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  2. Franke

    Hi Folks,
    have been some around in Budapest and have to admit, I am not that happy about it. Czech & Romania seem to be much better.

    However, if you OK to go with Gipsy's, you should go for Jozsef uti and the whole District/Area. Pattern are some different as opposed to other Areas, you should look into the entry Doors of Houses and actually a good time is like 2-5 in the night, when Girls (sometimes even with their Boyfriends) come home - they are looking to make some Money on the way and you COULD be happy ending up with a straight 9-10 for about 10K HUF (about 40EUR).

    Been to the Clubs and don't really like them, you always end up with about 200 EUR in the end for the whole and I think that is too much.

    Maybe someone else has more input,

    all the best!
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  3. World_Traveler

    Budapest and Prague remain among the un-safest capitals in Eastern Europe. No wonder tourism as declined every year. Locals try to cheat you anyway they can and when they can nit do that, they simply rob you. There are two different standard prices for the locals and ¡®foreigners¡¯ and they try to ¡®milk¡¯ you as much as possible without giving you any services. They act like you owe them something. That goes with the girls too. Really poor quality services no matter where you get it or how much you spent. And please stay away from Gipsy¡¯s it would not be worth the (possible) risks.

    If you ¡®really¡¯ want to try Eastern Europe, try other cities or countries.
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  4. retep767

    Anyone know good/cheap girls with apartment? I'm going to Budapest in a couple of weeks.
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  5. Groovedog

    Thanks to Anoymus's review in archives 8-15-2001.
    went to the yellow house at Kazinski Uta 16 in Kesketmet

    Rang the buzzer, was great by 3 girls, young brunnette 19 years old, short red head about 30, and an old blond at least 40.

    Price was 10,000 foirints an hour or 6,000 a half hour.

    Decide on the brunette, took a shower and went into a nice clean room. The girl had a great body, nice ass, partially shaved pussy, nice sized, (BIG!) breasts.

    Messed around for the 1st half hour, she wasn't really that exciting in the sack. Idea came into my head, for an extra $24. I could have one of the other girls join.

    I gave the brunnette 6,000 more and soon the short red head came into the room. Things really got charged, the girl looked much better with her clothes off, great tits with real big nipples,
    I imediately started to suck them and play with her pussy, while the brunnette gave me cbj.

    Then the redhead started to suck her, I grabbed the brunnette and made her sit on my face. Where I played with her beatiful 19 year old pussy and a-hole. The redhed then hopped on my cock facing the brunnette. It was so exciting that I blew my cookies within a minute. Too soon I thought because I still had 20 minutes on the clock.
    But within 5 minutes I was ready to go again (not bad for a 45year old, actually a tribute to the girls) I was able to come again as they took turns sucking me off.

    Great bargain for $64, in the U.S., it costs 10 times as much.
    The girls freaked when I told them I heard of the on the internet in U.S.

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  6. Banana_Joe

    Anon is .... me!
    Yes, Banana Joe was the anonymous Kesketmet *****monger :-)

    Happy to have contributed to your great fuck!

    Good hunting,
    Banana Joe
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  7. PlayStation1

    Between 9-12h you will find ho in the Vaci Utka sitting on the pavement or standing at the bar off the café next to a Burger King. Set yourself on a table and look to them. They will try to approach you.
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  8. Banana_Joe

    No no no, my dear friend PlayStation1!
    Vaci Utca is to avoid like the plague.

    EVERY girl in this street is a scam artist, I have seen this happen with my own eyes: those girls invite you for a drink in a bar they "like" ... and you end up paying 300$ for a couple of cokes.
    No jokes, 300$ if you're lucky ... I let you imagine what you end up paying if you order a bottle of champagne!

    And if you don't trust me, search for "Vaci" in the old archive of WSG. You'll fill plenty of warnings about this famous street.

    Happy hunting,
    Banana Joe
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  9. retep767

    there's a lot of advise what not to do, and i'm greatful for that, but i want to know where to go if i want young cheap girls who don't scam you. any advise? going to budapest in august!
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  10. Groovedog

    Thanks Banana Joe, you are truely the man.

    Have you ever gone into that one strip club in Kesketmet?

    It's on the main road through town, if so whats the deal?
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  11. PlayStation1

    You are partly right Joe. There are a lot of girls, mostly walking in a pair, who speak to you and try to get you to an expensive nightclub.
    But on Vaci Utca there is a terrace next to Burger King, where you will find several independant girls waiting for you to take you to your hotel. I've talked with one but as she was not my type I did not ask her price. Mostly between 9 pm - 11 pm, but even during the day there was a young girl sitting next to me who was trying to seduce me with her eyes.
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  12. Banana_Joe

    Sorry Groovedog, I have slept in Kesketmet only one night and I wasn't aware of this nightclub.

    Happy hunting,
    Banana Joe
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  13. Italopower

    hi guys

    attention! never ever ask a taxi man for bringing you a place in budapest......2 things .......first they get paid for it and second they will bring you to an expensive night club......

    never ever go to a place where you have to pay entrance ......specially when it's 5000 florint like in the most night clubs ......like ti amo, qulala and so on......there is a system called ....premium or first class night club.......they only get your money....you pay 5000 florint entry and then 15000 for the first drink!!! ...

    a good tip is to go to a shop for newspaper.......and buy some sex magazine from hungary....there are special magazines with only girl in it with picture and number......they are cheap.......about 5000-10000 for an hour all inkl. .....but attention not every girl speaks english. .......they are coming to your hotel or your appartment what every you want.......don't go to their place......to dangerous ......you never know....

    i will go now nearly every weekend from septemer to budapest.......because of business......of course adult business ....

    so i try to find out more out and give you tips

    enjoy your time.....

    p.s. to take an appartment during your stay in budapest is also a good possibilty instead staying at the hilton at the west end ......you pay for an appartment incl. everything about 10-20 dollar a night.....some are very central.....
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  14. citytarzan

    Regards from Budapest!

    Went there recently on business having studied carefully all your messages. Had a lot of trouble first but hit the jackpot eventually.

    I was out with the customers and it was quite late (early) when I sent them away and got to the real business : )

    I tried calling the "szabadödö" partners or whatever it was in the Express. At 4 am most of them did not answer the phone and those who did either did not like to be disturbed or did not speak English and just hang up after I mentioned that I had seen their ad. Should have tried in German, but did not.

    Then I walked to the Kazynski Utca 16, but could not find the house number 16. Poor numbering, nothing outside that would have indicated anything about the nature of the place.

    Remembering someone having mentioned the street Josef krt I went there. All closed and quiet, no girls anywhere to be seen. There was one news agent open near the bridge and I thought that I would not loose anything by askin the guy in there. He did not seem to understand english so I shoved him the page in Express. After some desperate effort I managed to get a hint: "hotel XXXXXXXX" that was very close on the same street. The name of the hotel refers to partner exchange that some couples are into (no mentioning hotel names here).

    The door to the hotel bar was open and I saw people inside. Sat at the bar and lit a cigarette looking around. Two guys and five girls, no mistake to be made, the kind of girls I was looking for. Then the bartender told me that the bar was closed and I would have to leave. I asked if I could just have a word with the girls before I go. It was not possible because it was the "boss" and his girls. He started politely showing me the door when I pulled the Express page from my pocket once again. He did not seem enthusiastic, but after a while (and after switching to the German language) he agreed to call some girl not listed in Express.

    I waited 20minutes and the girl arrived in a taxi. The deal was that I could have paid 5000 florint for the taxi and leave if I wanted, but the girl turned out to be a 25 year old 9+ just like the other girls in the bar had let me to expect. I paid 25000 florint for one hour and got a hotel room (not exactly a suite) included in the price. And the girl was great. So, at $100 it was a bit more expensive than I had originally planned, but definitely worth it.

    If you have the balls to try that place, you just might have a really nice experience. Just be aware that the girl told me that the guy who called him is "a big man" in Budapest. So don't go there looking like you might cause trouble. I think I was harmless to them and polite enough, so I got good service.

    Keep on posting your reports. At least I read them whenever I am travelling to a new city.

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  15. Tango1One

    Guys ! Need some help ! I will be visiting Budapest next week. Can anybody recommend me a Hotel close to all the action, clean, safe , walking distant and reasonably priced etc.
    Any recommendations regarding clubs, best place to find chicks etc. All info will be much appreciated !! Thanks.
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  16. Jeff80066


    Advice - Do not go to Budapest. It is a rip off. Believe me I have been to nearly every European Capital at this stage and this is the worst in terms of con-artists, value for money and personal safety. Too many bad experiences to mention. The girls are exceptionally beautiful but if you want action go to neighbouring countries - Germany, Austria, Czech etc.
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  17. Joecaddy

    August 2002 - Just returned again from this hot spot that I call paradise. I have read some of the posts prior and chuckle when I see the negative feedback. Budapest is totally fun and if you are looking for the most bang for your buck you could not ask for a better place.
    To comment on all those saying Budapest is a ripoff and do not go there, you may want to visit the local action with someone who reads or speaks Hungarian to get view from the other side. Being lucky to know Hungarian fluently I have found the babes are in abundance and all for next to nothing in price.
    Yes there are risk's there in Budapest, its easy to say you could get scammed just about anywhere in the earth if your naieve enough to be the sucker chump. So, heres the Joecaddy tip's to be keen on.
    As many here have experienced, Vaci utca is expensive however not a ripoff if your willing to dump $100.00 USD for an hour with a drop dead gorgeous babe. There are some clubs there in that district which only want you to enter for the bar tab and those places should be avioded "at all costs". You can easily sum up the place just by asking up front whats inside. When the girl's say come on in and we can talk over a drink your on the way for the classic set up. By the Lanc Hid - Chain Bridge there is the hotel Intercontenental and the Hyatt. Alond the walkway on the Danube side you will find many girls there everynight waiting for the traveller. These girls are sweet but again in this area the asking price is $100.00 USD for an hour.
    The best bet in town is only about 5000 to 6000 HUF, Hungarian Forint = approx $25.00 USD. The newspapers are literally one of the best places to find these girls and they are the most friendly.
    I met this one babe at her flat, 22 years old stunning blonde with tan skin that I wanted to lick all over. She joined me in the shower and we washed each other in a sensual way, then proceeded to the bed for 2 hours of joy. Maybe because I can speak Hungarian I can get away with more and flirt with the girls however anyone can get simillar action with ease.
    I found a nice website for those who can not find a newspaper,
    Its in Hungarian, just click on the photos and you will see the details with phone numbers.
    There you can find a few babes with direct phone numbers. You can also find links to the local ***** house and the action is just as grand there as well with great prices.
    I tend to somewhat disagree with those who say avoid the taxi drivers, yes some clubs do kickback money to them with the traffic they bring however a taxi driver gets much exposure to many things and in times they can lead you to the best action in town.
    Guy's, have fun in Budapest and tear it up. I go there three times a year minimum and look forward to going back asap. Hungary is full of fun and action in many ways remains a rich untapped hidden treasure, pleasure is waiting for those who can find it.
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  18. kingkong2002

    First day in Budapest
    It seems OK to me.

    Looking for a girl on the street is not so easy.
    Went to Strip Show, named 'marylin'

    Baross Utca 4. VIII district.
    tel 338 4243
    Open 9pm~

    No Admission
    Drink : Beer 2,000FT
    Girl Drink : a bottle of Shampane 7,000FT
    Go to hotel with girl : 22,000FT + Taxi fee
    But some girls are not going hotel (no sex)

    try 'Linda'... Good Service.
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  19. Italopower

    Hi Guys!

    I stayed again two weeks in budapest for business.

    Well let's say what kingkong2002 said about the marlyin is right, from the official clubs etc. its the best one....or lets say the one were its more or less fair.....made also good experience their....but still expensive to fuck from my side......

    i tried also again .....twenty clubs or so.....but just shit......

    but the strategy from Joecaddy is the best.........buy some magazines or check the website he recommended..i found also another one.....but have no experience their...http://www.freeweb.hu/escorts/...will update you about my experience their next few weeks..(hope is not a fake don't speak hungarian.......and here is what i do who don't speak hungarian...only some words .....go to a taxidriver.......ask him to call the girl from the newspaper.....and u will get her in the hotel room......no language problems .....or he can ask her if she speaks languages........believe it works......and u get the cuttest girls for 5000-7000 flt for h and longer.......

    happy huntings guys........and be clever....treat her as a woman and also with language problems
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  20. BP1

    Hi, this is my first message to WSG. Theres a lot to say , but since this is my first msg..I m just testing the system and will offer more later, if it is of interest and use.

    i live in budapest, and so know the scene reasonably well..having just returned from turkey a year or so ago..I can tell you a few things about Antalya ..but thats a different story.

    I, m of western european nationality ..not hungarian or Turkish!!!

    Hungary, along with of course Romania, has some of the most beautiful, and available wowen, , lets say west of the black sea!!

    In hungary its good to have at least a bit of Hungarian to be able to read the adverts in the expressz news paper. This is where you can get a one hour session for $30 all in...if you go to the clubs they"ll be looking for $100 before the drinks in the club..and thats at the reasonable places..not the rip off ones, of which there are many!!Get the Expressz newspaper. You need to go to the "SzBADIDO-PARTNER SECTION, "EROTICA" !!!! aLL OF THOSE TEL NUMBERS IN THEORY LEAD YOU TO A GOOD F****".

    Ill send more shortly. Let me know your specific questions in hungary .. and I will see if i can find answers.

    Cheers..and enjoy yourselves.

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  21. Visitor

    Hello bp1

    I´m going to Budapest soon. Could you tell us some adresses?

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  22. mcammor

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by bp1
    [i]Hi, this is my first message to WSG. Theres a lot to say , but since this is my first msg..I m just testing the system and will offer more later, if it is of interest and use.

    I live in budapest, and so know the scene reasonably well..having just returned from turkey a year or so ago..I can tell you a few things about Antalya ..but thats a different story.

    I am of western european nationality ..Not hungarian or Turkish!!!

    Hungary, along with of course Romania, has some of the most beautiful, and available wowen, , lets say west of the black sea!!

    In hungary its good to have at least a bit of Hungarian to be able to read the adverts in the expressz news paper. This is where you can get a one hour session for $30 all in...if you go to the clubs they"ll be looking for $100 before the drinks in the club..and thats at the reasonable places..not the rip off ones, of which there are many!! Get the Expressz newspaper. You need to go to the "SzBADIDO-PARTNER SECTION, "EROTICA" !!!! aLL OF THOSE TEL NUMBERS IN THEORY LEAD YOU TO A GOOD F****".

    Ill send more shortly. Let me know your specific questions in hungary .. and I will see if i can find answers.

    Cheers..and enjoy yourselves.

    Hello Bp1, i am a west european men that live in Budapest, but I don t speak Magyar, so for me is very difficult contact girls from expresz... can you help me? can you give me some good adress?
    thank you very much!
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  23. SweetWillyP

    hi i am a regular usa poster and i was wondering about hungarian or romanian brothel websites or local escort sites thanks
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  24. Jak

    sweetwillyp -

    Check out:

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  25. Stud_Lee

    What's up guys? I'm a regular at the Seoul and NYC forums. I've been watching this porno series called Mikesapartment.com, which apparently takes place in Budapest. Basically, this American guy owns this condo in Budapest and places an ad to rent a room out for a short period of time. When perspective female tenets come to check the place out and negotiate, he charges an obscene amount for rent, but compromises saying he’ll give them the room for free if the chicks masturbate, fuck Mike, fuck one of his friends or fuck their boyfriend if they bring them along – “cash or ass”. Usually the chicks relent and agree to do it. Man, all I can say is that Hungarian girls are gorgeous! I’ve heard they were hot before, but never realized it until I saw this series. Maybe I should take a trip there one day!
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  26. Anonymous


    I have always looked at the board but have never given my two cents worth, Budapest is a lovely city with good looking but it is very dangerous for visitors especially if you get caught up with consumption girls they will comsume all your money.

    I am a Canadian and have just returned from Budapest were I came across a person who has two females and there age are 19 and 22. They are from Moldova and they are hot I took the 22 year old one for one hour in which I got a bj without the umbrella and covered sex all for $100 at there location. They also offer longterm service if you are looking to spend more time they will even pick you up from the airport and arrange accommodations for you. This way you and the girl could explor! e Budapest together and be safe and have fun at the same time. So I highly recommend there service there email address is budapest469@yahoo.com

    I will be back in april to use them again.
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  27. Joecaddy


    You can get the same action for $30.00 dollars! Try the Expressz local newspaper, in the paper you will find the Szabadido Partner area, these women who advertise are all very reasonable and do exactly what you are looking for. The ages are posted there as well so selection is easy. The one's who advertise in the paper are very average to extremely good-looking, they do not ask for the $100.00 fee. It really does help to speak the language and it will help in many ways to get the most bang for your buck. Yes, Budapest does have its corruption crime and unlawful residents lurking about. However its safe to say this could be found anywhere in the globe. You have to keep your heads up and be aware of what’s going on around you literally at all times. If anyone really wants some fine looking women and a great time, Hungary is a fun place to visit.

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  28. Smthggood

    Hey all,

    Finally there is a website that is in english to find girls. it is www.redzone.hu.

    It also tells you which girls speak english ))))

    I wish it was around back when I lived in BP bc calling numbers from Tutti Frutti Party ads was hit or miss if they spoke English.

    From my experience living in BP:
    Easiest, cheapest way to get laid was Sweet Cats and Blue Eyes. Problem is that their locations aren't discreet, they advertise on the sidewalk and balcony of the flats. Both these were on main streets in BP. I was always worried abt getting caught /sighted by coworkers or female friends. I usually went undercover baseball cap and sunglasses.

    I advise against streetwalkers. I had many experience in the 8th district. I was usually alittle drunk and horny went i went looking. None of the girls spoke english and they were never good looking. They were very cheap but many looked like drug addicts. Sometimes they'll ask for more money. The rooms they used are usually very dirty.

    One time I went with the cutiest streetwalker I ever found. We went to her friends house some guy was watching tv, she asked him to leave. then she asked for an extra 3000huf to pay for the room. Well then that guy came back right when we were finishing. But he came back with a tough looking guy. My hungarian was bad and they spoke no english. They wanted more money or else??? i only had a 10,000 Huf bill. So I gave it to them and walked right out. They seemed to be fine with that amount probably more than they expected, but it was a very unnerving situation. I was alittle drunk, so they could have easily kicked my ass. I was lucky.

    Other street advents involve doing a girl and her mom, crazy, i didn't know they were related. but when i walked in the house, there were a bunch of little kids in the kitchen. really akward. the mother blew me then left and then the daughter came in and fucked me. Thank god it was a quickie, it was really weird. Then the mother came back in, i asked her to turn on the lights so i could find my clothes, she wanted to charge for the electricity ??? fuckin crazy experience. I don't think they were pro's, they just wanted extra money to buy their christmas presents.

    Another streewalker experience. I met 2 girls in 8th district. really weird make-up for my tastes. i went back with them to their place. they also turned off the lights an lit candle. I guess electricity is really expensive if you are poor too. Anyway I was fucking one girl doggie style, the other girl was rubbing my back and ass. As with most the time with streetwalkers, you usually have your clothes on, just maybe pants down. Anyway, i notice the second girl who was rubbing me was actually trying to steal my wallet!!!!!!!

    You are warned!!Stay away from Streetwalkers. I have many other bad stories abt SW in BP but these make my point clear.

    I only went to the SW bc someone i knew moved into the Sweet Cats building, and I didn't want to get caught/sited by the perso. I stopped going to Blue Eyes only bc it was on a main street and I often ran into people I knew in that area by West End City center. If you are only in BP for fun then try these two places.

    I eventually ended up using the net and Tutti Frutti Party. Both were hit or miss in regards to english. I had abt a 15% english rate, you may do better though. I just got sick of wasting time and money(on the phne calls). That is why i am really excited abt. I was really hopping that piroslampa.net (redlight in hungarian) for BP would turn out as good as sez.cz is for Prague. Obviously not there yet, but it has been improving.

    On a side note, for awhile piroslampa.net was using graphics on its website that they stole from sex.cz. I used to chat on ICQ with the guy who runs sez.cz. I told him abt the theft. He contacted the piroslampa people to ask them not to use his graphics. He asked they if they wanted do a joint venture, which would have been a great benefit to all of us. Unfortantely it never evolved .

    I used to go to Peep, a peep show place. I have read in old reports here or on another website that you could ge a bj, or take the girl to an apartment. I am not sure if this is true. I had asked several of the guys who work there and they said no.

    Most strip bars are a rip off, abt a 100USD for sex, but then they charge for taxi, and then room. If this is what you want, then Hallo Bar is the best. I think it was free admission but must buy at least 1400HUF for a drink. Cheap compared to most strip clubs.

    There was one strip bar that a friend and I went to. It changed its name various times while I lived in BP bc it had a bad reputation. I'll try to find out the name. They gave us a "deal" letting the 2 of us in for 5000HUF. well there was a ok looking girl dancing. So we ordered a drink. The girl stopped dancing and no one go up on stage. Then there were a couple hotties sitting with the mafia guy who turned out to be the owner. We were hoping that we could maybe take them home or at least talk to them. The waiter said no, that they are the owners girls. so here we were with no dancers or girls. we decide to finish the beer and leave. Our bill came for 40,000 HUF, abt 65USD at that time, the same as Hungarian minimum wage. we asked why so much??? the waiter pointed to the small print on the menu. In tiny print on the bottom, minimum drink order 10,000 HUF per person. Basically if we didn't order one beer each we wouldn't have to pay anything. A typical Hungarian scam.

    hmmmm what else can i add?

    The US embassy has a blacklist of places that scam tourists. The local english newspaper, The Budapest Sun, runs the blacklist in their paper in the summer. One year they even did a whole article on the ripoff scams, they found out that abt 8 of the blacklisted places (strip bars and coffee shops) were own by the same person, a suspected Russian mafia boss. He and his company would not comment for the article.

    Sweet Cats and Blue Eyes work together, not necessarily a bad thing. They each usually have2-4 girls working and I think they both have 3 bedrooms. I can't remember the price, between 12-14,000 with extra for BBBJ or if you want to eat their pussy(DATY). Although I met some girls would will let DATY for free. Prices for Hungarians is less of course in typical Hungarian fashion. You might want to ask a girl what she likes to do b4 picking (you should do this b4 taking a girl at a strip club also), but this can be hard since most of the time they don't speak english.

    You can also find girls at some (not all) discos, such as Dock. I never got a girl there but i was propositioned several times. Some girls are Pro's, some are girls just trying to make a couple bucks every once in awhile.

    I did get some girls from an agency advertising in the Budapest Sun. My friend and I just got home from a long night of partying. It was abt 6am. The 2 girls we got were sleeping when they got the call. they weren't super enthusiastic but they were both cute college girls. They came over, took a shower, hung out with us. we all drank a glass of wine. we asked they why they do this. They said they just want to support themselves and not live off of their parents money. it allowed them to afford their own apartment so they didn't have to live with their parents, unlike most students in BP. Anyway, my girl was kinda good, she must not have been working as an escort long bc she wasn't great, actually she didn't seem too sexually experienced. But she was a nice person, and i regret that i didn't get her cell# so i could see her outside the agency. Many girls do this type thing if they have a good experience with a guy. That way they can charge less and have regular customers.

    My friend wasn't as happy with his girl. She just wanted to get it over with. She wouldn't fuck him, only gave him a BJ bc "she has a boyfriend." they were done in abt 10 minutes while my girl lasted 45 minutes. He just sat in the kitchen and talked abt BP with the other girl.

    I never ment this post to be this long, but thoughts are flowing.....

    I never? (maybe just once) had a girl that let me cum twice. Not in BP, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Paris, or Italy. Only in clubs prague where 1 hour is always 1 hour, although most of the time the choice is between 30 and 45 min.
    Girls in Bucharest usually stay the whole hour.

    Most of the time in BP, you are paying for one cum, and when its over, the time is over.
    Although I have had girls in Sweet Cats and Hallo Bar that will stay and talk. I am not sure if they always want to stay and talk or just don't want to go back to work.

    I had one girl in Sweet Cats who wanted to stay and talk. We had abt 20 minutes left. I asked if we could do it again, she said no. but she didn't want me to leave. So i stayed for abt 15minutes with my bad hungarian and her bad english. She was pleasant and asked if I would come see her at Blue Eyes the next day. I told her I would try, but i wasn't in the mood the next day so i never did. I never saw her again, at either place, but she would have been my 1st choice everytime. I was just alittle pissed that i could come again. I even offered to buy another hour. Not sure why she said no.

    Well, my brain is dead.......
    I hope this helps some of you and I hope i didn't bore or piss off the rest of you
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  29. Patrick

    Great report!!
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  30. Bobo.fr


    In many porn movies made in BudaPest, I saw a lot of georgeous ladies. Does somebody know how to "meet" some of them ? Did somebody have this kind of experience ?

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