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  1. Pushkin13

    QQ freebie

    Recently I launched QQ, the english version of the VERY popular Chinese chat software program.

    I think it has limited functionality, compared with the Chinese version.

    I found a few likely prospects in Henan (the province, of which Zhengzhou is the capital).

    Met up with 1 last month. Limited English, but very enthusiastic. Now wants to divorce and marry me (hahahahahaha).

    First meeting, stayed at a short-time hotel near the Railway Station, the Tian Quan Hotel (Chinese 3 star, to the left of the large clock on top of the station entrance) (tian1 quan2 = daily spring?).

    Cost: 100 kuai (hotel) + 70 kuai (clothes) = 170 kuai for my freebie.
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  2. Pushkin13

    Da Tong Hotel, near the Railway Station, Zhengzhou

    I was there on business, earlier in the month. It is a block north of the Railway Station and popular with local middle-class? travellers.

    Short time can be easily negotiated, though you might need some language assistance from a colleague etc.

    Of main interest to hobbyists is the bevy* of leggy beauties sitting idly in the foyer, only a short distance from Reception. Some 7s and possibly an 8. Did not sample.

    My feeling is that they are FLs, and, for a small fee, are committed to assisting the tired, weary and dusty traveller forget his aches and pains.

    * At what number does a bevy become a small posse?
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  3. TopDoggy

    Plan to contribute to the board more. Would have earlier but been having proxy issues.

    Was in Da Tong Hotel and didn't see the FLs but perhaps it was too early in the evening. Dropped by in house massage and the masseuse, of which there was only 1, was delighted to hear that I was staying there and would come up to my room.

    She knew the score bringing nothing but 2 condoms, but that's where the fun ended. Through our confusion of my limited mand and her nonexistent english, what I thought was 400 rmb for massage, BJ, and FS was going to be just BJ and massage. Stopped in the middle, and after lengthy complaining she finally left after a pretty good CBJ for 200 and no massage.

    The weird thing is she was paranoid about having condoms in the trash, she flushed them. Guess mgmt is a bit of a pain. But even so I later on got the usual call requesting a massage (prob from a front desk girl who saw that I was listed as sole room occupant)

    Looks-wise she was decent looking, 6.5-7, prob late 20s, nice ass but flat chested. Pretty tight body and ass but allowed no touching of her. Which led me to find out she wasn't going to do FS. Would not repeat.

    Originally Posted by Pushkin13
    I was there on business, earlier in the month. It is a block north of the Railway Station and popular with local middle-class? travellers.

    Short time can be easily negotiated, though you might need some language assistance from a colleague etc.

    Of main interest to hobbyists is the bevy* of leggy beauties sitting idly in the foyer, only a short distance from Reception. Some 7s and possibly an 8. Did not sample.

    My feeling is that they are FLs, and, for a small fee, are committed to assisting the tired, weary and dusty traveller forget his aches and pains.

    * At what number does a bevy become a small posse?
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  4. TopDoggy

    Yuda - thumbs down

    Went to yuda with the info provided in the forum (thanks to all) but experience was generally bad.

    First off. Small good news is that they offer some really pretty girls and you can negotiate. Was really expensive anyway. $1, 000 but I thought it would be on par with SH

    First girl I had was really cute and had a pouty pretty girl aspect about her. Said she was 18/ should've taken that as a warning as she wasn't into it, and practically just pulled me on top of her to get the deed done. After 15 mins of that I stopped.complained to mgmt who sent in a diff girl. Leggy, really pretty face, okay to decent body, but her attitude was the biggest difference as she was a lot more willing. Despite that, the second girl wasn't really that into it. Just compliant and sad.

    We talked a bit and she said she didn't like doing it. Even though it wasn't enthusiastic service, her sweetness made me stick with her and not choose someone else. Btw. She did look pretty hot in the mini-skirt

    Would not repeat.
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  5. Pushkin13

    Wingman in ZZ, and proxy servers


    I tried to send you a PM regarding being a wingman in ZZ, and also proxy server issues.

    It "bounced", so perhaps you can't receive them.

    Want to explore the Railway Station area?

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  6. Wonderer

    Hotel Spa in Zhengzhou

    I visited Zhengzhou this August and followed the advice in this thread. I tried the Spa in one of the hotels mentioned (please PM me for the name and details). It was still exactly as described.

    When I arrived on the Spa floor, I bumped into two pretty girls, and one of them was offered then to provide me the services, when I entered the sauna. She did a very good massage job, cat bath and in any case worked very hard. She gave only CBJ, though. And I did not try DATY either, since she had already put some gliding cream into her little sister. She was apparently a bit scared (of my size), since it was her first (!) day in the sauna, and I was the first foreigner ever (!) she had.

    Nevertheless, the experience was good, and I can recommend the place as very decent and clean.

    However, when you enter the Spa, they will not offer you the FS, but only the legit services. After they brought me to the room, I asked then for the "special service" (chuan tao). And immediately, they told me the price: 800 Rmb for 60 minutes.

    The girl was quite pretty and also enjoyed the deed. After my explosion, we still had some time left, and she continued with a really good massage, until the 60 minutes were over.

    All in all an enjoyable experience.

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  7. Mrsuave74

    New to Zhengzhou

    Will be in Zhengzhou for a while and thought I'd check and see if anyone has any advice on where to go, etc. Also, if anyone else is in Zhengzhou and interested in getting together, feel free to let me know. Would appreciate any information or suggestions.

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  8. Draper11

    In Zhengzhou 13th till 15th Dec

    Anyone in Zz can advise regarding sauna in hotel experience. Have read all the previous posts. But not very encouraging. Will stay at Sofitel.
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  9. Commander75

    Yuda strikes Back!

    Originally Posted by Gladiatorsher
    Hi Guys,

    I had read a lot of information and good reviews about Yuda and the HUGE Sauna there and the great service.

    Well let me tell you, I have never had a worst experience anywhere and that too after paying RMB 900 for it for a 90 minutes session, which got over in 15 minutes flat and just 1 shot.

    So, if you guys are going to stay in Yuda for the sauna and the HK Massage, please DON'T.

    The girls don't allow you to tocuh their breast, nor their sweet spot. All you get is the worst mechanical f* in 15 minutes and she's off to the shower and out of the room.

    I thought a sex doll could be a better f* than that.

    Just don't go there.
    Ok go easy on me this is my first report worth posting so I am going to try and be as detailed as possible.

    Was in Zhengzhou for the festive period. Stayed at the Zhengzhou Hotel near the main train station where there are a load of hotels.

    My hotel did have an in-house massage which funnily enough was a big converted guest room next to mine. One night I heard a guy either having the time of his life or was in serious pain!

    Anyway down to business. The famous Yuda Palace hotel. All I can say is WOW. For the main land this is a serious five star uber hotel. Almost every bit of exposed metal is a polished gold colour. Even though when I went there it was having a refit with a Louis Vuitton store being installed.

    Anyway the Yuda sauna is on the left of the main entrance, a small building in the car park which is decepetive as it leads under ground to what can only be described as a debaucherous pleasure palace.

    Seriously the place was huuuuge. Swimming pool gym sauna all of it.

    Ok so I walk into reception and I am greeted by 3 hostesss' one of whom speaks english. So she tells me I can use the spa facilties for 198RMB swimming and all that jazz.

    Then she starts telling me about the massages. 1 is 98RMB the next 599RMB and the last 899 RMB, the Hong Kong massage.

    So being the most expensive offer I asked what it is, to which she replied cheerfully "you can have sex!"

    I half chuckled back "ok!" and thought the management must be making a serious contribution to the Poilce 'charitble fund' because she was not even discreet about telling me she just announced it so matter of factly and happily.

    I was there at around 11pm and the whole place was well lit and had a lot fo staff around who on reflection knew in the end what I had gone for but were very professional and not embarresed or anything I was very surprised.

    But first the nice hostessed offered me a tour. Holy fuck. You have to pay a room fee of 1 of 3 tier levels of room. Personally the 1st tier is fine as you are only in there for 90mins with the girl but all are double floored mini houses. Shower facilites downstairs then you take your staircase upstairs to the bedroom area.

    Tier1 was 198RMB 2 was 298RMB and 3 398RMB. 3 was a mind fuck it had is own 3 meter swimming pool! And was massive. If you want to experience high roller rock star sex. Do the tier 3 room.

    So I went for tier 1 which was still awesome. The hostess brings in the girls 2 by 2 good quality for mainland chicks. And I settle for a little pocket rocket from Shanghai with awsome tits.

    She locks the door undresses and I do to she puts my belongings in a wardrobe and leads me to the shower area which is on the ground floor below the bedroom area above.

    So we shower together then jump in the bath for a bit of fun then she leads me upstairs to the bed. Bit of groping, french kissing (if you smoke brush your teeth if she doesn't smoke she will know if you have!) etc start playing with her pussy she's wet as fuck, do some DATY then she enjoying it but wants to get dirty so she filps round and gives me a CBJ licks my taint area and rims me a bit which was good, then get down to it mish doggy cowgirl etc makes me carry her round the room fucking her, then on the big chair, this one has bundles of energy!

    Had the usual "your so big" which is common because she held up a liitle pinky finger in explanation of Chinese guys. So us westerners a bigger but if your a bigger than average westener then they are a bit intimitated. Now I did my research and the western average is 6 inches. I am 9. I'm not lying why the fuck would I. And in China finding accomdating condoms on the mainland is fucking hard work!

    So after 30 mins or so she got some KY, which I didn't get because she was wet enough but I think they reckon its just a one stop soluiton for a bigger than avg dick.

    Fucked her solid for an hour (one quick break for application of KY) but I find it difficult to cum with condoms but she nearly got me when she done the cowgirl sqat while she sucked hungrily on my right nipple (is that a Chinese thing, many of them do this! LOL

    But in the end I exp to her the problem so she whips off the condom and starts blowing me which then resulted in CIM.

    But man she fucked the shit out of me and its good when a girl is into it. Then talked for a bit but really nice proper GFE.

    Here's the important stuff though. Almost everything in the room is chargeable. Eg There is a drinks fridge but you pay 20RMB per drink. Shaving foam and and so on. Also now THIS is important in the room the supply you with a box of the Chinese viagra which is 98RMB. And I get the impression they don't tell you that if you don't use it it will be deducted from your final bill. Watch out for this!

    So my girl was nice enough to explain this to me which knocked off the afforementioned 98RMB. So damage.

    198RMB tier 1 room.

    899RMB Hong Kong massage 90 mins FS (Xiang Gan) pinyin.

    100RMB Secret tip for the girl.

    20RMB Large condom. (which may have been bullshit because it did not feel any more roomier)

    Total 1217 RMB.

    Now I know there are cheaper options and I have tried them. I just heard so much about Yuda its one of those places you must see and try at least once.

    In conclusion a little overpriced but the quality of everything is tremendous facilites. Etc. And if you do get the HK mass. Then my hostess said I could go swimming and chill for free afterward but I didn't.

    So if you want a lavish lush mainland experience the galaxy class Yuda is all what the positve reviews claim it to be. I had a GREAT time and had a proper rock and roll fuck!

    What happened with the guy I quoted uptop I have no idea but I do have a theory looks, age, body tone factor in it must as the girl must prefer a type that she can get off on as well!

    But I digress. Go to Yuda if you want to live it up I miight give it another go one day if I'm in the area. Although my hotel kept ringing me everyday offereng a 'beautiful girl massage'.

    Zhengzhou is having its subway contructed at the moment so traffic is bad but at rush hour is fucking terrible so avoid that timt, oh and the cab back from Yuda to the train staiton area was 11RMB. **** cabbie stung me for 40RMB to go there giving me some bullshit excuse so watch out! But I hadn't been there so didn't know.
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  10. Siepko_Bach

    Xingyang near zhengzhou

    Stayed in the Jiasheng Century Hotel in Xingyang, actually a suburb of huge Zhenzhou. 40 min by taxi from Zhengzou airport. Hotel OK. The nice surprise came when I rang the phone number provided in the room. Within 10 minutes a nice young lady came, asking 300 for full service; less than half what they usually seem to charge foreigners (at least at first). Excellent service, nice looking, friendly.
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  11. Jake277

    Headed to Luoyang

    Anybody ever been to Luoyang?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    PM would be fine.


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