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  1. PoonHound

    Do any of you guys remember "china girl" from the pacific sauna in K-Road? Anybody know when/if she is coming back to NZ? Damn, she was so hot and such a good fuck... my cock misses her so much....
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  2. HarryR

    Poonhound! I haven't been to Pacific for years as it was too much of a dump, prices too high and generally run down. Perhaps it has changed but there used to be a large [read fat] Hawaiian lady who was lying on a couch just inside the door. She is the owner [only of the business and not the buildings] and makes some money at the casino. Is she still there? She wasn't prepared to spend some money on the building.

    You should have seen the place when it was new in the mid 70's [which dates me] as it was a great place. Two saunas, steam room, spar pool, exercise machines, snack mini bar, great girls, and you could get REAL massage. It started my love affair of with massage, and indirectly with working girls. Back in those days, sex was not available, but hand jobs were. I once had a massage by a 15 year old [or so she said] from a beautiful Maori girl. It brings back great memories.

    But now! It is a dump. I don't think it has had a coat of paint since and has left to rot away. Most of the "girls" when I last visited were 30+ and sometimes 30++++ year old Thai women and some dammed ugly. It was $40.00 for an hour massage and then it went to $50.00. If you are paying those prices, you may as well go to a quality establishment. I would recommend that everyone stays away from Pacific and Stairways to Heaven just along the road in k Rd.

    Was “China girl” from China or from Thailand? My guess is that she was from the latter. I was there one night, for a sauna, when the police and immigration came in the front door and all the girls went out the back. The police spend over an hour going over everything, even looking behind all the furniture.

    Has anyone else visited Pacific recently? If so, what did you think of the facilities?

    Headhunter. A 26 year old student? What is she studing? Most people are finished well before that even if they are doing a PhD. 18 to 22 year old student would be better, but I do find it hard to tell the ages of many of the Asians accurately. Do you have any recommendation?
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  3. PoonHound

    Thanks for the reply Harry. Coincidentally, the Pacific Sauna was the place that started my massage parlour hobby too. I had some great times there (largely thanks to "China Girl", who is in fact Thai), even though the place has been a total dump for all the time I've known it. They did used to have some very nice girls there though, but last time I they were all

    looking a bit worn out, as you observed. Some of my favourites were:

    Adien- Slightly oveweight but sexy (big tits) thai girl. Great kisser!

    Honey- Thai woman with HUGE (EEE? seriously) tits.

    Isabel- Pretty, tall slim thai women with good tits.

    Sophia-The last sexy woman I found at Pacific - short, slim thai woman with full, soft, shapely breasts.

    I needen't mention China Girl again, she was simply magnificent with probably the best body I've ever seen. I might post her photo if I find a place on the web for it. As you can probably tell from the above, I've really got a soft spot for busty asian women Anyone else got a list of favourites to share? Harry?

    BTW, on another note - anyone seen indonesian "Fiona'", formerly of emilies around (skinny, dark skin, quite good figure
    but not so pretty face, late 20s,VERY rude in bed)? I wouldn't mind giving her another go or two if anyone knows where
    she is....
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  4. Cingleman

    Any updates on the ladies at the Pelican Club? I was in NZ a while back and had a fantastic time here. I will be returning soon and am hoping for any updates as to the quality of the ladies and service. Thanks.
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  5. HeadHunter

    Hey everyone.

    Going to be away business trip for a while and won't post much here.

    anyway, regarding the age. I should really say 18-26? because the youngest I've encountered was 18 and oldest 23. meet one who claim she was 26.

    yes it is possible for 26 yrs old students thanks to peters about the english test

    I could not tell the exact age but you just know that they are around what age. or they keeped their body in a very good shape.

    I cannot recommand any to you because I am not good with names... sorry. but if you wait for at least 4 girls to chose from. you'd find one that's cute. that's what happend to me anyway, I just wait for the perfect one.

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  6. Tadpole

    JR's behind K Rd

    Hi guys.

    Just a question... I've seen an ad for '3 girl tag team - $200' at JRs, and it soulds like the sort of action I've been wanting. Problem is, I don't put much credibility in JRs advertising, much as I've learnt not to believe a word of Femme Fatalles advertising.

    I can recall JRs claiming to have 40 girls on per night, which sounds crazy for a place that hasn't earned much mention here. I suspect if I went in I'd find they struggle to get 3 attractive girls assembled, and that there'd be other fees in addition to the 200.

    So... does anyone have any experience of JRs? Is it worth a visit or a place to avoid?

    It looks OK from the outside, and literally just a hop, step and jump from a carpark. Up to now I've always avoided the K Rd area as I've thought of it as the hub of drugs, vice and desperation, but a 3 girl romp would be a great blowout, even if they weren't the most attractive available.

    Any comments guys?
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  7. PoonHound

    Hey Tadpole, sorry to disapoint you, but last time I went to JRs it was crap. Cheap, but crap. Years ago they used to be really good, but now they have only a few very unattractive ladies (not girls - too old for that) working there, who they lie about in their ads (like all the parlours sadly) to make them sound hot. Seriously, I doubt you could find 3 half-way rootable chicks in there over the course of a month, let alone on a single night. You'd have better luck with the street girls around there, they are even cheaper than JRs. Sometimes there are some nice young (late teens) maori and island girls out around K-Road and top of queen street. Anybody fucked one of these girls recently? Any reports? I did a really good one a couple of years back with nice big tits and a great slim body. Never saw her again after that though damnit. Think her name was "Thelma". Anybody seen her round since? Another hot one was "Wiki"...
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  8. Tadpole

    Poonhound - thanks.
    While it's not what I wanted to hear, it is every bit what I expected to hear, so I'll continue to steer well clear of KRd and JR's.

    3 girl tag-team rootin' sure sounds like a lot of fun though!
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  9. HarryR

    This board has been quiet for a while, so where are you guys.

    K Rd can be interesting and I have had some great experiences from some of the ladies around that area. They ranged in age from about 18, (Vauxhall was her name like the car) to over 40. I once had two Thais from just off K Rd together, and the only thing I didn't get from them was anal but everything was BB. I went to their place and the session lasted for over an hour. Both were older, one was good and the other excellent in the sack. Both had less pussy hair and on the better one you could count the hairs. Saw one of them many times and got a lot of free sex from her. I just need to kiss her caress her breasts and she would spread her legs. I have never come across anyone like that before or since. Chulee Hongwhenchong was her name and her ph no. was 442 1994 but I think it has changed. Her cell phone was 025 207 1822.

    I have had several good ones, but many poor as well, especially in the relatively cramped confines of the car. So I used to take ones that would either come back to my place or had a place to go to. But most just want you to cum as quickly as possible and go back for another punter.

    The best were ones where I could go to a place that had a bed. I have tried from K Rd European, Maori, Thai and Indian. The best was the Indian who was a three holer.

    But at the moment I am seeing just one girl. She is a working girl but I had come to an agreement with her. I only see her, and every time it gets better with her. She treated me with real GFE and it is all BB. I get tested regularly as does she and I KNOW that I am the only one she lets do this. So I am getting the GFE without all the hassle so it is working out well for both of us. I see her at least once a week and have been for a couple of months. She has cum at least twice every time I have seen her. But perhaps it is time that I looked for something newer. But then again it is so good with her.
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  10. WorldTraveller


    Are you paying for each session? Are you getting a break on her normal rate? I am interested in this type of arrangement, but would like to get more info on the details.
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  11. Tadpole

    Yeah, I'm interested in any arrangements that will lead to better value (aka more bang for my bucks).

    I'll sacrifice beauty and brains (to a limited degree) for a bit more fun, or a cheaper rate.

    There was a red-head advertising in the Truth that was out west somewhere - reportedly gave cheaper rates for regulars, but I never got around to seeing her, and my indulgences are far from regular these days (hence my silence here for ages). Maybe one day I'll look her up. She is mentioned in the reviews of one of the NZ specific escort boards. Can't recall the URL.

    As for the earlier comments from Harry...
    > But most just want you to cum as quickly as possible and go back for another punter.

    Yeah, I refer to this sentiment as "Get 'em indoors, get 'em up, get 'em in, get 'em off, and get 'em out!"

    I hate the treatment where you're treated as a single cum to be achieved as quickly as possible. Not the sort of treatment I return for.

    Anyway, I've been busting for some more pussy, so I expect I'll be checking out another girl sometime soon.

    As for getting more traffic here, I wonder if it's worth our while spreading the news of this board around NZ sites. It may pay off in more traffic and more info, but it may also result in the best girls and places being swamped to the extent that the rest of us can't enjoy them the same anymore.
    I'm tempted to take the selfish approach and keep this place to ourselves! What do the rest of you think?

    I'm all for making everyone aware of the disappointing rip-offs like Femme Fatalle, but I'm not so keen to share the good stuff widely! It's always a bumer to enter a parlor and be put in a queue to see the girls.
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  12. JonTom

    Hi Guys:

    I'm an occaisional visitor to Auckland and usually end up at a parlour. I've seen a Brazilian girl from Emily's several times and have had a great time with her. She is late 20's nice tan enhanced breasts. The are two Brazilian girls there at the moment - the one I've seen is Laila. She only works 2 or 3 days a week (during the day).

    I'm curious - I used to frequent the Pelican Club but it seems to have really gone downhill lately - anyone else find that to be the case?

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  13. Tadpole

    Yeah Harry, I'd spotted the big '100' posting milestone.

    And yes, it's been really deadly quiet here lately.
    Also noticed that I'm now a 'Senoir Member'. Hell, based on the amount of pussy I've been enjoying lately I'm barely a member at all !

    Here's another source of porn for anyone wanting to browse - the King-o-Kink.

    This guy for years has been collecting links and emailing them to people every Friday without fail.

    Sometimes his collection of links is a bit dull, other times it's loads of good stuff.
    Now and then when you look at the URLs you'll see that the pages are numbered, and you can get to even more stuff just by incrementing (or decreasing the page/folder number in the URLs.

    I personally recommend this guys free service. Send an email to him to subscribe (it's automated, so your email must carry a genuine return address - use a Hotmail account if your personal email account gets seen by the wife!).
    The subscribe/unsubscribe emails can be blank. They just need to have your email address correctly in the 'from' bit.

    King O' Kink Website - http://www.KingOKink.com/
    The ! List Group Home - http://*************************KingOKink/
    To Subscribe:
    Send an e-mail to the following address:


    To Unsubscribe:
    Send an e-mail to the following address:


    Don't bother joining the Yahoogroups bit - there's nothing to see there. Just wait for Fridays email.

    Here's an example of a normal mailing from the King. Links do often go dead during the weeks that follow.

    HUGE Men - http://www.reddnat.hpg.ig.com.br/temas/
    Mardi Gras - http://hal0.com/pr0n/FROM_GEORGE/Mardi%20Gras%20Austin%20-%20The%20Pictures/
    Blondes - http://aaaef.free.fr/03/im/
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    HUGE Assorted - http://ipfreelytech.net/porn/
    HUGE Hardcore - http://www.little-cunts.com/
    Assorted - http://www.bare-naked-sex.com/banz/
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  14. Tadpole

    Re the Pellican Club - my last visit there was a little disappointing in terms of quality of girl.

    Quite a few skinny chicks with average looks, a few maori, a few asian, but overall, only a couple of girls I'd fancy shagging (but the one I got was damn fine).

    As for Emilys, I've only ever seen the small daytime crew there, so I've never been spoilt for choice there. But night time may be very different.

    My experiences are getting well out of date, but my best selections have typically been from PC, Famous Floras (mostly very pretty but petite at Floras), and Mustangs (don't ever confuse FF Famous Flora with FF Femme Fatalle - Fatalle sucks).

    Number 28 (Burleigh St) used to be good, as was Lauras, the place in the Sandringham shopping area (forgot their new name), but I haven't been to either in a while, and I've had two quite disappointing experiences at No 28 before shifting to mainly Mustangs and PC.
    28 used to have some real honeys, but then became asian dominated (workers and clients), with a bitchy lady at reception. There's a lot to be said for a good lady at reception!

    The most amazing pussy I ever felt was a wide bottomed computer student working from No28. Damn she had some awesome muscles down there!
    Most other pussies seem totally inert compared to hers. But that was many years ago now.
    I also landed my worst ever selection there late one night. Large, unattractive, stinky pussy, and the only one available - yikes!

    I've been wondering about some of the newer venues - The White House and Penthouse - anybody have any recent reports or other places they'd recommend? Or any pretty girls in private premises?
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  15. ChiJoker

    I'm planning to pass through Auckland for a few days (Feb 1-4) and I was interested in sampling the Maori girls, but have little knowledge on the topic and have only seen a few posts mentioning them in passing.

    Does anyone have any advice on the best place to go to find high quality Maori girls?

    BTW, thanks to everyone for all the great information posted here.
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  16. Tadpole

    Re Maori Girls

    Hi ChiJoker. I don't know any sure places to find quality Maori girls. If you want quality though, then stay away from K Rd and the Fort St area. There may be some good ones there, but it's more of a lucky dip if you find a good one.

    People here seem to agree that The Pelican Club, Emilys (Number 8), Penthouse, Famous Floras generally have a good team. I'll personally recommend Mustangs on the northern side of the bridge as well.

    But to find quality and Maori girls specifically, it's a bit of a lucky dip, much as it is with any race.

    Most maori get quite wide in the beam as they get older. A mature maori is normally quite a solid build, so if you like women slim and petite, then you'll have to look for quite young girls.

    On the other hand, if you don't mind a woman with broad shoulders and a wide bum, then an older girl will do nicely. I've been with a few maori, and much as I find with white girls, the bigger ones are a more comfortable ride.

    Parlors towards the southern end of Auckland will have more maori, but I can't comment on the quality in these places.

    The maori I've seen at Mustangs have been 24-36ish and bigger. The maori at Pelican club are younger and smaller generally, but this is still just a very rough guide from my limited personal observations.

    I can't recall the name of the maori lady I had from Mustangs a while back, but she had a lot of yummy cleavage, and was very easy to talk to, so she was a pleasant hour in more ways than one.

    I hope you enjoy your visit. How about letting us know how you found your visit once it's over!

    The other factor I've been wondering about is the availability of girls during the holidays. Many workers are students, who may go to homes in other cities at this time of year, or simply want to holiday during the summer. Also a lot of workers are solo mums, and may need to be home a lot more during the school holidays... so what I'm getting to is : Hows the selection at this time of year? Are there as many girls available, and is the selection as good as the rest of the year, both day time and night time???
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  17. ChiJoker


    Many thanks for your detail response. This will be a first trip to NZ. My only previous exposure to Maori women was through "Once Were Warriors". I dig Latin women, and I saw some of the same features and fiery nature. Realizing that a movie will represent the best available, I wanted to investigate further - I had guessed that they dropped off in quality as they grew older, and as I go more for the petite side so I'm assuming the Pelican Club may be the ticket. The other issue is that I'm passing through Asia for an extended period right after, so I didn't care about any Thai action and I usually don't bother with white girls - on average more mechanical. Maybe the Kiwi girls will prove that wrong.

    I'm going to do my best to dig into the North Island, driving from Auckland to Wellington and stopping in Rotorua and Hamilton. I would also like to get to Christchurch, time and ferry boat permitting - this seemed the capital of action for the South Island.

    Overall, I'm tired of big cities right now, so I feel like I want to get away from Auckland immediately and just take in the rest of NZ. I'll check out Pelican Club before heading south, and one or two of the others that you mentioned before leaving.

    I was worried about arriving during holiday due to the potential overcrowding of the scene, but I hadn't thought about the issue you mentioned so I will report back at length on that and the other issues you have mentioned.

    Again, thanks for the details and I'll be sure to post an update here after I leave.

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  18. Tadpole

    ChiJoker - yeah, there's something about Latin women - the nice skin, the strong but tidy figures. They're not well represented on the web sites out there. I've never had a latino, but they're sure nice to look at.

    I'm surprised Once Were Warriors got you interested in the local girls though. I'd run a mile if the movie was typical of the parlor girls.

    Maori genetically resemble American Indians, although the gene pool is often well diluted, but you'll see features ranging from Am Indian to Asian in lots of Maori.

    Seeing you're heading south, you'll also pass through (or close to) Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo - all of which have parlors.

    Word of advice - Alexandras in Rotorua is a dump, and the service and selection I got there was bad. But if you want Maori, you can be sure of findng lots of them in Rotorua. Generally they become more scarce the further south you go.

    As for the South Island -

    Once you get off the ferry you'll find parlors nearby in Blenheim. If you miss those, then Chch or Queenstown might be your next nearest 'watering hole'.

    Queenstown is a tourist spot that is very popular, and very scenic. They have at least one parlor (if not two), within an easy walk from the lake, just on the edge of the commercial area.

    On the negative side though, Queenstown is a long way from anywhere else.

    As for Christchurch - my own personal feeling is that it is our city of vice, drugs and violence. I've felt most at risk in Christchurch, but it does have a number of parlors, and one in particular seems to be a lot more wild than most (Atami I think it was. They've got a web site somewhere).
    The swinging scene has always seemed a lot stronger in Chch than anywhere else.

    http://www.pleasure.co.nz/ might give you more ideas.

    Pipers : http://www.piperpat.co.nz/nz/misc/adult.html

    has lots of dead links, but will get you to most of the adult NZ sites.
    Failing that, just try the yellow pages
    and look for massage parlour or escort.
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  19. mavs

    Has anyone gone to the porn shops in Auckland where they have stippers available and she has offered extra services. If so, let me know of your experiences.
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  20. i_wilde

    Hi all, does any one know if their's any asian strip joints around Auckland? You know, the seedy kind. Also I've been to the Penthouse a number of times, always bloody good!
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  21. Tadpole

    Re the Asian Strip joints - I don't know of anything definite at the moment, but as no-one is offering any answers, I'll mention that in Fort St there used to be (and might still be) a parlor that had Asian strippers visible from the front door.

    I recall walking past one night (years ago) and seeing a lovely girl in white lingerie under the black lights. She looked fantastic glowing under the lights. I came very close to spending a bundle just from that glimpse!

    There's a strip place in another street running off fort st which looks fairly sleazy, and with a lot of asian girls.

    Truth is advertising a parlour - THe Club Of Lava, 149 Symonds St (traditionally a sleazy area), but they claim to have a 5 star place.

    And another Truth ad : The Milky Way Club, 25 Cross St (369-1810) "Crowds of young and beautiful Asian ladies"

    There's bound to be a place to match what you want, it's just a matter of scouting around a bit.
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  22. Tadpole

    mavs - try Toms Peeps at the top end of Symonds St. I haven't been in years (so don't take my word as fact) , but the current ads suggest that it is a peep show with a lot more than peeps available. There's a good chance that the stripper is also a pro, and will be able to take you to another room for some boom boom.

    Hmmm, soounds like a plan. Toss of during the peep, then get finished off properly by the girl after the show! I might have to look in there myself.
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  23. kissmeallover

    Tried an attractive Polly from K Rd & we went back to her place in Onehunga. A dump of a shack. Wouldn't show her body, wouldn't do oral either way, wouldn't do almost anything. I had put her $80.00 fee on the table. I got up, took the money and replaced it with $20.00. She became quite agressive but I stood my ground. Wanted me to take her back into town so I asked her for $10.00. She said No so I told her to get lost. One of my poorer experiences, trying out the cheaper side, silly man.

    Thanks to Harry Rose who sent me a list of free sex sites. Many thanks as most of them are excellent. great if you love fee sex pictures.

    Can anyone tell me who or what (parlour or girl) gives the best value for money? Thanks Piper.
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  24. Hops


    Try Taylor - Famous Floras: Great value, good personality - treat her well and you will have a great time. She only works part time days.

    Private: try Kimberley (NZ Truth) also great value.
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  25. Swordsman

    Hops, can u tell me more about this Taylor, age, height, body type, etc. Thanks.
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  26. Hops


    Taylor: early 30s, slim, part Maori(?), small breasts, shaven, 'normal' height, friendly personality, mature attitude, good conversationalist, great value all round.
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  27. Em_One


    Can recommend Kimberley, a private out of Remuera. Have been seeing her for about a year and each time she is fantastic. Give her a bell, sure it will be worth it! Tell her em-one referred you - cause she loves to know that she's been recommended on the internet.
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  28. Richard1

    RE Club of Lava as mentioned by Tadpole. Yes they do seem to have a five star place. The manager takes you aside and tries to figure out what kind of girl you want, this is a little bit of a problem as it greatly ups the selling pressure. Asked to see the girls and her and two gals came through into the room. Seems at present demand is outstripping supply as they usually don’t seem to have many girls available even close to change of shift. However the girls ARE real Chinese speaking and reading Chinese. This impressed me having gotten somewhat tired of Thai.

    The girls ranged from Very hot to average. Better than most places. The boss said that the girl was new so price was high. Prices seem to be from 180-220 although may be possible to negotiate (yes expensive!).

    In the room Bed was very low (which is probably good) and they have a large shower and nice seats similar to PC. Girl did seem to be inexperienced as she allowed me to do basically whatever I wanted giving a definite GF sort of an impression however was not as tight as I had expected (I expected trouble being decent sized). The girl did seem in a bit of a hurry though. After finishing was encouraged to stay and talk to the girl in the meeting room, again quite pleasant.

    Overall I think it was one of the best might have to see if they provide consistent service.
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  29. Richard1

    List of Auckland Parlours
    G = girls (looks) S = Service (Parlour) P=presentation A=attitude of girls

    PC - easy to walk in meet a girl no pressure lots of girls however standard of girl is just OK. Did not see any REALLY hot girls. Rooms are very nice some of the best.
    G = 7 S = 10 P = 9 A = 8

    Butterfly bar - Terrible girls terrible service.. maybe it was just the time of day but they really didn’t like their job it seems. there is at least one good girl there.
    G = 3 S = 5 P = 7 A=1

    Lipstix - mediocre girls terrible service and pushy owner. The one who stands in the door. Surprised people go there - doesn’t make me comfortable.
    G=5 S =2 P = 6 A = 4

    Peeps on Symond st -
    Cheep and nasty, but i guess at least you get to peep first even if its not a great peep
    G=2 S =4 P = 2 A = 2

    Lowered the service because of the selling pressure
    G=8 S =5 P = 9 A = 9

    Thats all done in a bit of a rush and of course everything’s a matter of opinion but only PC and Lava are any good of those lava is innocent and Asian and PC is friendly and mostly European.
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply
  30. Tadpole

    Hey, it's great to see some life return to the forum, and with some good posts too.

    We'll overtake the Aussie forum soon at this rate!

    I was hoping the end of the holiday season would see a return of the regular traffic!

    And lastly, sorry for forgetting to mention that Toms Peeps was a dive. But I'm figuring you worked that out before taking the plunge.

    Wouldn't it be nice if the Showgirls girls would do some upstairs work!
    Problem would probably be that they'd never have enough of them dancing downstairs if they allowed the dancers to provide more than a strip and a lap dance. Damn their girls are fine!!!

    Hey - am I alone in wishing working girls were generally free of tatoos and piercings?
    Posted 11 years ago | #Reply


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