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  1. Joe_Coodidge

    $400 for FS?

    Originally Posted by Bigred
    I chilled and laughed and so did she so she was having fun and did more grinding and such. I can pick up the girls easily because they are so small and she really liked that when I stood up with her on top of me. Great time. Full service is $400 just like every other joint in town except El Toro so far.

    It was $250 for a CBJ with a titty fuck and and a vigorous hand release after I popped in her mouth. Her Breasts were real and so full. Big giant DD titties that were tipped with pretty long nips and she has short hair.

    Are you saying that it cost $250 (US) for a CBJ and $400 for FS? Sounds like Las Vegas prices. I used to frequent Cabo about 5 years ago and FS was no more than $80. Wow.

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  2. TylerPerelli

    Cabo prices

    The Cabo prices have skyrocketed. Most of the clubs are asking $$$ or so for fs. Twenty/Twenty is reasonable. El Toro Bravo is the place to go. $. 3 was the rate when I was there last.
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  3. TylerPerelli

    2006 Cabo reports

    As there is little recent info here, I will share some intel from 2006:

    By Tylerperelli on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - 10:43 am: Edit

    Checked out the Cabo scene on a Tuesday night. Started at Cabo Wabo, a club co-owned by Sammy Hagar. The place was packed...a dude was crowd surfing when I walked in. Lots of college chicas as well as some tourists a little older.

    Headed across the street to Splash&Mermaids. Mermaids had about 6 dancers and three customers, Splash was closed. Girls were 6 or 7 on the hot scale. Had an 8 approach immediately and later had one privado with her. Prior to that a 9 (hot blonde)appeared and i grabed her right up. Twenty dollars got a five minute topless private with lots of touching and kissing. VIP was 100 to 110 at this and most other clubs for 25 minutes nude with lots of contact promised. The blonde offered her number, yet wanted 250-300 for bj, 600 for fs.

    These were the rates quoted at all the clubs.

    Splash: 6 girls all sevens and eigths, very few customers, pushy.

    Amnesia: busier,had a nice privado with a young spinner after an agressive dancer gave me some serious convincing just as I sat down. Serious rubbing and kissing as she sat on my lap on the main floor.

    Placers: same scenario as Amnesia...spring breaking blonde got on stage...hot, did not shed clothes.

    Bolerio: Only club that insisted on collecting cover.

    20Twenty: Closed before I could get there...had success here two years ago...lower prices due to location on opposite end of strip.

    Lord Black: Far and away the hottest girls were here. Had a few privates from three girls. Nice, yet girls were greedy. They did not like when junior snuck out to play...seemed okay if cover by shirt and briefs while out of pants. If only covered by shirt the tended to stop.

    Stubbled into a massage place the other day duing shopping...she was in session...offered $50 for half hour...normally $70...no idea what is included or how tips range...instinct says she was ready to play.

    A gringo told me he went for the $100 VIP rather than the $20 privado at Spalsh the previous night. Stated he rec´d bj for $60 additional. Not idea if he was honest.

    Hope to have better news next report...yet prices are sky high. Hope this is simply due to Spring Break, yet have a hunch they have raised significantly in the past two years.
    By Maverick on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - 06:28 pm: Edit

    Tyler- prices you quote are normal. FS all night can be 300-400 but stunners will try for 500 or 600 (usually includes bar fine). I don't believe spring break really ups the price; most college types will not pay those prices or will want to (mucho free tourista pussy). High prices are paid by the ever constant flow of older, better financed vacationers, sport fisherman, and gringo homeowners. CSL is hit-or-miss on service. Some girls will do BBBJ if price is right, other will never. Always stay away from street girls, and Boliero charges cover because girls are generally the best there. I know the place well. But as always you have to pay for quality. CSL is not a cheap place to go; I always discourage mongering unless money is not much of an object.

    If you're still there try Toro Bravo brothel-- ask a taxi or masero where it is. Again, hit or miss but it's certainly no AB/CC.
    By Tylerperelli on Thursday, March 23, 2006 - 07:42 pm: Edit

    Thanks Maverick...already on it, prior to reading your reply just now.

    Good news!!!

    Wednesday night things got much better. Went to ¨What´s Up¨ bar. Heard locals (non-pros)hang out here and noticed three beauties dancing with some dorky college dudes the previous night. It was an off night and too early, so off to 20Twenty I went. Still early and not much action there either. Waiter informs me that anything goes there. Saw two 6´s and an 8. The 8 sits on my lap and I get her down to $120 for a bj including the closet time charge. Didn´t take her offer, wanting to see if better quality will show, I bailed intending to come back later. ¨Whats Up¨is still empty, so getting brave, I ventured to El Toro at the suggeestion of a local after I asked where the chicas were.

    Great idea...walked in six girls at bar and few scattered throughout...range from 6 to 9. English speaking gent approaches me and offers a girl. When I walked in a 9 had made eye contact with me. She and the eight next to her were of my liking.

    She was a sandy blonde with nice wavy hair and mid size breasts, smoking ass. Quoted $130 all inclusive (bj, sex, room for an hour). She pays the bar $30 for the room and we are escorted to a small room about double the size of the single bed contained in it. She is nude in a heartbeat and I soon follow. Nice cbj (never long enough) and then multiple positions with medium kissing. Not rushed at all, yet the session ends with orgasm, whether the full hour is used or not. Made certain to take full advantage of my time and used multiple positions.

    When we had headed to the room, I showed her that I only had $117 cash on me, and she took it. Another $80 or so was tucked away.
    By Tylerperelli on Thursday, March 23, 2006 - 07:53 pm: Edit


    On the way out I notice a stunning latina I hope to catch on my next adventure.

    My girl (Fabiola?) was 25 and was in Cabo for about a year from Mazatlan.

    Walked by the Zoo and El Sqwuid Roe both having lines of spring breakers waiting to get in. Walked through Cabo Wabo...busy yet not as packed as the previos night. Decide to give Spalsh a chance as only Mermaids was open the previous night. A stunning leggy female with nice fake breasts andbeautiful face is second on stage. Grab a twenty dollar private from her and am able to get some hand job action throughout the dance after freeing my package from its constraints. She was impresssed, as was I that she would give me the hand action with no tip and only a $20 private. May have to give her more time tonight.

    Cabo is getting better...one must be patient. El Toro and 20Twenty are the places for economical mongering. Hope to have some more tails...must rush these reports as the internet fee is 90 pesos ($9) for 30 minutes here.
    By Tylerperelli on Thursday, March 23, 2006 - 07:58 pm: Edit

    More tails...more tales...pun was great, yet unintentional...

    Can´t type worth a crap and hurrying.

    BTW, in addition to the mongering Cabo is wonderful...Americanized pricing, yet absolutely beautiful, with impecable service.

    My brother has a time share at Pueblo Bonita.
    On second day here, I was given $100 cash and a small bottle of tequila just for listening to a timeshare presentation. Nice offset to mongering expense.
    By Maverick on Friday, March 24, 2006 - 04:54 am: Edit

    What's Up is run by a girl called Norma who is a retired stripper. All her semi-pro friends still hang there. In Cabo semi-pros sometimes dabble on the pro side, but the girls ususally don't freelance in the clubs- you have to meet them in a SC. If they're dancing or hanging inside a bar, my experience is they are either with someone or do not want to be bothered. Best bet is always to approach, offer a drink, and ask if they live in Cabo. Depending on the response, next question is where do you work. If its a SC you're half way there.
    By Tylerperelli on Sunday, March 26, 2006 - 09:30 am: Edit

    Made it back to El Toro and found exactly what met my specifications. Fabiola from my first night was there, yet my eye was on two brunettes this night.

    Fabiola had promised to meet me on the beach the following day...when questioned, she pointed to her new eyeliner. Had a tall, athletic gal with wavy hair and a stunning latina come over to my table. Naomi and I had made maor eye contact up to this point. She was wearing jeans and a jean jacket...certainly not advertising to the extent of the rest. She had a nice white blouse underneath. After taking only the $30 bar fee, we headed back to the room.

    She was short with perfect natural breasts...C cup. A pleasing smile and the most beautiful eyes and hair. Slightly round in the ass, yet very nice. Having explained that extended oral was desired, she was accomodating. Multiple positions followed, interupted with head and a second condom for round two of multiple positions (still hadn´t popped). She had two nice orgasms (almost a third)and her face was beautiful to watch as she achieved them. Finally popped having fully utilized my time. Some nice kissing and conversation occurred throughout the encounter. She spoke very good english.

    She was from Cancun, age 22, no kids (wants one boy and one girl) and was only on her third day here in Cabo San Lucas. Damn near wanted to marry this one guys!

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  4. Jeff_71

    El Toro Jan 2008

    My second visit to El Toro Bravo. First visit, in 2006, had me doing the walk-in, walk-out, after a quick scope and conclusion that I wouldnt f--- these ladies with your d---.

    Much more scenic this time. Within a few minutes met up with "Apuerba" (??), a 5'7" mexicana de Mazatlan, 27yo, with great natural boobs, abs good enough to have them on display, and very little English. She asked for 150, we settled on 130, I was drunk enough not to discuss whether ST or LT.

    Nice CBJ, CG, & mish in a laughably small room (cell!) attached to the bar. A good time. Sorry to say, bros, that you cannot rely on my recollection of her name -- what I have above is just a guess. But I think you can be sure that even the best-looking lady at ETB can be had for a little less than twice the Tijuana rate.

    Thanks to RedBaron2 for providing these useful directions to find ETB: "I went straight to El Toro bar instead of going hunting in different places. Very easy to find, turn left out of El Squid, then 1st street left and 1st right."

    Jeff Bob says check it out
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  5. Jeff_71

    El Toro Jan 2008

    Memory recovery: visit below was with "Fabiola." a good time.
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  6. United1

    Flying Solo in Cabo

    Hey guys,

    I am thinking about making a mongering trip down to Cabo. Curious as to how safe it is to hit the brothels / strip joints / massage places by myself. I am a very timid monger and while I have had my fair share of experiences, I am always a bit scared of going into dark alleys/back rooms.

    Can anyone advise, or even suggestion another good / cheaper location to hit.

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  7. TylerPerelli

    Cabo is quite safe for mongering alone. It has cruise ships docking there and many American tourists. It is still Mexico, yet is somewhat "Americanized". That means relatively safe, yet also getting expensive.

    Traveling with my brother's family and a friend, I would duck out mid evening and head to El Toro (brothel--more selection, better pricing). It is one block off the main drag, so I was vigilant, yet felt safe enough.

    Read back a bit in the forum and decide for yourself. Make sure to report back. I'll be there in March during the earlier part of spring break time. It gets very crowded mid to late March.

    Originally Posted by United1
    Hey guys,

    I am thinking about making a mongering trip down to Cabo. Curious as to how safe it is to hit the brothels / strip joints / massage places by myself. I am a very timid monger and while I have had my fair share of experiences, I am always a bit scared of going into dark alleys/back rooms.

    Can anyone advise, or even suggestion another good / cheaper location to hit.

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  8. TylerPerelli

    Cabo report (w/photos?) coming soon

    Give me time to figure out the photo stuff gents.
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  9. DarkRum

    Excerpts from a few days in Cabo

    Cabo Adventures.

    Was looking for a little help from this board prior to trip, but with limited commentary. This was approached "unarmed".

    Episode 1. In Lieu of selling a time share (wink) a wrangler thought that he could set up our party of 4 with in home entertainment. To make a long story short he promised my boy 4 for 3 hours at 150 apiece. A deal for down there by any stretch. And of course the wrangler wanted a separate 100 for a finders fee.

    Of course all were to be good looking and all worked the typical clubs. No problem if everything is as he says it was (wink). There was a catch and that was that soon these girls were supposedly to be heading toward working there shifts at the local club. The task however was to get them before they went to the club for work or else we would encounter the $60 per fee for early withdrawal (if you know what I mean).

    Immediately the time share wrangler went to his work. Dialing his cell phone and promising 4 cuties. Of course there was an insistence that they show up for inspection to meet approval or all bets were off.

    Time was ticking away. And no girls showed up. A deadline was given, more calls made and lo and behold. Here comes an SUV.

    Let the bullshit begin. In the SUV was a driver (older chica) and a young girl who to her credit was cute and acceptable, but by no means a knockout.

    We asked about the others and of course on such notice they could not round them all up, but they insisted that the others were much better looking then the one in the car and they were using her as a gauge to see if we liked. Even the girl in the car said she was the "least attractive" of the bunch and as I said. She was at least cute and acceptable.

    So with on guard skepticism we began to set up the 3 hour party. Being on foot we hopped in the SUV with the girls and the girls drove us back to our lair up a hill through a gated access where they had to leave ID. Before leaving towards home, the wrangler was given half of his finders fee with the other half he would receive if we were satisfied with the nights events. And he was told that if there was a problem. We would be coming back for the deposit.

    With all that said. Off we went. Primarily so the chicas would know how to get to the Casa and of course get signoff from the other half of the group as there were only 2 prospectors.

    On the drive up the older chica who was driving and apparently the "Den Mother" or "Mamasan" for the chica’s began grabbing a handful my crotch as she was driving and this she did several times during the evening. Even though she was not part of the mix other then to I guess being the setup person and ring leader for the ladies. She had no ass to speak of. Nice tits and a little weathered in the face. Head worthy, but I wouldn’t do it.

    Well, once back at the ranch. Everything seemed a go. The 2 girls nibbled on snacks and had a drink and times and duration was set up. So far so good. Except. Being a stickler for the bottom line we wanted to assure that everything was as presented. 4 for 3 for 150.

    Let the Bait and switch begin. The mamison/crotch grabber. Said it would be 4 for 3 for 200. Typically this is out of my league for the sport, but for Cabo (for some reason) this is still on the cheap side especially for 3 hours and home entertainment. The going rate for the in club closet shuffle is 150.

    Well, principle won out over pvssy and we vehemently rejected the 50 increase per. A series of phone calls (in Spanish of course) began between the "den mother" and the "time share wrangler". And even a last ditch bid of 175 was made where we would deny the balance to the wrangler, but for this she only wanted the girls to stay 2 hours.

    Well combine the bait and switch on price with the fact that we still had not physically seen 3 of the other girls. Meant that this could only be the beginning of the drama. All bets were off. They were excused from our premises and given a personal escort back to the front gate. They were very displeased at this.

    We then loaded into car and drove back to the spot where we had left the wrangler. And to my surprise we had no problem finding him. He approached the vehicle and without much (any) prompting returned the deposit. His claim was that the woman changed the price tag on her own and that she was upping it so she could give him a piece of the action, possibly not knowing that he already was being taking care of. He claims he told her he was fine, but still she maintained the switched prices. Whatever the case. One of them got really greedy so nobody got anything.

    So the hunt was on. Episode 2 to follow

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  10. DarkRum

    The Saga continues

    Cabo Adventures.

    Episode II

    On the prowl still after a failed attempt at a home party.

    Walking the streets of Downtown Cabo I found many of the same bars/clubs in name as I have found in other places in Mexico. Even like in Nogales. Placers, Lord Blacks, etc.

    From what I know of those places, these are not anymore cheap options relatively speaking. Still don't understand and can't come to grips with why Mexico is so much more pricey for the sport then places that are the Kreme de le Kreme like Brazil, CR, Thailand and even Tijuana where you can max out for the best at 60.

    In Cabo, 150 for in club seemed to be cheapest standard going save putting the beg and bargian on someone. And quite frankly, the selection paled drastically in comparison of the aforementioned places.

    With all that being said. In any environment. Its supply and demand and you have to work off of market value. And with the influx of vacationing American travelers with money there. Well. For them No price is a bad price if you can get it.

    Enough of the Economics 101.

    The search continued. Met up with another "time share wrangler" who was eager to point me to where the ladies were. Of course he pointed out the mainstay places like Lord Black and Placers for girls, but when I mentioned the name of "Toro". His eyes widened and he immediately said "You are looking for Ho's, Ho's "

    We were amused by his response, but of course seeked more info. He gave us directions to "El Toro" which were very simple. From the neon lights of SQUID ROW on foot. Make a left. Make another left and then a quick right at the corner and there you are a 3 minute walk. (after the first turn you are off the main street so just be careful)

    We approached inside where we found your typical set-up. Bar and tables with scantily clad girls awaiting company for chit-chat, drink hustle and backroom sell. What was cool about the place was that it had a few pool tables so that is what we decided to do. Have a drink and shoot some pool as we surveyed the place.

    The talent pool was OK this night (a Tuesday). On subsequent nights it did get better I did see a couple of "must-do’s" under normal circumstances, but I just couldn’t see myself doing the 150 closet thing. It works for many, just not for me.

    The typical drink cost for the chica is $10. I believe my rum and coke was 6 or 7. I think $7.

    (Exhale) I hate to recant this story because it goes against everything I believe in being experienced in the sport and well traveled. The issue is. I was traveling with 3 relative rookies with deep pockets which for the sport is a bad combination. And for this one event I was out voted 3 to 1.

    I will get through this quickly to minimize my personal pain in telling the story. .

    This night we were approached by ladies at the pool table and when the dust settled. There was an agreement for the next evening of approximately 300 per for a 2 hour minimum at mi casa (villa).

    I say approximately because 3 accepted a slightly lessor payment under the agreement that there bar fine would be paid for them arriving to work late. Thus there would be no reason to rush through activities and thus leaving the time of there stay open-ended

    Fast forward to the next evening. The girls showed up late mainly because the front security would not let them through and they would not call us. One of the girls had to pay off the security guy $20 just for him to make a call to us and this was after they sat there 20 minutes with the cab driver pissed because they had yet to pay him. Upon receiving the call one guy drove down to meet them and to his surprise he had to pay the cab driver (LOL) and squeeze all the girls into the car as the cab driver could not come through. 40 minutes past scheduled start they arrived.

    Hand picked and all attractive with redeeming qualities it was time for the fun to begin and all seemed happy. The mingling and eating and drinking began and not long into it. There was a request from one of the girls to "take care of the business". It hurt me to part with said funds, but with only slight consolation as it turned out I was the only one to get the total bang from my buck (no pun intended) as my amiga stayed all the evening and into the night and was total dream in and out of the sack.

    Once the business part was taken care of. Time was a wasting and off to the respective rooms everyone went for there own personal "hat dance". After going through a couple of session on and off of the patio balcony I heard a clamor in the hallway. My chica grabbed something to cover-up with and opened the door and to my surprise there was 1 girl (the ringleader of the 2 others) fully dressed knocking on the door of my buddies hurrying her friend to get ready as they had to be to work.

    Both me and my chica were confused (Thank goodness their activitie had no bearing on her).

    The 3 were in the process of a hit and run saying that they had to go to get to the club or they would be fined as they were lead by this more mature and business like ring leader. For some reason. Nobody ever made mention of the condition that was accepted to pay there bar fine for lateness or for not showing up. When they were questioned with being there less then 2 hours they talked to the fact that they were at the gate at the specified time, etc, etc. All in all. The 3 turned their individual event into a simple incall for 300. Again for some, still not bad, but definitely not what was agreed upon the night previous. The bait and switch part 2. For some reason there was no more fight in my buddies as they did very little to challenge them leaving just being in shock at what had took place, but never the less played the role of haters as I paraded around my chica the rest of the evening. I guess the mongering gods served poetic justice in this one. (or maybe I shouldn't have continued to parade her through the house).

    Regardless, this broke the spirit of the monger chase for atleast 2 and they were no longer on the prowl for the rest of the week.

    Later in the week, one of my partners would bring back the same girl I had from El Toro, who had went above and beyond her obligation. It was for 250 for supposedly 2 hours but of course she stayed till the morning. This night he did pay the bar fine to get herout of the bar a little early.

    In general, El Toro has a few lookers depending on what your looking for or accustomed to (YMMV). They seem to all play that 300 card to be taken out, but I think that was a precedent that was set by rookies. When they presented it to me and I said no. They responded with asking how much I was willing to spend. Thus meaning there is open negotiation. In-house they talk of massage and full service, etc, etc.

    Throughout the week, I bought a couple of girl drinks, but all in all, they weren’t much for conversation except the basics. Just the conversation to get you into the back for the 150.

    I would go to El Toro again to pass time and shoot some pool and have a drink. But unless there price structure is totally revamped to be in line with the Brasil’s and Costa Rica’s, etc. I will just stay the willing flirter and bargain hunter persay and have fun on the non-pro circuit which by the way. One night I found 2 attractive chica’s from El Toro partying at a regular club and not on the hustle. I didn't stick around late enough to see if they were willing to work that night. Even though on a previous night in El Toro the same girl tried to get her and her friend back to my place for 250 ea for an hour

    They said it was there "vacation" (smile)

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  11. DarkRum

    Conflicto Finale

    Cabo Adventures.

    The Final Conflict.

    Just thought I would mention. On the corner where El Toro’s is I was approached by a tallish brunette that from a distance one might think was attractive, but upon further inspection one might think was a little on the "mannish" side. She had the knockers and a little ass. But still.

    She approached me and my buddy and essentially asked were we looking for action. The instincts kicked in and I immediately began looking for the adams apple. Which I did not see.

    I have a rule. If I ever have to contemplate one iota if someone is or isn’t a female. All bets are off. No matter how good she may appear to look. It’s sport, its for fun, it’s never a gotta have proposition where I have to first do a gender evaluation. There are way too many women out there to contemplate where the first question is not. Is this a guy or not.

    Still not 100% sure if she was 100% female. I was leaning to the fact that she was female. While my buddy who was unsure was swaying somewhat the other way. It was all irrelevant. I wasn’t remotely interested, but did listen to her spiel.

    She wanted 80 with activities taking place in her apartment which was apparently a few blocks away. As all this was taking place. A policia vehicle rolled up to the corner and without any fanfare. Me and my buddy went into the bar (El Toro) and she remained on the corner apparently unfazed by the policia.

    Much later that night. After leaving El Toro she pulled up beside me in her SUV and wanted to get my attention. I immediately just waved her on.

    If any of you guys take the risk on this one. Please report back. And let me know if she ask you to turn over instead of the other way around. Good Luck!

    My assessment of Cabo is that it is a beautiful place to go and chill-out and enjoy the vista's, ocean, outdoor activities and food. It is not a place to go to specifically take place in the hobby that we all view this forum for. There are much better places for that. I caught the end of spring break in which there was plenty of young drunk teenagers from the states as the drinking age there is 18

    Ass is ass, but I prefer not to be in Chica land and size up young drunk american ass even if it could be had with no price tag. Just my preference

    But of course, if you are there. It never hurts to try to make the best out of the hand thats dealt. Just be prepared to know that the price structure is very different.

    There is a chance that I will be again in Cabo. Not specifically for the sport of course, but when I do, I atleast will have a point of reference to the activities. Hopefully by then someone will have added more to this thread


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  12. Wonderboy2005

    Looking for massage with happy ending in Cabo

    Hanging in Cabo for three more days. want to find a good massage with a happy ending. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing down here?
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  13. Steve_M

    Second Hand Info

    Originally Posted by Wonderboy2005
    Hanging in Cabo for three more days. want to find a good massage with a happy ending. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing down here?

    I have heard of additional services including FS available at THAILAND MASSAGE located in the vicinity of Cabo Wabo.

    Does anyone have any updated info on price & selection at El Toro?

    Also, any details on SW's or escort services??

    I am headed there in a few weeks and will have limited time to play as I am traveling with a group of co-workers. Any current info would be quite helpful and much appreciated.


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  14. United1

    Any updates on Cabo? Help me out!

    Hi all,

    I finally booked my ticket to Cabo for early next week. Does anyone have any updates on the monger scene in Cabo. Seems like El Toro is the place to be. How is that place? Sketchy? Is it safer to frequent in the day time.

    As I mentioned before, I am an experienced monger, but always a little worried about pimps/mafia/police. Would love to get someones advice.

    Best to all!

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  15. PeedPiper


    Originally Posted by United1
    Hi all,

    I finally booked my ticket to Cabo for early next week. Does anyone have any updates on the monger scene in Cabo. Seems like El Toro is the place to be. How is that place? Sketchy? Is it safer to frequent in the day time.

    As I mentioned before, I am an experienced monger, but always a little worried about pimps/mafia/police. Would love to get someones advice.

    Best to all!

    Hit Mermaids also dude. Talk to a girl named Brenda she will hook you up
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  16. Rick_2950

    Candys in San Jose Del Cabo?

    Last time I was in San Jose Del Cabo, I heard about a club called Candys.

    Is it still there?

    I have never been and would like to hear about any info anyone would like to share.
    I will be staying in one of the beach hotels in San Jose Del Cabo 12/7-12/14/08 and would like to have some fun with a local girl and would like info anyone could share.

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  17. Pleasures_Foru

    Cabo info please?

    I frequent cabo alot and the last trip was able to get my wife into the VIP rooms at a couple clubs, she enjoyed being serviced by the women. on my next trip next weekend I am looking for a very hot escort to come to our hotel for 2-3 hours for a threesome, can anyone recommend a goood escort or agency? My wife is HOT so I need a HOT escort too.
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  18. Pleasures_Foru

    Need Cabo help please

    Desperately needing help in looking for a HOT escort for the night to service my wife and I. Looking for a 2-3 hour date, full on threesome. Recomendations?
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  19. Rumpus

    authentic experience in cabo?

    Friend is trying to talk me into going to Cabo. Would like to partake in the hobby while there, though Mexican resort-town prices sound much too high.

    I speak spanish and am experienced traveler and monger both-- any advice on how to get a decent Cabo experience? Anyone gotten out of town to find anything not aimed at resort/cruise money?
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  20. TylerPerelli

    El Toro

    Originally Posted by Rumpus
    Friend is trying to talk me into going to Cabo. Would like to partake in the hobby while there, though Mexican resort-town prices sound much too high.

    I speak spanish and am experienced traveler and monger both-- any advice on how to get a decent Cabo experience? Anyone gotten out of town to find anything not aimed at resort/cruise money?
    If you are an experienced monger and speak spanish, you will have fun. Check the reports of distinction and let me know. Hoping to return in March.
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  21. John_Jr

    Two Canadians injured in Mexican strip-club shooting

    Two Canadians injured in Mexican strip-club shooting

    Two Canadian tourists are in stable condition in hospital after being shot in a nightclub in the resort city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

    01/01/2009 9:35:43 PM

    CTV.ca News Staff

    Baja California state police investigator Omar Barajas told The Canadian Press that the gunmen fled after the shooting, which took place early Tuesday at Mermaid's Table Dance strip club.

    No one has been arrested in relation to the incident.

    The injured Canadians have been identified in the Mexican newspaper Tribuna de Los Cabos as Donguyen Ninhtrung, 26, and Michel Brenhan Spowe, 28, both from Vancouver.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed the incident but said that they are not releasing the names of the victims, or details on their condition, in order to protect their privacy.

    Foreign Affairs spokesperson Daniel Barbarie told CTV.ca that consular officials are in contact with Mexican authorities, the hospital in the area and the victims' families.

    "We're still investigating the situation," Barbarie said.

    The Mexican newspaper said the younger Canadian was shot in the neck, while the other was hit in the chest and the leg.

    The shooting is the latest in a string of high-profile incidents involving Canadian tourists in Mexico.

    Canadian Bouabal Bounthavorn, 29, was shot to death in his hotel room in Cabo San Lucas in May 2008. His girlfriend was also wounded in the attack.

    Domenic and Nancy Ianiero of Woodbridge, Ont. were found murdered at a resort near Playa del Carmen, Mexico in February 2006.

    Another Woodbridge resident, 19-year-old Adam DePrisco, died outside an Acapulco nightclub in January 2007.

    A Mexican doctor said the teen died after being struck by a hit-and-run driver, but DePrisco's family maintained he was beaten to death.

    Jeff Toews of Grande Prairie, Alta. died in May 2007 in Cancun after partying in a nightclub. Mexican authorities say he fell from the second floor of his hotel.

    Toews' family claimed at the time that his injuries came from a severe beating.

    With files from The Canadian Press
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  22. Redfield10

    El Toro's location?

    I will be arriving from a Carnival Cruise ship on Wednesday so have a few hours from 8 to 4 to play. Can anyone tell me how to get to El Toro's from the cruise ship? Do I have time to play? If not, is there somewhere else I can go? I will be with some relatives but think I can sneak away since I am single!!


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  23. Orangevale_Rob


    Hi folks, first time here, a mother lode of valuable info.

    So, these massage places, can you get sex there, or are they actually massage places?
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  24. Uncle_Al

    Amnesia club

    First nite in Cabo was pretty dead not much happing. I was aproched by car by a nice blonde she offerd me massage and fs for 150 us said no and I went to amnesia. Heres the breakdown with the private rooms. 100 us dollars shes nude for a half hour touching and kissing. The door guy wanted a tip so I did so I he wouldn't bother us. Here what else is on the menue. An extra 200 gets a BJ and 700 US gets you take out. I passed on the extras and was able to mange a quick HJ at no extra cost.
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  25. Tater

    El Toro

    I was at El Toro last week. Prices are as previously mentioned. $30 for the room and $120 for the girl. Not too many gringos there but all was well. I found a young mexican cutie who spoke almost zero english but that didn't prove to be a problem. She gave a good massage and put forth a good effort during the act. I was in the mood for some cowgirl and the young lady worked at it. If you're at Squid Roe then you're about a three minute walk to El Toro.

    With the economic slump Cabo is quieter than normal. Stop by and give the girls some business.
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  26. Uncle_Al

    Cabo nite 2

    Went to regular nite clubs till 3. 30 am then tried to go to amnesia they where closed so was bordello so I asked a few cab drivers about so actoins and they suggested tampas (spelling not correct) notsure what it was but I pay the cab driver 200 peseos he calls and a girl comes down from this building for me aproval I say yes and take her back to my hotel. Its 200 US for the hour. I do 2 pops she asks do I want her to stay or leave I say she can say I do 1 more time in the morning. Give her 100 pesos for her cab home. Not a bad deal she would have done me as many time for the 200. Thats my nite.
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  27. Uncle_Al

    Amnesia club another nite

    So after hitting the clubs I went back. This time on Sunday the had a 55 peso cover and 2 for 1 drinks so it was a wash. New the routine so I chased the girls away from me till I found the one I wanted so I didn't have to by 12 us dollar drinks for them. Saves alot of money. Found the one a 10. 5 on a scale of 1-10. Went up stairs this time I paid in peso for the room 1100 and 100 peso tip to the guy. Still cheaper than 100 US and a ten spot that seems to be the trick pay in pesos its cheaper. She was smoking hot but not has much fun as my other girl who wasnt working. Got off 2 pops in the half hour with here dances, p. S there clocks are quick, she asked for a tip gave her 50 peso so under 100 US for the nite.
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  28. Uncle_Al

    Back again at Amnesia

    After making the club rounds went to amnesia again.

    . 2 for 1 drinks picked out a girl went up stairs paid the 1100 pesos and a 100 peso tip and took care of business this time the girl didn't ask for a tip. So total damage was 1200 pesos around 90 dollars. I'm leaveing cabo time to get sober.
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  29. DownUnder


    Found her back in Jan...$200 for the night. Also cost me $100 to get her into the Riu
    Attached Images
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    • TylerPerelli

      March '09 Cabo Report vol 1

      Sunday night (technically Monday morning):

      Start at Amnesia, where there is a $5 cover and alledgedly 2 for 1 drinks. Beers, not whiskey and cokes.

      Tall hottie on stage, 1 other customer in the place. Perhaps 3 waiter dudes and even a bathroom porter. Ten to 12 girls, three to four of quality.

      Speak to the tall skinny hottie after she leaves the stage. Twenty for a 5 minute private. She's from Mexico City and knows she's one of the better girls there. She suggests starting with a $100 private and explains nude, touching, but no extras. When queried, she indicates the appetizers are $$ and main course (fs) is more ($$$).

      Join my friend and spot a second hottie, ask her to stop by and she says in a minute. Never comes over as first girl conveys my displeasure with the pricing.

      The economy is down and Cabo is slower this year, yet they hold out on already high pricing. These rates were steep two years ago. Getting 70% of your regular rates and having customers will earn them more than holding out for 100% and having no takers.

      My freind is taken by what I consider my third and last option worth exploring and is a Tiajuana (sp) veteran. He will check out our fine forum.

      The fellow monger agrees with suggestion to vacate and we walk to El Toro.

      Upon entering I make eye contact with the hotter of the two contestants I deem worthy. She is with a bar patron, yet soon makes her way over. Knowing it should be a buyers market, I negotiate terms as well as price in pesos (exchange rate is to our favor, guys).

      Having been here before, everything is covered, which is okay. Her being a "greener" (newer, fresher? ) girl; I request my preference. No lid on the appetizer and a covered main dish.

      The exchange rate is between 13:1 and 15:1, yet the girls still figure 10: 1.

      She agrees to 300 pesos for the room and 1000 pesos for her. This is about 100 USA Dollars total.

      In the past the room has been 30 US and the girl 100, 110, or 120.

      Instead of 130 to 150 US

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