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  1. Wanking

    Club Globe. Leverkusen


    Recent Reports:

    Dark Vader

    Col Bog
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  2. Mrknowitall

    Globe Christmas party.

    Originally Posted by Wanking


    Recent Reports:

    Dark Vader.

    Col Bog.

    Club Globe will have its Christmas Party tomorrow night. They are supposed to have lots of girls on hand for this, but what else do you expect them to say? Too bad there is no public sex at Globe, it is all zimmer sex, so ya can't watch the action when you are between sessions.
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  3. Solid_State

    All day session 26/12/2010

    Have been threatening to do an all dayer here for a while so here was my chance on 26/12/2010.

    Got there about 2pm e150 day ticket. Only a few punters early on and 5-10 girls but numbers would increase throughout the day. Had to many sessions to give a blow by blow account so here's a summary.

    Ezmiralda-turkey, dark hair. 5'7 well built with d-cups, gave nice CBJ, sex doggy style.

    Victoria-romania, dark hair. 5'5 size 12 with d-cups, nice CBJ, doggy.

    There seemed to be a theme running here, both girls claiming some mystery ailment as to.

    Why they couldn't give BBBJ.

    But up next was a girl I'd been with back in August and she gave BBBJ.

    Carmen-romania, dark hair. 5'8, size 10, d-cups, nice ass. CBJ.

    I was starting to get pissed off with this.

    Kimberly-german blonde babe, model figure, b-cups, great ass, BBBJ, cow girl and doggy and hjtc.

    Suzie-bulgaria around 30, plump, dark nipples on c-cups, CBJ-declined. Cowgirl sex.

    Really hacked off with this now and decided I would ask before hand if they gave BBBJ and

    Turn down those that didn't.

    Gabriella-romania, dark hair. 5'0, size 8, b-cup, CBJ, sex all positions.

    She is a real cute sexy thing and she convinced me against my will to have CBJ.

    One of the best sights I've seen bent over. Felt like putting my tongue in her asshole and

    I don't even eat pussy.

    2nd ezmiralda-turkkey, BBBJ, cowgirl, doggy and hjtc.

    2nd suzie-bulgaria, fingering pussy, BBBJ, cowgirl. Doggy.

    After insisting on BBBJ was now getting much better service.

    3rd suzie-bulgaria, same as 2nd session. She was trying to get to the magic 10 zimmers.

    I don't know why 10 is such a magic number as she said she didn't get any extra for hitting the 10. And they only get e10 for each time they go to the room.

    4th suzie-bulgaria, spent the whole time on her mobile talking to a relative who was

    Having passport trouble, needed e350 could I help? Get stuffed.

    Melissa-bulgaria. 5'5, size 12, d-cups. Made only back massage, remained clothed, waste of time.

    5th suzie-bulgaria. By now it was near closing, most of the girls were giving me the run around.

    And suzie was pestering me about being on 9 and no one else would go to the room with her.

    Ended up giving her a right good tooling for must be close to an hour. Left there at 1. 30.

    It was meant to close at 1am. There were still punters there and they didn't look in.

    A hurry to kick them out.

    So 12 hours and 12 sessions, I managed to stay the course but I wasn't happy with the crew.

    Would have enjoyed myself much better if the crew back in August was there.

    Again food not great but I will return just hope none of this lot are there.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was originally written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING and thus it was edited to
    normal case lettering. In the future, please do not write reports in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING. Thanks!


    Hi Solid State,

    I sincerely appreciate your contributions to the forum, but...

    Would you please refrain from WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

    It's difficult to read and it's time consuming to fix.

    On behalf of myself and your fellow Forum Members: Thank You!

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  4. Creature2

    4 hours in Globe on a Monday, afternoon

    This was my first visit in Globe. It was a cold day. Randomly, there were snowfalls.

    I was with a buddy of mine. We get in the club at 14. 00 hours. We paid 100 Euro for 4 hours. It was still possible to upgrade. In my book, it is expensive for 4 hours, my initial intention was to upgrade but later on the day, my buddy want to see another place, and we left the club.

    First of all, I should say this is a big place. I though it was formerly FKK Wiago, but the adress didn't match. When I arrived the club, I found out that was formerly a Sauna club named Indira.

    When they open first time this Globe, one an a half year ago, it was an FKK but as the business didn't go well, they turned it into a Pauschal. That is why it is too luxuriously decorated for a flatrate place.

    When we get in and changed, we gone to the main lounge. There is a big bar, some bar stools and lots of couches, a small kino. The small sauna and the showers were located on the other side of the alley. There is also an 20 min massage offer. But as my time was limited, I mostly concentrated on fucking instead massaging. My buddy had a massage given by a Russian guy.

    Before heading the club, we phoned and asked how many girls were there. The thekefrau told us there were 38 girls. I can safely say, there was no way that I can see 40 girls at the same time there. They were only 10 to 15 girls (which is still good) later a few more came in the evening, with the peek number reaching till 20. I can say all the girls (except one Negro girl) in the look department was exciting in my book, and I believe some can easily crack up in an FKK, so all doable for me, but the problem was that 4 hours is way short for such a line-up. The majority of the crew was from Romania, a few from Bulgaria, too. The rest, a few black girls, and a couple of attractive young German lolitas. I also liked that most girls have at least some basic English knowledge.

    The girls approachs you directly, this is the advantage of this premium system. First girl approached me in the bar, Alexandra.

    Alexandra: My first session of the day. She a chubby, shortish Romanian girl. She speaks decent English. She has nice body but the service is mediocre. And she doesn't do BBBJ, she does only covered BJ. I turned in to doggy to see her big butt then I turned into mish to reach completion.

    Paola: Blond Bulgarian girl. She was charming and friendly. We have crossed with her several time and she was always smiling. I thought it was time to give her a go. I asked if she kisses, she says,"in the room, yes". In the room, I found a real diamond. She was GFE. Maybe her kisses was not that deep, DFK, but she was very friendly and we sureely passed the time barrier, by far. The room was a big one, with a mirror, a bed and an additional big couch. I choose to start the session over the couch. That way, I can see every rounded detail of her butt by the mirror. That turned me on, much. The only con, she also do CBJ, I prefer she can do BBBJ with me, next time.

    An unnamed Romanian girl: Two girls approached us, to me and to my buddy, at the bar. We ended up going upstairs, each couple for a private room. My girl was a wild one, in the bed, but still no BBBJ, what the fuck! Pity that I don't recall her name.

    Later, my buddy told that her girl was ok, but the service could be mediocre.

    After I showered, that girl of my buddy attacked me asked me to go for the room. I initially intended to chat with my buddy but ended up going with that Romanian girl to the room. Still another unnamed one. I thought she will do a BBBJ but what, no, she put a condom than continued. She was nearly zero in the room, I made a fake orgasm and left the room.

    Gabriella: Normally, in four hours, I should do four sessions and a bit time for relaxation and recuparation. But Gabriella reached me in the kino. She was a petite but agile Romanian girl with a very well English knowledge. In the room, she was very dynamic. She gave me a good service, a nice BBBJ (at last) and a nice orgasm.

    When I went down and showered, I observed there were some newcoming young girls. Normally, we should extend and give another 50 Euro and enjoy another 6-7 hours in the club, but mu buddy wanted to check somewhere else. Why? We know already this place rocks. A newcoming German blond young babe (she was in FKK quality or if you know Denise of Puaschal Dortmund, she was as beutiful as Denise, but she was more friendly than her) asked me if I want to go to zimmer, I asked the thekefrau if I have enough time for a last zimmer, she says my time was running up and I have to pay another 50 Euro. That is a pity, we left the club and head to Essen.

    Fazit: I believe Globe will be one of my favorite club altogether with Pauschal Bochum. The girls here are beautiful, easy to approach, the rooms are luxurious, big and very very clean (maybe this is one of the cleaniest Pauschal Club, I have ever seen.like Pauschal Harem in Erkrath). They are open more than 12 hours, compared to Pauschal Bochum, Dortmund and Harem chain. They have a nice garden to enyoj in spring and summer time. The food is ok, maybe not so good but I can manage the whole day with it. The biggest con, is the lack of BBBJ. Only a few girls do it. But I feel I will revisit Globe soon, this time for a whole day.

    PS: After Globe, we intended first to go to Dortmund Bel Ami, but because of heavy snowfall, but switched to Penelope Essen, which is closer than Dortmund. Penelope was a bit down that day. Girls says there is not much customers because of snow. I ended up to fuck two little Romanian birds, the service and the girls was always good in this club. The total damage was 80 Euro, compared to additional 50 Euro that we didn't spend in Globe. In Globe, with that 50 Euro, we can nail 6 more girls instead of two girls of Penelope. That is the difference of Pauschal and FKKs.
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  5. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Solid State
    Why they couldn't give BBBJ.
    Hi SS,

    I had also the same opinion in my mind. The lack of BBBJ was a bit turn off for me but I can see that you have solved the problem by asking before heading the room. Next time, I will do the same.
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  6. Solid_State

    BBBJ at Globe

    Originally Posted by Creature2
    I had also the same opinion in my mind. The lack of BBBJ was a bit turn off for me.
    Hey Creature,

    Are you a German speaker? Do you know what the club's policy is?

    Given that the girls were all making excuses as to why they couldn't give me BBBJ I'm thinking that maybe they were supposed to.

    I know BBBJ is standard in fkk but what about the partytreffs. What is the general rule?
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  7. Svenfkk

    Originally Posted by Solid State
    I know BBBJ is standard in fkk but what about the partytreffs. What is the general rule?
    It is certainly standard at every Partytreff I have been to (8 different ones). What is not standard is CIM. This is standard only at Mettmann (and even there not all girls do it) , as far as I know, though I have experienced it at other Partytreffs as well, where 1 or 2 girls do it. Swallowing is even rarer; I've only experienced it at Mettmann (Silvia and Ute, though Rita also does this).
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  8. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Solid State
    Hey Creature,

    Are you a German speaker? Do you know what the club's policy is?
    I am not a German native speaker. Dur, ng recent years, I had only a few knowledge of German language, thank to the FKKs and Partytreff clubs.

    The manager at the door spooke a decent English, but I forget to ask them if this was the house rule. All the girls rushed me to go upstairs, so this opinion escaped me.

    But first four girls refused me, that they are not doing uncovered, but first girl declared she has good skills on covered BJ. Fifth girls done BBBJ, without my request.
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  9. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Solid State
    I know BBBJ is standard in fkk but what about the partytreffs. What is the general rule?
    Solid State,

    During last few years, I have done more than 70 different clubs across Germany. Half of them are FKKs, and the remainings are Partytreff clubs, swinger clubs, house parties etc. I can safely say, that BBBJ is the most important asset that you can get in Germany P4P scene. For BBBJ, in other countries sucha as Poland and Russia, you have to pay extra. And in Spain, the initiative is given to the girls.

    BBBJ is more common in Partytreffs. And beneath the premium Pauschal Clubs where you pay 150 Euro / day, this should be a standart. But this Club Globe was a real exception. At the beginning of February, I will repeat this club and I will check and clearify the situation with the thekefrau and with the girls.
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  10. Breadman

    Their website doesn't show much of the inside or outside. Found this link. Is this the inside and outside setup of Globe? http://de.netlog.com/saunaclub_indir...otoid=52719832#photos
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  11. Plover_23


    Originally Posted by Breadman
    Their website doesn't show much of the inside or outside. Found this link. Is this the inside and outside setup of Globe?


    Hi Breadman,

    Yes, it looks like it is. The photos show a differing layout of sofas etc, and better furnishings and ornaments than Globe. However, the appearance and juxtaposition of the bar / lounge, the fireplace, and the shot of the long corridor that goes down past the showers and massage room to the "restaurant" looks like it is Globe.

    I do prefer the photos of the earlier Saunaclub Indira to the existing Globe however.

    Globe gets great reviews from many Pauschalclub lovers, but my experience was "poke-for-buck" I preferred ACA.

    Each to their own.

    Have Fun,

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  12. Ccseeka


    After a right nightmare of a visit into the deep woods of an outpost in Pulheim the day before, I wake up the next morning with broomstick straws stuck in my backside and pray for a finish to this trip with a smile at the Globe. I thought to leave this club till the last day as a taster and just do so many hours with a view to a full day in future.

    Getting the train from Koln it only took around 18 minutes to Opladen, walked the rest of the way to the club in about 20 mins. On arrival at Quettinger Strasse see that there is a bus stop with a service to Leverkusen Mitte bahnhof (Bus 220). Took this bus on leaving the club, the journey is non stop to this station.

    As my flight was early evening the plan was to do the club in 5/6 hours just nice in time for that journey home. I arrived at just after 11. 20. I see two cars in the parking space. Seeing the building it was more relief that have not landed in a shack of a place again.

    Once inside am greeted by a grumpy girl, a bit of a madam. The madam part could be due to my early arrival but later on she was as grumpy as ever. I asked if possible to pay the extra hours 'no no' Fours hours or an all day ticket. Fuck it, it means there be quite a few hours to spare and it's pissing down rain heavy. Paid the 100 euros almost on bended knee, it was strange seeing the girl in such a low position behind the counter like she drank a gallop of some Alice in Wonderland potion with her breakfast. It was a bit of pain having a conversation with her throughout the stay to which I got neck ache in the end.

    Was given a decent oversized robe and towel. The lockers room had a bit of class about it but the locker itself is quite narrow and with much effort just about squeeze my clothes and the luggage bag inside it, did not check to see if there were bigger lockers around.

    At the bar was a tall black lady (Paloma) we got chatting for a while she is easy going and approachable said was from Cuba but I was thinking she looks Jamaican. At other times she be reading the paper or perhaps was doing a crossword puzzle.

    I had four sessions.

    Session One.

    Went up to the room with Paloma she is tall, long frizzy hair, lovely smooth skin and wears bra and panties and long velvet boots. Did the cuddling up and kissing her big breasts then a BBBJ followed. We did it a while in mish then Doggy but I could not quite get the full hard on perhaps the session was too early. She goes out the room to get the lube to soften me up for the HJ. I could not come but the session was nice and relaxing no rushes or time reminders.

    Session Two.

    I bumped into a slim young black haired girl (Annalisa?) by the sauna earlier on had a brief chat. She is also quite smiley has some gold teeth at the back. She parades around in skimpy swimwear bra and panties and wears the porn style high heels. She is a soft and slinky to cuddle up to, when we did eventually go to the room this softness led to easy grappling doing a number of positions. I finished with a great climax while she was lying down on her front with bottom sticking out, legs hunched up a bit so I could position myself in the doggy style. BBBJ offered again at the start. With another longish session I was getting quite surprised at the non time reminders, I was anticipating the usual time's up signals but none so far.

    Session Three.

    A Russian looking girl (Ivana) is sitting having a smoke. Has short blond hair and is quite slim with teeny tits. Wear white long boots. From afar I would have put her down as early twenties when close up realised perhaps late twenties, looks almost MILF like. In the room her age defied her as she moved and wriggled like a teeny bopper, started out in doggy then a great climax in mish, I came a bit earlier than usual. This session had a covered BJ this time.

    Session Four.

    I had been eyeing up a buxom girl with a nice big arse wears a short black negligee and bra and the porn heels. Has long black curly hair and has red lip stick on, looks Spanish with a small tattoo on shoulder (could not quite get her name) Hardly any English. She is easy going and moves quite sexily. A nice slow sensual BBBJ followed by a long time in mish then climaxing with a roar grabbing her big butt cheeks in doggy. Just before the mish she intently points to the condom. Looking back would it be wishful thinking that maybe AO was on offer and this gesture was a way of asking? Usually a girl just bangs on the condom without asking first.

    I was sort of a bit dozy most of the time with the lack of decent sleep during the week catching up with me. Some of the girls did ask if I was ok. I tended to sit in the porn TV room at times to try and have a nap. There was no porn being shown to distract me from this. Also with the time factor I was being a little selfish in just thinking of cramming in enough sessions to make this trip a bit more memorable. With the all day version next time I can relax and spend much more time chatting to most of the girls rather a few and do massages in the playrooms also offer DATY's. Paloma offered to give a massage but I realised it would have made me more tired and perhaps have taken up too much of the time remaining.

    I was the only customer for around an hour and forty five minutes then two elderly gents arrive. During the stay there was about five of us customers in total. I suppose the longish sessions were possible due to the so few customers. I am thinking maybe a good balance for the all day would be to arrive around 3pm to just about get those long sessions and then get the benefit of more girls arriving later on. There were about five girls at the start then to around eight or nine at the end.

    The food as well explained in previous reports is lacking. There was the usual bread rolls with cheese slices and hams but was surprised to see one hot plate of spinach lasagne so early in the day. Seemed strange to see such upmarket restaurant / bar style surroundings but the food on display would make a person in a soup kitchen blush. There is a poster in this room of a double Decker bus in a mixture of colour red and grey atmosphere which was a reminder of the gloomy scene back home.

    This club has all the pluses that have made it a bit of a favourite at the moment.

    Non time reminder sessions for early arrivals.

    Girls are good natured and smiley.

    Higher number than the average PT's.

    All kinds of style of clothing that the girls wear.

    Plenty of seating areas.

    Plenty of space to roam around.

    Don't know if the club has changed or still has the same standard of girls from the past months but it was heaven to me in comparison to a trip in October and the horror of the day before. Love to hit this club when there are around 20 girls in attendance.

    I was on a great streak having had three good climaxed sessions in a roll. Not satisfied with the hat trick I aimed for the four timer before the end. I approached the bored looking lady in her early thirties seated alone she has the biggest tits in the club, we go to the reception. Alice checks her log book then starts slowly counting her fingers 1 to 4 and sort of hangs on the five looking puzzled, looks at me like I am the mad hatter and says it is not possible as there is a rule? Cannot go to a room twenty minutes before the end of the four hour deal, I take a look at the lady next to me then her big ones and curse my luck.

    Had a slow shower then said my goodbyes to the girls and promised Paloma that I massage her the next time I am there she laughs at this. I left around 3. 30 into the heavy downpour of rain and feel quite contended and so looking forward to the club the next time. I get started on a course of fitness to last those long hours.
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  13. Dark_Vader

    Back to the Globe

    15th January

    I visited the Globe last week as a prelude for my visit to PT Mettmann later on in the day. I had a good time here when I visited last year but recent reports on the German forums had commented on deteriorating standards and so I had been a little nervous beforehand albeit that I had drawn some comfort from Ccseeka's good experience. In the event I needn't have worried as everything was fine although the food still left a little to be desired.

    I arrived at around 12:00 which was later than I had originally intended due to my flight having been delayed and given my Mettmann commitment I opted for the 4hr deal. There were 7 girls on site at the time with roughly the same number of guys. Initially the standard was a little poor but it got progressively better during the day as more girls arrived although sadly the number of guys on site increased as well and so the ratio deteriorated.

    The tall Cuban girl, Paloma, was one of the early attendees and she greeted me warmly when I arrived. I first met her in PT Bielefeld a couple of years back and we always get on quite well. She was dressed in a French maid outfit which was accentuating her curves in all the right places! Although I like Paloma I fancied a change today and ideally would have skipped her but given the warmth of her welcome it would have been churlish to refuse and soon we were winding our way up the stairs and she was easing herself out of her attire and allowing me to grapple with her assets. It was a good session although as it was my first of the day I finished fairly quickly. She tried to get me to cum in her mouth but I fancied fucking her instead and so got her to stop and climb on top for a spot of cowgirl before swapping round and finishing her off in doggie.

    In our post coital banter she told me that she had been working over Christmas and said that the club was absolute bedlam at Sylvester. This correlated with what the guys on the German forum had said. Apparently the Chef had upped the entry price to €200 (although no extra pay for the girls) and 60 guys had turned up with just 9 girls working and so it was virtually non-stop work and she said that her pussy was still sore. I volunteered to lick it better for her;-)

    My second session was with Anya a short Polish girl, probably in her late-20's, with enormous (real) EE boobs which looked quite incongruous on her slim frame. She isn't the best looking of girls but her body and friendly attitude compensated for this and it was a nice session comprising BBBJ and doggie and culminating in my second cum of the day.

    I was recharging my batteries when Paolma collared me and virtually insisted that we hook up again. I knew that it was far too soon for me to shoot again but I figured that I may as well spend some time massaging her body rather than lounging around at the bar and I also knew that this would be an easy way of earning me some extra brownie points for next time.

    My last session was with Pawya (sp?) a fine looking blond Bulgarian girl. I was surprised when she told me later that she was 32 as she looked much younger than that. We had struck up a good relationship in the lounge, particularly when she told me that she liked black guys and black music. We spent some time caressing and fondling each other on the couch before retiring upstairs for a really excellent session and definitely the best of the day. I particularly liked the fact that she DFK'the and coupled with her BBBJ skills and given that she liked my DATY and finger work that was all the main bases covered. I fucked her in doggie and then mish for my 3rd cum of the day.

    I could have easily spent more time at the club but I was already running late for Mettman and so I bid the girls farewell and hit the road.
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  14. Tuxsmasher

    Globel fuckfest

    What a weekend it has been.

    The club:

    I'll start by saying that this club is the biggest partytreff I've ever seen yet. It's huge by partytreff standards.

    It has a kind of stylish setting with some kind of foreign influence, I'm guessing either indian or another ancient.


    The rooms upstairs are pretty big. They have an easy feel to them, stylish like I said, and clean. Only thing I can complain about is the beds. They're made of wood and not bounsy. One of them even cracked open when I landed on it.

    There's an big eating room, a massage room, sauna, bar, several relaxing rooms with porn and TV. Very impressive for only 100E 4 hours, which is more than enough for 4 cums. I wasn't planning on staying all day anyway.

    The Girls:

    Paloma: Having read about her, It was easy to spot her, she's funny, outgoing, and has a sexy body. And very tobulous (I don't.

    Think she would do bareback, but she was willing to do everything else)

    I had 2 sessions with her. Alot of kissing and caressing, she gave me a massage with her tongue on my back. It was really relaxing and made me even flinch at times because she pushes the sensitive spots on the body.

    BBBJ and a nice doggy finish with that amazing ass of hers. Overall 7/10.

    Vicky: She's a vuluptuous bulgarian with nice mammeris hanging. Very down to earth and funny to talk to. She told me the story of her life, and how she's struggling to make ends meet with this job, and her future plans etc.

    I had 2 sessions with her too. In bed, she's very GFE. Her pussy was tight as hell, and made me come quickly.

    Overall: 7/10.

    Poala: Also from bulgeria. She told me she's 32, and I thought she was joking. She has atleast a 23 year old's body.

    And her skin is still silky-smooth. We sat back at one of the porn rooms first, making out. She tells me she has

    This effectg on men, and she has too much energy. Her face is almost always smiling.

    In the room, She showed her skills. I've not had a such a good BBBJ in a while. She tosses it around in her mouth,

    With a constant rythm. Sucks your balls etc. Also Doggy finish. Overall 8/10.

    Paloma's cousin: I had officially the worst BBBJ in my life with her. Avoid her at any stake.

    There were some other hotties in the list of at least 20 girls but, there's not enough time or sperm in the world to fuck them all.

    More girls kept on coming after 19:00. Sessions are 20 minutes limited, and they make sure to let you know that when you enter.

    The food: there was rice and pork meat, and some salads, and I think soup for non-pork eaters.

    Overall: I like this club. I recommend it if you're in köln.
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  15. Creature2

    A happy Sunday at Globe

    After my, not that succesful virgin visit to FKK Mondial the previous day, I visited the Globe in Leverkusen for the second day.

    Day 1 starts here;

    Day 2; a whole happy Sunday at Globe (beginning of February)

    As I am always suspicious that weekend days (like Fridays and Saturdays) might be too crowded in this club, this time, I decided to do a visit on a probably slower day, Sunday (My first visit was on a Monday in the afternoon and the ratio was also favorable. Needless to say, in the evening, it started to be more packy with girls and with punters).

    I arrived at 1 pm and parked my car. There was already a few car on the parking lot but some of them should be the crew's cars. I should be the first or second visitor of the club, this day. The lady in the counter told they just opened but gave me the locker number 28.

    I changed and entered the main lounge. As it was freezing cold, I needed a good hot coffee, but the thekefrau (maybe the girlfriend of the owner) was not that attentive to customers needs, she was still making the cleaning of the bar of yesterday evening. I waited a few time to take my coffee and went to check the breakfast, there were only a few cold cuts. I suspected if they were fresh and gave it a try.

    When returned to the bar, still the thekefrau was not there. A german young blond, Kimberly asked if I want to have something to drink? Oh yes, another hot coffee to start the day, please! After giving me the coffee, she asked if I want to go upstairs for a room with her? Oh yes, a hot pussy to start the day, please.

    Kimberly: Blond German girl, early twenty, nice body, flat belly. She could easily crack in an FKK but she prefer this Pauschal place. Why? I don't know. I asked if she does BBBJ, she says I will get it in the room. BBBJ as promise, mish and then doggy, spoon to finish. I asked about CIM, she says 50 Euro extra (Now, FKK attitude, but not NRW price, instead, Hessen price applies, so I decline). Not a super session but I can't complaint because as this was the first one of the day, I was easily satisfied.

    Ewa: Romanian brunette. She has a beautiful face and beautiful body (even it is evident she had lots of plastic surgery, when she undressed. This was the first girl my buddy took in our last visit back December 2010 and I recall he didn't like the session with her, either. But who cares, she has beautiful arses, beautiful body, I would be happy to nail her. She had BBBJ but not a good skill, this was mostly HJ than BBBJ and she didn't accept my dick into her pussy (she said she will go to hospital if she get into it) , instead she tried to rush me with HJ. Left the session, unpopped.

    Anya: The only Polish girl in the house. I knew her from Penelope. She has very very big boobs. She says those are naturals but other Romanian girls thinks they are filled with silicones. I touched, checked, but I can't say if they are real stuff or not. In the room, the session was not that good. She says she has a small pussy. I didn't finish the session.

    Semi: A Chezh brunette. She has nice body, she says she used to work in Living Room. She had a nice skill of BBBJ but asked if I want a CIM for an extra of 30 Euro. No way. I shagged her in different ways and popped inside gummi in mish.

    Roxanne: A Bulgarish girl, she had sexy outfit and nice body. She is not the youngest girl in the house but still she has a stiff body. She likes to play in the room. She is not that playful compared to Paola but recommendable. Poked her first doggy then spoon, it was not that difficult to reach climax. Next time, I hope I could see her.

    Kim: A Thai women. She claims her first day and she works normally as a nurse in Dusseldorf. I had no intention to fuck her, she was not that attractive to me but I asked a Thai massage in the room. Her massage was good but her voice level and her broken English fucked my brain.

    Suzanne: A Bulgarian whale. Can easily be forget or ignore.

    Lina: Another Bulgarian brunette from Varna. She is a big girl but she has an attractive body and deep brun eyes. In the room, she was pretty mechanical but her body was still desirable in the bed.

    Now, when it is 6ish, the club started to be packy, and there is also a waiting list for the room. But in this club, the waiting list is much better than the one in No Limit Girls. Here, the girl make a note to the counter lady that she is going to go to the room and return back to couch, to your knees, in order to see you, she doesn't want that you vanish anywhere, she doesn't want to search you when a room is free. And this give you a perfect couch time. 10-15 min with her to enyoj and have fun.

    Gabi: This is my second encounter with this small Romanian girl. I recall that our first encounter was a real success so I booked her again, this time. She has a perfect knowledge of English. Last time, she was the only one who provide BBBJ but this time, she says she had an operation in the mouth so she preferred CBJ. Cowgirl is still her favorite and also mine, but I preferred to finish in doggy this time.

    Marina: A slim Romanian girl. With Marina, I discovered there were Normally, I don't go with slim girls but she was a surprise in the room. I hadn't big expectations with that girl. This is why I had an unerected penis when she lay over me. But she kept my sleeping buddy into her wet mouth and started to show her skills. Wow. Now, I was pumping her in mish and she was really wet inside her pussy. I reached climax. I want to repeat her this Friday. I hope she will be here, again.

    Isabella: she is also a very beautiful Romanian young girl. God bless Romania. She was also another success story in the room. Wow. Those young slim girls tends to be wild and skillfull, nowadays. I hope she still works there.

    Lithuan MILF: I was really tired and the time was nearing to 11 pm. Most of the customers were left, there were only a few punters in the club. I went with that MILFy Lithuain woman, I didn't recall her name. As she was speaking Russian, it was a turn on for me. But in the room, she was a total disaster.

    At midnight, I was the only guest inside the house. I don't have any stamina, nor the intention to go again to the room. Normally, the club should be open till 1 am. But the girls was waiting that I left and therefore, they can touch their daily fee and went to sleep. I went a last time to sauna and chat with a nice and small Bulgarian girl look alike to Eva Mendes. She asked why I didn't go with her to the room, I told she was busy and I was busy, and added 'Maybe next time', she told she is going to leave to Bulgaria and won't return back and she hates this work. She misses her house and her small child. Ok. This is always the same cliché I heard from Bulgarian girls but I am always sad to hear. I don't know if I want to see her again or not. She told me I should go, now. Left the sauna, went to shower and left the club. I know I will return, soon. But before returning to Globe, Leverkusen, I also visit twice the genuine Club Globe in Zurich, in order to be able to compare. I know that both clubs are like day and night and can't compare. Only a single session &304; and Globe Zurich is much more expensive than a whole day in Globe Leverkusen! As Globe (Zurich) is one of the best club in Switzerland, Globe Leverkusen is one of the best Pauschal club in NRW, in my book.

    FAZIT: This was my second in time in Globe Leverkusen but I know this won't be me my last time. This week, Friday, I will there. I know it will be packy but I can handle it. This is one of the best club to spend 150 Euro a day (altogether with Pauschal Bochum) in my book. There are numerous girls, most of the girls are pretty good looking and sometimes, the service can be really good (if you are lucky and if you can click with the girl). This time, Paola wasn't there but maybe next time, I can see her again. There are also some other girls I wan't to meet again and again. This Sunday I went 12 times to the room with different girls but there were still 15 girls that I didn't go. I guess 30 girls is one of the biggest number of girls I see in a Pauschal club in Germany (the biggest line-up I saw in a Pauschal place was Club Dream in Zurich) and this number could be much more on a Friday and Saturday. The only drawback is the food. Eat well before you enter or try to order a pizza when in the club. The Polish girl told me she vomitted constantly the day before, because of the food.
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  16. Creature2

    A succesful Friday in Globe

    Another succesful Friday in Globe followed by a not so succesful visit to World. There were 35 girls in Globe. 4 German. 3 Polish, the rest from Bulgaria and Romania. The majority was attractive, the rest also can beat the line of a standart PT level. Only issue was the food. Report will follow. Will repeat Globe at the beginning of April.
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  17. Wanking

    35 girls is amazing

    Originally Posted by Creature2
    Another successful Friday in Globe followed by a not so successful visit to World. There were 35 girls in Globe. 4 German. 3 Polish, the rest from Bulgaria and Romania. The majority was attractive, the rest also can beat the line of a standart PT level. Only issue was the food. Report will follow. Will repeat Globe at the beginning of April.
    I've never heard of that many girls in a flatrate before, thats fantastic. I am tempted to visit but the lack of food / bad quality food makes a full day visit difficult. You mentioned before about maybe ordering in a pizza. Is this possible I wonder?

    I guess you could bring some sandwiches or similar and keep them in your locker. I suspect one of the reasons behind the bad food is that the management hope you won't stay too long. The sooner a guy leaves the club, the more money the club make on that guy.
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  18. Copenhagen

    Reason for 35 girls

    Originally Posted by Wanking
    I've never heard of that many girls in a flatrate before, thats fantastic.
    Wanking, I can no longer find the flatrate offer on their website. That might explain the 35 girls.

    Posted 3 years ago | #Reply
  19. Wanking

    Originally Posted by Copenhagen
    Wanking, I can no longer find the flatrate offer on their website. That might explain the 35 girls.


    It's on the bottom of the homepage, €99 for 4 hours.

    They never posted the all day €150 deal on their site, but we know from here that's its commonly available.
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  20. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Copenhagen
    Wanking, I can no longer find the flatrate offer on their website. That might explain the 35 girls.

    It is still flatrate, I paid 100 Euro for 4 hours, then extended it into a whole day for another 50 Euro.
    Posted 3 years ago | #Reply
  21. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Wanking
    I suspect one of the reasons behind the bad food is that the management hope you won't stay too long. The sooner a guy leaves the club, the more money the club make on that guy.
    Yes, that is true, but upgrading is too easy for a full day.

    And also, when you check-in, they ask for how long you want to stay? So, they always asks both options to you.

    &304; and pauscahl Bochum, Dortmund, munster chain, upgrading is more difficult and ennoying. You don't know whether you can extend or not. And they don't accept, at the beginning, the whole day program. Therefore, I believe, the pricing structure in Globe is more fair than Pauschal Bochum. And yes, in Pauschal chain, you can find 10 to 12 girls on a day, on the other hand, the number is three times bigger in Globe, but some hookers provider more mechanical service than the others, in Globe. In Pauschal Bochum, you can get different service from different girls such as kissing, anal and also CIM. In Globe, some try to upsells extras for that.
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  22. Wanking

    Globe Food Situation

    I am tempted to visit Globe next week, and knowing from reports here that the food is shit, I called the club via skype to find out is it possible to get a pizza or similar delivered. For me, decent food is necessary when you want to spend 12 hours or more in the club!!

    I got talking to a pleasant girl who spoke good English and she told me.

    "YES it is possible to get food delivered, Pizza or whatever you want".

    When I told her that I heard that the club is great overall but that the standard Buffet is not good she said

    "Yes we are aware of this, and we are trying to improve the food situation"

    She also told me that there are 39 girls present there today!!! 39 girls are on a Monday!!! HOLY FUCK!!! 39 girls for €150 all day!!!
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  23. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Wanking
    I am tempted to visit Globe next week, and knowing from reports here that the food is shit, I called the club via skype to find out is it possible to get a pizza or similar delivered. For me, decent food is necessary when you want to spend 12 hours or more in the club!

    I got talking to a pleasant girl who spoke good English and she told me.

    "YES it is possible to get food delivered, Pizza or whatever you want".

    When I told her that I heard that the club is great overall but that the standard Buffet is not good she said

    "Yes we are aware of this, and we are trying to improve the food situation"

    She also told me that there are 39 girls present there today! 39 girls are on a Monday! HOLY FUCK! 39 girls for €150 all day!
    Hi WK,

    When I was there last time, I tried the food was shitty. So, I tried to order pizza (I knew that girls also order food and there is a food delivery restaurant nearby). There is two ladys in the counter, they switch between shifts. The slim beautiful girl speaks decent English, and sonetimes it is replaced by another beautiful German wg which also speak decent English. They are both very helpful and friendly. But last time, I had an issu with the second women on the counter who works on the night shift.

    She pretended she doesn't get any English or other language apart German.

    I asks if possible to order any food, pizza or whatsoever (I tried to tell it with my ackward little German knowledge). She says she doesn't have any number for pizza delivery (even I know they order by phone time to time). She obviously didn't want to mess her time, with the order process, later delivery and later find the person in the club who ordered the food etc. But I insisted, she says the girls might have the phone, tehn I asked the girls, they told the counter lady always arrange theorder and delivery. Now, I was % 100 sure she was not that friendly, talkative and helpful.

    I tried to solve it myself, I go online with my mobile and search a pizza delivery phone which is nearby Leverkusen, but it was not that easy. Later, I saw the owner, but he doesn't speak English, either. I knew he was from a Magrebian country. I asked whether he speaks French. Then I explained him the situation. Finally, I was able to order two pizza (quattro stagioni) for me and my buddy. At the same time, another two more punters ordered two more pizza. I was lucky. After the ordering process, the owner asked me 20 Euro for two pizzas, and told me, he will pay when it arrived. I paid with no other option. I guess, as this was a crowded Friday, they don't want to mess themselves in order to find the person in the club.

    When the pizzas arrived, I saw there were the smallest available pizza in Germany and the cost should be less then 5 Euro. So, even the owner of the club made profit on our food, he had at least 20 Euro profit in 4 pizzas. But I was still happy to have a food and to find the strenght to stay till 4 am and continue to fuck. Before ordering pizzas, we even asked whether it is possible to go out and dine in Leverkusen downtown and return back to the club. The reply was a solid NO.

    Even the food is an issue, I will keep going this club (even this Sunday, I will be there) , because there is lot of girls and half of them are beautiful. The service is sometimes standart and mechanical and lower then Pauschal chain, but still adorable, whne you have enough wood. Maybe, bringing with you small chocolates, or some fruit may solve the problem, if you can't succed to order a silly and expensive pizza.

    The report from my visit will folw soon.
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  24. Creature2

    A packy Friday in Globe

    This was my third time in this Club Globe, in last three months and now, I know most of the girls and their behaviour in the room.

    Normally, I shouldn't go to Globe on Friday or Saturday, because I guessed it would be packy but I had no other choice, heavy work schedule forced me to arrange the trip starts on Friday.

    I landed to Cologe-Bonn airport in the afternoon, stayed in Etap Leverkusen, which is 5 kms from the club. This time, I was with a buddy of mine. We arrived the club at 5 pm. The club was not full of guys but the number of girls was relatively good. So a nice ratio to start the day. We first choose for 4 hours, then, as the number of girls and the ratio was still ok, and as the club was open till late night, we extended to a full day. So, for 150 Euro, we stayed more than 11 hours in the club. No any good food, at 5 pm, at 6 pm, or even later. See my feed-back on the food issue and bring with you some small chocolates, bananas, fruit for a contingency. Ordering a pizza was even a pain in the ass, in our case.

    When we entered the club, the number of girls was 25, then it is increased to more or less 35. This was a ncie number considering a pauschal club. There were some new girls and also some veterans from my previous visit.

    I started with some Roxanna to release the tension.

    Roxana: A I'd age Bulgarian, nice face, nice chubby body, but the service sucks.

    Nora: A new Polish girl. She is tall, nice tits, nice big arses, an FKK quality in terms of look, and also in terms of service. She has a nice BBBJ. She asks me not to cum in mouth, taht is why I asked a condom to pump her, otherwise, her good BBBJ skills could make me cum, soon. Nice ass, I enjoyed her doing doggy, then spoon. She is an ex EuroGirls Club (former PT Willich) and she came heer with her girfriend Monika.

    Neli: This is a former Pusssy Club girl, from Romania. She is beautiful but can't recommend her. I just take in order to help my buddy to let him to take Marina. Neli was always null for me, in PC Heidelberg, tehn in PC Wuppertal. I even saw her in pauschal Bochum and FKK Salome. I doubt she might be heer on my next visit.

    Paolo: She is a nice Bulgarian girl, she always receive nice feed-back, from other reports. Before going to the room, a nice social time over the couch. Last time, she had covered BJ. I wonder she does BBBJ now, but no. I even tried to do BBBFS but she says condom is better. She does kisses by the way. She has photo with face, in the web. Highly recommandable.

    Marina: She is a little Romanian, she is a pocket rocket in the room. Not so attractive with face and body, but service is very recommandable. Unfortunately, this time, no BBBJ, jsut CBJ, it was quite the contrary last time.

    Monika: The girl friend of Nora. She is also Polish, she is blond. And she previously worked in EuroGirls with Nora. She is not that young, she is slim, but the skin was dry. I prefer Nora, but Monika was also OK in BBBJ and also in doggy.

    Nora again: She is the best Polish girl that day, inda house (there were three of them). Big ass, nice doogy, she also rode me cow-girl. Easy to reach completion.

    Marina again: This time, just for massage. But she had a nice massage skill. I was exhausted so I didn't try to fuck her, but the little friend was wake up and another round, she rode me till completion.

    Kim: A blond yong German girl, very ncie body, nice face, blue eyes, an FKK quality, she came from Duisburg, with her girlfriend Shelia. Sheila told me this was her first and last day in this club. She doesn't like 10 Euro / session paying here, they were both hooked previously in Living Room. Probably, I won't be able to see them again in Globe. So I get used to this on my benefit and take Kim to room. She was really nice and she does an FKK style service. Pity that I didn't also book her girfriend Shelia for the next round (There were no room, a long waiting list for the rooms etc).

    Monika again: I though I call it a night, but I suddenly Nora and Monika set next to us. All girls were exhausted, My buddy went with Nora, but just for massage, and I went with Monika. Another new session which reach to completion, so I can't complaint.

    Fazit: All in all, it was an ok Friday night. We entered at 5 pm and stayed till 4 am. I went 10 times to room and had 8 cums, (this is too much, that is why I was always sleepy next days in FKK World and Oase and the cause why I sessioned less, on those lovely other clubs). All my sessions in Globe were satisfactory, except the one with Nelli. There were enough good girls. If you have the possibility to choose within 35 girls, even the half of those girls were beautiful, you can pick 10 top girls of the club. And in 10-12 hours, you can only nail 10 of them (becasue there is a wait for the room). Even the wait for the rooms are also ncie, because you have social time in the couch with your girl. I will repeat this club next Sunday. I believe weekday is better, you can stay 13-14 hours in the club. In weekends, you can stay up to 17 hours in the club. If I entered earlier, I acn have more girls for my 150 Euro. Next day, I went to FKK World, I was worned out because of so many cums in Club Globe, I was biten by a shark. 10 min in the room, and the total damage was 115 Euro.
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  25. Wanking

    Great reports C2

    Wouldn't it be great if Globe and Harem Erkrath could be combined! All the women and facilites of Globe combined with the excellent restaurant of Harem.

    Maybe someday, a club in germany will finally get it all right.

    A pity I will miss you by 2 days!!!
    Posted 3 years ago | #Reply
  26. Jerboa

    Food In Globe

    I take It from reading the posts about Globe that the lack of food Is a cynical ploy to make customers leave, a sad way to run a club, how do the girls manage? Maybe you could sweet talk the girls, and share a order with them.

    Either that or bring your Superman lunch box LOL,
    Posted 3 years ago | #Reply
  27. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Wanking
    Wouldn't it be great if Globe and Harem Erkrath could be combined! All the women and facilites of Globe combined with the excellent restaurant of Harem.

    Maybe someday, a club in germany will finally get it all right.

    A pity I will miss you by 2 days!
    Yes, this combination would be a perfect solution, and this would be the ideal Pauschal club. But if there is too much girls to session, I don't want too much waiting time, waiting for my fresh food to be cooked, even a passable food would be ok for me. Because in Harem Erkrath, I always waited the food cooked and this precious times always costed me, missing the favorite girls in to the room.

    You know, mankind is never satisfied. I recall lots of FKK monger talks about the perfect combination of FKK clubs, we dream to have the line up of Oase and the nice facilities of World, in a same arrangement. This also would be ideal FKK club.
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  28. Creature2

    Originally Posted by Wanking
    A pity I will miss you by 2 days!!!
    Yes, I wish I can extend my stay some more days and team up with you in Globe, but I have to go to Bavaria.

    I am sure, if we might meet in Globe, we seldomly can see eachother, because we would be most of the time, upstairs, in the rooms.

    I hope you will like this club. I have higher expectations in summer time, when the outdoor facilities will be in use, such as jacuzzi and outdoor sauna.

    Enjoy the club, cause you know it well, such clubs has their up and downs. Now, this is up but who knows, it can turn down suddenly. So, hurry up before it goes downhill.
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  29. Wanking

    10 euro discount

    Thanks to Varenne for recently informing me about the 10 euro discount. I see they have a new 10 euro discount flier on their site. I guess it will help cover the cost of ordering in a pizza anyway.


    Also I must try and remember to avail of their shuttle service back to the train station on Tuesday night.
    Posted 3 years ago | #Reply
  30. FarmWorker

    Fun Four Hours at Globe

    Just dragged myself back to the hotel after being drained at Globe. A unique place, girls get paid by sessions

    (or whatever) in the rooms. This leads to many offers of massage, etc. Rather than the normal recuperation time. Bottom line is that you can spend the whole four hours in a room with one of the ladies, no downtime. For me this worked to to eight sessions. Six involving penetration, the others relaxation. My normal recycling time of one hour was reduced to 20 minutes!

    The ladies were definitely second string, most 5-7, with one very cute Cuban girl being the exception. Some beautiful Eastern European blondes with saggy bodies. Friday afternoon had only six cars in the parking lot and maybe 15 girls,

    Hard to count because of the busy rooms. Half offered BBBJ, all action hurry-up, but since there were more to sample downstairs this wasn't much of a problem. Quite an experience.
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