens early evening. Clean, correct service and a good selection of girls. Next to SC is Kent Club; more of a classic Turkish music hall, but also with girls.

    Azur: Imparator and Cakmak. Classic Aksaray late-night discos with girls around the dancing floor. Didn't sample them specifically; they are arch typical of half a dozen of similar places between their street corner and Serenda.

    Black: Serenda. No further introduction needed.
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    • Priamos


      I'm a bit sad that the pic facility has been disabled (I do not for one second believe in the "Chinese link" story), for I had been looking forward to sharing my updated map of the larger Yenikapi area with you.

      Well, too bad. I returned from Istanbul yesterday afternoon. I shall spare you any graphic stories about my exploits, but I would like to share a few words of advice with my fellow mongers. First, one should perhaps not (as I did) visit this town during the Easter week. With the seaside resort full of German and English tourists, the bars and discos of Istanbul are low on "talent" because most of the lookers have commuted to Antalya. I found the scene dominated by Uzbek and Kazakh girls -- no offense but they are rarely my first choice. It was also difficult to find a LT service, even when one offered a handsome tip on top of the usual price. This makes little sense from the viewpoint of the working girls who should be willing to agree to any length of contract if the money is right, so I assume it is due to the pressure of bar owners who would be loath to see their showrooms half empty.

      I have also looked into the issue of the streetwalkers on Mustapha Kemal street, which intrigued both of us. Apparently the action evolves around a few streets on the left of MK as one walks toward the sea -- in fact the last streets before the railway crossing. Sometimes the girls stray out on the main street (but not too much: they are mostly illegal immigrants) and walk up and down, but it is in the crooked streets around these blocks that they are a fixture. As far as I could make our they are mostly from the southern Balkans (this may also explain why you took them for Russians, and I for Turks). There are also several clandestine brothels in the neighbourhood: I was hanging out there for a couple of hours one afternoon and every now and then an overdressed Slav-looking girl on high heels would disappear into one of those dilapidated residental blocks in which she most definitely did not live.

      BUT... this neighbourhood is probably not for us. I took a chance on a Yugoslavian (???) SW and she pulled a complete rip-off on me. Fair enough, these things happen, but unlike most other places I know the locals immediately closed ranks around HER (don't get me wrong: I wasn't aggressive or anything) against ME the outsider. Also, the tricks she was playing were so crude that she would be out of business in a week if the tried them too often. No... no, these girls are there to service the locals at an affordable price and if wealthy Caucasians, such as I, venture into this playground of the common man then we'll get a maximum heat and a minimum sympathy. It's like Whitechapel 1904 and Bronx 1984.
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    • BunnyHopper


      The picture service is back up and I have had a look at the map. Your map is great and I guess will be a WSG equivalent to a Lonely Plant Guide :-) and I am sure many will find it useful.

      If others add to this we can now start to put together The Definitive "Cumulative Map" of Istanbul.

      Irmak, Bacardi, Serenda are well documented, lets build up a picture in our minds eye of these other places you've listed.

      Aksaray is full of these sort of places, but when I walk around there at night (usually alone too) I have always tried to walk with purpose and not look like a lost randy tourist and so couldn't casually stroll down the street looking through windows - but if i was out with a fellow monger or two, I would feel that I could take the time to look a little too.

      The SW's are interesting to watch when you have some time to kill, the girl doing circuits with the shopping bags last summer really made me laugh, but i can't imagine that i'd ever pick one up, the activity that i saw were far too open for me and my lack of Turkish language skills to close a deal quickly in public are a let definite let down - I don't fancy being the centre of attention in the street in Aksaray.

      I have no plans to visit Turkey at the moment, I have been indulging my hobby locally - but sitting here, writing this, my mind is drifting.... ;-)

      I think Autumn may the best time for the next trip there.
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    • Priamos


      I see what you mean, but in my experience being at the centre of attention in Yenikapi exposes you to little more than obtrusive touting. (Plus, a couple of ****heads once tried the fake-fight routine in order to pick my pockets. They failed...) I have never felt physically threatened.

      But there are threats and there are threats. I don't want to be a spoilsport, but I have to agree with AslanKral on one point: these days there's a veritable Chlamydia pandemic in the neighbourhood. My hotel receptionist and a local waiter, both of whom having fathomed that I like to go to this part of town at night, voiced stern warnings about this. The waiter, with whom I struck up a reserved friendship, was aware of the data Aslan quoted (apparently they've been widely quoted in Istanbul) and contended that if anything they are an understatement. The girls in that study who got themselves deported have generally worked in "private establishments", where certain house rules apply. The privateers of Yenikapi do whatever they feel like. The latter are an exclusive club with a few hundred members, and most of them are incredibly irresponsible (I sampled five girls in one week; one of them insisted on protection; one flatly refused; three said it was for me to decide.) so you can just imagine.

      Responding to your question about concrete places, a few words about Gold Can. As indicated earlier I am an "early bird" who doesn't like to be awake after midnight, so I do most of my mongering in the late afternoon or early evening. This makes GC ideal: it begins to fill up with hostesses and patrons around 3 p.m. It's a classic smoke-filled Muzikhol with live music most of the evenings. The bar tap for a drink and a few salted nuts (the de facto cover charge) sets you back 10 mill. TRL (7 bucks) and a lady drink costs an additional 10-20 mill. TRL according to the waiter's moods. On a normal afternoon/early evening the room is at least half full, with about 1/3 working girls and 2/3 patrons. Since many of the latter are on the voyeuring rather than the punting side the girls/guys ratio is quite satisfactory.

      The girls reserve the right of refuse: there are sometimes a few stunners who only give second looks to local tycoons known to pay top prices for a 12 hour-service, and maybe some of the others just don't like the way you look. The way to choose is this: within the first 5-10 minutes of sitting down look at each single girl individually. If she's available she'll gaze back with a positive interest. Same thing applies when a new girl enters the room (they walk in and out all the time) - just ogle her and see if she responds. Naturally, you're not expected to pick one during the first 10 minutes. Turks like to take their time and you should do likewise. After the initial starting contest the girls will pretend to lose interest, but now that you know who is looking for your custom its easy: once you've decided, just catch the eyes of your chosen one and gesticulate through the room that you'd like her to sit next to you. Warning: less than half of the girls speak English.

      The action usually takes place in a hotel less than two blocks away from the club, which specialises in these things (there are quite a few of those). Unlike what one might expect, the hotels are clean and modern and you'll need your passport to check in. The bellboy will sometimes to extract a small bakshish by offering to sell you a drink or provide preservatives. In some of the places the girls are expected to back his effort as part of their arrangement with hotel. This is an annoying little hassle, but not very expensive. Count 50 euros for the girl (two hours), 30 euros for the hotel plus 10 euros for unforeseen expenses.

      Finally, many bona fide tourist hotels in Istanbul are guest friendly, but not all girls will be willing to go to your hotel. - It helps if its so late in the evening that you're likely to be her last, or only, client.
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    • Cohiba_Guy

      Hi All!

      I will be visiting Gocek/Fethiye area soon and I know that this is not the appropriate forum for this but the other areas forum has so little traffic that I am afraid I won't have anyone read this. I will be there early May, before the real tourist season begins.

      Where can I go for some action? Any CIS girls around there?

      Thanks in advance!
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