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  1. Peter_Pan_#3

    Anyone try 20/20 ?

    It's a bar about 1 mile East of Squid Roe. Supposedly it has fine talents that can be had for $80 to $100.

    I was there during the election weekend when booze and bars were closed. Bummer!
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  2. Mr_Sauce


    Haven't tried 20/20 but I know where it is and will let you know in JAN when I go.. I will have a report of all the clubs. I will do a knockout tour all in one night!

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  3. Richard_VII

    Cabo report 1/2/05

    I was in Cabo on business over the New Year's weekend and decided to get some. Most of the places sound like titty bars more than *****houses so I decided to go to Toro Bar. I had a little trouble finding it- you go north on Morelos, which is the street just east of Squid Roe, and go untill you see the Little Caesar's, turn right and go down a few doors and there you are. A guy on the street at Morelos and the main drag asked me if I needed help with any ladies, so that might be a source of SWs, and later asked me if I wanted any weed. So you know where to find it if that's your thing.

    I go in and it looks just like a blue collar bar, I don't see any girls so I'm wondering if it's really a *****house. I sit down at the bar and get a Modelo for $3- gingo prices. After a minute a woman comes up to me, introduces herself as Eloisa, and starts her spiel. She quotes me $120 for everything- massage, blowjob, and sex. I decline- I wouldn't have paid that even if Ihad the money. She comes down to $100. I tell her maybe the next night. I had gone to the ATM at my hotel but it wasn't dispensing cash, so I had only $61 anyway. She came down to $80, but I told her I still didn't have it.

    I remembered something a friend had told me years ago. His brother used to go to Nevada *****houses, and his final negotiating move was to take out his wallet, and show the girl what he had, and they always went for it. I pull out my wallet, show her my $61, and put it back. She sighs, "OK". I give her $20, which she gives to the lady at the register for the room key, and we head back.

    She was nice looking- just shy of an 8- but low on enthusiasm. I would rather have fucked a plainer woman with a better attitude. For $40 in Guatemala City I got the best fuck I've ever had, paid or unpaid, because the girl was into it. I made her kind of uncomfortable with one position, so she got on her stomach to finish me off. I was done with it anyway.

    The rest of Cabo is the same way- lousy service and kind of pricy. I stayed at the Costa Real, which was OK but they insist you wear a bracelet for security, and had I known that I would not have stayed there. All the restaurants- slow service, so so food, not cheap. I got a touch of Montezuma's revenge, either at the hotel or the Cafe Santa Fe, a pricy restaurant in Todos Santos. If you go to Cabo try San Jose, which is pricier but has to be better. I think Cabo San Lucas was once a quaint fishing town where you could party hard but it's just another tourist dump now.
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  4. Mr_Sauce

    Cabo San Lucas

    Sounds like a sad adventure my man Rich. I will be going in 2 days to Cabo. Sounds like you hit the wrong clubs. I know Toro Bravo and its a dump. You would have been better off at Mermaids. Whats this Chicks name and I will see what u got.

    Cabo is what you make it my man. Did you try any of the new clubs there?

    Squid, Roxx ect ect. Pue is there you just picked the wrong spots.

    Stay tuned. I'm going to rock Cabos world in 2 days!
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  5. Dickus_Maximus

    Cabo Trip

    Will be in cabo from the 20th of January through the weekend. Its always fun mongering in a group; I've met some great friends off this board. Anybody going that wants to get together, IM me.

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  6. Surfer

    Just Back From Cabo (LOTS of Action, But Not Cheap)

    Will post a report soon. I am surprised there is SO little action on the Cabo folder though.
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  7. Med66

    Cabo Report

    Just got back from Cabo a few weeks ago. As some of the other posts have mentioned its not cheap. The hottest women by far were at Lord Blacks, Dreams and a few other were ok. El Toro, small hole in the wall bar has 10 - 15 ladies of the night sitting waiting for you to giv ethem a quick look and then they are ready for acton. Small rooms in the back of the bar will give you full service for $100 - $150. At Lord Blacks the ladies will give you a $20 table dance and before its done offer a $300 bj. Outrageous. If you want to buy the girl full service you can get her out of the bar depending on how late into the night for $500 - $600. Another problem with some of the nicer hotels, Rose, Pubelo Bonito etc.. is you will not be allowed to take any girls back to you hotel room at night. The guards at the gate, on the road getting back to most of the hotels know the gig and will literally not allow the girls to accompany you. Even a cash bribe doesnt work, trust me we tried. Cabo is very expensive for drinks and beers. The "Nowehere Bar" had Corona beers for $6 each! A good idea is to stay down near the Marina, aka "down - town" because some of the larger hotels are a 20 min drive into town where all of the action is. Each ride into town is around $20 each way if you stay outside down town area. Cab service can be hard if you find your self out past 3am.

    Good luck
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  8. Surfer

    My Cabo Report

    ? Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico: pic: pic: pic

    BEACH PICTURE (Santa Maria)

    This report covers the Mexican state of Baja (lower) California Sur (South), often referred to as BCS. BCS is the Southern half of a peninsula stretching almost 1, 000 miles to just below the US border near San Diego This tropical desert paradise has great beaches and surf, more than a dozen golf courses, World famous deepsea fishing, lots of 5 star resorts and elegant restaurants, and last, but not least, several stripclubs and bars with available Mexicanas to complement the TONS of drunken tourist girls out for a good time. There is some surprisingly good action to be had, though the gold standard (Brasileras for uninhibited action and Colombianas for GFE) remains unchallenged by the Mexicanas. Almost none of the working girls are local while a large number are from Sinaloa, a more heavily populated state just East of the Gulf of California, the body of water dividing Baja California from mainland Mexico) The weather is sunny more than 90% of the time (it was high 80s and clear every day I was there over two trips) and it is very dry so the heat is less oppressive than in more humid locales. Best of all, perhaps, Cabo lies less than 3 hours flight from San Francisco (nonstops on United, Alaska and Mexicana) so it is a good choice for a 3 or 4 day getaway when you cannot take a full on vacation.


    There are actually two cities, Cabo San Lucas in the West and San Jose del Cabo to the East, lying less than 20 miles apart that are referred to collectively as Los Cabos (airport code SJD). Cabo San Lucas (CSL) is the extreme party town while SJD is much more slowpaced. Between the two cities (about 40, 000 population each) lies "the corridor", a stretch of fine beaches, golf courses and expensive resorts. An hour and 20 minutes drive to the North along deserted coast leads you to the artist village of Todos Santos and its ubiquitous Hotel California (allegedly the inspiration for the Eagles clasic). The area and nearby beaches are more peaceful and quiet than the hustle and bustle of Los Cabos. There is a surfing school with board rentals at one beach, Playa Cerritos, where there is a sheltered cove and sandy beach good for beginners, though the water here is a bit cooler (high 60's in May vs. Low 70s near Los Cabos) and a springsuit (partial wetsuit) may be a good idea. Going another Northeast hour across flat desert full of cactus gets you to the less touristy state capital, La Paz (Peace). La Paz is a center for great scubadiving out in the islands lying out in the Gulf. Schools of manta rays and sharks are regular visitors to some of the dive sites an hour or so by boat outside La Paz. Finally, the Spanish challenged need not fret as English is widely spoken in all these places and in CSL, English is the first language spoken (to the point of annoyance for one who prefers to practice their Spanish: +). La Paz will be the subject of a separate report.

    If all this sounds too good to be true I will tell you the catch: prices seem more Hawaiian or Tahitian than Mexican. For everything. Drinks are $5, internet $4/hour and the cheapest hotel with aircon and reasonably cleanliness in the good area of CSL is $60 (7 crown Hotel right past the Pemex station o the main drag. Area resorts are mostly over $200. Nice restaurants charge California prices. Lapdances in the strip joints are $20, but they often offer 2 for 1s specials. These dances are VERY high mileage as I will discuss. $100 gets you fs in some places, and a BJ in others, but getting action cheaper requires going to the Mexican only bars along the street opposite McDonald’s (Copacabana being the biggest and best). You get 11 pesos to the $ and ATMs charge 7 pesos fee. Use Pesos whenever possible to avoid getting only 10 to your greenback on exchange (though everybody will take dollars).

    The airport is about 15 minutes North of San Jose out in the desert. Flights tend to arrive all around the same time. When my United flight arrived only Alaska was already there but during the 40 minutes I waited in immigration flights from Delta, America West, Mexicana, American and Continental all arrived) creating bottlenecks at immigration. Tips for minimizing your wait are to try and get as close to exits of plane as possible and once you hit pavement run don’t walk. Waits of up to an hour appear common but the line is a place to scope and flirt. : I Taxi fares are outrageous ripoffs so renting a car is the way to go. Rates are $20 per day or less generally, although some companies (I. E. Alamo) require you to pay $5 per day liability coverage even if you have coverage through your platinum card. Check the car carefully. Dollar renta a car took almost an hour to get the car to me due to a HUGE crowd (again, flights arrive in bunches). The store selling beer next door did brisk business as the tourists stayed cool by quaffing the amber nectar. No open container law in Mexico means seeing groups of gringos in jeeps beer (and cigarette) in hand is a common sight. : # There is a tollroad for $2. 50 that bypasses SJD and hits the highway just outside town but it saves no more than 10 minutes and few people use it.

    My priority was to regain my surf shape so the lodging of choice was the Misiones resort right in front of the most consistent surf spot in the area, called Monuments (or Misiones by the Mexicans). This is located at the 5 kilometer marker on the main highway just EAST of CSL at the large point which forms the East end of the Bay. The best deal found on travelocity or through their office in San Diego was $110 before taxes for a studio. By showing up and negotiating I was able to get it for $100 including tax. There is a private outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony of many units (including mine). I had a view over the pool with swimup bar and then the surf spot behind that. No lobby or walk of shame at all so quite easy to get chicas into your room.

    Misiones Picture www.cabovillas.com/properties. Asp? PID=37

    Monuments is a treacherous surf break with a lot of power owing to the submarine canyon just offshore. I am told the water is 2, 000 feet deep just 1 mile offshore. Larger groups of set waves appear with alarming frequency and panicked paddling towards the outside and the shoulder are common, as are getting caught and taking lots of powerful waves right on the head. Keeps the pulse rate elevated on bigger days. While Monuments has a lovely white sand beach, that sand rapidly gives way to urchin covered rocks and those surfers not comfortable surfing over and around same need not apply. I got urchined (only 1 spine luckily) my first day surfing there. The place is intimidating, and it took me several sessions to develop a comfort level, but that gnarlyiness (surfer lingo for dangerousness) also helps keep the crowds down: the Would be too scary on big days but that is when the other spots further East go off.


    The surfdog rolled around in the sand having a BLAST. Surfdog watching the waves, he had cojoners (balls). After his owner paddled out the dog swam behind him through some good sized waves before he took a large one on the head. Guys on the beach were scared saying the dog might drown but that surf dog came running up the beach after bodysurfing a wave in and

    Surfdog pictures

    Both the hotel (really more of a timeshare) and the Michellin guide quality Italian restaurant built on the bluff in front with terraces set into the hillside (Ristorante DiGiorgio) look West directly at the town of CSL, the famous sea arch which is its most recognizable natural feature and the awesome sunsets just behind. This is the best view in the area IMHO.


    In terms of food quality, Ristorante DaGiorgio needs make no apologies to top restaurants in New York or San Francisco IMHO. Make a reservation for a table on the terrace and get there no later than 7. 30pm. They often are fully booked for weddings and corporate parties so call (number in link below) when you first arrive and have several days’ latitude.


    There are not many surfspots past Monuments until THE hotspot (often crowded) which you pass just as you enter SJD on the coast highway. You will see the Cabo Surf Hotel (over US$200 per night) and the Costa Azul (Blue Coast) behind it. Park in the lot (do NOT leave things visible in your car here as ripoffs are a problems as evidenced by the residue of broken window glass). Famous surfer Mike Doyle has a surf school here, there is a good (but pricey) restaurant on the terrace with great views over the outside break called Old Man’s. This is the spot for people to learn how to surf. Always crowded with kids, girls, etc. Several of the chica pictures I posted were taken here and it is an easy place to meet gringas trying to learn to surf.


    At the far left end of the beach is "the Rock", a surf spot with more juice and rocks and less people. Urchin covered rocks and shallow water deter novices. Further inside from the Rock is Zippers, the most crowded break with a bad reputation for local hostility to surfers from elsewhere. On large hurricane swells are three can connect for a ride of almost a kilometer. A BIG drawback to Zippers in particular is the scourge called "localism" whereby local surfers act like they own the place and gave grief to outsiders.

    The locals at Monuments were very friendly because if you caught waves out there you earned respect due to the danger. Not so over here at Costa Azul and I hate negative vibes (though everybody I met was friendly, going alone enghances reception and arriving in groups increases hostility). I surfed the Rock twice and had fun as it was not too crowded; crowds vary a lot so patience and persistence usually pay off with more uncrowded conditions. On the second occasion I surfed here somehow lost the key to the car out of the sealed pocket in the back of my springsuit (which I wear while surfing even in warm water). Despite stashing keys in those pockets 1000s of times, I had never lost a key before but a wave ripped my suit off my shoulder. The hotel let me call Dollar who sent a replacement key to me at the beach but charged me $30 for the service.


    While there are many nice beaches, perhaps the nicest is Bahia Santa Maria which is about midway between CSL & SJD just East of the US$300+ Hotel Twin Dolphin. You take a dirt road off the highway (well marked) for a couple hundred yards that dead ends in a small parking lot. Walk another 200 yards or so and you arrive at the shore of this protected bay. There is no surf, but there is great snorkeling and safe swimming. The ambience on shore is bucolic and pristine although there are a handful of LUXURY mansions built on the beach’s edge. They were all uninhabited when I was there and these look to be about the plushest lodgings in all BCS.


    The guards close the beach at 7pm. They politely ask tips for guarding your car in the lot (they were happy with 5 pesos). Drive back to catch a quick shower at Misiones then dinner at DaGiorgio around 7. 30. After a long day at the beach, most people siesta for awhile and the nightlife generally is slow until about 10ish and better still after midnight. In CSL, different clubs have different prime hours and must be divided into tourist bars and stripjoints/brothels. I will discuss each separately.

    For tourist bars, you should start an evening at the Giggling Marlin, the oldest of Cabo’s gringo megabars. This place has an MC leading drinking games and has drunken ladies (attracts a somewhat older crowd) from 8 or 9 in the evening. Former Van Halen frontman and solo artist Sammy Hagar (Red, I can’t Drive 55 etc.) Owns a Bar/nightclub/souvenir store called CaboWabo which is just one block up the street and attracts a younger crowd, especially when there are live bands (on weekends). Gets hopping about 11ish but better near midnight. THE most happening place of all is Squid Roe, and especially late after other places close, a huge, two story place right on the main drag is impossible to miss. Pay $3 an hour to park in guarded lot on the corner or go back a block or two and find a spot on the street. Frequent police patrols and overall feeling of security prevails even late at night.

    www.loscabosguide.com/squidroecabo. Htm SUIDROE PICS

    Squid Roe offers lots of dirty dancing including on table tops etc, girls coming up to you and grabbing you, making out in public etc. Kinda like high school except the age range is 18- 50ish. Girls with trays of jello shots for 25 pesos circulate in the crowd and bar drinks are in the $5 range. You can leave with drinks (they have free plastic cups foe this purpose) and many people drink on the street ala New Orleans. Day in and day out, more action goes down here than anywhere (including theft of purses and bags-watch your valuable CLOSELY).

    For the pro hunt, there are a handful of options and I will give a brief description of each. This list is in descending order of cost:

    1. Lord Black’s (On Boulevard Marina, just off the main drag to your left as you drive into town from the East). Very large, elegant place with pool tables and top quality chicas stripping. $5 cover, $5 drinks, $20 private dances (they insist on 220 if you pay in pesos) and $100 for 30 minutes in anything goes VIP Room (you must still come to terms with the chica on a tip which will exceed $100 by most accounts). FS and bjs are common, though pricey.

    A step down is Bolero’s (on corner of main drag just past Squid Roe) which I never visited owing to its reputation for having a no touching rule during private dances. Bail on THAT! Nearby to Lord Black’s is a large upstairs place called Amnesia which I also never tried

    2. 20/20 (On main drag Across from McDonald’s): Owned by a short, bald guy from LA named Bill (friendly guy who freely gives information on his competitors), this HUGE place offers nice looking dancers and private booths upstairs with no bouncer peeking in (unlike some other places). They have a fairly rigid price structure of 1000 ($90) for a BJ, 2000 for fs and 3000 for takeout which is theoretically allnight. Staff is NOT pushy about ladies drinks or such but it was obvious I was a friend of the owner (whom I met at Squid Roe) so that might have helped. About 10 chicas, several who were 8s. A nice chica sat in my lap and massaged me for quote awhile while I watched dancers and never solicited a tip. She did begin saying, in English, "I give you blowjob". She explained that the house got 400 and she got 600. I said I was interested but had a concern. I explained that I was interested in trying her IF and ONLY if it was BBBJTC. She agreed and off we went. I left a happy camper as she completed her duty with aplomb.

    3. Splash/Mermaids: right across the street from Cabo Wabo. This duplex like bar has an upstairs topless component called Mermaids and a downstairs all nude smaller place called Splash. They often hand out cards good for waiver of the cover on every visit for you and your group. Ask for a card. Otherwise cover is $5. This American style strip club can be REALLY happening, especially after midnight and on weekends when I counted almost 50 dancers, the majority of which were 6s or above and included several solid 8s. It can also be deadsville (the downstairs is only open if it is busy). The booths here are less private and bouncers peek in periodically. Still one can get quite physical during a 200 pesos private dance, but better yet wait for the frequent 2 for 1 offers (2 songs for 200). They will still hit you up for tips after private dances but are happy with 20pesos. While I groped T & A in the booth, I had one chica grab my hand and shove it in her nether region apparently feeling I needed to be more aggressive. Some of these girls hit Squid Roe after closing time and can be talked into overnighters but expect to pay in excess of US$100. Lord Black’s girls also hit Squid Roe but will want US$200 or more for allnighters.


    4. El Toro Bar, formerly called El Toro Bravo (Angry Bull); 2 blocks North of the main drag (next to Little Cesar’s Pizza) onn16 de Septiembre & Morelos. No dancers here, just pool tables and a jukebox playing Mexican tunes. Mostly Mexicano clientele, but a fair number of gringos too. This is the classic brothel with private rooms in the back (for which they charge 2000 Pesos payable at the bar). Chicas want at least 800, maybe 1000. They will not approach you; you must approach them or ask the waiter to bring the object of your interest to your table. Quality is pretty decent with most being in the 6-7 range. A couple with huge, real, knockers, one who looks like a young Susan Dey, a nice Morena from Acapulco. They sit at the bar or in a dark part of the room (to your left as you enter) playing with cellphones, chatting and smoking. Drinks are about $3 and you can buy a ladies company at your table (the Mexicans tend to do this more than taking them to the back rooms) for $6. Opens SUPPOSEDLY at 6pm but I’d wait till 9 for better selection and closes at 3am on weekends (2 during the week).

    5. Bar Copacabana-on the street Fco. Villa just opposite McDonald’s about a block and a half North); strictly a Mexican place that is very dark. OK strippers with private rooms downstairs. Girls will not approach you. Suggest scoping the chicas in the one place with light, their dresing room which is illuminated behind a curtain. Get a good look as they enter or exit THEN decide which to approach. Drinks $2. Not sure if price for downstairs action but I am guessing $50 or so would suffice.

    6. Mexicano chica bars-upstairs on the corner bar by El Toro is another local style chica bar with music blaring (you go up the spiral staircase to enter). Usually dead but at peak hours a few girls can be seen hanging out the windows. Also, on the street between McDonald’s and Copacabana are several low end looking Mexican bars with a few marginal chicas. Might be worth a look, especially later on weekend nights. On the upside, these places are about the only refuge from hearing English spoken in CSL.

    Finally, there is the POSSIBILITY of streetwalkers. I saw almost no independents, and NOTHING like in TJ’s Zona Norte, but I did see an English speaking chulo (pimp) leading a group of 6 or 7 attractive chicas along the main street in front of Squid Roe saying "Ladies" one night. I also had several other all purpose "helpers" ask me in English "you want something" then list drugs and girls. I would never have anything to do with these types (the local surfers like the mota and smoke it openly on the beach at Monuments freely sharing with visitors 8)).

    During the daytime, the best place to meet chicas is Playa Medano. This is the main beach right in the middle of town (near the Pueblo Bonito & Melia resorts) and is usually packed with visitors. This is where you can arrange jetskis, paragliding (being dragged behind a boat while attached to a parachute), boat trips of all types etc.


    Ground zero is the "Mango stage" on the sand in front of the large bar/restaurant of the same name. An English speaking MC regales the crowd with drinking games and ways to get guys and girls into contact while people get snockered in the sun (they also have lots of beach umbrellas they set up for you). I took a lot of the girl on the beach pictures here. For example, 5 contestants had to chug a beer then down a tequila shot before having a girl from the audience jump on their back while they did push ups. This guy, "New York" (each contestant is named after their hometown) won with 19.


    In another type of contest, this girl was told to sit in the chair onstage while contestants gave her a nasty lapdance.


    This link shows a live webcam shot from the Mango stage.

    Www. Allaboutcabo.com

    Before these last two trips for a total of 8 days, the last time I had been in Los Cabos was 1985. It had not yet gotten trendy and it was with substantial trepidation that I made my return fearing the gringoization would make me dislike it. This fear turned out to be unfounded. Except for the cost factor and everybody talking to your in English, I must admit that I quite like the place and expect to return. In fact, I befriended a local surfer who is going to help me get a Mexican visa for my Colombiana GF and I am sure she will love Cabo.

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  9. Mose

    Cabo and a week at El Torro

    Enjoy a week in Cabo visting El Torro each evening. Good selection of 6 to 9's. Some bbbj's and finished the week with a great 22 year old perfect body with anal access. Too bad it took a week to find her. Only one bad experience, Samantha. Beautiful face on a 20 year old but fucks like a dead chicken. I did not need to go any where else since the selection at El Toro was adequate to keep me busy with one to two gals a night. Thank Viagra for that.
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  10. Surfer

    Is Samantha the Short One Who Looks Like a Young Susan Dey?

    of Partridge family era, not LA Law era. She was SO cute but seemed like she would be a starfish so I never tried her. What are you paying?
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  11. Hong_Kong_Boy

    Did anybody try xoticsbeach.com any info would help.

    Thank You
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  12. One_Wing_Low

    20/20 on the main drag

    This bar is further out on the East side of town. Lots of beautiful chicas hangout at the bar and will go to hotel with you for $100. This is alledgedly the best deal in town. I ws there during election day, when bars were ordered closed, and no liquour was sold, so I could not partake. Would someone check it out and report.

    In the main part of town, if you hang out on the street for 5 minutes, the pimps will bring some very nice girls over on their motorbikes. The asking rate is between $100 to $200, depending on the girls. The pimps would insist that you pay them first, before taking the girl, without exception. This is when they take your money and run. If you make a scene, Mexican cops, uniformed and plain-clothed, will be swarming over you, asking what kinds of deeds you ordered from the pimps, like they were a bunch of innocent virgins. Forget it!

    The bars and restaurants on the pier all have nicely-dressed hookers hanging out, giving tourists the eyes.

    Anybody knows of fishing boats that would supply the hookers all day? Would love to take screwing breaks while landing those monster marlins.
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  13. WorldTraveller

    More current info?

    Hi Guys,

    Going on a cruise with some friends, going to be in Cabo just during the day. Hoping to get some info on someplace not to far from the cruisehips. Anything will help, been reading the forum, just not alot of info.
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  14. Randy4

    Coming to Cabos


    I have a group of guys coming into cabos for some golf fun and some booze cruise fun in November. I would really like to set up some companionship for either golfing or boating. Do any of you know some females that can "show" us a round? Or whom I can contact?

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  15. Trader_Vic

    Coming to Cabos in November

    Hey guys,

    I"m coming to Cabos in November. Is there any more news on action down there lately? We'll be staying for a week golfing and doing other stuff, but would like to check out the local chicas at night. Where do you recommend us to go?

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  16. Member_#3157

    Made a quick stop in Cabo in mid December. Decided to check out Twenty/Twenty. It was somewhat dead at 10pm on a Saturday night. There were maybe five other patrons. There were a couple of cuties and I bought one a drink for 100pesos. She wanted 300dlls. to go upstairs and wouldn't budge. I know the prices in Cabo are scewed for everything but that was ridiculous someone must be paying because she wouldn't budge. Just out of couriosity I asked her price to meet after closing 200dlls. for an hour and a half. I told her I'd check back with her and left. Went down to El Toro. The place was packed with girls and I was immediatly approched by several real aggresive ones but they left when I politly declined. Asked my waiter about a girl from La Paz calling herself Rocio a personal favorite of mine but she wasn't working . Finally choose a tall thin girl with huge bolt ons and curlly blonde hair from Mazatland calling herself Carina. We haggled over price for some time she claiming that the house had raised the room price to 250pesos anyway we finally settled on 1050pesos and went out back.She has a stunning body and a pretty face and gave great service but rushed me near the end. It's supposed to be an hour but endded up at about 40minutes. All things considered you'd never get that quality of girl or service in the states at that price and she got the job done. There were quite a few other good looking girls inside and tons of Mexican guys but the girl said they mostly just look and rarely buy. My buisness done I left and was approched by a cute flat chested girl as I walked past Squid Row she was quite drunk and asked if I wanted a ladie. I asked how much and she said 70dlls. If I hadn't just finished I might have taken her up on it. All in All Cabo was kind of dead but it seemed to me there were alot more girls available. Maybe there were more just looking to get some cash for Christmas or pehaps it's a leading economic indicator.
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  17. El_Otro_Hijo

    Guaymas info

    I have heard of a place in Guaymas called "Casa Lupita" located in la zona. I don't know much about it and have not had time to check it out but was told by some friends that it is a brothel and any taxi will take you there.
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  18. One_Wing_Low

    Not bad deal in Cabo

    Not bad deal in Cabo

    Originally Posted by Member #3157
    Made a quick stop in Cabo in mid December. Decided Finally choose a tall thin girl with huge bolt ons and curlly blonde hair from Mazatland calling herself Carina. We haggled over price for some time she claiming that the house had raised the room price to 250pesos anyway we finally settled on 1050pesos and went out back.She has a stunning body and a pretty face and gave great service but rushed me near the end. It's supposed to be an hour but endded up at about 40minutes.
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  19. Blinkie_123

    Cabo in April!

    Going to Cabo in April. Can anyone send me recommendations on where to monger?
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  20. Kaczor

    Last of Cabo

    Overpopyuated, Overbuilt, and overpriced. While the fishing was great this will be last trip to Cabo. Just to say that We always got lucky hanging out at the Tanga Tanga Bar after 11:00 Independents, decent and less expensive to be had. See my next under La Paz
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  21. Quackup

    First time in cabo

    I went to Cabo over the Memorial day weekend. First, I would like to thank surfer for his detail account of Cabo. I used his guide for most of my trip.

    This was my first time there and I stayed at The Bungalos hotel near Centro. I took the Los Cabos express to take me from the airport to the hotel for $12.00. Next time I either take the hotel shuttle or the taxi for $60.00. The reason, by the time we dropped off the other tourist at their hotel, I finally got to my hotel 2 hours after leaving the airport.

    The hotel is very nice with a great breakfast and a helpful staff. The bad news, no cable so no real tv, but they do have plenty of dvd's and videos to watch. For me, this just meant more time late at night at the strip clubs. The good news is, I brought two chicas back with me, at different times and it was no problem.

    On this trip after reading all the reports, I knew it was going to cost more than other trips I have taken. Good thing my airfare was only $200 from L.A.. I did go the spectrum by going high-end, and visiting the local bars at the low end.

    First night I had set up a chica to meet me for dinner and some playtime back at the hotel. I got this contact from another board member. This was the high end girl. She is in charge of an escort service and can set up different girls for you.

    She is originally from Peru and was a good time from start to finish. She stay with me for about 4 hours and I paid $5,000 pesos. It's funny, I asked about her pricing and she said she normally charges $7000 pesos but because she had a good time overall $5000 was okay.

    Also she stated the prices were high because when she first got going in this business, sometime last year, she wasn't sure what to charge for herself and her girls. The guys (gringos as she would put it) would just give her the $6 to $7000 pesos. I guess this is one instance where we are the problem.

    Second night was reserved for the strip clubs. First off 20/20. I got there about 9:30 and there was only one girl there. I did get a lap dance for $20 dollars and at the end she wanted to know if I wanted a blowjob for $120 usd. I told her at that price, no way. She came down to $100 and I counter her by saying $80. She said $100 was the lowest she would go andI told her I would be back when there were more girls.

    Next stop El Toro. At least two chicas worth doing, the others, no way. Total chicas in the club, about 12. The best looking one was drinking with someone so I took the second best looking one. I bought her a drink and we agreed on $1,050 to take care of business. I can't remember her name but she was very good. Allowed dfk, bbbj, and no rush. Not sure how long the room was for but we were in there for at least 45 minutes. Bad news, in the room, at least the room we were in, only had cold water running from the shower. For the price not bad.

    After the session, I bought another drink hoping the other chica would be free. As fate would have it she is now with another gentleman. I finished my drink and headed off to Boleros.

    All the clubs wanted to charge $5.00usd to get in except 20/20 where admission was free. I used the same line when they asked for admission. No thanks, the other place said I could get in free and I would start to walk. As soon as I turned around, the guy up front would say no problem, come on in. I didn't pay admission for any of the clubs. This was on a weekday, not sure if this would work on a weekend.

    Boleros, only two persons in the crowd, about 6 dancers. Really slow night. I did get a lap from one pretty chica. Basically all the clubs had similar pricing. $20 usd for 5 minutes lap dance. $100 usd for 1/2 hour vip $200 1/2 hour vip totally nude, and $3-400 use fs. I asked this chica if she would meet with me before work the next day for dinner and a little play time. She said yes but the price would be $400usd. Not sure how many pops were included because somehow I lost her phone number.

    Placers was next. This place was hopping. Pretty decent lookning chicas but most were busy giving dances upstairs. Because time for me was running short, I left after an hour and headed over to Amesia. So so chicas, did one lap with the cutest chica there but the dance was lame so I left.

    It is now about 01:15 in the morning, last stop splash/ mermaids. I get there and the guy in front says we are closed. I said it's only 01:00 in the morning. He said there was not enough customers to justify being open. So being closed, I walked back over to El Toro. Again, the good looking chica is drinking with a customer. I never saw her go to the room, but I never did get to hook up with her. I left thinking I would hook up with her tomorrow, but the next day she never came in. Time to call it a day.

    On the walk home, I was thinking to myself, the clubs here reminded me of Argentina. Not the girls or the pricing, but the times they are open. Like Argentina, the clubs open late but they all close around 02-03:00 in the morning. By the time you get a drink and scoop the place out, time is running out if you want to check on other clubs.

    Last night in cabo. Since I lost the stripper phone number from the night before, I decided to call my contact to have her arrange another girl for me. I told her I wanted to do the same thing as I did with her. Dinner, fun time and for the same price. She brought over a stripper who works at amesia, although she wasn't working there when I went there last night. She was tall and not bad looking but the one negative was she loved to smoke.

    Anyways we went for an early dinner around 5:00 and went back to the hotel for play time. Again, a no rush session which lasted about 2 hours. When done I asked her if she was going back to work, she said yes. Except for the smoking, the session was fine.

    Since it was still early and my flight the next day didn't leave until 1:00pm. I headed back to el toro. As stated earlier, the hot chica wasn't there. The chica who I did the day before saw me, came up to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I asked her about the other chica and she told me it was her day off. She wanted to know if I wanted another go with her. I told her I was tired and was going back to the hotel. She gave me another kiss and said come back soon.

    Before heading back to the hotel, I wanted to try one more place. Bar coppacabana. It is closer to 20/20 and this is a bar more to my liking. More like a bar you find in tj.. Reminded me of a Las Chavelas bar for those of you who have been to tj.. There were about 14 girls with about 3 doable. You need to know a little Spannish in this club. I didn't see any gringos here, looks like mostly locals.

    Again the chicas I would do are having drinks with the locals. I hang for a while and decided to split but not before talking with the waiter about pricing. She said the girls could be had for $50-60 usd. I forgot what she said the room charge was. This is more of a locals bar so if you are looking for that perfect 10 like in the strip bars, forget it. You will not find that here. Here you will find that Mexicana girl next door type or the very chunky.

    All in all I do agree that Cabo is an expensive destination but there are bargains to be had. The beaches were nice and the restaurants I went to were outstanding. Would I go back? If the airfares stays this low, yes, if not, hasta la vista.

    Almost forgot, if any of you need the contact number for the high end girls, pm me. You must be a senior member. By the way, most of her girls are strippers.
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  22. Member_#2041

    Los Cabos Update

    As I am buying a condo in Los Cabos, I've been down there for three different weeks over the past few months. Before laying down the hard earned cash for a vacation/retirement home, I wanted to understand the scene for professional companionship, so I put some serious research in.

    In Cabo San Lucas, there are several tourist-oriented strip clubs, such as Bolieros, Mermaids, Lord Blacks, Amnesia, and 20/20. There is certainly action to be had in these clubs, but at prices that are as high as in major cities in the U.S. Unlike the places which cater as much to locals, the prices here are in dollars, and you won't get the savings of a 10-1 exchange rate by paying in Pesos (20/20 actually required 12 pesos to the dollar when the official exchange rate is 11.40/1 and pretty much every place else will take 10/1 or at worst 11/1 when taking payment in pesos.

    A CBJ will run a minimum of $120, and perhaps as much as $150 in these places. Full service will be a minimum of $200, so I would recommend bypassing these tourist traps. The only reason to patronize these clubs is that you might get the phone number of a hot chica who'll see you privately for a more reasonable rate - but you might have to spring for some costly private sessions in the clubs for that to happen.

    For some real action, with some high quality lookers in Cabo San Lucas, El Toro bar, which is less than 2 blocks from El Squid Roe is my best recommendation. $130 will get you on site high quality Full Service here, and some ladies will provide a good BBBJ for $100. I ended up finding a favorita here who I have gone with several times, and who has given me her number for future sessions outside of the club, but she asked me not to provide that info.

    If those prices are too rich for your blood, the lowest priced action I could find in Cabo San Lucas is at the string of dive bars located behind and on the block next to the 20/20 strip club. There are at least 4 bars on this block catering predominantly to Mexicans, and there were several obvious, but none too attractive hookers hanging out by the entrances to these places. The only one I can recall the name of was the Copacobana Bar. Unfortunately, not all the chicas at these clubs are hookers, but they all work for fichas from overpriced drinks. I had been told that Copacobana was frequented by thick Mexican Putas who would go for $60 FS short time. When I got there, I was surprised to see a couple of extremely pretty young things at the bar. Unfortunately, AFTER I dropped $10 on a beer for one of them, she told me that she did not go back to the room. Same story for the 2nd one, who did dance topless - At least I was smart enough to ask her BEFORE buying her a $10 drink. The cutie who did take my $10 drink did direct me to the ladies who DID go back to the room, but they ranged from 2 to 6 in looks, and the 6 wouldn't take anything less than $80 for FS, so I passed.

    The other bars on this block had plenty of ugly putas, but there was nothing that I could get inspired to fuck for $60.

    The other major discovery was a club in San Jose del Cabo that provided private dances, leading to full sessions. The place is named Candy's, and it is located directly across the street from the access road to the Sorianas supermarket - look for the multicolored neon sign and the sillhouette of a busty chica on the door. I was able to get a BBBJ from one lady for $100/1000 pesos, and FS many positions including 69 from another for $150/1500 pesos including the cost of the rooms. Only bad news here was that chica drinks cost $14/140 pesos, and not all chicas will go back to the rooms, so I would make sure the lady will do what you want before dropping $14/140 on a simple beverage for her.
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  23. Gunny1175

    going to los cabo july 15-23

    Going to Cabo in July and was wondering if anyone have any information on where to find some ladies for some fun. Contact information numbers or anything that might be of any help.

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  24. Rizdak

    20/20 and Splash

    Just returned from Cabo San Lucas, having visited 20/20 and Splash. Got no service at either club, but am writing this for info purposes. I hope it helps. The girls at 20/20 ranged from about 5 to 7.5. All of them had some 'flaw' - one was 10 lbs overweight, another 3 months pregnant, a third had stretch marks, a fourth looked old for a dancer (mid-30s), etc. However, 20/20 has great pole dances that involve a trapeze.

    No cover, 2 drink min, $20 dances. A girl offers me a BJ for $160, I countered at $70 (I showed her that was all I had in my wallet), no deal. In the other booth, my friend gets offered a BJ for $120, he offers $80, no deal. She didn't even negotiate, i.e. offer @ $100. I guess prices are still rising.

    Splash had better-looking dancers ranging from 6 to 8. We got the $5 cover waived by negotiating with one of the many 'salesmen' standing outside the clubs in that area. Otherwise, 2 drink min. Just get water, it's $2. However, we got bored and left before asking about prices.


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  25. RedBaron2

    El Toro

    Few day in Los Cabos some weeks ago. Here are my 2 cents.

    I went to see El Squid Roe and it's indeed quite enjoyable.
    As I did not have much time to score, I went straight to El Toro bar instead of going hunting in different places. Very easy to find, turn left out of El Squid, then 1st street left and 1st right. Not very appealing from outside. Unlikely for a tourist to enter unless he is an cityxguide.com forum reader.

    Inside it seems like a normal pub with small tables, background music and a biliardo table game. I went three times 11-12 pm weekdays, there were 8-10 chicas and few guys drinking. Almost empty. Got a Corona and started to look around. The girls were all sitting and did not actively market. Most are not doable on my opinion, overweight, ugly, but a couple are acceptable.
    After eye contact and smile exchanges, one chica came to my table and we started chatting. I speak some spanish and did not check if they can speak english as well.

    We agreed for one hour suck and fuck, all covered. She said bbbj is no-no.
    Cost is 150$ or 1500 pesos (cheaper), including the room.
    I paid upfront at the desk, then she brought me to one of the small rooms they have in the back. Small rooms, but good enough for the job. She put a towel on the bed and we started. Enthusiastic CBJ and then mish.
    Average look and sex.

    The next night I had more chance. I met Carolina, curly hair, in her 30's, nice small firm breast. Chemistry was there and we both enjoyed. Something funny which I had not seen before, while I was shagging her mish, she was playing with her clit to enjoy more. I asked if we could make it twice and she said she did not have another condom and if she had to go out for taking one, I would have to pay 30$ again for the room.
    Next time I will take two, she said.
    I came back the night after and we did it twice as promised. Nice GFE, we chatted, she has one daughter 7 years, which lives with her mother.
    She was going home after two weeks and I do not know if she will come back.

    All in all, El Toro is acceptable if you are not looking for a stunner and your budget is limited, same rate and menu every night, but two shots the last one, which might be an exception.

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  26. Ipg_Guy7

    Cabo in March

    Heading to Cabo in March with some of the boys, and we want to line up something special. I haven't been in a few years, but I'm blown away by the change in rates/experience, as outlined by Member #2041 and Quackup (great info guys, much appreciated).

    This is on the heels of returning from Montreal, which by the way, is God's gift to mongers. $1.6 CAN, w/knock outs. Highly recommend and can provide good info if needed.

    Ideally, we'd like to hire some girls for house calls over the course of the weekend (even if it costs a little more). Any chance of this being a reality, or should we just stick with the off the beaten path places like El Toro?

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  27. Country_Counter

    Cabo is pricy

    Some buddies and I were in Cabo a year ago, really good looking girls are almost US prices. Great place for a vacation though. Non-pros can be had at Squid Row, lots of American and Canadian girls go there to get away.

    As for the pros, we didn't go to El Toro, hit the strip clubs. Mermaids, 20/20, Blacks, Bolero, Amnesia. Last three had the best looking girls, $100 for 1/2 an hour in the VIP in Anmesia the girl gets fully nude and you can touch. Girls seem to set their own prices in these places, but all can be had, just don't expect TJ prices.
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  28. Wild_Bill_#2

    Trip Next Week

    I will be in Cabo next week, from 2/13-17. I'm going to use the reports as a guide, but if there's other info I could use, please let me know. Specifically, if there's any info on women who might act as a true escort and go sightseeing and enjoy the nightlife together would be great, since I don't speak Spanish and am going alone.

    Also, if there are any particular spots that need to be checked out, please post and I'll look into it.

    If anyone is going to be there at the same time and wants to meet up, that's fine too, just PM me.

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  29. Gulfsteve

    Cabo Is A Personal Favorite

    Been going for the last 15 years. Hobbying the last 10. Can attest to EVERY posting made. I have had everything from one of the most erotic experiences of my life with one of the most beautiful women I have ever had, for no cost (thank you, Claudia from Brazil for just feeling like you wanted a man ) to paying full price @ my zenith of being a reporter.

    My most fun times have been @ Lord Blacks as far as clubs go, where dam near Every girl there is available for P4P. The most beautiful are consistently
    at Mermaids/Splash. Play at the club is VERY limited ( not the girls choice per se ) Best choice for a noche de amour is @ 20/20. Road less traveled. I met a girl there last trip who took me to her place after work for the night ( I had $60)

    To me it has always worked out to NOT be all about the PU**Y when I find a girl I like and go back for a private dance.. Lets face it, these girls get thousands of propositions and accept enough to make you think you have a shot. But they dont want it reduced to the Lowest Common Denominator. I will report in a month about my 2 weeks that start 4/5.
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  30. Dman7

    Going to Cabo 4/16/07-4/23/07

    I was wondering if I could find any action in the early evening or daytime.

    Pls PM me with any info or secrets I may need to know.
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