1. Da_Pimp

    Finally heading to Batam on the 19th of this month. Will stay in the island for 5~6 days playing golf and of course hunting for rabbits at night. If I were to arrive in Singapore by 7:00pm, will I still be able to catch the ferry to Batam?

    Anyone knows a reliable driver whom I can hire by daily basis, and how much it would be (10 hours a day)?

    Would I have hard time getting a tee-time on weekend? Which golf course is challenging? And which one rents out good clubs?

    Anyone out there has a knowledge about working with BKPM and DIBA? Will buy a lot of star beer to hear some experience.

    I'm taking my Digital Camera with me and take some serious pictures, and will come back here with photo and the trip report.
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  2. No_Commit

    A few weeks ago, me and two of my buddies (SexCuore and Deeno Magneto) from Malaysia went on a fact-finding mission to Batam, Indonesia. This is a report on what we have found out.

    We drove to Johor Baru from KL (a 3 ½ hour drive under torrential rain) and took the 90-minute ferry ride from Stulang Laut ferry terminal to Batam City Center.
    For those who are considering making the same trip, ferry times are 08.40, 11.10, 13.40, 14.30, 17.00, 17.40 and 18.00. Ferry costs MYR 80 for a return ticket (about USD 20). The ferry terminal is located inside the Duty Free Zone and there are plenty of restaurants and duty free shopping is available.
    Ferries also operate out of Singapore as well.
    Upon arrival at Batam City Center, there are plenty of aggressive taxi touts who are waiting at the gate outside immigration and customs control. Just walk by the first row of the most aggressive and you will find the less expensive taxi drivers standing in the back. Taxi ride to the Nagoya town center costs IDR 25,000 (USD 4).

    As this was our first time in Batam, we had opted to stay at the Melia, which was supposed to be the flashiest hotel in town. The cost is SGD 80 per night (USD40). Breakfast was included. However, cheaper options do exist. Goodway, and Planet Holiday are also located centrally and only cost about USD 25-30 a night.

    We have visited a number of bars/pubs on our first night. We started out with STEPS. The place has a nice western restaurant upstairs. The food is quite OK with reasonable price. But the downstairs pub gets going after 10 PM when the live music kicks off. (I always find Indonesian bands quite talented.) The monger: girl ratio is around 1:2. But almost all the good ones come attached to the resident expats. But STEPS is a nice place to have a few cold beers.
    LUCY’S OAR HOUSE is a centrally located meeting place. The good thing about this place is that resident manager, Marcel (marcel@nedbatam.com) is available to show you around the place and can arrange you whatever you want. He is great. The beers are cold and the bar grub is tasty.
    Upstairs of Lucy’s is Batam’s one and only gogo/lap dance joint PP Banana’s. This place is a smaller version of a typical Bangkok joint. Has a small stage and plenty of seats. While we were there, there were 4 girls available (2 were doable). We had a great time while partying there and even danced on stage. I picked up a petite girl there and one of my mates picked up the other. Long time price (until morning) was IDR 300,000 (less than USD40). With the two girls on tow, we continued bar hopping.
    Next port of call was JUNGLE. That place was like Jurassic park. It didn’t take long to finish our beers there.
    We also visited ICE PUB and STEPS again but didn’t do much besides having beers.

    We headed off to PACIFIC disco as our mission was to find a companion for the last alone member of our troika. This place is huge and packed with local talent. Admission fee was IDR 30,000 in lieu of your first drink. The music was techno and a bit too loud which was not so enjoyable. Not to mention, it was damn dark. If you are going to Pacific for hunting purposes, bring a flashlight to see properly the goods on offer. As DM and I already had found what we were looking for (or at least that was what I had thought at that stage-more on that coming), SC went on the prowl while we enjoyed our drinks. He later told me that once he eyed what he liked, he dragged the poor girl out to light in order to make sure before he struck his deal.
    Anyway, we all headed home for some winding down with some single malt before retiring to our individual rooms for some well deserved horizontal gymnastics.
    However, as soon as my mates disappear, my petite girl (whose name I have forgotten) went bananas. She started scratching my back, my face while I was trying to foreplay. Geez. I am kind of wild but not that much. I decide to take her back after she starts shouting and makes a scene. While I am taking her out, she even hysterically cries out in the lobby and shouts I was trying to kill her. Anyway, I walk her back to Bananas and luckily the manager is there. I complain about her attitude and ask for a refund, which was not entertained. I decide to come back the next day to continue with my request.
    Anyway, although the experience was bad, I decided not to spoil my night in Batam. After picking up my wallet from the room safe, I headed straight back to Pacific Disco. This time I went to the bar, which was a bit more light. I made eye contact with another gal and immediately struck a deal for another IDR 300k.
    Nothing spectacular about the sex and I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning about 8, I realize that the girl is gone and the first thing that comes to my mind is “SHIT! MY WALLET!”.
    Although I am always extra careful about my belongings, I fail to put back my wallet back to the safe after all that hassle in the night for the first time in my life and she empties all my money. Good news is my credit cards are untouched. I can’t explain how lousy I felt that morning.
    But luckily, my pal DM was wise enough to bring some extra cash with him and he was kind enough to lend me that.
    Well, that is all I have to say about that.

    Unless you are a golfer, there is absolutely nothing to do in Batam during daytime except for having massage and waiting for bars to open up.
    After walking around the town for an hour or so, we decided to have a massage at SPORTS MASSAGE across from the Harmoni Hotel. 90-minute massage session was IDR 75,000 (USD9). But the problem was, massage girls had no clue what they were doing. Not only I didn’t enjoy the massage but my back ached for the next two days after the girl walked on it with all her extra weight.
    After the massage, we decide to check out a fish tank pick-up place called HOLLYWOOD. There were about 25 girls in the fish tank but none was to our taste. So we decided to pass. Price was again IDR 300,000 until next morning.

    We had a late lunch at a place called KELAPA GADING. The restaurant is entirely made up of bamboo and rattan. Quite original and the local food were delicious. I especially loved the SOTO AYAM (chicken soup) and deep fried fish.

    Later in the afternoon, we decide another fish tank pick up joint called PERMAI massage. This place had about 10 girls available. But the highlight was the Chinese papas an with long hair. He was one of those funny guys who ought to be on his own TV show. My two friends had a blast talking to him. Anyway, I quickly made up my mind and picked up a youngish plumb girl. My two joker friends decide that they will pick girls for one another and guess what they pick the oldest and ugliest of the bunch just to screw each other. Short time cost for an hour was USD 160,000 (USD 20). Although not the prettiest girl I have seen on the island, this girl was the best bonk I had the whole trip.

    For dinner, we all had a nice tasty Chinese steamboat. The topic of the evening was weird Chinese dishes. All I can say about some delicacies I have heard for the first time, was that they were not that appetizing.

    After dinner, we started off at RED COCK pub again at Nagoya. This place is a clean watering hole for the resident expat crowd. After a couple of drinks, we wanted to see what was available at STEPS. The most striking girl was the singer of the band with a sexy dance routine. There must have been 4 or 5 birthday people there that night. Every other song they were playing was “Happy Birthday to UUUUU”.

    After STEPS, we headed out to SPHINX disco at Hotel Seruni. There was no cover charge, which surprised me a bit for a Saturday evening. We went in and ordered our first drinks and soon enough we figured out why there was no cover charge. The bill for 3 scotch was IDR 190k!!!!! Highway robbery. Sphinx like Pacific disco was as dark as it can possibly be. After an hour or so, we decided that the stock available at Pacific was much better and headed off there.

    Indeed some of the girls at Pacific were much better looking but they were all taken up by our Singaporean friends who come to Batam every weekend for fun. Just when we were giving up, SC spots his girl from the previous night and introduces us to her mamas an who hooks us up with her girls. Asking price was IDR 500k for the night (due to high demand on weekends by Singaporeans) but negotiated down to IDR 300k.

    We went back to the hotel and enjoyed some midnight snacks altogether and parted for our rooms. It turns out my girl was very shy and new to the scene. Let me tell you that the night was not that much pleasant. IMHO, there must be a balance with freshness and experience for optimum fun.

    Anyway, next day was our last and after breakfast, we finished the trip off with another 90-minute massage at PAS Massage Center before taking our ferry back to Stulang Laut. The massage was much better compared to Sports Massage Center but still not as good as their Thai counterparts.

    The return trip was uneventful and I was knackered by the time we reached back in KL.

    Overall, Batam is OK but drinks, and food are not that cheap. The girl quality is not like Bangkok or Jakarta. But getting there is much easier and cheaper from Malaysia or Singapore. Verdict is if you are already living close to Batam, the place is worth paying a visit once a while but for outsiders, going to Bangkok or Jakarta is much more pleasant.
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  3. Dunderhead

    I had a free evening in Singapore and got the 6pm ferry to Batam City Centre from the World Trade Centre. Got a cab to the Oar House for a beer and then jumped on the back of a motor-taxi to see the sights.

    Not a lot to see except dust and a few obvious brothels that looked pretty skanky to me. But, the nightclub opposite the Hotel Cintra was as good as my last time over 10years ago.

    Just an empty bar with 30 girls lined upon a sofa -- take your pick. Got a really cute one with a nice dress and shoes on and a pretty face. She looked pleased I'd picked her when she came over, which always makes things easier.

    As I wanted to get back to S'pore I asked for short time and went downstairs with her to a red-lighted windowless room with a double bed (not the nicest i've seen) and clean(ish) sheets, plus a shower.

    Very intense sex that she put her dress and shoes back on for.

    It dead cheap too. Around 20 US.
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  4. Dick_Nasty


    I want to know if you got to Batam from S'pore do you have to pay for the visa on arrival to indonesia? Since Indonesia charge for visas Just want to confim. Thanks
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  5. Dunderhead


    Head to the immigration booth on arrival and see what they say is the latest entry fee. I think its now mandatory.

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  6. Lady_Hunter

    Incase anybody wants to know the Visa on arrival fee into Batam
    for westerners is $25.00U.S. This would include countries from Europe, U.S. and Australia.

    It is best to have U.S. money or you are going to have to exchange money there and the rate is not that great.
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  7. Lady_Hunter

    I called up this girl Debby who is 21 for a LT session of about 16 hours for Rp. 400,000. She came about 8:30 P.M. to the hotel and did not talk much. Her english is not too good so while I was taking a shower she just sat on the bed playing with her phone. After I got out of the shower I waited about 15 minutes for her to go and take a shower and she just kept playing with her phone. She tried to take a picture of me with her phone but the room was to dark. She then went and took a shower and came out in some very sexy black panties and bra. She came over to the bed and started kissing me and sucking and kissing on my nipples. She worked her way down doing this until she started to give me a BBBJ that was pretty great. She does no do much with your balls but she can suck pretty good. She sucked for about 10 minutes and since I had not had sex in about a week I was going to cum pretty quick so I decided to put on a condom and start fucking.

    I had her get on top and ride like there was no tomorrow and let me tell you she is pretty good at riding. She really enjoys this. I finally came and she continued to ride for another 3 or 4 minutes and finally I was too sensitive to let her move anymore and had to stop her. She layed down on my chest and started to kiss my neck and ears for a couple of minutes. I finally got up to go take a shower again and when I came out she was asleep.

    I tried several times during the night to wake her up for another session but she did not wake up. I then fell asleep until around 10 the next morning.

    The next morning she woke me up and she went and took a shower while I watched TV. When she came out she said shower and make love. I said okay. I went and took a shower and came out and she started off the same way again with the nipples and sucking my dick and and I just wanted to fuck again so I put on a condom and told her to get in doggy style and she did not even know what I was talking about. I had to put her in this position and she still did not know what I was talking about. Finally I started in that position and she was very very tight. I had a hard time getting in her. I think this was her first time in this position but she really liked it. She was screaming and moaning really loud and moving like crazy. After about 20 minutes I came and she did not want me to stop. I continued for another couple of minutes and then and went and took a shower again.

    Later when she was leaving she gave me her number and said to call her later to makeI said I would but the fact is there are so many women here why stick with the same one two nights in a row.

    I took some pictures with a disposable camera of her sleeping in her bra and panties as I lost my digital camera but I will post a picture that I did not take for now and will post the others later when I can.

    I wanted to take some nudes but she would not let me.

    Overall experience she was pretty good and with more time could be a good GFE if allowed. She has a great attitude.
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    • Steve101

      Hi all - can anyone give me some advice on whether Tanjung Pinang in Bintan is good for mongering - better, worse or the same as Batam?

      Where's the best place for information about where to find the girls in Tanjung Pinang?


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    • Mi_Foot


      Its not quite as good as Batam. Thsere is some disco and massage action in town but there is also a village 24km out in the centre of the island. It use to quite famous but it seem to have gone down hill from what I have been reading on other groups.

      It can be a little slow during the week and I don't think the quality of companion is quite as good as Batam, but the quality of accomidation is better (and more expensive, beach resort style). If your looking for more of a holiday destination it may well suite you.

      Do a Google search on both the island and town to see what you can find.

      Regards Mi Foot (well it was last time I looked)
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    • Gzono

      Hi crew,

      Checked out Batam 2 weeks ago-very average. Got ripped off by a very pretty gal at the shopping centre-I show you around story and drinks all night and then no sex. Tried PP bananas and took a very tall Chinese looking girl with a hell body and pierced tummy-Leni? she has been fucked about a million times and had the start of a bad case of herpes on her mouth and smelly pussy so paid the 200 and had her wank herself. Short time palces were average a few nice ones but the scene was not conducive to nice sex.

      Discos look a bit provincial for me.
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    • Bad_Boy_Billy

      Just a quick report on my recent first visit to Batam.

      Prior to arriving had corresponded with Bushranger an ex-pat fellow Australian.

      His advice and the multitude of advice available on this site were invaluable.

      After arriving at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon I checked into the Melia hotel for my 3 night stand. Room?s excellent quality I thought so I showered and got ready to play for the night.

      Bushranger had advised me to head initially to Lucy's for a beer or 2 and to call him from there and he would come meet me. I duly did this and he arrived and introduced me to quite a few other ex-pats over the course of that evening and indeed the entirety of my stay.

      Sitting in the bar that afternoon I noticed a stunning little thing hanging around one of the ex-pats and inquired as to who she was. It was one of the PP Banana girls who works in the lap dance bar directly above Lucy's - no I am thinking I am right at home here.

      One of the guys I met in Lucy's was actually the GM of the Melia Hotel - Emmett - what a legend you are. Emmett duly inquired as to where I was staying and what my room was like - I advised him Melia Hotel and Room 540 - he duly pulled out his mobile phone, called his staff at the hotel, and instructed them to up-grade me from current room to much better room on 16th floor - Emmett you are a legend. That is just a SMALL indication of how the ex-pats will treat a fellow westerner if you visit this haven.

      Bushranger showed me around Nagoya for hours inspecting different KTV's etc before I selected a little darling from whichever one I cannot remember - man there are a huge selection here.

      Took the little princess back to the Melia for the evening - she was so delicious but so tiny.

      Next day I rose late and had a bit of a stroll around Nagoya before a pre-arranged taxi arrived to pick me up and squire me around Batam for a few hours checking out the local sites- this did not take very long at all.

      I did run past a new complex / gentleman?s club being constructed by Bushranger and some of his partners- this is by no means a hard sell or attempted promotion for this complex but I think it is going to be a great idea and a huge success. Basically a fully enclosed gentleman?s club with everything provided on site - no NEED to go outside at all but certainly the freedom to do so if you want. Virtually right in middle of Nagoya, a pool in the complex and the promise of the best selection of little beauties on the island on tap at any time sounds like this is going to be nirvana to me - I do wish Bushranger all the best - I know it is going to be a big success - I think they are calling it the Smiling Hill Club so potential western visitors looking for a quiet, secluded, discreet location with ALL the trimmings should try it out.

      That night we ate out at one of the outside food courts, blackened fish, fried garlic chicken, several beers and I think it all totalled about US10 for 3 of us - a dead set bargain. I must say here though that coming from Australia where we drink beer very cold - sitting up to a warm beer poured over a glass of ice really does take some getting used to.

      Off to the Planet disco that night, what an eye opener. As previously mentioned it is so dark in these discos that you really do need a small torch to see the girlies - this is a must. The only light available is right beside the bar, and don't worry no need to hunt the girlies they will come find you. After a couple of hours and maybe 10 x 50,000Rp G & T's, I wised up and gave the barmaid 30,000Rp to go find a girlie for me and bring her to the bar for inspection. I told her I wanted tall, young, and beautiful with big breasts - well I thought that is what I told her. She proceeded to parade about 20 or so over to me before I selected 1 - and fairly handy type too.

      Back to the Melia and down to work this little lady just loved it - now I understand the term LBFM - god she was a little wildcat.

      Just made breakfast at 10 next morning and then hatched a plan for the day. Headed out to a few of the KTV places to select a little playmate for the afternoon, settled on Happy from Queen KTV. At 1.00pm on this Tues afternoon there were 44 little girlies in Queen just waiting to be selected - god you would have to be very very fussy not to be 'happy' here.

      Happy cost me 220,000Rp for period 1.00pm til10.00am next day, but I only wanted her til 5.00pm that day so we went straight to hotel for a serious matinee session, amazing what you can accomplish in 4 hours if you can get your mind to focus, these little ceweks are just amazing, so small yet the sexual appetites of giants.

      Sent Happy off at 5 and then showered and got ready for evening. Another ex-pat who manages a wine bar at the Goodway Hotel was having his 76th birthday that evening so I was invited along. I checked into Lucy's for a heart starter and had a beer with bar owner Evan, another great guy who goes out of his way to make ALL ex-pats feel totally at home. I also booked that angel I spoke about earlier that I had seen the first day, one of the PP Banana girls for later in the evening.

      Off to the birthday party and it was jus like being one of the local crowd. ALL these guys treat you so well, you are welcomed into this tight knit community like an old friend without question, the hospitality shown to me by the local ex-pats will never be forgotten.

      Back to Lucy's at 8 and another few drinks with Evan and Emmett before heading upstairs to pick up my little package.

      Her name is Rinni and she is absolutely gorgeous. Ran straight up to me as she knew I had booked her and planted huge kiss on me. I told her I wanted to see her dance in her skimpy little outfit and I gotta tell you this little princess moves that tiny little body like you cannot believe.

      Paid the 300,000 for Rinni to the bar staff and Rinni and I headed off for dinner at the steak restaurant at the Melia Hotel.

      This restaurant is on the 7th floor I think, an outside location, just a wonderful setting. I downed a couple of Bintangs and Rinni had an orange juice, She had already eaten so I ordered a steak and relaxed (Australian Certified Angus Steak too I might add), Food arrived very promptly and meal was just superb, mind you looking across the table at that gorgeous little honey opposite me no doubt added to the flavour.

      Up to the room at 10 and down to business, one of the best nights fun I have ever had. This gorgeous, sexy, amusing, entertaining little darling gave me a night I will never forget. God what I would give to bring this little princess to Australia - still might do it yet.

      Rinni stayed with me til 1.00pm next day, interrupted only by a 30 min visit downstairs to have breakfast together at 9.00am. What a prolonged session of passionate lovemaking - she is marvellous- just cannot wait to get back there for another session.
      Booked out at 2.00pm and headed back to Batam Centre to get ferry back to Singapore.

      3 nights, 2 full days, 4 gorgeous young ladies, many Bintang beers, MANY MANY new friends amongst the ex-pats.

      Any western guy reading this post and who has been thinking about or tossing up as to whether you should visit Batam - JUST DO IT. Do not think again - I procrastinated for years - I will be back again ASAP and definitely within 3 months. JUST DO IT - you will have a few days of fun and relaxation that possibly CANNOT be matched anywhere else.
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    • Jackass

      Fellow mongers,

      It's been a while since I've gone down to Batam. Just curious to know if LE or religious authoirties do much raiding these days?

      These days so much easier for a S'porean like me to go to LOS what with the cheap airasia fares. But it'd be nice to taste some different flavoured pussy.

      How much is the room at Melia?
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    • Gzono


      Agree with Bad Boy Billy about Batam except the info on huge rise in STDs and AIDS according to my GP in Singapore.

      BBB I met Rini too and had a one hour session too-better check the Doc soon but what a gorgeous package-lovely girl and smart pity she has been fucked by thousands of dudes-some very rough according to her and she does not worry about condoms, coming in mouth etc-dangerous but almost too pretty to ignore-I have an idea if you want to send a private email...

      Also met a stunner at shopping centre-have her number a FL much prettier than Rini.

      I reckon Batam is a good bet not as good as Jakarta but easier to get around and great expar crew to hang out with
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    • Da_Pimp

      Just came back from Batam. I had super fun last time but not much of luck this time in Batam. A ***** from Planet Ozone ended up stealing my money and a watch. You have no place to turn to if that happens.

      Met this guy name Marcel at PP Banana which is the only a Go-go bar in Batam. He offered his service of taking me to the girlie place, but didn't like the quality. I knew from the start he was getting comission from those places, but didn't really mind.

      He took me to over 20 lousy places. At the beginning, I was kind of disapointed but after a while, I was started having some fun; checking out all these places. Besides, I rented Mercedece from Planet Holiday Hotel that didn't have to haggle with the local taxi.
      It was him who started getting worried going home with no commission.

      At the end. he took me to this really wired place called..Jeffrey something. This place is where all the call girls are based, working like slaves living in a dirt hall. It was really akward feeling getting a girl out of there. Anyways, to make the long story short, due to this place having 30+ girls, it was easy for me to find someone nice. Cost me Rp300,000 and she was happy to get out of there. I took a pity on her that I took her to the best place in town. Roof top restaurant of Planet Holiday hotel. Extremely expensive place- probably same cost as England. Ordered pizza, a jar of magarita frost, looking down the night scene of harbor and even the night lights from Singapore. She was just enjoying relaxing and that made me feel good as well.

      Took her down to my room, took a shower together and did what we were supposed to do. She was in pain and I understand it's a normal thing for a 45kg petit girl. I took it easy on her and carried out gently. She was a bit shy but worked hard eventually.

      Gave her 50,000 in the moring and headed out to Singapore for a meeting. Nothing stolen but a warm kiss by this girl.
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    • Tom_Sawyer

      All the major Indonesan islands south of Singapore are ***** joints. The majority of the people you see there are not natives of the island. They come from all over Indonesia. From as near as Riau and as far as Bandung or Madura. This applies too, to the males who are more than willing to be your local guides.

      IMHO, Batam is over-rated. It is over-priced and it's appeal has waned over the years. There is no dispute over it's close proximity to Singapore but due to this accessibility, lots of Singaporeans come over and spend their dollars indiscriminately and as such, things have become more pricey and the service you would get leaves much to be desired.

      This phenomenon is evident and we, respectable hobbyists, end up getting the bad end of a deal. This forum is useful so that novices are able to get a little education on hobbying and thus, protect the majority from the effects of his (or her) reckless actions.

      If I may suggest, try Tanjung Balai Karimun instead. In terms of the time taken on the journey from Singapore, it takes longer to get there than Batam. This makes it less attractive to most.

      But behold! The prices are more fair, the service is much better. If you are into full-fledged, no holds barred bonking, this is the place to be as there are very few entertainment outlets which would take your fancy. Thus, you bring the girl back to your room and bonk like rabbits!

      Plus, the ferry terminal is walking distance to the main town area. Finding a hotel is easy. For about 200k RP, I stayed at a larger room with a mini-fridge and TV that showed porn on one of its channels. Compare this to a rundown motel in Batam for the same price.

      All the chicks are found at a place called the Villa, about 10 - 15 minute away from the town area. Prices for the chicks range from 200K to 350K. You can take them out from 12 noon today and they will leave at 9 - 10 am the next day. You can bonk as many times as you wish.

      To save some money, instead of getting a guide and use his services, tell him that you want to take a ride to the Villa and back and it will cost you 20K tops! Once you get there, take your time and check out what is being displayed. If you see something you fancy, speak to the pimp and he will quote you a price. Always negotiate and bargain, Counter with a price about 50K - 100K less and work from there. If a deal is made, pay the pimp immediately. He will then ask you the hotel and room number you are staying. The chick will get to wherever you are on her own so down worry. Arrange the time of arrival for the chick in such a way that you can get things done ie: have a meal, go for a massage. Leave the villa with the guide you came with and that's it.

      Given my experience, there is less hassle, the chicks you see are clearer as the houses they are at are better lit than the KTVs in Batam and the price is fair.

      Most of these girls will give you a BJ. It's standard. CBJ or BBBJ it's entirely up to you. However, the girls at Batam would say they do it but back out when it comes to the crunch, citing many excuses.

      Give it a shot. At the very most, you can still go to Batam from Tg Balai if the place is not to your liking.
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    • Bonhead

      I was thinking about coming out to check the sites during the wknd of the 24-26th (Sept.) - will anyone be around at that time? It would be GREAT if someone could show this newbie around.

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    • Porker

      It's a pretty big stretch for ANYONE to claim that Batam is overpriced. The fees in the fishbowl booking joint places range from 120K rupiah on-site short times to 300K for all-nighters from the higher end places and go gos. Of course you have to be able to find these places and convince them that you didn't come with a guide or a taxi driver, which sometimes isn't easy, as the taxi drivers are true lowlifes with nothing better to do than follow you around if they suspect you're headed into a KTV place that pays commissions.

      The booking joints are NOT high profile or particularly easy to find for the first time visitor if you don't have an experienced guide, but there are plenty of them, and even if you pay 5-10 bucks extra commission the first time you go there, that doesn't mean you can't go back the next day on your own.

      There are indeed decent hotel options in Batam at reasonable prices ($25-50 U.S.) and they are neither rundown or far from the action.

      And the disco freelancer scene in Batam is certainly available every night of the week if you have bad luck at the booking joints. Short time fees start at 150-200K, all-nighters should be easily arranged for 250K. Some of the ecstasy loaded disco girls screw like animals and are likely to be much more sexually experienced and skilled than some of the younger girls in the booking joints, who can be HORRIBLE lays.

      I would say that people that knock Batam probably didn't really know what they were doing while they were there. I had some horrible luck there during my 10 days in June, but also had some of the hottest girls I've ever had in my LIFE and had a GREAT time on less than 1 million rupiah per day, all-inclusive.
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    • Ruzhyo


      I be in SG from 21 to 27 OCT and would like to head to Batam or any of the further away Indo islands for some fun.

      Would love to go with you old hands as this is my first time there. Been to BKK many times but Indo is my first so was hopping for a partner in 'crime'.

      Pls PM me.
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    • Ruzhyo

      1st Batam

      I went to Batam for the 1st time yesterday.
      It was after much review from the forum and friends who been there that I made up my mind to skip my regular Bangkok for Batam.

      Hooked up a Mr Jensen from Lucy to bring be around.
      Took the 9+am ferry from WTC to Batam Ctr.
      Checked into Melia at bout 11am. Very nice hotel, 4 star I think..
      Had 4 stout at the hotel lobby lounge.
      Headed to my room, wash up, and moved out to explore.

      Had no idea where is Lucy Oarhouse (a pub), but remember that is was near the hotel, so I just decided to walk around the area and scout around. After 1/2 hour of walking around, I found the place and realise its just across the road the the left of the hotel!

      Anyway, had lunch there and another 4 or 5 stout and Mr Jensen arrived at 3pm the meet up with me. Told me the action would not start till about 8pm, so I was to meet him at the pub again at 8pm, had another few drinks and let.

      Decided that I had too much to drink, I went back to my hotel for a short nap. Went back to Lucy at 8pm, had dinner, another few beers and Mr J arrived at 9pm. Decided that to pick up a PP Bannana gal and head to the discos.

      Went up to PP Bananna, about 10 gals were taking turns to dance. 1 cute al with super hot body, short, maybe 1.6m, nice round ass and full B titts caught my eye but I decided not to have her for the night as she looked very tired and bored staring at the celling.

      Decided on another gal. Not as pretty but same hot body. Had a few more drinks at PP Bananna and headed to Pacific Disco.

      Its the biggest Disco I have ever been too! Huge! Loud! Dark! May FL gals there. Some are more pretty as my gal...but since I have paid ...but I am happy with my choice as she behaved well, never asking for anything. Acted like my GF all the time.

      Back to to hotel after a few drinks at the disco. Once I enetered my room, I went to the toilet to take a pee, been drinking too much.

      By the time I am out of the loo, my gal is in her bra and G string.

      Asked if I wanna fuck her now or later. I told her to relax, have a smoke, a few more drinks and watch some TV 1st.

      After 2 beer, and some chit chat (I can speak malay), we took a bath together. Washed me real well.

      She also took a shower and joined me in bed watching TV. Kept asking me if I wanna screw her.

      Just took my time had a smoke chit chat somemore and finally screwed her. Started with her on top, rode me like a horse! She is a real cow gal! After about 5 mins, she came, very very wet gal. Held me tight and I felt every shiver run down her spine to her ass. Either she is a very good actor or she reaily enjoied bonking. Rested a few mins and I continue to bonk her starfish style, doggy and finally I cum.
      Both of us washed up and slept.

      In the middle of the night I bonk her another 3 times, all three times, she came before me while we did the spoon.

      At about 9am, I woke up with her giving me a BBBJ. Its the best BBBJ I have had in a long time. Too bad no AR nor did she allow me to AR her or eat her pussy.
      Another bonk but alask, I am spent and was not able to cum. But again she cum 1st. Just she had a good time and loved to fuck.

      Send her off after a shower with a very big tip.

      Took breakfast at the cafe in the hotel and 2 more stout in my room and left for the Ferry terminal. Paid more for the hotel to send me there, but its worth the $$$ to avoid the trouble to bargain with the taxi guys by the road.

      Well worth another visit. Spend S$80 for hotel and S$300 for ferry, food, drinks, gal, etc etc etc, and still had S$30 left in my pocket when I reach WTC in SG. What a great trip.

      Would sure do it agian when I am back in SG.
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    • Gzono

      PP bananas

      Hi Ruzhyo,

      Girl you refer to what was her name? What price is it now?
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    • Tee_Bone

      Arriving in Batam on Nov 8th, any joiners?

      First time to Batam in two days from now, Nov 8th. I am an experienced SE Asia traveller, currently in Koh Samui Thailand and am taking a week off to visit Batam Island for a Visa run.

      If any experienced Batam mongers are around at this time, would gladly buy you a few beers for some local orient-ation and info. Please PM me if so, also would appreciate any suggestions on where to stay, in the US$40 or less range.

      Thanks in advance! Tee Bone
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    • Clandestine782

      Nice looking women. Terrible attitudes

      This place has a lot of castas (house where there are girls to be bought) living and working in pretty disgusting conditions-- sleeping in a clean hotel should be a refreshing change for them .

      I went to Batan two times.

      #1- Only wanted to have sex one time, and thought that she was going to get S$75. She had an attitude and I told her that I wanted some of my money back. I'd given her a $50, two $10s and a $5. She thought that she was going to keep the S$50 bill, but she had another thing coming. She even threatened to call her boss. I told her that I was being nice by giving her even that much, since she had worked for 1/9 of the agreed on time. A very thin girl (which I like) with a great body.

      #2- Didn't bring a *single* condom. (I had brought some, since I've heard bad things about the HIV rate here.) 22 years old and divorced. 300,000 RPH for the whole night (about US$35), but complained after we had sex for the third time. I didn't argue with her about the money (since I had already given it to her papasan *before* taking her out), but she did expect a tip. She didn't get it.

      Moral of the story: The absolute most I would pay for any of these girls overnight (tip inclusive) is 400,000 rupiah--even though 250-300K is more like it. If you go to any of the hotels that are advertised at the ferry center (where you land when you come from Singapore), they will have either a security guard or some waiting taxis. Tell them what you want, and they will take you around for about 30,000 Rupiah ($4). My driver (who spoke good English) took me to several houses and I finally chose a girl after seeing about 30 different ones. It is not necessary to hire an agent or someone because they will just add some silly amount of extra rupiah as their "fee." Hold back some of the money (as a tip) for an incentive for her to not turn into a dead fish. The girls have very shallow vaginas and you will hit the end of it in certain positions. (I had two girls and they both complained of discomfort). Most of them were scared to death of me (I am a tall and strong black man), but I did find someone to go after it was all said and done.
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    • Harimau_Malaya

      Riau Islands

      Some information regarding questions on Tanjung Pinang and Balai. I went to Balai in early 2002. Prices and things may have changed by now. In the Balai town, there is plenty of good hotels for reasonable prices along Jalan Nusantara. Never pick the choice of the taxi drivers for hotel. Get your own choice or get "ojeks" (motorcycle taxis) to take you to a hotel and he may also bring you to the right light area (plenty of houses) with a least 15-20 girls inside.

      Some girls may approach you, and I strongly advise that you pick a girl who approaches you. She will be more willing to give a you a good service than the hot looking ones. A sweet looking girl is anytime better than a hot babe or an 8.0 will give you more satisfaction than 9.5 hot b****. Condoms are optional, always remember to bring your own before you board your ferry. Anything is possible here including anal, CIM, BBBJ and whatever terms you guys use provided if you are willing to spend your money.

      I took an half indian/indonesian girl which is a rare species in indonesia. She was rather good looking with a beautiful tanned skin. She was more good looking than the average indian girls you see in Singapore and worse still Malaysia. It cost me about Rp280,000 after some bargaining with the papi(pimp). Her service was above average and I loved it.

      I also made a trip to Tanjung Pinang and the quality of the girls here is almost the same as in Balai. If you are travelling from WTC or Johor, TP is only accessible via transit from Balai or Batam. I took a 28 year old Sundanese girl here and her service awesome with one of the best BBBJs I ever had. She looked like one of my high school teacher and she had a pair of glasses. I told her to wear her glasses while I fucked her, at last my school boy dream came true. Tanjung Batu quality isn't that good, most of them look like the maids you see in your high rise apartments. So if you have the fetishes of fucking maids, this is the place. And believe it not, if you can talk your way through, you can actually check the girl's merchandise before you take any girl in Batu.

      I only highlighted my good experiences with girls, I also had bad experiences with the girls over in T.Pinang and T.Balai here. So it all depends on how you make your selection. I had to show "red card" twice to some of the girls, out of the playing field. So guys enjoy your trip and any latest updates on TB and TP, hopefully someone out there will share their experiences. Thank you.

      Memek Lover
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    • Otto

      Bantam hotel


      I think about meeting a GF from Jakarta in Batam while I am in Singapore next weeks. Any suggestions for a nice , clean hotel on the beach not too far from the airport and also not far away from the SG ferry. Look for a hotel for a week-end full of f.... :-)

      Thanks for reply
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Charles23


      I will go to Padang and would like to have any information on hotel and fun.

      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Gzono

      Risma from Pacific

      Anyone met a stunner very young (19) from Pacific called Risma (I know common name) I met her but lost her hp number

      Thanks guys
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Ruzhyo

      batam trip

      Anyone going Batam on 1st May or 30th this mth?
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • William_Saw

      bintan island tanjong pinang

      I'di like to share with you guys one of the cheapest place to enjoy yourself.

      The place: Tanjong Pinang, the capital of Bintan Island.

      The one that tourist goes with their family is on the otherside of Bintan island
      called the Bintan Resort area. It is about one hour drive from tg Pinang going
      throught the beautiful beaches of TRIKOLA where all the locals go for their
      weekend by the sea.

      There are couple of way to reach Tanjong pinang:

      1. By ferry from Singapore at the TENAH MERAH FRERRY TERMINAL. They have about 6 trips a day during week day and 12 trips during the weekend. It takes about 2 hrs to reach Tanjong Pinang.

      2. By ferry from Malaysia. JOHORE BAHRU the ferry is near the famous EDEN HOTEL. You cant miss it. It takes about 3 hrs to reach Tanjong Pinang.

      3. By ferry from Indonesia BATAM at a place cal PONGGOL It takes 1 hr to reach Tanjong Pinang.

      Before coming to Tanjong pinang is best to contact the hotel representative to meet you up at the terminal this way you can get rid of the hustlers waiting for you like a hawk.

      Hotel Kartika: Country code 62 than 77122446

      Hotel Rainbow: Toll free 8006211097

      Hotel Melai: 62 then 77122303

      Tthe hotel driver will bring you to pick up the gals, you should not be paying more than 180,000 rupiah, the cost of booking for the whole night is only 130,000 rupiah,the driver will be getting 50,000 rupiah commission sometime it cost a little more but should not be more than 200,000. This is ok as they will bring you to all the fish bowl area until you find a gal you like.

      I usually stay in hotel Kartika, which is about 10 minutes away from the terminal. Across the road there is a place call BINTAN PLAZA where most of the fish bowl is located. Anyway, if you can't find any one you like you can alway wait late into night at 2300hrs where there is a disco own by the hotel call STUDIO 5. You can't miss it it, it is next to the hotel. Here at night you can find more freelance gals than you can handle. Young one are a plenty.

      Enjoy, but leave your money / watch / handhone at the hotel safe deposit box or else you wake up with nothing but your dick and balls. Everything is gone.

      The cost for all this estimate:




      FISH BOWL GAL US$18.00 TO US$20.00

      IF GOOD SERVICE US$5.00 is alot of tips

      Lousy service? Ask her f.o. and look for another gal from the same joint. They will replace the gal for you if you have not fuck her. If not forget it get another gal it is cheap.

      Thats it.

      any other information sent me a msg
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    • Jose_Marcia

      Batam area or Jakarta

      Hi folks,

      I am an experienced monger based in New York, who never got a chance to sample Indonesia. I am planning a 9-day trip to Indonesia this summer. I can not make up my mind if I should go to Batam area or to Jakarta. The sole purpose of my trip will be mongering. Please comment on pros and cons. Thanks.
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    • William_Saw

      Do both Jakarta and Batam. Batam from Singapore very easy one hour away. Jakarta lots of budget airline from Singapore. With batam you can also visit the other 4 B's, meaning Batam, Bastu, Balai, Bintan. Lots of pussy, all within 1 to 2 hrs by ferry from any point.

      Originally Posted by Jose Marcia
      Hi folks,

      I am an experienced monger based in New York, who never got a chance to sample Indonesia. I am planning a 9-day trip to Indonesia this summer. I can not make up my mind if I should go to Batam area or to Jakarta. The sole purpose of my trip will be mongering. Please comment on pros and cons. Thanks.
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