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  2. Lawrence

    I will be staying in Bandung for a few days. Please help me where I can find beautiful sunda girls, students etc. I would like to avoid pros from aquarium. I prefer girls from house, students, even if they are little expensive. Any contact numbers, guidance will be highly appreciated.
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  3. Zero

    I am quite surprise that bandung's section is empty.
    From what I heard in Jakarta, there are a lot of action going on in Bandung.
    If anyone can help me please post some info in bandung section are greatly appreciated. I travel alot between Jakarta and Bandung.
    Thank you
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  4. jonsintown


    Just a quick comment on bandung.

    Was there about a year ago.
    Very comfortable and interesting train journey from Jakarta, found Bandung quite a quaint town with its unique Art Deco buildings, and crumbling old Dutch colonial architecture.

    However, not much doing! only bar I found with possibilities was the North sea Tavern but same old Shit. Girls working behind the bar very attractive with reasonable English but a no go area, girls working in the bar (about the same 5 or 6 every night) nothing to write home about.
    I tried everything. walked around town, asked directions, checked out the shopping centres. nothing doing!
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  5. Zero

    some quick review on my last trip to Bandung,
    first night, try the SW at Alketeri or alkateri ( not sure about the spelling) quite good selection, 15-20 girls roaming around (5-6 in my rating). F/S for around Rp100K, make sure you bargain.
    2nd, my host invite me to brothel around Cibadak (again not sure about the spelling) called Citra. small sleazy bar and karaoke up front, go to the back side and you'll see a fish tank, around 20 girls inside just tell the guys beside the fish tank whome d you want to pick. for F/s he told me fix price of Rp 130K but when I come up to the room the girl tell me for air conditioned room it would cost more so with A/C room around Rp175K, as horny bastard that i am, so I said ok. The girl name is neely or nely. nice girl speak awfull english but using international sign language we got through ok. she wash me, bbbj, doesnt take it on anal though, what a shame. Gave me her number for future visit.overall experience is OK (6)
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  6. dodih

    Just want to say i had a trip to citra and it is ok for the price you pay.
    Theyre is a similar place on jalan gardu jati. Just enter the small street beside the bouraq airlines office. A men will soon approach yu and bring you to the place, Price is cheaper. Was 90 000rupiah and 110 000r depending on how cute the girl was.average 6 to 7...but i had a 9 once.
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  7. XXL

    Hotel in Bandung

    I read the hotel Pardana Wisata burned down, with some loss of life.

    Pity, that hotel was good, and very well-situated, right in the middle of the red light district.

    Was it rebuilt, or can someone recommend an alternative?
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  8. Zero

    thanks for the info on citra, it is the best hang out when I am in Bandung.
    Do you have any info on other place, I am looking for a better place than citra, Thank you

    I am quite sure that they already rebuild the hotel.
    Can you share the red light district that you mention, thanks
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  9. XXL

    "Red light district" in Bandung

    Red-light-district may be an overstatement. I mean the very same street where the Perdana Wisata was situated. Quite a few karaokes, one major disco as far as I can remember. At least two massage parlours were within walking distance, don't remember the name though. I remember picking up a girl in the street in front of the hotel. She was hiding (probably from the cops) behind parked cars.

    Indonesian guides told me that was the best place for girls in Bandung so if I go there again, I would like to stay in the same hotel or not far from it.

    I'm not sure the hotel was rebuilt. I read somewhere that the owner was being prosecuted because of the loss of life in the fire, so they might have gone bust. What with tourism on the decrease in the whole of Indonesia, there may not be many people willing to reinvest in a burnt-down hotel.
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  10. dodih

    Hey zero if your looking for a cute overnight. Just go to any hotel...after looking up the room and before checking in ask if they have any girls(awewe).....they rarely have but they can get one for youJust say if you want small or big or whatever turns you on. I think the going rate for an overnight is around 350 000rp....last time the guy brought the mamasan with 3 girls to choose from.

    If out of luck in bandung go to Ciater(north of bandung near lembang on the road to subang) or Ciapanas garut(near garut). These places are full of kukupu malam...and i have had much better girls theyre then in bandung. All the hotels theyre are in the busyness of finding girls for you.

    Good luck,
    Salam from bandung
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  11. Zero

    I am actually at bandung last night, and saw that the hotel is on the process of rebuilding. In my opinion they are better than before.
    Maybe after they finish i will try them, I usually stay at Kedaton or Savoy hotel.
    Have you been to citra? it was near by perdana wisata, in my opinion they have quite a good service, I am quite bored with them though since it was the only place I know that have decent pussy. any suggestion?
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  12. Zero

    Thanks for the info, will try the ciater ( I think I have been there before, is it the one with hot swiming pool from the volcano?) and cipanas.
    By the way, is there any escort service or brothel that have "High class girl" ?
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  13. cukup

    After shops close, 9pm, grab a cab and cruise Jalan Otista, many of the girls are going home from work and waiting for taxis, others are waiting for guys like us! The drivers know the routine and will slow down, which alerts the girls to your purpose. Somehow they will indicate accordingly.

    Scored a tall, big breasted plumper and ml x 2 at a cheap hotel. She wanted to go home in a taxi while I had a shower. Couple of hours later at one of the big discos (LA?) saw her again. Up on stage! She was the feature singer for the night!!

    Sundays around the pool at The Papandayan Hotel some young woemn can be found lounging. One took me up to her room once, while the hubby was at a meeting in one of the seminar rooms!!!
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  14. Buzzz

    I lived in Bandung, but left 2 years ago. I haven't been there lately, so things might have been changed a little bit.

    At that time there used to be a karaoke club in the Northern Part of the city (Setiabudi area), where you could ask for a private singer in your VIP room. And she didn't sing only, can't remember what the price was. It is called Eden Karaoke. Had some great times there with Dewi and Vita.

    The North Sea pub at Braga is a nice place to start your evening. Don't expect too much from this place, the girls don't look that good and are a little old. Try one of the bigger discotheques in town, Klub Pesta or Studio East. It is very easy to have a nice girlfriend experience in these places. Be carefull with the most beautifull ones, they can cost you a fortune.

    If you don't want to go to a bar, go visit Ciater (the Sariater hotel) to the north of Bandung and try to find yourself a beautifull sundanese girl near the hot springs. On saturday evening it can be very crowded there. If you speak indonesian you can also try Lembang, a small village on the way to Ciater. It is well known that a lot of college students visit the place malam minguan (go out on saturday evening).

    I once met a girl named Widia there, near the susu Lembang statue. She worked in Lembang in one of the hotels and she had her own appartment where she invited me. We spent the night together and enjoyed it both thoroughly, but the neighbours probably not, because the walls were made of chip board

    I agree with Dodih about the hotels. All the hotels can take care of girls for you. Just ask descreetly to the bellboy who brings you to your rooms and give him a good tip. He will take care of you.

    My favorite place to invite a girl for short time was Hotel Yehezkiel, not far from Gedung Sate. Very clean place, airconditiong and dirt cheap. Kedaton was good value for money to spend the night, but try the Hyatt or the Sheraton. They sometimes have ridiculous discounts and at that time both the bars were still catering to a lot of freelancers. I am not sure about the current situation

    Zero, as far as I know there is no high class escort service in Bandung, but it will not be too difficult to pick up a very good looking girl in one of the above places.

    Good luck
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  15. Zero

    Thank's for the info guys
    but I haven't visit bandung lately.
    Maybe next month if I have to visit factory.
    So far I can only score in Citra and Alketery street,
    will try your suggestion and post the finding.
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  16. Memek

    In January of this year I visited Bandung. I especially like Bandung because it's Sunda country, and Sundanese girls can be very 'gelis'.
    Anyway, had some experiences with various girls, one from North Sea bar, one from Studio 2000, one from the pool room across teh street from North Sea Bar (don't remember the name). Just go and shoot some pool there. Every table comes with a girl who'll arrange your balls (jeje), help you note the scores, and hell, even play with you. At closing time you can take her out, if she wants to, etc....
    Indonesian youth seems to be into 'house' or ' techno' or whatever you may call this noise. In Studio 2000 your ears'll fall off. Also be aware that you're about the only foreigner in this disco, so all people will gather around you, and, yes, try to rip you off (drinking your beer, feeling where your wallet is, etc). Took a girl from there to the hotel. Good experience, for only 100K for the whole night. For the girl from North Sea Bar I paid something like 200K for the night. Anybody can tell me what's the going rate??. The girl from the pool room was for free.

    They told me that under the Studio 2000, a nice Karaoke place is situated where you can pick up nice girls. I never tried though. Anybody??...

    In the same street a lot of Karaoke places are situated. Take care. We entered one, bought ourselves a beer and looked at the merchandise. Asked for the price and they told us it was something like 100K for 1 hour, which sounded quite cheap. Afterwards however we found out that you'll pay for the girl sitting next to you, and nothing else. We tried to get our money back, but then we noticed that the o'so friendly barkeeper changed into a ruthless guy, not willing to negotiate. We paid and hurried out.
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  17. Zero

    In bandung after several month off
    I found the SW scene is increasing latelly.
    I saw Braga street is blosoming and lots of SW.
    Pick up Riri near the braga street and got bbbj and cim for Rp100K
    service about 6.
    Will try the ussual place at citra tonight.
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  18. Zero

    came back to citra last night.
    same ol shitty place i left few months ago.
    I would say the choices there is getting worse.
    I found better ladies on the street (SW) of alketeri/banceuy.
    Anyway pick no 15 ( forgot her name)
    gave a pretty good service actually ( great enthusiasm, always appreciate that)
    Look : 6
    bbbj : 6
    service : 7
    I had to find better joint than this shitty place, any ideas?
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  19. Laser_King

    Hello Bro,

    Any information on the latest KTV's,massage parlours,mall activity or street scene in Bandung?Will be travelling for some explicit and discreet sexual escapades next weekend.Any information is welcome as the thread in in Bandung has "stalled' and gone quiet for a while.

    Any information provided is most appreciated

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  20. Zero

    Sorry Laser boy,
    It seem to me that no active person in bandung thread.
    As you can see only me reporting for bandung,
    And unfortunately, I have limited knowledge about bandung.
    See my previous post, hope it can help you
    Good luck
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  21. Entotan

    Hi all,

    There are several new places in bandung ;

    1. Bahureksa street no. 15 ask for mr. edo /escort services

    2. Sandra massage parlour near planet 2000

    3. Bandung sauna or cibadak spa at jalan cibadak near citra

    4. New establishment called the cozy men's health at jl. setrasari mall b1 no34-35, this establishment is similar with sumo shiatsu in jakarta however the girls are local.

    For private escorts, you can ask me privately by email.

    Hope this update may help.
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  22. Zero

    Hi entotan,
    At last someone beside me have info about bandung.
    Tell me entotan,
    I am curious about the bahureksa guy, mr edo.
    how things work with him?
    do you call him or you just show up there?
    I don't want any hassle in my mongering, I hate to show up
    in somebody's home which turn out to be just ordinary house.
    Have you try his service? what kind of girl does he have?
    how about the rate?
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  23. Entotan


    You have to show up directly to bahureksa 15, they normally open after 6pm. There are lotsa girls to choose from. The going rate is approx. idr200-250k for short time and double for long time. You can try by knocking at the garage door ask for mr edo. You wont get any hassle.

    Have fun

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  24. Possessed_Seoul

    Oops, sorry, got home drunk the other day and forgot my promised follow up on Bandung.

    Not many guys are wrapped in the place as a mongering desination (and for some of you newbies, it isnt a term of abuse) but I had a great time there none the less. I had one stready Uni girl there, 23 years old, Chinese-Javanese mix, about 5'4" tall, C cup tits and the sort of "up for it" attitude I love in Indo girls. We met via ICQ, and I found my Indonesian skills to be a help. She worked alot tho, two jobs infact to support herself whilst at school so I had a bit of free time to explore.

    Mostly I stuck to the Jl Braga bars, and I concur with other posters that North Sea is often below par. However, as a place to drink and hang out it is fine. There are some other clubs with live music and I was dragged into one by a 19 year old Sundanese spinner who I unfortunately got to liquored up to shag, but there were plenty of other girls like this around.

    I stayed in the Dago area, North side of town, which in my opinion is one of the more beautiful city scapes in Asia. The tree lined boulevades and the art-deco arcitecture wowed me and made me wish I could spend more time there. My hotel, can't remember the name as this was back in 2003 was decent for the 220 000 rp a night tarrif and had a roof top pool which gave views of mountains in every direction. I wined and dined my Uni chick every night at the big seafood restaurants on Jl Dago and the price was never more than $20 us with beers.

    I hit a couple of malls during the day times when alone and there is no end of top-quality poontang to be found. Being a university town there is a good mix of ladies from all over the Islands, as well as the stunning Sundanese girls. I only sat and talked with the girls, mostly students or office workers and enjoyed a coffee and a chance to further practice my Indonesian. I did however take home two working girls from a Braga bar for a 3some, all inclusive, lesbian, anal and cim for 500 000 rp + taxi money for the pair.

    I enjoy Bandung for reasons above the noble hobby of mongering, a chance to enjoy an interesting university town with wonderful buildings and a pleasant climate as it is well above sea level. The ride up on the train is also worthwhile to see the lush volcanic surrounds. Oh and did I mention the pretty ladies, hehehehe. Check it out, you never know, you might just like it.


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  25. Prosal

    I'd add to the good precedent report the 'Tropicana Cafe', which is in the same complex than the 'Studio East' disco, relocated on Jeans Street ....

    Tropicana Cafe is (was when I was there) the same kind of place than some spots in Kemang or the Model Cafe in Jogja : live music + DJs, some freelancers, and many very good looking regular girls : the Studio East disco next door is typically 'Kota style', dark, smart and loud with a impressive sound system, with many talents to be found on week-ends ......

    Bandung's nightlife is nothing like JKT, but some genuine and unaffected beauties, not yet spoiled as in the JKT bule joints, can be easily found in the few nightspots.

    I recommand the Sheraton in Dago area, beautiful Bali-style resort surrounded with rice terrasses, quite cheap, with a "Fun Pub" which is a very good freelancers meeting point on Fridays nights ....

    IMO Bandung is a VERY nice town, with MANY opportunities ....
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  26. Anormal

    Will be in Bandung next week, 7/19 to 7/22.

    Would appreciate any contacts for beautiful young students in Bandung area.

    Thank you
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  27. Bra_Bus

    Where can I get beautiful students in Bandung. Please pm me, I'll be in Bandung in the next 2 weeks.

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  28. Pete33

    Bandung location, location & location.

    Got the following information from ANJINGSIAH [LUCKY DOG], please see his information on the Jakarta Forum, pertinent to places & addresses in Bandung. Truthfully, I have not been to most of them or even calling them; I seldom go to Bandung, at the most only once every year. Sorry can not be of better help. For what it is worth, here they are, please do not hold me to it.

    Pick-up Places.
    1. Kebon Kawung No.24A, +62.22.420-3411
    2. Pajajaran No.145
    3. Edelweis Guest House, Mr.Iwan
    4. Komplek DDK., Dago, Mr.Deni, +62.22.250-1361
    5. Jl. Setiabudi Atas No.68
    6. Jl. Dr. Djunjungan No.27A,
    7. Jl. Bahureksa No.10,

    Free Lancing Girls.
    1. Yeni .............. +62.22.200-3995
    2. Dewi ............. +62.22.250-1361
    3. Peta ............. +62.22.731-2179
    4. Annette ........ +62.22.750-7136
    5. Renny ........... +62.22.756-2852
    6. Cindi ............. +62.22.721-8230

    Again, please do post your adventures and ALWAYS remember to wear your "raincoat", no matter what blissful action you are doing.

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  29. Zero

    Hi Guys,
    I just want to clary to you that Jl. Bahureksa 15 is indeed a pick up joint
    it is strickly for outcall, ST around 250K don't know about the LT
    Service is way much better than I expect in Bandung
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  30. White_Croc

    Hi Pete 33,

    Although you have been kind enough to post the FL hp nos. none of them worked as I was in Bandung last week. This guy AnjingSiah is just a bag of shit. I think he is trying to play practical jokes on those guys whose nos. were published by you. Hunter should be kind enough to delete such nonsense from the board.

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