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    East China - Zhengzhou

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  2. Florida_Monger

    Fellow Mongers,

    I'll be traveling to Pu Dong, near Zhengzhou. Any sexual activity specifics to know about? Barbershops? Saunas? Let's have some activity here!

    If you travel to Orlando or to Florida, USA, let me know and I'l set you up.

    Florida Monger.
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  3. Miclac

    It has been a while but I can tell you that back in 2000 I went to Zhengzhou. I was just passing through and needed to catch a train. I had a cpl hours so a classmate and I wandered the area around the train station. We found some nice barbershops and the girls were friendly. I ended up getting a nice handjob from a very large breasted girl. It was nice. The massage was 50 rmb and I gave her a 50 rmb tip.
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  4. Xiao_Ma

    Hi all,

    This is Xiaoma's Report from ZhengZhou:

    Date: 9/04/04
    Type of Service: Sauna
    Name of Place: Yuda Palace Hotel. Basement 2
    Add: ZhongYaun, Zhong Lu,
    Name Girl: ZhangJie
    Age: 19
    Race: Chinese
    From: HeNan
    Height: 1.78 M
    Body: Model, with great proportion. Nice tits 34~35D, I guess (9/10)
    Look: Nice looking just like the girl next door (8/10).
    Skin: Fair looking and smooth (9/10).
    Pubic Hair: Nicely trim (9/10)
    Service: Very nice, as she just started so a bit shy but I love it (9/10)
    Cat bath: Not the whole thing but reasonable (7/10)
    AR: Nop, I guess she is still fresh (0/10).
    BJ: Yep, did it for 5 minute (7/10).
    ClM: No, have never done it and was shock when I ask her (0/10)
    FJ: Oh Man, it was great. Detail as follow (10/10).
    Wetness: Like water tap, she was so excited (10/10).
    Anal: Finger her, but she refuse to try with my dick, I guess the size of a finger and my dick don¡¦t match. (5/10)
    GFE: Ok, still fresh but she does enjoy the fuck. All natural no lube (8/10)
    Cost: RMB 500 for the facility and RMB 600 for the girl but it worth every penny, very expensive, but I didn¡¦t pay for it.


    Last nite, I have to entertain my client in Beijing till 3.30 in the morning and catch a flight to Zhengzhou at 8, so no sleep at all. I arrived in Zhengzhou about 10 AM and check in the hotel about noon and straight for lunch. I was entertain by the local official and we finished 4 bottles of red wine and a bottle of Chinese ¡¨FUCKING¡¨ rice wine, which I hate the most. Lunch finished about 2:30 PM and I hit the bed immediately.

    8:30PM, one of the official call me up and ask me to meet him at the lobby for dinner, I refuse as I need my sleep but he told me his boss have instructed him to take care of me and we are not leaving the hotel. Well I guess that¡¦s fine. Went down and met with him. He is the right hand man of the local high range officer and quite a nice guy. I told him that I prefer a bath then meal as I smell bad. Immediately he smile and lead me to the basement of the hotel. T didn¡¦t expect much actually. But as soon as I enter the place, My god the sauna is big. Immediately after the main entrance there is a big swimming pool and I can see many young girls and older man swimming together and I was impressed with the facility they have. Anyway we had a bath, steam bath, swim a little bit and have buffer dinner. After that I ask for a massage and Xiao Chen ask for the manager and she the lead me to a room. Xiao Chen said that he will leave as he have other appointment and told the manager all my expenses will be charge to my room, which they will pay for. The manager ask what kind of room do I want and since I wasn¡¦t prepare for anything and was fucking tired I told a small room will do. When I enter the ¡§small¡¨ room I was shock. It is a double story studio with your own Jacuzzi, Steam room, shower, toilet and big bed on the upper room. I ask her what a big room look is like, she didn¡¦t answer and smile at me and lead me to another section. My god, this room has it own 12 mtr swimming pool and a Kitchen. Man the rich in China really know how to enjoy themselves. So I told her a small room will do.

    We went back to the smaller room and 3 girls were already waiting for me, they are all very good looking and young too. All of them look like Chinese TV star and the oldest of them is 20 and the other 2 are both 19. I told the manager one will do and pick the one with a pair of big boobs.

    Her name is ZhnagJie, an ex-model and just started do this about a month ago. We strip and we have shower together. She did do much in the shower and very shy. So I have to do all the ¡§hard¡¨ work. When I touch her pussy, she was already wet (not for the water). I lead her to touch my dick which she did and start stroking it. I ask her how many customers she have had, she told me not many as she is too tall. After the shower we when up the room and she start giving me a massage, of not a good one but I don¡¦t mind at all and told her that I will teach her. She looks scare as she tough I will complain to the manager. I laugh and said no, I just want to massage her instead, she laugh and said no, I insisted and finally she turn on her tummy and I start massaging her. She was so excited and I start kissing her for the neck till her tight. She was so wet and ask me to stop and start fucking her so I did.

    We practically fuck in all corner of the room and she was excited and happy as I knew how to lead her in to action.

    Anyway, I not a patient writer but for those that can spare some cash this is the place to go.
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  5. Komakino

    Just a follow-up from Xiaoma's report:

    First, a disclaimer: having been a foreigner in China now for several years, I understand and respect the fact that it is necessary to approach all adventures, sexual and otherwise, with low expectations and a fair bit of patience. Every adventure in this country is a learning experience, and sometimes the learning process takes several efforts.

    With this in mind, I relate briefly my experience at Xiaoma's YuDa Sauna.

    First of all: Zhengzhou, which has the reputation of being an unsightly capital of a god-awful province, was a surprisingly clean, attractive, friendly city. Mongerers don't leave it off your itinerary.

    Second, the YuDa sauna is located in a "hyperluxury" hotel/apartment complex (the YuDa) in the western part of town. The development is thought to have been built by a wealthy Taiwanese partly as a massive money-laundering project.

    I couldn't convince my local friend to join me at YuDa, but after reading Xiaoma's report, I had to check the place out. I took a cab there at about 10pm. Again, I'm a waiguoren who speaks fairly solid Chinese, so I am pretty confident walking into these places.

    The interior of the complex was massive, looking more like a swim club/athletic club than a sauna. The staff at the front desk was friendly, and the prices were helpfully given on a menu. Here were the basics:

    Sauna pass: 68 kuai
    Small room: 189 kuai/3 hours, 100 kuai each additional hour
    Medium room: 230 kuai/3, 100/each add.
    Large room: 288/3, 100/each add.
    "Chinese medical" massage: 190 per 90 minutes
    "Hong Kong style" massage: 289 per 90 minutes

    All of the rooms were amazing. The small room was bi-level, as Xiaoma said, with a steam room/shower on the bottom floor, and a large bed, massage chair and tea table on the top floor.

    The large room was truly awe-inspiring: all amenities as above, but larger, and most interestingly a slender lap-pool that ran the length of the room. Very, very cool.

    So after touring, I decided to book a large room and invite a massage girl in for "Hong Kong style". I figured we could swim, shower and frolic for 3-4 hours. The staff downstairs told me that I could negotiate with the girl for the swimming and other activities.

    So I started to occupy the room, was given complimentary soft-drinks and a fruit plate, and the girls started to come in. Politely and earnestly, they explained the dealio: the cost was the massage (289) plus 600 for everything. I tried to negotiate but, after rejecting three girls based on the lack of price flexibility, and the fact that I wasn't really into any of them, I believed that this was in fact a fixed price.

    So, gents, if this is the treatment you want, your talking roughly 300 for the amazing room, 300 for the massage and 600 additional for everything. Total around 1200. The girls assured me that the service was top-shelf, but I just wasn't into FS on this night.

    Instead, rather than checking out in a huff, I negotiated with the manager to take a small room and go with a Hong Kong massage. A very attractive, skimpily-clad girl came in and proceeded to give me a wretched massage, which I called her on. Weirdly, as she worked not-so-hard on my muscles, she was dripping sweat on my naked back Very interesting.

    Anyway, she seemed to be kind of hurt when I told her that she was obviously not very experienced at giving massages, but she doggedly went on. Any of my suggestions to enhance the dynamic by, say, taking off her top, were met predictably with the 600 kuai remark.

    Finally, it took some convincing for her to finish me off with her hand. In other words, had I not insisted (and therefore signaled my understanding of the meaning of a "Hong Kong" massage) she would have just skipped this aspect of the service. But ultimately she went ahead and it was fine.

    So, ultimately I give the setting of this place a 10, and the service a disappointing 2 or 3. As I said, though, I'm not recommending that we give up on this place. My conclusion is that if you had a few friends and each we're willing to spend 1000 kuai, this place could be a real winner. A large room, 3-6 girls, plenty of time to kill -- I hope some of you guys have time to check it out and report back.

    Anecdotally, I did later hear from local friends that the service is much better if the sauna can ascertain that you are staying in the YuDa hotel.

    Hope this is helpful.


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  6. Member_#2755

    I have to say, I was in this place two weeks ago, the first girl tried was very bad, she is only 18, bad skill. complained to manager afterwards so she sent me another girl to my room.

    Man, this girl is so hottie, we had two hours terafic time in my room tried all types of fun things.

    Her number is 135

    Look for her next time.
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  7. Mahal

    Zhengzhou Sofitel / Advice needed

    I am staying at the Sofitel Hotel, near the Crowne Plaza and a couple Holiday Inns. I am looking for some action but of course I do not speak the language and everything looks totally foreign to me.

    I walked around the hotel and was approached by some girls coming out of 2 or 3 barber shops immediately adjacent to the entrance of the Sofitel, inviting me to come in and whispering "sex". I did not go in so far since I would rather bring a girl back to my room, if that is even allowed...

    I noticed a big neon sign outside the entrance that says "Disco" and Special service" but the entrance does not look anything like a disco, really more like an aquarium, so I am skeptical about this one as well.

    Last, there is a "night club" in the hotel itself, abbreviated "WNH" I think, but to go in you have go past some hostesses and go down the steps and I have no idea what to expect there either. I am a bit shy and it is still early. If anyone has any knowledge of these places, your help would be appreciated! I guess I can also ask the concierge if I find one... In any case I will report back, if there is anything to report.

    Mahal in Zhengzhou
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  8. Member_#1604

    Hi Mahal,

    Please try your best to go to night club or sauna in the hotel, you will not be disappointed. It is safe and comfortable. Hot actions there.
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  9. Santa



    I'm coming to sousa next week and have some questions that i will be happy if i could get some help with. Whats the price for a room in the hotels you people talk about. Are there any cheep ones nere the action? Is it hard to find a room if I arrive in the eavning (like 10 pm). Is it easy to find any girls in daytime. How mutch can I expect to pay for a short time?

    Thanks for any help.
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  10. Santa


    I see by your earlier posts that you are already very familiar with China, so I apologize for the unnecessary advice in my last post.

    Perhaps some other readers will find the advice useful.
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  11. Mahal

    Member #1604

    Originally Posted by Member #1604
    Hi Mahal,

    Please try your best to go to night club or sauna in the hotel, you will not be disappointed. It is safe and comfortable. Hot actions there.
    Thanks for your advice. I ended up spending the night chating with Kathy, the Philipina singer in the bar upstairs, no action there but a pleasant evening anyway. For future reference, could you give an idea of the kind of cost that is to be expected for "hot action" in the sauna or the night club (which is in fact called WN and is right in the lobby).

    Thanks again.
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  12. Santa

    Train Station Area

    Exit the station and turn right. On your right see the Tian Quan Hotel. They have a sauna with some girls. 500rmb for full service everything included. But I didn't see a girl I liked, so I walked.

    Mamas on the street offer cheap accomodations and then wisper "xiaojie".
    Then they take you some filthy side street shithole with one or two ugly women.

    Went to the Target Pub listed in Lonely Planet. Walk out of the pub and turn left, and 50 yards on your left there is a KTV. 100rmb for a room, 10rmb for a beer and negotiate the rest. Seemed like a good place but it was too late when I got there.

    Went back to the Datong Hotel near the station. Had a beer next door and a mama telephoned for a gal. A pretty one arrived on a bike. Only wants 150 for short time, but they want me to go to their shithole down the street. No way! She is reluctant to go into my hotel but finally agrees. Then the hag behind the service desk starts yelling at us as we walked to the elevator. The gal runs away jumps on her bike.

    I think the local authorities are preventing the area from turning redlight.
    I'm sure there are plenty of good places in that town but I don't know where.
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  13. fleshhunter

    potential paradise

    Hi guys,

    You should pay more attention to the so-called sauna or "bath center" to look for the paradise in your mind. If you do not know, just ask the Taxi driver you met. They will tell you all that you want to know. But be careful the risk of being over-charged!

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  14. Arctic1

    Yuda Palace Hotel in Zhengzhou

    Last weekend I visited Zhengzhou. The city is convenient to reach by train, and some worthwhile tourist sights are nearby.

    Previous reports about the Yuda Palace Hotel also attracted me. In particular, the reports about its sauna made Zhengzhou sound exciting, so I naturally booked a room at Yuda. A very spacious, well-appointed single room cost 680 RMB per night, breakfast included. It has a separate couch and sitting area, plus a large bed. The carpet was even semi-clean. This hotel seems very well-managed, with the most attentive service I have found inside or outside of China in quite a while.

    The sauna is as spectacular as previously reported. It is huge. I am attaching a picture from their advertising brochure, plus a copy of the price list for rooms. The picture shows their VIP room. I took a “small” room (picture visible in right inset). There was nothing small about it.

    The sauna can be entered from the street or by taking the hotel elevator to the Basement Two Level. At the sauna reception it is necessary to specify sauna, swimming, or individual room. The sauna, swimming, and exercise areas are free to registered hotel guests. Specifying an individual room will summon the man who can bring in the girls. Payment for FS must occur in cash, but the rest can be charged to the guestroom account.

    All the girls working in the sauna (I mean, the working girls) wear a very professional-looking two-piece navy-blue suit. They could do double-duty in the hotel registration area as far as appearance is concerned. I had three different girls during my stay. I wish I could report that all of them were great, but that was not the case. Two were quite good, the third mediocre. FS with CBJ runs 898 RMB, within the sauna or in the guestrooms. Within the sauna it is known as the Hong Kong massage.

    Outside the hotel I did not notice too many BBS, but much of the city I had no time to explore. A handful of pink-lit establishments were visible. I even saw one place with hair-cutting equipment visible where several well-dressed, bored young ladies sat around. Saunas and KTVs were everywhere, but I hesitate to enter these places cold and on my own.
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    • Fluffy_Bud

      Zhengzhou Saunas

      Went to Zhengzhou for the May 1st holidays with couple mates. Got a taxi to take us to a sauna on Long Hai Zhong Lu called Hua Hai sauna. Chicks were ok, about 6~7. FS, BBBJ for only 200 RMB. Not the nicest and cleanest of place, but pretty cheap.
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    • Asie_Frenchy

      a week in china>>>>

      "a week in China"

      And, PLEASE nobody flame me that I have not posted in every different single section one by one, this is all I have time for. : {

      1. Guangzhou

      I can report that the Ramada bbs are reopened; Specifically what used to be counted as #2 #3 and #4, but now. Counting from the end as you walk in the black metal gate at Ramada end, will become #1, 2, 3 respectively; The old #1 is totally gone and will become a shop I am told.

      3# even has a couple of the old gals back;

      Same deal as before. 200rnb. Unless you are a shmuck. 250 if you are feeling generous and either upstairs or go out to a nearby apartment;

      [ For the newbies. : The former is ok if you are not shy, 3 beds, close together and thin curtains between, and some mirrored windows enable one to see what is going on in the next bed, I don't care, I can even enjoy watching one of the gals getting it from another guy while I am on mine, but some guys who are shy better go to the apartments]

      2. Xuzhou [jiangsu province]

      Stayed the railway hotel. No action. Seems very buttoned down 'old China' era, stern old hags on every floor in railway employee uniform and etc; NO knocks on the door either

      But; walking out and turning left found a fair number of bbs. Scattered around just behind the hotel. 2 here, 2 there; Didn't try, as most offerings looked past their sell-by dates;

      Walked the other way. Out of the station with it at you back. Across the small square and then take the road at 1o'clock, [not the one at 3o'clock]. Walk perhaps 1km and you start to see a lot of little bbs type places;

      The basic offer is 150rnb for 'massage'. Basically HJ and whatever else you can talk her into.

      White-skinned customers are obviously a novelty

      Quality. Average

      3. Pi Zhou [jiangsu province]

      This town is one hour east drive from Xuzhou;

      Find the Li Fu Hotel. Sorry I lost the road name but is a main road in the central shopping area. Shouldn't be rocket science '. With your back to the LiFu cross to the other side and walk left. About 80-100M, turn down a small lane. [nice local street food also being prepared at the entrance, with few small tables. Try it, was good]. Go down the lane until you reach the end. About another 80m, which is a sot of T junction; Right would be a dead-end after 10M; So, go left. There some older women will call to you. DON'T PANIC they are not offering themselves; I found over 5 hours 3 nice experiences. All 18-23. And although none had ever so much as spoken to a whitey before. No real issues, apart from the normal shyness initially

      200rnb. No rush, every position I wanted and very relaxed

      An additional 10rnb on the way out to the man for the room

      [These are not bbs! The gals are hanging around near these knocking shops. Sort of short time hotels. Decent beds and basic wash-up facilities]

      The gals seem to be all quite new and more like amateur

      4. Zhongzhou [henan province]

      I agree Arctic 1. The city is really nice BTW. Very laid back, wide boulevard style streets, lots of green, very nice. And the surrounding area also. Pity it doesn't get more visitors as there is a lot going for it.

      Somebody else mentioned the station area. I found nothing at all here. Nor anywhere else I walked. Stayed

      And I agree about YUDA. Excellent value

      No disrespect to Arctic 1. BUT 898 for a bonk in a tier 3 city? No way. Somebody saw you coming mate! Btw I also speak next to no mandarin sadly -[some guandonghua]-- I went in and after basic negotiations. Involving me laughing at the first 2 prices offered and heading back to the main entrance with the guy running after me, I settled for the 3rd rapidly downsized 'offer'. 450rnb. [898geez, yeah an auspicious number, for the guy who got the $ out of you: } ]

      19yr old Sichuan gal. Enough with the details, but it was a quality experience.

      5, Shenyang [Liaoning]

      Walked a lot to see the place in my spare time; a few sights to be seen including the old palace

      Didn't see any action in any street at all. Not a single BBS

      No mind. 3nights in the central city hotel meant room service every night. 400 rnb. -again guys NEGOTIATE, I swear to god some guys let their didi take over their thought processes. This is China. The first offer is never the last offer and it is sure as *** never the correct price

      First night the mamasan told me '100UD' I laughed, said 'no dollars' and started to close the door. She said "okok rnb. 1, 000" [howzat for a forex rate]. I laughed even harder and started to close the door, she quickly said 600, I said. No! 400! . She said ok ok. I bring friends now

      Obviously the next 2 nights further negotiation was not needed

      Local gals, one pro and two clear amateurs. One still had her supermarket uniform in the plastic bag she was carrying

      21--29 yrs range
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    • Superforce99

      Originally Posted by Fluffy Bud
      Went to Zhengzhou for the May 1st holidays with couple mates. Got a taxi to take us to a sauna on Long Hai Zhong Lu called Hua Hai sauna. Chicks were ok, about 6~7. FS, BBBJ for only 200 RMB. Not the nicest and cleanest of place, but pretty cheap.

      Am in Zhengzhou for business and I agree it's interesting how wide and open
      the streets are, along with lots of trees, grass, and general greenery. Compeltely
      different than what I expected.

      Anyway, I had a small window of free time and tried to check out some mongering
      locations mentioned on the board. The train station area wasn't very active
      and there were typical "hmmm, maybe those BBS shops are FS" type of shops
      with pinkish lights and bored gals hanging out inside, but they were pretty
      bad quality in my eyes and I didn't sample any.

      Then I took a taxi down the entire Long Hai Zhong Lu trying to find this Hua Hai Sauna.
      No luck and nobody knew what the hell I was talking about. I got out the taxi
      and took a motorcycle taxi going back the other way and still no luck. I was
      in a disadvantgeous position because I had to constant scan both sides of
      the streets and it was only about 5pm at this time, so no business had turned
      on their outdoor lighting yet. Most businesses in Zhengzhou are single level
      and I was expected to see at least a two-level structure housing the sauna,
      but didn't see anything resembling a sauna on Long Hai Zhong Lu. If anyone can
      give better directions, then thanks. And I didn't want to go to the Yu Dan
      place since it seems like a place where I should use several hours to relax and
      enjoy the place, which is a block of time I didn't have during my time here.

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    • Superforce99

      Overall, my impression of the city is that it wouldn't be a total drag to live here,
      compared to other isolated North/West China cities. But I'd never live here by
      choice, though.

      Got a chance to go around a bit at nighttime, finally, and ofcourse the mongering
      activities are much easier to spot. Go to the intersection located at 50 Hua Yuan (花园 路)
      Road. Go across the street, away from the hotel and towards the large China
      Mobile Shop. Keep walking down the street and eventually, you'll see several
      small barbershop type places. The windows have been partially obscured by
      semi-transparent paper and there are 2-3 bored young girls sitting inside. The
      setup is somewhat different than Guangdong. The shop entrance is smaller and
      more narrow, so you could easily miss it if you're not looking carefully. In the
      back of the shop are more private massage cubicles. I talked with the girls and
      HJ are definately on the menu but they were commital on anything else. Price
      was 25 RMB. I burned up my 1 hour of free time walking around and finding the
      place and chatting about service, so anybody who wants to try the local BBS,
      please post any experiences.

      Also, I ended up going to a foot massage place with the boss and a group of
      buddies. Forgot the name but the place is located at 38 Hua Yuan Road (花园边路).
      Go upstairs to the second floor and choose a foot massage. We got the
      regular (48 RMB) and I was wondering why the hell it's so much more expensive
      than in Guangdong. Ended up being one of the better foot massages I've
      ever had. It was about 90 minutes of service and the girls are very well-trained
      in their routine which is slightly different and more detailed than what I've had
      in Guangdong. Also, the girls are a farmer-girl-next-door wet dream come true,
      ha ha...I'm not really into that kind of look, but all 4 gals that were assigned
      to our room were damn cute (not quite sexy). 2 from Shandong and 2 from
      Hunan. They had nice, tight bodies that only 18-year olds can have and during
      certain parts of the massage routine, they bent over and exposed their bra-less
      breasts. The natural, almost titalating style of this "breast flashing" made it
      all the more sexy and the girls seemed to understand that they were turning
      men (me, anyway) on. Nobody in our group tried anything, but I'd bet that they
      girls would definately give a HJ in the room and probably go back to the hotel
      with you after they got off work. #15 is particularly cute (teeth not quite straight
      though) but love that tight, petite body. #6 is tall and naughty one, likes to
      joke around, #168 has an interesting, attractive West China look but is from
      Shandong, and #26 is tall and cute but kind of quiet and shy. Hell, even the
      female boss looked pretty good (teeth not quite straight either). I know it sounds
      kind of over the top, but go and see for yourself. Even if you end up not agreeing
      about the cuteness of the gals, you'll get a great foot massage. If you choose
      any of the mentioned gals, tell them the young ABC who came with a bunch
      of old Chinese dudes recommend them and that I hope they are as fucking cute
      as when I last saw them.

      So, even though I didn't participate, I'm confident that Zhengzhou has
      mongering activities available, but it's mostly restricted to nighttime and I
      wouldn't come here for mongering purposes only.

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    • Pleasure_Dude

      Anything else going on here in Zhengzhou?
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    • Pleasure_Dude

      Visited Zhengzhou a week ago and stayed at Sofitel. I visited the sauna at both Sofitel and Yuda. The one at Yuda is more high end and the one at Sofitel is acutally a bit ran down. The girls at both of the hotel are average looking compared to other major cities in China. Other than the hotel saunas in the city, I do not know where else I can find the girls. At Sofitel, I picked up a girl from the line up and decided to take her back to my room. Total damage was 800.

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    • World_Traveller

      Originally Posted by Pleasure Dude
      Visited Zhengzhou a week ago and stayed at Sofitel. I visited the sauna at both Sofitel and Yuda. The one at Yuda is more high end and the one at Sofitel is acutally a bit ran down. The girls at both of the hotel are average looking compared to other major cities in China. Other than the hotel saunas in the city, I do not know where else I can find the girls. At Sofitel, I picked up a girl from the line up and decided to take her back to my room. Total damage was 800.

      Hi Pleasure Dude,

      Where can you find the line-up?
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    • Worm

      My first trip to Zhengzhou and I RTFF first. I stayed at the Crowne Plaza and went to their sauna. I was taken to my room, and then a guy comes in and tells me no make love. Now, my first reaction was I got my wallet and send the girl in and we will see, but on second thought decided to talk a walk.

      So I followed the forum suggestion and went to the Sofitel next door. The Sauna had a stone cold fox working the hall who welcomed me in. The girl working at the desk was stunning. I agreed to a massage and could not wait to see the quality of the girls. Well, I was disappointed. While the first two were 10s, the one who came to massage me was a 4. But she massaged me well, and I was enjoying the way she was working up to the ..... nothing. She finished, and left. Nice massage, but not what I was looking for. I am not new to this game, and I have never had that happen when I did not expect it. So I wandered off, and walking around the corner back to the hotel came across a set of BBS with girls hanging out of them. Most good looking. Several came out and walked up to me on the street to talk, and I took one home. No issues with the hotel. A normal experience at a normal price.
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    • Opticus

      Xinxiang nice surprise

      Stayed in Xinxiang the other day at the International Hotel, one of the better ones I believe. Took a walk in the evening after returning to the hotel mainly to find a place to buy cigarettes and came across a sauna place just across the street to the left. You can spot these places by: 1. nice girl behind the counter smiling at you while you walk by, 2. towels on the desk, 3. slippers in the lobby, what other place should it be? So I walked in and was led straight upstairs into a room. I could take of my clothes and the room was locked. I was led down a hallway, up and down some stairs to the showers and sauna area, took a shower and tried the sauna which was quite nice although a bit unpleasant after a while because you sit on a stone bench and it gets quite hot despite a towel on which you sit. I did not try the plunge pool because the water was quite murky, but the shower and sauna area was clean. Went back to the room and the boy told me to wait for the massage. There was no line up of girls but I did not ask for either. After a few minutes a quite nice girl came in, small, slim and firm body, dressed quite sexy, would give her a 8 for the body and a 5 to 6 for her face. She took off her clothes right away and told me to turn around. I was expecting something like a massage but she started with a cat bath right away which led to ar which I am not a great fan off I must say. She then told me to turn around on my back side, (cleaned her mouth with mouthwash ) and continued on the front now starting to concentrate on the spot. She did a very nice, slow and quite sensual bbbj and would let me touch her all the while. One disturbing thing was her artificial moaning but that stopped right away when her mouth was filled up. BBBJ was really nice, not much of a handjob and quite deep. Although I am a great fan of Daty did not do it, was unsure after the murky waters downstairs. She then pulled out a condom and was asking me whether to use it which I agreed to. Could be possible that she would do without. After a nice cowgirl ride we change to mish, she finished me off with a cbj. Was quite relaxed after that and she left the room. There was never a rush and she was quite friendly although communication was not possible. I relaxed a while, dressed and went downstairs. I was expecting to pay somthing like 300 to 400 RMB, but now the nice surprise comes: the final bill was just 180 in total.

      I would rate the sauna place quite clean and acceptable, nothing upscale like the top saunas in Shanghai but ok.

      Would certainly recommend it and will go back when business takes me to Xinxiang again.

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    • Gladiatorsher

      Worst F*** in Yuda

      Hi Guys,

      I had read a lot of information and good reviews about Yuda and the HUGE Sauna there and the great service.

      Well let me tell you, I have never had a worst experience anywhere and that too after paying RMB 900 for it for a 90 minutes session, which got over in 15 minutes flat and just 1 shot.

      So, if you guys are going to stay in Yuda for the sauna and the HK Massage, please DON'T.

      The girls dont allow you to tocuh their breast, nor their sweet spot. All you get is the worst mechanical f*** in 15 minutes and she's off to the shower and out of the room.

      I thought a sex doll could be a better f*** than that.

      Just don't go there.
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    • Karlinchina

      Sofitel Zhengzhou

      Hi Fellow Mongers,

      A few weeks ago stayed at Zhengzhou´s Sofitel, older looking from the outside, but remodeled and fairly good looking in the inside, with a weird piano bar in, the piano and artists are one storey below the actual bar! Go figure the creative genius of the particular Chinese interior decorator that came wit the idea!.

      After a weary day in the city I was looking for some action. I read many reports on this thread about the good and not so good Sauna places and actually have selected a couple to check them on. But first I wanted to have a beer in a nice looking Pub which sits on the 3rd. floor just next to the hotel´s Sauna. The place was totally dead so I decided to check if the Sauna offered anything good. Just before entering the Sauna I was approached by a young Chinese guy offering nice masaji, with a pretty lady, so I asked him if he could show me the material. There happened to be a weary looking chick standing on the hallway an since she was not to my liking I asked him to show me more. So he went to the back of the Sauna place and brought a very pretty pettit girl, long hair, white skin, great looking so I said how much. Not much bargaining from my part so we finalize the deal at 800 for 1 hour. I know that for central China this is quite expensive, but I was quite tired and did not want to go into to much hassle, beside my Chinese language ability is limited. So I took precious 58 to my room an will contiunue with the nites events.
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    • Karlinchina

      Sofitel Zhengzhou Part 2

      So I took precious 58 to my room. She looked a bit nervous and seemed to wanting to rush things up, so I try to comfort her, a little hugging, cuddling massaging and then she relaxed. She was wearing a nice looking top, actually overall she did not look like a MP girl but more like an office employee, she even smelled nicely perfumed. I started releasing her from her top to find a small breast with BIG brown nipples which become hard as soon as I started rubbing them tenderly. I remove the rest of her clothes and started rubbing her V section to find out that she was very wet so I spent a good ten minutes or so caressing her love cave which she responded with loud mounds of pleasure, that arouse me greatly. At that point she reached for a condom and we performed a 69 session for another minutes. By this point I was ready to pound this little goddess of pleasure so I took her on missionary and pounded and pounded with her mounds getting louder an my heart rate increasing rapidly until finish. She stayed with me in bed until my breath became normal again. Very good experience overall. Expensive for China standards but worth it all the 800 plus a small tip for her.
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    • Mahal

      Update on Sofitel Zhengzhou

      Quick report on the 2 options at the Sofitel:

      Boss Sauna, 3rd floor

      Went there at 2AM a few weeks ago and a man standing outside the door yelled "laowai, laowai", which prompted a younger guy, dressed with a towel only but speaking english, to appear. He immediately offered "sex massage" for RMB 800 and suggested he would send the girl to my room as soon as I gave him the number.

      Since I was staying in adjacent rooms with my business partners I preferred the on-site option for the same price and asked to see the girls. There were only two brought and both were young but 4-5 in looks. I chose one anyway because I did not want to have to go out and look for other options in the middle of the night. Service rates about the same as the looks, below average, quick CBJ and a couple positions, spitting, no inspiration, just mechanical sex with both parties wanting to get it over with as soon as possible. Whole thing was over in 30 minutes, would not repeat.

      KTV (entrance in the lobby & one floor down).

      Lots of pretty ladies with most clearly available for take out. Was quoted $150, did not partake, because of my business partners again. But seems like a good option if you like the KTV style.
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    • Jude_Bright

      Good experience in Yuda

      Good experience in Yuda

      Stayed in Yuda back in July and had an every good experience with the sauna. There is sauna in the basement and you can access both elevators in the hotel and from the outside of the entrance. Routine taking off the cloths and looked in the locked room, shower, had a whole body scrubbed by a guy. Then went in to the massage room. A beauty came in and ask to give me a service. I said OK. Then she left for a few minutes. When she came back, with two cups including ice and hot tear.

      The massage started on the back with my on my stomach. She quicked moves to the lower part of the body and I enjoyed a lot of the massage in my private area. Once I turn around, my gun is already to shot. After about 10 minutes BBBJ, she put on a cover with her month without any notice, good skill. I tried in several positions and I finally finished inside of she pussy.

      Total damage: 700

      Face 8
      Body 8
      Skill 7
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    • Johnps


      Is there anybody here with some recent experiences in Zhengzhou. Have to stay there for several weeks, so a little information is welcome.

      Thanx a lot
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    • Johnps


      Is there anybody with some recent exoeriences in Zhengzhou. Have to stay there for a longer period, so every inforamtion is welcome

      Thanx a lot
      Posted 5 years ago | #Reply


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