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  1. JoanJet


    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguars49  [View Original Post]
    $300 for a piece of ass? Then you are getting scammed to prepay? Seriously? I've never seen any woman that I'd pay $300.
    Well then you have never seen the girls of Eccie in Tx LOL.
    Posted 2 years ago | #Reply
  2. Nl8269

    Take A Closer Look

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Numbers  [View Original Post]
    I checked out Savannah Heart on Indys. She has no pictures, no reviews, only 3 post and no vouches. Why didn't you vouch her on Indys or write a review on her on Indys?
    As a matter of fact I did write a review for her on Indys and she has been vouched a couple of times. You must have missed that.
    Posted 2 years ago | #Reply
  3. JoanJet


    Quote Originally Posted by Maras  [View Original Post]
    Because you set up a date with me and then flaked out after a 2 hr drive to your house you changed the rules and wanted me to get a motel room plus you wanted a cheaper price. You have received notes from seniors to "lay off". I have extremely good reviews on another site and know many Seniors on here and they will vouch. You might as well quit trying to bug me 'cause no one believes you any how.
    This guy still at you man, Maras speaks the truth here.
    Posted 2 years ago | #Reply


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