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  1. Smoothy

    Originally Posted by Chalky26
    Five minutes later I received the sms of the moment - "you motherf&&&ker", f88k you" etc all because she expected more than 1 million albeit that this was her estimation of her worth and not mine and as Bulai points out it was rent time of the month.
    She sounds like a real sweetheart. Can I get her number? (joking)

    That's a shocking story. I've been in Jakarta six years and I've never had a girl send me an sms like that. I've never given a girl more than 500k for the night. Mostly between 250k (terrible lay) and 400k (very good). They will try to get more money at times, but they never attack me like that. It sounds like you have stumbled onto a girl best avoided by all.
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  2. Racer07

    new Indo traveler

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have been reading about Jakarta for a few months now. I am new to the hobbying scene in Asia (except for a few Business trips to Japan) I recently had a trip planned to Thailand that I had to cancel due to an emergency. I am still trying to recover from that missed adventure. But once again I find myself looking at what is being written about Indo wondering if that once I am able to leave for my vacation if I should consider Jakarta instead of Thailand. Maybe someone can help steer my choice.

    I am a 40 year old guy in the US, I do not speak any other languages. My questions are:

    - Will I be safe in Jakarta? Do I need to take many more precautions?

    - Is there any reason to choose Thailand over Jakarta? (I really like what I read about Jakarta and the GFE type experiences)

    - Is it much more difficult to "hobby" there? I would assume Blok M is the best place to start?

    - How difficult is it to get around with VERY limited knowledge of the place

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.
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  3. Bulai69


    It is as safe in Jakarta as any big city; no more precautions than anywhere else but always use Blue Bird or Silver Bird taxi's and keep him waiting for you at night - very important. Cost is insignificant compared with how much you will be over charged if you come out of a club with a girl. Remember where he has parked.

    None of the stuff you read about in here is "in your face" like it is in Thailand. But you'll have no trouble finding it if you read this forum. Jakarta is absolutely unbeatable for GFE.

    There is no difficulty to "hobby" in Jakarta! Personally I'm not a fan of Blok M but each to his own. Getting around with VERY limited knowledge of the place is simple - just get taxi's (NB point above) but make sure they know where they are going before you set off. Ask your hotel doorman to explain and confirm that he definitely knows where he is going. Most Bluebird and Silver Bird taxi will know the places you are likely to want to go, assuming you are heading for places mentioned in here. You can get by with no local language if you stick to big malls, decent hotels and well known clubs.
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  4. John_Aldrich

    Possessed Seoul

    "BTW, the store girl is called Ika and works on level 12"

    Is that a mistake. Sarinah does not have level 12. Is it level 1 or level 2.

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  5. Key_Master

    Racer07 Thailand vs. Jakarta


    If it's your first trip to southeast asia, then I would suggest Thailand because in my opinion it's a little easier laid out and more tourist friendly. Jakarta is very nice for just the sex option, but day activities are a little lacking where there seems to be much more to do in Thailand. The women might have a little better comprehension of english in Jakarta but it's really not a big deal in Thailand. There will be less of a stigma when you say you go to Indonesia or Jakarta vs. Thailand to your fellow americans back home. If your trip is around two weeks or more you might want to consider doing both and just buying your tickets to the other country in Bangkok or Jakarta. Airfare will probably be cheaper to fly into Bangkok than Jakarta. The money spent flying to Jakarta straight, can probably be saved by flying into Bangkok and staying there for awhile and buying a ticket to Jakarta.

    I think Jakarta will be a little more difficult for a first timer. Blok M isn't as big as it sounds at least for the newbie. For mongering as a first timer, most of what you will probably be doing in Blok M is really on this maybe two city block long street where a bunch of bar discos are laid out and the two shopping centers Passaraya and Blok M Mall and then Hotel Melawai 6th floor massage. The more experienced will have more knowledge of other venues in the Blok, but those will most likely be your main destinations in Blok M.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Jakarta for it's women. I just think if you are limited on time and how much vacation you get every year, you would be more happy including Thailand first in your itinerary in priority.

    Just my opinion. I'm sure others will say differently.
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  6. Tamurlane26

    Fishing in Dede !!

    Amused to say the least at the tale of Dede and the mackerel smell - needless to say this was one I had avoided in my earlier encounter - unlike my misfortune with Maya !1

    Needless to say dear Dede has the mouth of a fisherwoman so perhaps she and Fisherman were well suited ! Pun intended and not offence i hope !

    I also had the pleasure of talking to said Fisherman and a fine gentlemen worthy of the Jakarta crew !! LOL

    Am back on home ground this weekend and already have the lineup in place so watch this space for some more amusing tales albeit that Dede is not on my list of adventures to be repeated !
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  7. Possessed_Seoul

    Originally Posted by John Aldrich
    "BTW, the store girl is called Ika and works on level 12"

    Is that a mistake. Sarinah does not have level 12. Is it level 1 or level 2.

    Sorry, I was rather drunk at the time. Now I come to think of it, the place does not have a 12th floor, my bad. Anyone going to check out Kaiser?
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  8. Luna

    Intercontinental Midplaza Jakarta

    Just check in the Intercontinental Midplaza Hotel. After the long flight, decided to go to the Wellness Centre & Spa located in the 2nd floor of the Hotel. After the 60 minutes massage, the girl suddenly pop up a magic question to offer to massage my little xxxx. Ask for the price and she reply RP500,000. Bargain until RP100,000 and proceed with the special massage. Environment is OK but the massage was so so (for both normal and special)

    One good point is she does allow touching her body
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  9. Bakuhatsu


    I'm going to be in Jakarta for a couple of days next week, but not on the weekend. I'd like to check out some clubs where I can find girls (I don't like massage/brothels etc. very much). Are there any clubs that are busy during the weekdays? I've read about Stadium, BATS, Tiga Pulah, etc. How would those be?

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  10. Humsup

    Jakarta - FL from Bats, Shangri La

    FL - Bats, Shangri La around 22:00

    Flew into Jakarta to visit friends and buy cheap DVDs, clothes and women. As I stayed with friends, my overnight mongering activities were curtailed however I managed to check out Bats. Cover was 60K Rp inclusive of drink, a good band played on the night and the place was crawling with brown sugars. I didn't do a lot as I couldn't take one home so basically chilled out enjoying the music and scanning the scene for doable providers. My solitary presence ultimately drew the attention of a reasonably looking Indo girl. We discussed the standard details where she asked if I wanted her for the night at 1M Rp. She was reasonably looking but I didn't particularly like the price and couldn't do it anyway so asked her for number and said I would call her back.

    The next day after a lot of discussions and lots to and froing I managed to get her to come to my friend's place for 500000Rp, clearly stating I wanted 2-3 hours therefore implying 2 shots. My initial impression of girls in Bats were hardcore seasoned pros however it seems a lot of the girls are simply normal, regular girls who supplement their day job incomes with consulting services on the side. In this context the girls are proud and don't specifically regard themselves as hookers. I learnt this as the FL Cristine asked me to pick her up in the lobby upon arrival and escort her out when we were done.

    We both took separate pre-fuck showers. I lay back on the bed and she immediately go to work. Cat bath, licking nipples, moving on didi. She gave a good BBBJ, I pointed to my arsehole and to my surprise she gave an AR and not bad either. She asked me if I had condoms, I said no to test her response. I positioned myself to penetrate her BB and seemed quite comfortable about taking it. I wasn't prepared to take chances so pulled out my own supply and slapped on a saddle. In hindsight which I'll elaborate later, I could and should have done her BB. I fucked her in my favourite positions, missionary, alternating between licking, sucking her nipples and French kissing. Flipped her around for my favoured doggie style position. I told her I wanted CIM, she refused however she took me BBBJTC for the final approach. As she didn't want CIM, I tried to shoot her in the face but I ended up splattering my load all over her tits and stomach.

    We both cleaned up and she put her clothes on and asked for 500K. I told her 2 shots, or take 400K for 1, anyway this standoff continued for a while until I got sick of the banter and paid her money. During the standoff however, I asked her about Indo Chinese girls, she said they worked at Millennium. I'm not sure where that is but I will definitely check it out next time. This girl is a bit of a female OKT because she asked if I wanted one and immediately got on the blower to her Chinese friend despite me saying I wanted to see her friend first. She maybe a good contact as she has a number of friends willing to service for extra pocket money. She said her Chinese friend had a boyfriend but she didn't have enough money, clearly not all Indo Chinese are filthy rich. In fact, she all also mentioned having two boyfriends, both Saudis, obviously not involved in the oil business as they weren't supplementing her income. She showed me pictures on her camera phone. As she was a seeming regular girl, I think it may have been reasonbly safe to do her BB.

    Overall a reasonable fuck but a bit on the pricey side. Her picture accompanies this post and also in the gallery. I have her number to pass onto serious WSG players on request. Just PM me.

    Name: Cristine
    Race: Indonesian Malay (Javan)
    Age: 21 (so she claims)
    Looks: 6/10
    Body: 7/10
    Boobs: 6.5/10
    Cat bath: 6/10
    FJ: 7/10
    BBBJ: 7/10
    AR: 6/10 (Not long enough)
    French: 6/10
    Attitude: 5/10
    Price: IDR 500K (a bit pricey)
    RTF: Maybe, in the absence of better offers
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    • Bulai69

      Regular Girl?

      Humsup - a good report about BATS and pretty typical I would say: as you imply and your photo shows, she was fairly average but still expected a 100 USD (a million Rp) just because of where you found her. In Jaksa (where I've seen her) after 2am she'd snap your hand off at 250k. However, I well understand why you finished up at 500k and I'd probably have done the same in the circumstances.

      No offence though, but I can't help commenting on: "As she was a seeming regular girl, I think it may have been reasonbly safe to do her BB." Putting aside the sagacity of BB versus covered in general, I have to say that your inference that "it may have been reasonbly safe" is extremely dubious!!. You can be sure that she has at least one "partner" a day and probably has had for 5 years - even if she is 21 which I very much doubt. She looks more than 27 to me.
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    • Bulai69


      You will have no problem finding girls during the week at any of the hotel clubs you've read about in here. Certainly Stadium, BATS, Tiga Pulah, etc are less busy but the ratio of men to women is pretty much the same if not more in your favour. Note the point mentioned lots of times about BATS prices. CJ's in Hotel Mulia near Plaza Senayan is another option. Also note that Stadium is quite a different kind of place to the hotel bars. You say you don't like massage/brothels etc. very much - well bear in mind that Stadium is at that end of the spectrum - they actually have full time pro's in there who you can take to a room in the establishment. But there are also amatuers, semi-pro's and hookers in the disco/club area as well. It's open very late - keep your taxi standing by if you go there.

      If you've got time during the day, have a look in malls for amateurs. It can be time consuming if you are not too sure how to spot them but there is plenty of content in the forum on that subject. Atrium Mall is best after 13.00.
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    • Jose_Marcia

      Lots of Information worth checking!!!!

      Hi folks,

      I am arriving on July 1st. and would be there until July 7th. Anyone for a beer? We can also monger together.

      I found some info that may be worth a lot once there, and I would like to share this with fellow mongers. Please comment on this list (e.g. What does this (WARNING: Jangan Percaya dengan NO.HP/Telp-nya, lewatin saja) mean?

      Please explain some places worth checking. Thanks. I am having hard time understanding some of it.

      GI-17: Pijat bugar tenaga wanita cantik, AC, bersih, suasana tenang, nyaman, parkir luas, aman, fasilitas hotel, murah. Hubungi: (021) 4604283 Hotel Gading Indah lantai 2. Beautiful Massage: Mahasiswi, Model Tabloid, Karyawati, Cantik, Menarik, Sexy, Terseleksi. Dijamin tidak kecewa. Service OK. Hubungi Popy-08161983535, Senen JakPus.

      Pijat Bugar: To Jakarta & Bogor. Muda,Cantik, Sexy, 16th - 23rd, Mahasiswi, SPG, Model (Cina, Indo-Belanda, Pakistan) High Class. Hubungi: Novi-0818905568. Service bagus. Chantiq Maniez: Gadis cantik manis, 20- 32 tahun, mahasiswi, karyawati, ibu rumah tangga (Arab, Cina, Pribumi) Profesional, ramah & baik. Hubungi: Yenni-08129709114.

      Ivony Salon: P/W, Gunting, Creambath, Lulur, Facial, Massage, Refleksi, tenaga wanita. Jalan Percetakan Negara Raya D No. 63.

      Hubungi: Ivon-(021) 4240309 Massage: Mahasiswi, karyawati, Model, cantik & menarik. Banyak tamu mengakui. Cina & Pribumi. Rp 300ribu. Dijamin.

      Hubungi: Vera-0816996449, Pramuka Raya Massage: Pijat relax dengan nona cantik, terseleksi, Mahasiswi, Karyawati, SPG, Model, Cina, Pribumi, Arab. Murah dijamin puas, 24 jam. Hubungi Silvy-08128776525, Salemba.

      Puspita Masage: Griya pijat tradisional dengan fasilitas AC, Air Panas, bersih, aman & nyaman. Parkir luas. Jalan Juwana No. 34, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. Sekitar Jalan Blora.

      New Oceanic Massage: Perawatan tubuh dengan nuansa laut & deburan ombak. Tenaga wanita. Gedung Selmis lantai 2, Jalan Asem Baris. Telepon: (021) 8352843

      Audi Massage: ABG, Chinesee, India, arab, mahasiswi, pramugrari, model, cantik, putih, sehat. Usia: 17th 24th. Panggilan 24 jam. Cempaka Putih. Hubungi: 08174999259.

      Full Body Massage: ex best model, 32th, mengatasi ejakulasi dini, cepat loyo, anda akan menjadi perkasa dengan massage. Buktikan. Hubungi: Devi, 0818867485.

      Kekeh Massage: oleh wanita Cina Pontianak, Bangka, Palembang, Bandung,
      Manado, India, dll. Putih, cantik, menarik, sabar, sehat. 24 jam. Hubungi: 08128131631

      Pijat: Refleksi, kebugaran, lulur, tenaga wanita, nyaman, murah. Jalan Pinangsia I No. 55, Jakarta Barat. Telepon: (021) 6246478 / Hubungi: Wiwit-08561010532.

      Renny Massage Club: Semua ada disini: Muda, cantik, menarik, ramah, sopan & sabar. Khusus panggilan 24 jam. Dijamin bagus & puas. Hubungi: Renny-08121922121.

      Massage Kebugaran: Pegal & lulur, ejakulasi dini. Khusus panggilan 24 jam dengan tenaga wanita 28th, belum menikah. Hubungi: Mbak Gesta-08129294965.

      Aurel Massage: wanita cantik, 17th - 25th, Jl. Joe No. 20 A, lenteng Agung, Pasar Minggu, Rp. 300ribu / 2 jam. Dijamin tidak kecewa. Hubungi: 08121833618.

      Massage: full body massage, capek, letih, service memuaskan dengan tenaga wanita cantik, professional, khuus panggilan. Hubungi: Bella-0818472537.

      Monalisa Massage Agency: Jangan kemana2x, semua ada disini. Cantik &
      terseleksi. Cabang Tebet dekat hotel Nirwana. Hubungi: 0818743041. Pasar Baru, 24 jam.

      Dua Saudara Massage: high class ladies, Mahasiswi, Peragawati, ex. Pramugari, Model. Pasti asli & cantik. Hubungi: 0817884204

      Griya Pijat Kramat Jaya: bersih, full AC, parkir luas, max. 26th, Perkantoran
      Kramat, Sentra Kramat Raya 7-9. Phone: (021) 3150891.

      Massage: tenaga wanita muda, Cina Indo: Menado, Sunda, Bangka, Jawa. Arab & India. Ramah, cantik, sopan & bersih. 24 jam. SPG / Mahasiswi. Hubungi: Lusi-0817875517.

      Jakarta Massage Club: wanita Chinesse, ex. Model, Rp 350ribu. Karena
      banyaknya pesanan, mohon pesan 2 jam sebelumnya. Hubungi: 08159282558. 24 jam.

      Cassanova Massage Club: 100% asli, ada bukti, Model, Peragawati, SPG, ABG, Pramugari, dll. Dijamin. Hubungi: Miss Nova 0818758732.

      Kharisma Putri Giok Massage: Sensasi gadis amoy, cantik, putih & sexy. Panggilan 24 jam. Usia 18th 36th. Hubungi: 0818172790. Tebet.

      Kartini Pijat: Pengobatan dengan tenaga wanita cantik, ramah. Jalan Kartini Dalam VIII No. 17, dekat Kelurahan Jakarta Pusat. Telepon: (021) 6596782. 24 jam.

      Panti Pijat Edison: Pusat kebugaran tenaga wanita, usia < 25th, cantik, menarik & sexy. Aman, Full AC, parkir luas. Jalan Cideng Timur No. 62, Telepon: (021) 3855703

      Pijat Kebugaran: tenaga wanita muda, menarik, ramah, sopan, servis memuaskan.

      Di Hotel Pinangsia. Hubungi: Irma-0817712206 / Dewi-08179197255.

      Dewi Sri Massage: Karyawati, Mahaiswi, canti, menarik, ramah, usia 19th - 26th, service oke. Jalan Matraman Raya Hubungi: 08129058048.

      Blue Matra Desire Massage: Special full body white young lady. Mahasiswi & Model escort, high class woman. Khusus panggilan. Hubungi: 08179858567/(021) 70738236.

      Pijat Kebugaran: tenaga wanita muda, menarik, ramah, sopan, servis memuaskan. Di Hotel Pinangsia. Hubungi: Ani-08158975192 / Tati-08179148669.

      Yeyen Massage: Cina, Bangka, Sunda, Pontianak, Jawa, Pakistan, Karyawati,
      Mahasiswi, putih, cantik, 17th 26th. Hubungi: 0817117132. Gunung Sahari, 24 jam.

      Yolla Massage: Tenaga wanita cantik, menarik, sexy, ramah, servis memuaskan, harga terjangkau (murah) Jalan Raya Duren Tiga. Hubungi: 08179900868. 24 jam.

      Wardani Massage: Reflexi, creambath, lulur, full AC, wanita muda. Jalan Anggrek Rosliana VII/90, Slipi (Salon Wardani). Telepon: (021) 9222183/08159443317.

      Queen Massage: wanita muda, cantik, sexy, dijamin ramah & professional (mahasiswi, karyawati, model) 18th - 27th. Hubungi: 08128904477. Panggilan se DKI.

      Madonna Massage: Model, ABG, Mahasiswi, cantik, sexy, sopan. Usia 18th - 22nd. Putih, Chinesse, Indo, Pribumi. Hubungi: 08121936144. Dijamin tidak kecewa 100%.

      Cahaya Indra Massage: Full AC, air panas, parkir luas, tenaga wanita max 25th. Jalan Kepa Raya Ruko 2B (depan ex. Bioskop Tobar). Telepon: (021) 5687962.

      Strawberry Massage: Mahasiswi, Model, Karyawati, cantik, sehat, professional, educated, terseleksi, service oke. Rp 350ribu. Hubungi: Ria-08128770995.

      Panti Pijat Cahaya Reflexi: urut kebugaran, reflexi, lulur. Tenaga wanita. Jalan
      Kebon Kacang Raya No. 4 (depan Hotel Wisata). Telepon: (021) 31909404.

      Lestari Massage: ditempat/panggilan, tenaga wanita berpengalaman (s/d 24th). Jalan Mangga Besar Raya 26 (samping RS Husada) . Hubungi: 08151892635.

      Pijat Indah Salon: Tenaga wanita, ramah. Lulur, massage kebugaran.. Parkir luas. Jalan Raden Saleh 28, Hptel Pardede, lantai Basement. Telepon: (021) 3914922.

      Pijat Happy Massage: tenaga wanita muda pilihan dari USA, Europe, Arabian, Japan, Chinesse, India, Indo, Afrika & Artis. Hubungi: 08174911964.

      Pijat Bugar TA 17: tenaga wanita cantik, AC, bersih & nyaman. Hubungi: 08129737311 / (021) 9255428. Sebelah utara Mall Taman Anggrek

      Bella Massage: 17th - 25th, wanita cantik, sexy, menarik, Cina Bangka, Bandung, Menado, Indo Arab, Pakistan, ramah, sopan, bersih. Hubungi: 0817720903. 24 jam.

      Belinda Massage Club: full body massage Cina, Arab, pribumi, cantik, sexy,
      ramah, (karyawati, SPG, Model, mahasiswi). Tarif mulai 300 ribu. 08159473222.

      Talenta Agency Massage: koleksi gadis-gadis model & Indo. Modis & educated. Bisa lihat foto sexy & bukti model. Jalan Menteng No: 59. 08129769996.

      Griya Pijat Sibayak Sakti: Fasilitas air panas, AC, parker luas. Tenaga wanita 26th. Jalan Raden Saleh Raya No 14-E, Jakarta Pusat. (021) 3146675.

      Massage Swanger: SMU, Mahasiswi, Karyawati, Ibu RT, Lawyer, Penyanyi, Instruktur [UTF-8?]senam & Member. 17th - 30th. Jam 06.00 18.00
      08567856983. Kelapa Gading.

      Lusy Massage: (17th - 25th) cantik, sexy, menarik, Chinese, Bangka, Pribumi, Indo, arab, Pakistan, sabar, ramah, sopan, bersih, dijamin. 08179810152. Magga Besar.

      Full Body Massage: By Devi (32nd) ex. Model & Peragawati. Cantik, harum, terawat & sexy (167cm) Service kebugaran. 0818867485. Pasti Puas. Pondok Indah.

      Apple Escort Massage: Body Massage by Young Escort Girl (17th - 28th), cute, sexy, Student, SPG, Model. Special service: 3some, lesbian, party sex. Call: 08121310099.

      Dewi Anisa Massage: wanita cantik, muda & seksi. Ditempat/panggilan. Memuaskan. Jalan Jatinegara Timur No. 22A Bali Mester. Rati-08174978008.

      Anna Massage: Lulur kebugaran tenaga pia & wanita, untuk pria & wanita di tempat. Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok F VI No: 4, Kelapa Gading. Telepon (021) 4530670.

      Panti Pijat: manjakan tubuh anda dengan treatment body scrub. Hubungi Elsarah Salon Jl. Percetakan Negara V/5. Telepon (021) 4215320 ext:34 / 08129372404.

      Valentine Massage: oleh wanita cantik, trampil, sopan, sabar (18th - 30th). Terasa seperti bulan madu kedua, nikmat dan mesra. Bela-08128991077. 24 jam

      GIH Massage: Pijat bugar tenaga wanita cantik, AC, bersih, tenang, nyaman, parkir luas, aman, fasilitas hotel, murah. Mia- (021) 4604283 Hotel Gading Indah lantai 2.

      Club Play Girl Massage: Mahasiswi, ABG, SPG, Model, suku keturunan & ahli variasi. (Rp 500ribu – Rp 2juta) 24 jam. Lydia-08159369431.

      Zena Massage: Ladies, cantik, sexy, model terbukti OK asli 100%, mahasiswi, karyawati, model (18th - 27th), dijamin. Mely- 08568069393. Cikini.

      Kiss Love's Masage: Oleh wanita cantik, muda & seksi (Cina, Arab, Indo, India, Model, Mahasiswi) Bisa variasi gaya. 24 jam, Lydia-08128800041, Casablanca.

      Lolita Masage: untuk pria dan wanita dengan tenaga pria / wanita muda, sexy, tampan, ramah. Jalan RS Fatmawati No. 15. 08174929662.

      QQ Masage: Koleksi wanita cantik terseleksi (karyawati, SPG, model, IRT) chinesse, lokal dijamin ramah, sopan, sabar, service OK. Ada paket hemat. 08159236215.

      Panti Pijat Ibu Roro: tenaga wanita cantik, usia muda. Jalan Peta Selatan, Ruko Kali Deres Indah I/D7 Telepon: (021) 5456067. (Depan Hari-Hari Swalayan)

      Pijat Mayang Sari: suasana nyaman, full AC, tenaga pijat wanita min. 25th. Bukit Duri Plaza Blok B. 25 – Jatinegara. Telepon: (021) 9105984.

      Sumber Sehat Massage: pijat tradisional tenaga pria/wanita panggilan atau
      ditempat. Jalan Mangga Besar 4T/26B . (021) 6299340/08128958188.

      MASSAGE Tradisional: refleksi, lulur tenaga pria/wanita. AC, air panas. Parkir luas. Lantai 1 No. 114 & 115 (didalam Ancol) Telepon: (021) 6405641 ext-7429.

      Karmila Entertainment: 100% asli & cantik, 100% garansi. Model, ABG, mahasiswi, SPG, karyawati, peragawati. 08128199910. Pancoran.

      Fame Massage: koleksi gadis-gadis model, presenter, peragawati & artis. Call to hotel & apartement only. Khusus member bisa lihat 1000 foto & data diri. 08179194359.

      Ani Massage: by mahasiswi, karyawati. Cantik, menarik, ramah. 19th - 26th. Chinese / Pribumi. Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya. 08568500048.

      Kharisma II Massage: menerima khusus panggilan pria executive, wanita cantik, sexy, menarik, ramah. ABG, Model, mahasiswi. Dita-08568044706. 24 jam.

      The Campus Girl Masage: have been college, beauty, sexy, modis, cute & talented education Call: Santi-08179863388 / 08158941301.

      Pijat Kebugaran YANTI: Lulur, capekcapek, Kurang Gairah. Full AC, tenang & bersih. Jalan Ketapang Utara 1 No. 138A. Telepon: (021) 6293133. Gajah Mada, Kota.

      ML Executive Club: dengan tenaga pria & wanita supel, menarik, profesional, gaul & sabar. Untuk pria & wanita. Panggilan Hotel/Apartemen. 08179882101.

      ML Executive Club: massage dengan wanita-wanita catik, sexy, menarik. SPG, ABG, Karyawati, Model, Mahasiswi. Bisa lihat album via kurir 24 jam. 081310597195.

      GM Massage: mengatasi lemah syahwat, pijat alat vital tahan lama, diabetes, darah tinggi, masuk angin. Rp 100ribu/jam. Rina-08161638807.

      Lestari Massage: bila badan anda pegal, letih dan capek-capek, kami siap membantu anda dengan pijat tradisional / lulur. Astuti-08128428365. Cawang.

      Devy Massage: Pijat urut Tradisional Rp 20ribu. Ada Lulur. Tenaga wanita. Pamulang Permai I (Belakang Hero). Terima Panggilan. Telepon: (021) 9118373 / 7443401.

      Model Massage: tenaga pria/wanita model cover, cantik/ganteng untuk wanita/pria. Rp 400ribu – Rp 800ribu. Bisa live show. 08128971474. 24 jam.

      Lembut Massage: Kebugaran, pegal dengan pijatan & sentuhan lembut. Tenaga wanita cantik, bersih, body sintal. Murah. 08179980970. Salemba Raya.

      Pijat: New samurai ABR FIT, private massage kamar pribadi gaya jepang (open House) tenaga pria/wanita oke punya. Jl. Asam Baris Raya No. 1, Tebet. Telepon: (021) 8302103.

      Fanny Massage: koleksi wanita-wanita Chinesse sexy, cantik, menarik, bersih, sehat, putih mulus (17th - 23rd). 24 Jam. 0818136793. Gunung Sahari.

      Susi Massage: pengobatan, lulur, pijat kebugaran tenaga wanita ditangani sendiri. Sampai jam 00.00. Susi-(021) 4891808 / 081310415916. Rawamangun.

      Putra Sari Refleksi: Pijat tradisional, lulur, kebugaran. AC, bersih, nyaman. Jl Kebon Kacang Raya No. 7 (depan ASCOT). Telepon: (021) 31902681. Ditempat/panggilan, 24 jam.

      Mustika Massage: Mahasiswi, Model, Karyawati, cantik, sehat, professional, educated, terseleksi, service ok. Rp 350ribu. Ria- 08128770995.

      Bidadari Massage: bila anda lelah, kami siap menemani dengan nona cantik, sexy, service bebas, puas, murah meiah. Jl. Bangka Raya. 08174985800.

      Bale-Bale Massage: dengan tenaga pria/wanita trampil untuk pria/wanita, dengan aroma terapi + pijatan lembut. Telepon: (021) 9256406. Ditempat/panggilan.

      Fany Massage: koleksi wanita chinesse sexy, cantik, menarik, bersih, sehat, putih mulus (17th - 23rd). 0818136793. Gunung Sahari. 24 jam.

      Strawberi Massage: Chinesse Pribumi, bisa paket lulur & curhat. Cantik dan ramah, dijamin happy. Hubungi: 0818652346. Jam [09.00 – 21.00. No SMS.

      Pijat Mbak Dewi: Cantik, sopan, ramah. Terapi alat vital memulihkan keperkasaan pria. Jalan Mangga Besar IVT/26B (Belakang Pasar Asam Reges). Telepon: (021) 6256480.

      Bella Massage: 17th - 25th, wanita cantik, sexy, menarik, Cina Bangka, Bandung, Menado, Indo Arab, Pakistan, ramah, sopan, bersih. 0817720903. 24 jam.

      Panti Pijat Ibu Shinta: Tenaga keibuan, ramah, sabar, sopan, menarik, putih,
      cantik, sehat, service oke, dijamin puas. 08176026071.

      Pijat Terapi Pengobatan: Dengan 7 tenaga wanita cantik, bersih, full AC, kamar mandi dalam, Wisma Griya Kemayoran Blok R-47. 081510043696.

      Happynes Massage: Mau yang asyikasyik disini aja, dengan gadis cantik & pria
      pilihan, Chinese, Pribumi. Ada live show. Hubungi: 081314438548. To Hotel.

      Pijat Alat Vital: dari Madura. Jagonya urut problem pria. Atasi Lemah Syahwat & Ejakulasi Dini, dll. Eva-08128555061. Service OK, dijamin puas (full AC)

      Sisi Massage: Sensasi wanita Chinesee, cantik, menarik, bersih, sehat, putih mulus, sexy, ABG (17th - 22nd), panggilan 24jam, Rp 200ribu. 08569067778. Mgg Besar.

      Pijat Terapi: Alat vital obati lemah syahwat, ejakulasi dini, tambah ukuran, luluran. Full AC, Parkir luas, Rp 100ribu. ci Sherly/Lenny-08176536477.

      Diva Club Massage: Dengan tenaga wanita pilihan. (Rp 250ribu/1 jam, plus biaya kamar hotel & 2 softdrink) 08568183133. Jalan Pinangsia I No. 55.

      Yeyen Massage: Wanita China, Bangka, Pontianak, Jawa, Sunda, cantik, sexy, baik, [UTF-8?]sopan, 18th – 26th. 0817807577. Bisa pijat, panggilan 24 jam.

      Imel Massage: kepuasan refleksi wanita cantik, Pribumi, Chinese, Arab, mahasiswi, ABG, dll. Tarif Rp 250ribu. 24 jam. 0818136293, Salemba.

      Juliet Agency: New open, gadis-gadis sexy, cantik, fresh & pria-pria ganteng/macho.. 08176840995. (live show) Service oke, untuk pria dan wanita.

      Valensia Club Massage: Gadis-gadis sexy, manis, putih & pria tampan, atletis,
      modeling. Chinese, Pribumi, Indo. 08569996109. (Live show)

      Sun Flower Agency: Nona-nona cantik, sexy & pria tampan, atletis. Service oke, 24 jam panggilan. Live show. New open. Thalia-08176846604.

      Massage Ascore Agent: Massage dengan gadis-gadis cantik, model, mahasiswi, karyawati, penari & ada live show. 08158275869 - 08174896669.

      Bunga Love Massage: Sensasi wanita puda, cantik, lincah, ramah & profesional. Dijamin puas, khusus panggilan. Ela†081310211279/ Intan-08158246529.

      Olympia Masage: Oleh pria/wanita macho/sexy. Dari dalam & luar negeri (Asia,
      Afrika, Bule, Indo, dll). Jakarta Timur. 0818947645.

      Urut Tradisional "Ibu Hannah": bersih dan nyaman. Jalan Sekip Raya No. 4 /
      Jalan Sunter Jaya IIA No. 4, Sunter. Susan-08129417342.

      Pink Masage: Koleksi cewek cantik, menarik, sexy. Chinese, Indo, Pribumi (ABG, model, mahasiswi, karyawati, Pramugari). Alya-08174918872.

      Gita Massage: wanita-wanita cantik, mahasiswi, model, karyawat. Panggilan hotel 24 jam. Dijamin tidak kecewa. Buktikan. 08159734591/081310561325. No SMS.

      Asik-Asik Massage: kesehatan tubuh asik punya, tenaga wanita cantik, sexy, bagus, mempesona. Andingkan harganya. 08179995068. No SMS.

      Blue Diamond Club: Selected of high class: Boys n girls. Student, Nodel, Foreigh, live show, 3some, all service for male & female. Michael-081586333313. No SMS.

      Bugar Sehat Spa & Shiatsu: Fasilitas Whirpool dan Sauna. Display foto Therapish. Ruko Atrium Senen Blok H 1-3. Telepon: (021) 3862667

      Elisa Massage: Karyawati muda, cantik, ramah, putih, sehat, agresif, bisa curhat, nurut. Service terserah asal puas. Tarif murah, dijamin. 08174904420. Rawamangun.

      Murah Meriah Massage: dengan tenaga pria / wanita, pilihan kerendan
      professional, dijamin sangat memuakan & oke. 08561527049. Terima SMS 24 jam.

      Yulia Massage: 26 tahun, asli jawa. Pijat urut refleksi. Menerima panggilan 24 jam. Dijamin tidak kecewa pijitannya. 081510158529. Rp 250ribu / 3 jam.

      Sari Asih Salon: Pijat, lulur, creambath, dll. Full AC, wanita muda, cantik, parkir luas. Jalan Pramuka Raya 25C (sebelum Hotel Central) Telepon: (021) 4260687.

      Therapy Alat Vital: tenaga wanita cantik, [UTF-8?]18th 35th. Full AC, kamar mandi dalam. Hotel Melati II, Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 1, Harmoni. 08159040987.

      Mayang Massage: menyediakan wanita wanita cantik, sexy, Cina, Bandung, Menado. 16th 22th, Rp 350/3 Jam. Khusus Panggilan 24 Jam. 081314249656.

      Therapy Alat Vital: tenaga wanita cantik, 18th 35th. Full AC, kamar mandi dalam. Jalan Industri Raya (samping Hotel Sheraton Gunung Sahari) . 081315272444.

      Mey Mey Massage: sensasi wanita wanita Chinese, cantik, menarik, bersih, 17th – 24th. Panggilan 24 jam. Rp 200ribu / 2 jam. 08561225849. Pasar Baru.

      Yenny Massage: menyediakan wanita wanita cantik, sexy, montok, Bandung, Cina, Manado. 16th 22th. Panggilan 24 jam. Rp 350/3 jam. 081316582533.

      Wulan Massage: kerja sendiri dan benar bisa pijat. Usia 29th. Ramah, manis, padat, montok, sintal, bisa bahasa inggris. Rp 300. 0818938958. Panggilan.

      Melly Massage: dengan wanita muda, cantik, menarik, putih, bersih, body sexy. 17th 23rd Rp 300/3 jam. Chinese dan Pribumi.081584180110. Panggilan.

      Danilla Massage: terapi, refleksi, lulur, creambath, facial dengan tenaga wanita muda, cantik, sehat. DANILLA SALON, Jalan Kelapa Dua Raya No. 4E. Telepon: (021) 5355907.

      Dilla Massage: cantik, sopan, ramah, ada pijat kebugaran, lulur, service oke, 16th 37th. Panggilan ditempat, 24 jam. 081315698183. Dwi Warna, Pasar Baru.

      Bunga Massage: cewek Amoy, Arab, Pribumi, cantik, asik, puas, bersih. Dijamin tidak kecewa 081584120055. Senen. Panggilan 24 Jam.

      Shella Massage: wanita muda, asli Bandung, 23rd, kerja sendiri. Sopan, ramah, sabar, baik, lugu, menarik, service oke. 08176632165. Rp 300ribu.

      Yohana Massage: asli Cina Bandung, kerja sendiri, 27th, putih, sabar, ramah, sopan. Atasi problem pria (impoten, ejakulasi dini, dll). 08176818838. Panggilan.

      Maya Massage: tenaga "freelance", agresif, montok, seksi, sopan, baik sekali, sabar, sehat, service full body. Hangat sampai puas. Dijamin. Hubungi: 08569809050.

      MeiHwa Massage: 25th, keturunan Cina Surabaya. Menarik, seksi, agresif, sabar, ramah, bersih, sehat, sopan, service oke. 0816780233. Kerja sendiri. Rp 300ribu.

      The Amor Massage: Chinese, 29th, sexy, cantik, manis, lembut, ramah, putih, mulus. Pijat kebugaran untuk pria executive. Stefie-081314570163. Kerja sendiri.

      Beauty Massage: pijat kebugaran atau tradisional dengan tenaga sendiri (freelance). Chinese Manado. Putih, bersih, cantik. 081586134783. No SMS.

      Dea Massage: tenaga wanita muda, 19th, imut-imut, kecil, mungil, lugu, sabar, sopan, hot. Kerja sendiri. Rp 200 08176687484. Panggilan.

      Melisa Massage: pijat kebugaran ala Jawa, full service, tenaga wanita, putih, bersih, seksi. Dijamin puas. Khusus panggilan 24 jam. 081314575250. No SMS.

      Laura Massage: pijat dengan tenaga wanita hyper, agresif, cantik, bersih. Full
      service. Rp 300ribu. Tidak kecewa. 0818731771. Panggilan 24 jam.

      Widya Massage: tenaga wanita, sopan, terampil, ramah, berpengalaman. Parkir luas, aman. Jalan Daan Mogot I No: 11 (dekat Citraland) Telepon: (021) 5682886.

      Pegasus Spa: dengan tenaga wanita muda. Massage, Shiatsu, Traditional. Hot & Cold pool. Sauna, steam. Cafï & Bar. Jalan Pinangsia II No: 14 16. Telepon: (021) 6282905 – 06.

      Lokasari Sauna: tenaga wanita muda. Massage. Hot & Cold pool. Sauna, steam. Cafï & Bar. Jalan Mangga Besar Raya No: 81, Komplek Lokasari. Telepon: (021) 6393468.

      Trendy Woman Massage: cantik, harga terjangkau, service oke, pasti asyik deh. Devi-08174921067. Senen.

      BEST Masage: Beauty, Educated, Sexy, [UTF-8?]Talented. Age 18th 25th, Arrived to hotel, 1 hour or free. Call: 08158777240

      Massage: SPG, Mahasiswi, ramah, cantik, siap 24 jam. Panggilan ke hotel. Dijamin pasti puas. Alycia-08561050588.

      Citra Massage: wanita cantik, imut-imut, muda-muda, sehat, Professional & aduhai. Ayu-0818896160. Terjangkau

      Shan-Shan Massage: asli Mahasiswi, Chinesse, Pribumi, Profesional & dijamin ramah. 08179127454. Panggilan 24 jam.

      Pretty Girl Massage: dengan tenaga wanita muda, ramah, service diutamakan.
      0818877636. Khusus panggilan.

      DIFA Massage: wanita cantik, Mahasiswi / Excecutif, ramah, sopan. Khusus panggilan ke hotel. 0818492965. Kelapa Gading.

      FAUSTINA MASSAGE: Model, Excecutif, Mahasiswi, ramah & sopan. Khusus panggilan. 08158076975.

      Pijat Kebugaran: tenaga wanita muda, menarik, murah, bersih. Jalan Pinangsia I No. 55 Jakarta. Dewi-08179197255.

      Primadona Massage: tenaga wanita cantik, menarik, Mahasiswi, Karyawati & Foto Model. 08179162101. 24 jam.

      Cantik Manis Massage: cantik, sexy, harga terjangkau, pasti asyik deh, Anita-08121971014.

      Girl Massage: Mahasiswi, Model, usia antara 19th - 21st, melayani panggilan, dijamin tidak kecewa. Aldo-0818655997

      Donna Massage: Mahasiswi, SPG, Model, usia 19th 23rd. 24 jam panggilan ke hotel, rahasia terjamin. 08179176254.

      Shan-Shan Massage II: asli Mahasiswi, Chinesse, Pribumi, Profesional & dijamin ramah. 08129277524. Panggilan 24 jam.

      X-File Massage: Public Figure, model, Peragawati, high class, putih, terseleksi. Jalan Senopati 75c. 08129647213.

      Pijat Urut GEULIS: untuk pria dengan tenaga wanita yang trampil, lembut dan ramah. Bu Yati-(021) 7993574.

      Exotic Massage: tenaga wanita cantik, menarik, mahasiswi & karyawati, 24 jam. Chiness. Amey-08568822478.

      GM Pijat: panggilan, 24 jam, Tarif Rp 30ribu/jam, dipijat oleh wanita. (021) 63852123, 08164841264, 08129243236.

      Ranti Massage: wanita Cina Pontianak, Bangka, Palembang, Bandung, Manado, putih, cantik, sabar. 08179162670

      Kajool Massage / Bonita Agency: ada tenaga wanita untuk pria, cantik, sexy,
      ramah, sabar. 08128752917

      Vinny Massage: wanita Cina, Indo, Pakistan. Mahasiswi, karyawati, model. 17th - 24th. 0817766436. Matraman Raya

      ABG (All Best Girl) Massage: 100% pelajar, delivery to hotel only, 19th 24th. 08567867166.

      Copacobana Massage Club: nikmat & mesra, cantik, manis, manja, sexy. Panggilan 24 jam. Vira-08159203222. Ancol.

      Jelita Massage: wanita cantik jelita, mahasiswi muda. Usia 17th 23rd. Dijamin. Mitha-08174911450.

      Cahaya Indra Massage: Full AC, air panas, parkir luas, tenaga wanita. Jalan Kepa Raya Ruko 2B (depan ex. Bioskop Tobar)

      Lily Massage: noni ABG, Cina, putih, sexy, cantik, baik, sabar, 16th 21st. Asli ABG. 0818724372. Mangga Besar, 24 jam.

      Sella Massage: dengan tenaga wanita muda, cantik, mulus & energik. Brando-08128818834. 24 jam.

      Lisa Meteor Massage: sexy, cantik, ABG, Mahasiswi. 18th 24th. Onky- 08128988104. 24 jam.

      Pijat: reflexi, lulur, mandi susu, creambath, potong rambut. Tenaga wanita, murah. (021) 6246478 / 08128810261

      Tiffany Massage: Mahasiswi, Model, usia [UTF-8?]19th 21st. Melayani panggilan, dijamin tidak kecewa. 08561033340.

      Irex Ladies Star Massage: sexy, cantik, pasti puas. Buktikan. Peggy-08568081116/08161111569. 24 jam.

      Kamasutra Massage: High Class [UTF-8?]Woman (18th – 30th) Garansi 100%, Hubungi: Rana & Rani-08179828584. 24 jam.

      Bibir Mer Massage: sexy, cantik, Manja, molek, aduhai. (Rp 500ribu Rp 3juta) 08121991191. 24 jam. Grogol.

      Putri Massage: koleksi tenaga gadis-gadis pilihan kelas atas untuk pria Excecutive. 08174929813. 24 jam.

      Dennis Massage: pijat kebugaran tradisional tenaga wanita. Jalan Menteng No:56, Jakarta Selatan. 08158727556.

      Mey-Mey Massage: wanita Cina, Indo, pribumi, cantik, putih, bersih, servis bagus. Jenny-08174948069. Pramuka.

      VVIP Massage: sexy, cantik, bersih, high [UTF-8?]class girl (19th 24th). Buktikan. 08159353399. 24 jam. No SMS.

      Mega M Massage: cantik, ramah, muda, menarik, khusus panggilan ke rumah, hotel, apartemen. Hubungi: 08174967469. 24 jam.

      Cleopatra Massage Club: koleksi wanita cantik kelas atas, Buktikan. Hubungi:
      08179186109. Untuk pria Excecutive.

      Sanchai Massage: sexy, cantik, bersih, high class girl, tenaga wanita Chinese. Buktikan. 08128800680. 24 jam. No SMS.

      Massage Girl: sexy, cantik, bersih, tenaga wanita Chinesse, pribumi, Indo. Buktikan. 08129879394. 24 jam.

      Ajeng Massage: terima pijat tradisional dengan tenaga wanita, pelayanan ramah, sabar, 08161827966.

      Mawar Massage: ABG, Model, Mahasiswi, Karyawati. Asli, tidak kecewa. Hubungi: Ratna- 08568857927. Cawang. (mulai Rp 350ribu)

      Anita Mui Massage: (16th 23rd) ABG, Cina & Pribumi. Bangka, Sunda, Putih, Cantik. 08179810142. Mangga Besar.

      Ratu Massage: tenaga wanita ABG, SPG, Mahasiswi, cantik & sexy. To Hotel 24 Jam. Bravo-08158968569.

      Best Girl Massage: Koleksi ABG, SPG, Model (18th 29th) To Hotel DKI & Bali. 24 jam. 0818860550.

      Panti Pijat: ex. Mbak Cindy, bengkelnya lelaki, mengatasi lemah syahwat, dll. Hubungi: Nia-08158872683 & Meta-0816703343.

      Pijat Kebugaran: Mandi susu, creambat dengan tenaga wanita, menarik, nyaman, murah. Wati-0817126537.

      Chika Massage: Wanita China, cantik, [UTF-8?]dijamin bersih, putih mulus, sexy (18th 24th). 24 jam. 08179922557. Tebet Raya.

      Shanghai Massage: Koleksi ABG, SPG, semua tenaga wanita Chinesse pilihan. 24 jam. 08568005292.

      Angel Massage: tenaga ABG, mahasiswi, Model, cantik, putih, sexy. Koleksi gadis-gadis Amoy. 0817868594.

      Rosalinda Club: Koleksi tenaga gadis high class: pribumi, chinesse, model, mahasiswi, SPG, 18th 35th. 08128511242.

      Vinolia Massage: Rilex massage dengan wanita cantik terpilih, bersih, ramah (Rp 300ribu). Lia-08159511616.

      Lig-ling Massage: Dengan tenaga Amoy, model, cantik, sexy, sehat, muda, harga terjangkau. Aling-08561076969

      Beauty Model Ageny Massage: koleksi gadis high class: model, Indo, ragawati, selebriti. 08179194359.

      Inul Massage: wanita Cina/Indo, cantik, putih, sabar, sopan, lulur, 16th 50th. 24 Jam Hubungi: 08129796971. Menteng.

      Pijat Ibu Ani: tenaga ibu-ibu Cina/Indo, sabar, cantik, sopan, putih, lulur, spa, 08128981431. Rp 250ribu.

      Laris Masage: terima full body massage kebugaran, capek-capek. Khusus panggilan tenaga wanita. Ice-0817812731.

      Dara Masage: tenaga wanita. Cantik, sexy, putih, profesional. Khusus panggilan. Dijamin puas. Dara-081310416104.

      Gladys Masage: mahasiswi, model, ABG. Cantik, sexy, profesional. Khusus panggilan kemana saja. 08567850700.

      Tasya Masage: wanita cina cantik, dijamin sexy, putih mulus, bersih (18th 26th), 24 jam. 08179880200. Proklamasi, Menteng.

      Susan Massage: dengan tenaga wanita Amoy, geulis (18th 22nd) Tarif Rp 400ribu Rp 600ribu. Hubungi: Ary-08158934691. 24 jam.

      Romantika Massage: koleksi tenaga pria dan wanita pilihan (18th 27th) Untuk pria. Hubungi: 081310725901. 24 jam.

      Ica Massage: wanita cina 23rd, imut, kecil, sabar, manja, sopan, baik, cantik. 24 jam. 08121891654. Rawamangun.

      Ratu MASSAGE II: dengan wanita muda, cantik, putih, terpilih. Profesional khusus panggilan. 081310756580.

      Goyang Dombret MASSAGE: Pribumi, keturunan, muda, cantik. (19th 25th). 24 jam. 08179865686.

      Lia Massage: mengatasi ejakulasi dini, impoten, lulur tradisional, dll. 24 jam. 08128827365.

      Edgina Massage II: koleksi gadis-gadis pilihan, Profesional & dijamin ramah. 08129395552. Panggilan ke hotel.

      Panti Pijat Kiki Salon: gunting dll, pijat kebugaran, lulur, refleksi. Jalan Raya Kali Malang (Depan Hotel Horizon).

      Dinda Massage: wanita cantik, menarik, ramah, dijamin puas. Khusus panggilan ke hotel. Anita-08179964626. Blok M.

      Griya Pijat Triasih: AC, tenaga wanita, Parkir luas. Jalan Dewi Sartika 313B,
      Cawang. Telepon: (021) 8011645.

      Full Body Massage: wanita cantik, menarik, ramah, service memuaskan. Panggilan ke hotel. Bella-0818472537.

      Princes Massage Club: cantik, menarik, ramah, muda, Indo, Chiness, mahasiswi. Khusus panggilan ke hotel. 0818793119.

      Pijat-Lulur-Mandi Susu: tenaga wanita, cantik, murah, Lia- 08179103883.

      Amoy Rosamound Kwan Massage: gaya sensual gadis-gadis amoy, 17th – 33th. Cantik, sexy. Yeyen-08159332188.

      Femina Massage: massage by relax. (ABG, mahasiswi, karyawati) cantik, muda (Rp 350ribu). Ria-0818153552.

      Dream Massage: Tenaga wanita/pria muda, cantik & tampan, ramah, putih. Untuk pria & wanita. 081310673676.

      Gladys II Masage: mahasiswi, model, ABG. Cantik, sexy, profesional. Panggilan
      kemana saja. 08568045656.

      Diky Massage: Tenaga wanita/pria muda, cantik & tampan, ramah, putih. Untuk pria & wanita. 08568003251.

      Kiki Massagge: mahasiswi, karyawati. [UTF-8?]India, Chinese, Arab, Pribumi, cantik, 16th – 25th. Tidak kecewa. 0818876616.

      Sweet Masage: tenaga pria/wanita untuk pria/wanita, suami istri. Service memuaskan. 081310597910. 24 jam.

      Shanon Massage: the girls of scores [UTF-8?]massage 18th – 25th. Prety, sexy come to services. Call: Leonita-08567826459.

      Noni Massage: tenaga wanita cantik, baik, [UTF-8?]sabar, anggun. 17th – 23rd . Cina, Pribumi, Arab. 08121832269. Rawamangun.

      Sela Massage: Cantik, sexy, terampil. ABG, Mahasiswi, Karyawati, Peragawati, Model, IRT. 08179899361. 24 jam.

      Maya Masage: Model, ABG, Pramugari. Chinesse, Pakistan, Arab, Pribumi. Panggilan 24 jam. 08179914117. Matraman Raya.

      Terapi Body Massage: dengan tenaga wanita muda ahli terapi, body bersih usia 20th. Novi-08161617275.

      Massage Girl: pijat kebugaran tradisional tenaga wanita. Banyak tenaga muda Chinesse. 08159543594.

      Kartika Massage: oleh wanita 28th, bisa curhat, ramah dan sopan. Rp 50ribu + transport. 08129070167.

      Vivi Massage: ABG, Model, Karyawati. Asli tidak kecewa. Khusus panggilan. Vivi- 0818811849.

      Inge Massage: dengan tenaga Amoy, [UTF-8?]geulis (18th - 24th) Rp 400ribu – Rp 600ribu. Buktikan. Hubungi: Ary-08158934691.

      Pijat Urut: Lulur dan refleksi tradisional khas Solo, Jawa Tengah. Khusus panggilan. Mbak Prih-08179921132.

      Shiao Che Massage: tenaga wanita Amoy, Model, cantik, sexy, usia muda, harga terjangkau. 08179976566.

      Lovillea Massage: dengan tenaga wanita muda, cantik, menarik, sexy, bersih, ramah, sopan. 081310407116.

      Karisma Massage: dengan tenaga wanita cantik, sexy, ramah, Karyawati, Mahasiswi, Ibu RT. Sarah-08568523369.

      Dahlia Massage: tenaga wanita cantik, manis, ramah, sabar, bersih. Buktikan, dijamin. 0817822815. Bisa SMS.

      Lestari Massage: menerima panggilan di tempat, Apartemen, Hotel, dengan tenaga wanita. Ary-08158934691.

      Monic Massage: dengan tenaga nona cantik, sexy, putih, ramah (18th - 23rd). 08121844209. Pramuka.

      Ratu II Massage: sexy, cantik, bersih, tenaga wanita Chinesse, Pribumi, Indo.
      Buktikan. 0818191229.

      Pijat Ibu Ira: sexy, cantik, bersih, tenaga wanita banyak pilihan koleksi. Buktikan. 24 jam. Sasa/Ira-08161604686.

      Angel Massage: (17th - 25th) sensasi gadis Amoy, Arab, Pakistan, Indo. Putih, imut. 0818788720. Gunung Sahari.

      Leony Massage: noni-noni ABG Chinesse (17th - 22nd), cantik, sexy, putih bersih, baik. 08179990073. Pasar Baru.

      Amoy Massage II: sensasi gadis Amoy (17th - 35th). Cantik, putih, sexy terseleksi. Dewi-0818985765. Tidak kecewa.

      Shanghai II Massage: koleksi cewekcewek China high class. Buktikan. Khusus untuk pria executive. 081310698208

      Rani Massage: tenaga wanita 21th - 25th. Cantik, menarik sexy. 24 jam. Khusus panggilan ke hotel. 081310493937.

      HOT Massage: untuk pria & wanita dengan tenaga pria/wanita muda. 24 jam. Fajar-08128856583.

      Vina Massage: tenaga wanita Chinesse, [UTF-8?]cantik, menarik, sexy, bersih, imut, putih (18th 24th). 08568592490. 24 jam.

      Bunga Massage: lulur segar dengan wanita cantik, menarik, bersih, service oke. 08179995737. Matraman Raya.

      High Class Massage: dengan tenaga wanita cantik, menarik, bersih, service oke. 081310239368.

      Gemini Massage: dengan tenaga waita muda Chinesse, cantik, sexy, putih, ramah. 081310283732.

      Clara Massage: tenaga mahasiswi, ABG, model, cantik, sexy, koleksi gadis Amoy. 0817860594. Dijamin.

      Cinderella Massage: tenaga muda Chinesse, pribumi, cantik, sopan, ramah.

      Call Me Massage: koleksi wanita chinesse sexy, cantik, menarik, bersih, sehat, putih mulus. 081310405845.

      Gadis Massage: tenaga gadis-gadis cantik, putih, pilihan. Tarif Rp 600ribu. Khusus Panggilan. 08179970241.

      Pijat Kebugaran/Lulur: tenaga wanita muda, murah, menarik, nyaman, bersih.

      Ling-Ling Masage: Gadis Chinesee, cantik, putih, sexy, imut, sehat & Profesional. Tarif terjangkau. 08561882406.

      Hot Masage: wanita cantik, terbukti OKE dijamin 100%. Mahasiswi, karyawati, model, ABG. Rani-08158128887. Cikini.

      Erika Masage: Khusus panggilan, pasti OKE, tidak kecewa. Koleksi cewek-cewek pilihan. Buktikan. 08568966892. Salemba.

      Tasya Massage: Pegal? Capek-capek? Mau rilex? Cantik, manis, semua ada. Tidak bosan. 08176406082. Rawamangun.

      Stella Massage: Cina, Arab, Pribumi, Body Oke, Cantik, Profesional, Harga Murah, Terjamin. 08123904477. Pramuka.

      Dahlia Massage: Khusus panggilan, dijamin oke, tidak kecewa. Koleksi Cewek 2x cantik, terpilih. 08159995357.

      Sanchai Club Massage: 100% wanita Chinessee. Cantik, manis, semua ada. Tidak bosan. 081310000881.

      Bidadari Club Massage: Sekretaris, Model, Cover Girl (on TV), Mahasiswi. Tidak bosan. 08568514117.

      Zhu Zhuka Massage: Amoy Chinese asli, dijamin. Cantik & sexy. To hotel 24 jam. 0818708389.

      Idola Massage: muda, cantik, sexy, terpelajar, mahasiswi. Dijamin memuaskan. To hotel. 08176061163.

      Jingga Massage: gadis belia (16-25 tahun) model, VJ, dancer, striptease, hot. To hotel. Hubungi: Boby-08176886707.

      Bionda Massage: Koleksi gadis-gadis Chinese & Indo (ABG, Mahasiswi, Pramugari). To hotel. Hubungi: 081510042818.

      Amani Massage: khusus panggilan dengan tenaga ABG, karyawati, cantik, Rp
      200ribu. 081310895956.

      Miss Massage: wanita-wanita highclass, model, mahasiswi, karyawati, ABG, full service. Aji-081586025433.

      JKT Massage: dengan tenaga wanita muda cantik + pria ganteng untuk pria/wanita/pasutri. 0818180507.

      Fantasi Club Massage: wanita Chinese, Pribumi, Karyawati, Mahasiswi. Service Oke, memuaskan. 08561225848.

      Love Agent Massage: Cantik, sexy, muda, terpelajar, diakui sejak dulu. 08176733056.

      Girl Massage: Cantik-cantik, muda-muda, sexy, service oke, Chinese, Indo, Arab. 0818189964.

      Sensasional 2004 Massage: sedia pria/wanita untuk panggilan di Hotel/Apartment. 081314354270.

      Java Lady's Massage: gadis manis, baik & ayu. Siap antar, 24 jam. 08176877669.

      Winona Club Massage: Klub mahasiswi dan wanita-wanita high class, Khusus untuk panggilan. Arthur - 081311390118.

      Chinese Agent: Gadis-gadis cantik, sexy, menarik, high class (Rp 700ribu Rp 1.5juta). 08174986669.

      Kiss Agency: Gadis-gadis Chinese, Pribumi, muda, sexy. ABG cantik, romantis, manis, penurut. 24 jam. 0817715669.

      Young Lady Massage: Full body massage dengan tenaga wanita cantik, ramah, 08568127152.

      Meili Massage: for high class man only, pijat plus & party oleh mahasiswi cantik dan penurut. 08161474064.

      Lisa Massage: Gadis-gadis cantik & priapria macho, untuk pesta pribadi. Adi - 08561015455.

      Indah Massage: Sensasi wanita Chinese, Arab, cantik, menarik, bersih, putih, sexy. 18th 25th. 08121865868. Tebet.

      Ling-ling Masage: Koleksi cewek cantik, sexy, montok. Chinese, Indo, ABG, Pramugari. Service Oke. Bela - 081311499592.

      Ken Dedes Masage: sensasi gadisgadis Chinese, Indo, Pribumi, model, mahasiswi. For pria executive. 08568965993.

      Andini Masage: sensasi tenaga wanita. Chinese, Arab, Pribumi. Service oke, Rp 150ribu. 081311053545.

      Queen Massage: cantik-cantik, sexy, hyper. Chinese & Pribumi. ABG, mahasiswi, model, karyawati. 08159722492.

      Madonna Massage: cewek-cewek cantik, Chinese, Indo, Pribumi. ABG, mahasiswi, model, karyawati. 08159203637.

      Angelita Massage: wanita highclass, Mahasiswi, Pramugari, Model, Artis. Hotel
      24jam. Dedy - 081310456650.

      Susmita Zen Massage: Pelajar, Mahasiswi, Model, Pramugari, bisa live show,
      lesbian, hiper. 0818176066.

      Cindy Massage: ABG cantik, imut, baik, manis, ramah, agresif, service luar dalam. Dijamin puas. 08174810279.

      Sarah Massage: Cantik, baik, lembut dan sabar. Putih bersih, body sexy, padat. Semua bisa murah. 08179113724. Tebet.

      Ladies Com Massage: sedia Pelajar, Mahasiswi, SPG, Penari, cantik, sexy, 0817719779. To Hotel only.

      Rita Massage: dengan wanita cantik, muda, sexy, putih. Arab + Jawa. Umur 17th – 25th. Hubungi: 081316239224. 24 Jam.

      Shelvy Massage: sensasi wanita Chinese, cantik, putih, sexy. 18th – 24th. Dijamin. 08176818877. 24 Jam. Pasar Baru.

      Sisi Massage: gadis cantik, Chinese, Arab, Pribumi. ABG, 17th 25th. Panggilan 24 jam. 081514117778. Pasar Baru.

      Sherin Massage: wanita wanita high class, model, mahasiswi. Hubungi: Jhon -
      081514196366. Untuk Pria Eksekutif.
      Sisca Massage: Cina – Sunda, putih, sopan, bisa pijat, service oke. Khusus panggilan. 0817706169. Kerja sendiri.

      Cici Massage: (17th - 25th) sensasi gadis Amoy, Arab, Pakistan, Indo. Putih, anggun, imut. 0818788720. Gunung Sahari.

      G Club Massage: anda ingin service yang luar biasa oleh gadis gadis cover tabloid / iklan? Rp 1juta Nett. 081314349059.

      Eva Massage: agresif, sabar, ramah, hangat, santai, sopan, full service, bisa pijat. 08174802369. Panggilan.

      Nisa Massage: bisa pijat plus service oke. Kerja sendiri, Jawa ayu, sehat, sopan & sabar. 081315451909 08159775595.

      Winona Massage: model, mahasiswi, ABG, tinggi, putih bersih, untuk pria eksekutif. 081314357928.

      Lovillea Massage: Chinese, muda, menarik, cantik, seksi, bersih, sehat, baik, sabar, ramah & sopan. Hubungi: 081310822529.

      Ania Massage: 25th, belum menikah, ramah, sopan, sabar, manis, rambut panjang. Hubungi: 081510185676. 24 jam.

      Yanti Massage: 36th, manis, sopan, ramah, kerja sendiri, betul betul pijat plus
      service oke. 081584056385.

      Isma Massage: usia 26th, sabar, ramah, manis, langsing. Rp 250ribu. Panggilan to hotel. 0818728406.

      Sheila Massage: koleksi gadis gadis pilihan. Ramah dan sopan. Khusus panggilan ke hotel. 08176521159.

      Lilian Massage: cewek Cina Jakarta, kerja sendiri. Refleksi kebugaran & terapi. 081315321298. 24 Jam.

      Amanda Massage: 23rd, ayu, manis, ramah, rambut panjang, kerja sendiri. 081584278848. 24 Jam.

      Anggie Massage: koleksi Pramugari, putih mulus. Koleksi dijamin ekslusif. 08176665399.

      Andini Massage: Tenaga muda, cantik, sexy dan baru baru. Pasti puas. Doni - 08561618175. To Hotel.

      Monique Massage: mahasiswi, karyawati, muda, ramah, sabar. Dijamin oke. 081314634727. Cikini Raya.

      Kayanya harus ada deh yang mau berjuang demi kemajuan kita bersama, menuliskan/menginventarisir daftar alamat PP yang ok punya di seluruh lokasi (Jakpus, Jaksel, Jaktim, Jakbar n' Jakar) kan jadinya para pemula yang mau merasakan dan mencoba kenikmatan yang sudah kita raih ini jadi bisa juga dirasakan oleh mereka, dan jadinya bisa ketauan deh siapa yang paling master dan tau semua PP yang ok punya... Satu Email untuk semua...ok

      Daftar no-HP cewe2 kece: # 1. Nama Lidya ( pengoleksi mahasiswi panggilan - alias 'MAMI' ) no HP-nya 0815-3151810 - Nelpon-nya harus jam 7 malem keatas!

      Daerah kekuasaannya: Jakarta, Bogor dan Bandung... # 2. Nama Tina (sama dengan Lidya - seorang 'MAMI' - temenan malah) no HP-nya 0813-61522533
      - Nelpon-nya sama aja jam 7 keatas!

      Daerah kekuasaannya: Palembang dan Medan... # 3. Nama Faisa (cewek club Lokasari Millies) no HP-nya 0813-10076359 - Tampang OK, orangnya To the point ngak suka basa basi...

      # 4. Nama Heni (cewek diskotik Lokasari Millies) no HP-nya 0813-10489649 - Nelpon-nya harus hari Rabu, Jumat dan Sabtu, kalo hari lain tidak diterima...

      # 5. Nama Vie (Indo - Bule) no HP-nya 0813-10558810 atau 021-5809129
      - Bahasa Indonesia-nya masih kasar, tapi dijamin mainnya HOT.... ini ada juga coba lo kontak panti pijat namanya widya massage lokasi jl. daan mogot I deket diskotek medika telp. 5682886 tarif pijat 50 rb cewe-nya bs dipake tambah duit +/- 200 rb lo cari yang namanya wati lumayan tuh ini coba kontak titin 08161442809 tarifnya 250-300 rb klo nginep 400 rb katanya sih full service bisa ngapain aja (mandi kucing, karaoke, dll) asal tidak anal katanya...

      Nama : Venia Fuhaid (Keturunan Arab)asal Banyuwangi
      Umur : 32 tahun
      Status : Ibu Rumah Tangga Genit
      Ciri-ciri : Tinggi 165cm, rambut ikal, kulit putih mulus, BH36A, sintal tubuh masih kencang, memek berbulu cukup lebat, nafsu birahinya tinggi dan menggairahkan
      Alamat : Jln Kaliurang Km15, Ngemplak, Jogjakarta (0274)-895791 HP/SMS 0817268901

      Try to contact :

      1. Mia (Liong Tjin Tjin) - HP: 0856-9052579 * Email: mia_sabrina@yahoo.com (Chinesse Medan)
      2. ade_suci_sukmawati@yahoo.com - Tel.Office: 021-3441238 Address: Jatibening, Caman Bekasi
      3. Lita - HP: 0813-11022350
      4. Vera - HP: 0815-82956166 * Telp.Home: 021-70117289
      5. Silvi Email sr1688@yahoo.com (27 years old) -
      Find her in Grand Melia or Grand Hyatt or Mandarin Oriental
      6. Vida - HP: 0816-679392 Telp.Home: 021-8004023 (call her 19.00-23.00)
      7. Meliana - Back of Citraland Mall College: Tarumanegara Universty
      8. si imut... HP: 0351-894847

      The Places that you can find another Sexy and Hot Young Girls :

      1.Mahakam - McStop
      2.Bulungan - Olin
      3.Karaoke Bengkel Cafe BEJ
      4.Karaoke REM Ancol
      5.Karaoke Hotel Maharadja - Tendean Street
      6.Karaoke Menara Thamrin
      7.Karaoke MonggoMas Hayamwuruk
      8.Puri Handayani Spa - Pangeran Jayakarta Street
      9.Hotel Ambhara Bar - Jakarta Selatan
      10. Panti Pijat Puspa Indah - Kebayoran Lama
      11. Panti Pijat Sari Mustika No.2 Golden Truly Fatmawati
      12. Panti Pijat Mawar Golden Truly Fatmawati
      13. Panti Pijat Nirwana - MT Haryono Street
      14. Panti Pijat Sumber Waras No.2 - Ciputat Raya
      15. Hotel Melawai No.1 Lt.6 "MARIBAYA" - Melawai Raya (11.00-23.00)
      16. PS Mayestik (Sentral, Timung, Porti)
      17. Sari Mustika (Grand Wijaya, Golden Fatmawati, Kelapa Gading)
      18. Liberty Salon - Semeru No.18 Street (Sanniah & Nopi - Chinese Kalimantan)
      19. Kimochi - Mangga Besar VIII No. 12B/C
      20. Kartika Bar And Massage - Hayam Wuruk No.114 - Next to Suisse Bakery
      21. Medika Lt.2 - Daan Mogot I/31 - Back of Citraland Mall
      22. Widia Bar - Daan Mogot - Next to Medica
      23. Citra Sehat - Komplek Ruko ITC Roxy Mas
      24. Sedap Malam Discoteque Lt.3 - Hayam Wuruk Street
      25. Atlanta Discoteque - Mangga Besar Raya - Komplek Lokasari Lt.5 Blok C
      No. 1-12
      26. Hot Pant Discoteque - Daan Mogot - Next to Medica
      27. TIARA CERIA - Lokasari Plaza Mangga Besar
      28. LIDO (HEalthy Care) - Citraland Mall
      29. Paripurna Massage - Next to Gajah Mada Plaza
      30. Joker (Jakarta 2000) "Super Room" - Daan Mogot - Back of Medica
      31. Bintang Mawar - Mangga Besar - Next to Hotel Olympic (13.00-18.00)
      32. STADIUM - Next to Hayam Wuruk Plaza
      33. Hotel Travel - Mangga Besar VIII - Next to Kimochi
      34. Ruko Taman Surya 17A - Jakarta Pusat
      35. MAWAR - Duta Merlin
      36. MGM Golden Truly - Harmoni Street
      37. PUSPITA - Blora Street Jakarta Utara
      38. Panti Pijat SARI AYU - Pangeran Jayakarta - Komplek Ruko Kota Indah
      Blok B 45/39B
      39. Whirpool Hotel - Next to Horizon Ancol HOtel
      40. INTI RAGA - Next to Sunter Mall jakarta Timur
      41. Sentral Hotel - Pramuka Street
      42. Panti Pijat YUSIANA - SS Klender Street - Next to Jogja Plaza
      43. TIRTA SENTOSA Halim - Panti Pijat MAWAR - Parung
      44. TANGERANG - Veteran Street - To Pasar Anyar from ModernLand
      45. KLENDER - Pondok Kopi Street - Next to Buaran (19.00-21.00)
      46. BINTARO Plaza (16.00-02.00) - Bundaran Sektor 9 Bintaro
      47. BLOK M Kebayoran Baru - Mahakam Street - Back of BLOK M Plaza
      48. Bundaran HI Jakarta - Teluk Betung Street (Friday Night)
      49. KOTA - Mangga Besar Raya Street (19.00-04.00)
      50. DAAN MOGOT Jakarta (19.00)
      51. Grogol Inn
      52. Pondok Citra Grogol (Water Bet)
      53. Hotel Daan jaya

      Bispak :

      1.Ade_suci_sukmawati@yahoo.com Telp ktr: 021-3441238
      Pekerjaan : marketing sebuah perusahaan swasta yg bertempat
      di sekitar pecenongan
      Alamat : di seputaran jatibening - caman bekasi (ingin ditemani dengan seorang cewek yg service nya ok punya dengan tarif yg dapat dinegosiasi, karena itu no telp ktr harap bicara dgn sopan.
      ybs. lagi butuh tuh..)
      2.Lisa : 0122705823
      3.Azreen : 0126159406
      4.rmacleod2000@yahoo.com - lesbi
      5. Lita : 0813 11 0223 50 (ini musti speak2x dulu )
      6. Vera : 0815 8295 6166 ( ini bisa lo ajak langsung ngentot) rumah : 021 7011 7289
      7. Hello Mas-mas,�
      Kalau tertarik sama silvi, boleh aja, silvi biasa janjian dan ketemuan
      grand melia, atau di hyatt dan kadang kadang di mandarin oriental,
      kalau mas tertarik, kasih handphone mas ke silvi, biar silvi yang hubungi
      mas, maklum mas sekarang banyak orang iseng, jadi capek ngelayain telpon
      iseng, jadi lebih baik silvi yang telpon balik. Buat informasi, umur silvi
      27 tahun, tinggi 175, berat 57, kulit : putih saat� ini kerja di salah satu
      rumah mode. Soal harga untuk short hours biasanya silvi di bayar 1.5 juta,
      dan untuk semalam penuh biasanya di bayar 2-3 juta mas. Tergantung lah
      kondisi entar ketemu.
      Kalau benar benar tertarik Silvi bisa kasih foto ke mas, dijamin memuaskan.
      Dan diijamin mas-mas gak akan kecewa.

      8. Clubbing, Having Fun, eh... Gw agak maniak sama French Kiss lho
      Yg mau kenalan langsung aja SMS ke no. telp ke 0818679392 atau telp langsung ke 021-8004023 (pkl. 19.00-23.00) Smart, Cute, dan suka juga Having Sex, eh sorry.... Having Fun deh heheheheee.... Hmmm.... telp Vida 021-8004023 dan 0818679392

      9. Meliana Namanya, dia kost di belakang citraland dan kuliah di untar,
      0818967100 no hp nya. Anaknya asik kok, kalo mau enak cuma kawan jangan pelit2 banget. Paling dia cuma minta pulsa kok.

      10. Di Mahakam rate-nya antara 200-300 buat shorttime. Kalo cuma buat jalan2 cari tempat sepi trus BJ biasanya minta 150an. Kalo udah sering/kenal bisa nego lbh murah. Hati2, byk bencong2 geladak yg tiba2 nongol jadi germonya --bisa2 ente2 dicharge lbh mahal 50! Yg bagus2 biasanya di seberang McStop, ada yg mirip Nafa Urbach. Di seberang bulungan juga ada yg mirip Inneke, namanya Olin.

      11. Kawans, Perlu stripper??? silahkan hunting dikaraoke Bengkel
      BEJ, dikaraoke REM sekitar/diluar Ancol, dikaraoke hotel Maharadja jalan Tendean, dikaraoke di gedung menara Thamrin, acara striptis masih terus ada setiap malam dikaraoke MonggoMas Hayamwuruk.

      12. Saya mahasiswi di Universitas Pakuan Bogor Fakultas Hukum.To the point
      aja saya suka sex just for fun (klo cocok)tp klo ada yg mo ngasih imbalan jg
      gpp.hehe.... yg tertarik sama saya call/sms ke 08561851633/08128813390 ato klo mo call ke rumah 0251-663660 [ mencari ] Yang ga malu2 dan berani to the point...klo saya suka kamu ,saya jamin kamu pasti puas.....

      13.Ini ada info baru.. Namanya Shavira. Panggilannya Tante Vira.. Bs dihub
      di 081584035535

      14.Ke daerah pangeran Jayakarta aja. Di daerah sekitaran Puri Handayani Spa. Kalo u masuk sana, pasti nanti ada orang yang nawarin loe segala macem perempuan. Nah tinggal ikutan survey, tentuin pilihan. Lanjuttttt.....
      170 - 200 K per jam.

      15.look at me :

      16. boleh percaya boleh kagak ... lu yang padhe doyan ngentot .. nih ada
      cewek gatel namanya LIONG TJIN TJIN 0856-9052579 mau dientot secara
      gratis !!! kagak percaya ??? terserah lu ... mau daging china medan atau kagak !!!

      17.ada cewe cakep nech bispak namanya mia cantik umurnya dah 30-an merrid tapi gak puas ama suamianya coba aja mail ke sini mia_sabrina@yahoo.com, nih hp tjin tjin nya 08569052579 All You Can
      Eat !!! FREE of CHARGE ... Man .. nafsunya gedhe banget ....
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Possessed_Seoul

      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • KL_Guy

      Hi Jose,

      This is the translation:

      (WARNING: Jangan Percaya dengan NO.HP/Telp-nya, lewatin saja) means

      (WARNING: Do not believe in the Hand Phone/ Telephone number provided, better to just visit)

      Have a great time in Jakarta
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Bulai69

      Jose Marcia

      Bloody hell ! How long are you staying! I think even those of us who have spent a long time in JKT won't have tried all these places! I think what you will find when you arrive, is that you will find enough girls without having to consult your list - especially if you follow up the contacts you will have. If you want to try MP's you would do well to buy a map with a street index as many of the places listed are well out of the central area. In case you don't understand the language, unsuprisingly, it's all bullshit, claiming, for example that the girls are students, models etc etc.

      There is one place I noticed which I was trying to recall a while ago when someone was asking about Citraland mall and places around that area: Medika Lt.2 - Daan Mogot I/31 - Back of Citraland Mall. Medika is a dark, loud disco which (on the one occassion I went) had more excellent girls in one place than I've ever seen before or since. There were very few men and no bules. I was literally mobbed by maybe 20 or 30 of them. But whenever I got friendly with any one of them, the others started to abuse her. A bit scary. I left without one.
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Jaimito_Cartero

      Jose Marcia

      Well it looks like you have enough girls for the first day, but what will you do for the rest of your time?
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Ekspat

      addicted to JKT

      Originally Posted by KL Guy
      But after meeting up with her I am defiantly going back to Jakarta to continue my adventures together with my buddies!

      Last but not least I wish to thank 2 senior members who had willingly shared their valuable contact & made this trip 1 of the best trip I ever had!
      Hi mates!

      KLGuy, seems you had a pretty good time in JKT, but it isn't too difficult there. Since my first visit I'm addicted to that place.

      Visited JKT last weekend and after check-in I went to TC first and had a beer and a 21y/o girl called Reni, but service wasn't anything to shout about. Straight forward, BBBJ and FJ. Very firm body, B-cup, all together not too bad.
      Evening met some friends and we had too much drinks, so nothing to report.

      Afternoon session in a quite rough area of JKT.

      Next day into Bats and 30, picked a gal outta Bats.

      Saw her, wow, nice boobs, as melon-lover I needed her immediately and back to room. Discharged 3 times that night, the boobs turned out to be 80C, paid 400k and no complaint.

      Will be back in July.

      (Since it's my first post, I'm 40, bule, single, stay 5 yrs in M'sia. Let's have a cold one.)

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    • Brandon88

      I was thinking of an interesting challenge...

      The girls working in the executive lounge as concierges of the hotel I frequent are some of the most attractive I've seen in Jakarta, which no doubt is one of the job requirements. I wonder if they'd be at all accessible. I've no doubt that they wouldn't 'sh*t where they ate' so to speak, but possibly they'd be willing to go out somewhere. I dare not ask, because if any offense is taken, I'd have to see them again in future stays.

      I once commented on the striking eyes of one girl who wears blue contact lenses, and she seemed visibly embarrased that I mentioned it.

      On another topic, I was invited to see the home of one BATS girl since I was dropping her off on the way to see my client in a nearby office building. I felt very out of place walking through the communal washroom, down a narrow hall lined with locked doors, and into her rented room, which was around 6 feet x 10 feet in size and as hot as an oven. I understand the allure of hanging out almost every night in BATS, CJ's,and the like... aside from the income, there is air con, music, drinks. Sure beats sweating it out in a tiny box all the time.
      I've become friends with a number of these girls over the years, and it saddens me how little future they have.
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    • Menteng

      Originally Posted by KL Guy
      Hi Jose,

      This is the translation:

      (WARNING: Jangan Percaya dengan NO.HP/Telp-nya, lewatin saja) means

      (WARNING: Do not believe in the Hand Phone/ Telephone number provided, better to just visit)

      Have a great time in Jakarta
      In this case "lewatin saja" means: just pass! In other words forget it!
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    • Gzono

      [On another topic, I was invited to see the home of one BATS girl since I was dropping her off on the way to see my client in a nearby office building. I felt very out of place walking through the communal washroom, down a narrow hall lined with locked doors, and into her rented room, which was around 6 feet x 10 feet in size and as hot as an oven. I understand the allure of hanging out almost every night in BATS, CJ's,and the like... aside from the income, there is air con, music, drinks. Sure beats sweating it out in a tiny box all the time.

      I've become friends with a number of these girls over the years, and it saddens me how little future they have.[/QUOTE]Agreed B88 I stayed at a Kos one night with a girl and it was sad the next day (i guess we all revert to human post coming) to see the girls sit around smoking answering sms from guys from all over the world and laughing and crying when they got a reply-prob some fat ugly bule with 3 kids and wife sms a 19 year old girl with nowhere else to go

      Could be me too.

      I always think abt this when I pull the money out and throw some mor ein for my poor relations of mother earth
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • Bulai69

      Brandon88 Challenge

      You make an interesting point about girls in hotels. I've asked a few girls at my usual hotel to "go shopping" with me on their day off - making it fairly clear that I would be inclined to spend money on them but with no (explicit) pay-back requirement. Only on one occassion did I get a "yes" then she chickened out on the day.

      They all claim that they will be sacked if they go out with guests. I've had this fact confirmed by friendly (male) staff members whom I know well and also by an ex-employee girl who I did score with after she'd left. As always of course, the "sacking" could probably be avoided by appropriate payment to whoever is doing the sacking - but maybe not if its a European manager, as is the case at my hotel.

      Given the above, I've never put too much pressure on.

      Maybe the best option is to go for girls at a hotel other than the one you are a guest at. I know at least one regular contributor who has had a result on this basis.
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • JonTom

      Executive lounge girls

      Hi Brandon:

      I have dated a girl that I met in an executive lounge while a guest at a 5 star hotel. We hit it off and she gave me her mobile number. She was not offended at all when I explored the possibility of her going out with me.

      On my next trip to Jakarta I simply stayed at a different hotel so it was no problem for her to go out with me or spend the night. She did tell me that she could have gone out with me even if I stayed at the hotel she worked in - it would just have to be away from the hotel and naturally she couldn't spend the night.

      I think I may know the girl with the striking blue eyes - I don't want to mention it in an open forum - does her name start with "N"?

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    • Mighty_Spearsman

      Dear Brandon88:

      Bulai69 is right, and not just about Indonesia. I've travelled in developing countries all over the world, and rarely will a young female employee of a hotel socialize with a guest of that same hotel, no matter how interested she might be. The risk is simply too great of losing their job, and subsequently never being able to find a similar job at another hotel, as she'll never get a decent reference from the hotel that had fired her.

      There's also the risk that the young lady is a thief, and by befriending her, that you expose yourself to being robbed. Think about it, if you show up in your room unannounced and find a strange girl in the room who is not housekeeping, you'd call security, whereas if the girl is your new sweetheart, she could claim to be waiting in your room to give you a welcome-home BJ, thus covering up the fact that she was robbing you.

      Once in West Africa, I hit it off with a young lady at the hotel I was staying. She knew that I was returning to that city in another two months, and she suggested that I stay at a different hotel, so that we could socialize outside. Which I did, and was amply rewarded

      P.S. While JonTom's girl (see post immediately below) did say that it would have been ok to stay at the hotel where she worked, IMHO JonTom did the smart thing by staying elsewhere.
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    • John_Aldrich

      Executive Lounge girls

      Yes thats a very interesting area which one could explore. But it takes some time. I"ve been able to score at 2 girls till date. But before that I've become a regular to place and everytime the place gets crowded and as the nmusic is full blast, I do tell them to take a drink. It took 3 or 4 times before I got their numbers and then one night picked up one opf them outside but in the near vicinity to go to a disco. Drove to Tiga Kuda in Menteng 2 and got a couple of drinks. The ambience in tiga kuda is seedy enough for any girl to figure out the mischief we are into and she gave in. Then through her was able to get the second girl. But then that took sometime. Yes its time consuming and also an expensive process.What I can crack in 300K to 500K for a full night I would waste 4 to 5 nights and also blow up quite a bit on my own drinks, her drinks and then finally get her. While I pay her the taxi money, I get an sms while I am in singapore and I tell her I am in singapore. Pat comes a list of things she wants.

      But then its exciting enough too. Remember the girls whom I picked up were tourism graduates and were trainees getting just about 1 million per month in the multinational chain of hotels which prides itself to be one of the best hotel chains in the world.

      Anything is possible in Jakarta.
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    • Brandon88

      Thanks for the input gents.

      JonTom, interesting...would that be at the Intercon?
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • JonTom

      Hi Brandon,

      It was the Intercon.
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • KL_Guy

      Thanks for the correction info. I had thought that lewatin means to visit coz in the Malay language to visit is lawat.

      Thanks for the info Menteng!

      Originally Posted by Menteng
      In this case "lewatin saja" means: just pass! In other words forget it!
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    • Jakboy

      Getting Addicted to Jak!!


      I have a question and seek advice - having explored and enjoyed the town in the last couple of weeks

      My favourite MO is to go to one of the glodok disco's in the afternoon and soak in the atmosphere for a while before picking up a girl for some early evening R&R.

      what someone told me was the the glodok clubs (Stadium, Sydney, TC etc) are often raided by cops and as a foreigner i would be an easy mark - to get drugs planted on me in a search etc etc and it was extremely dangerous to be going to these clubs - even though i was in pursuit of nookie and not eckie.

      is that true? should I be worried? which are the places to avoid? has any one been around in a raid...? any information will be helpful.
      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply
    • XXL

      Drugs and discos


      I used to do all-night binges in Stadium but I have now stopped. It's not only because of the raids. Such raids are taking place. I was once in a room with a girl in Stadium when they called us from downstairs asking us to turn down the music until the cops had gone. I don't think the biggest danger is being caught while in the disco. After all, if you're a good client, i.e. a prodigal one, the disco will probably see to it that you come to no harm so that you can go on spending. Ever though they get raided, discos have some clout with the raiders.

      The problem is after you leave. Stadium now closes early instead of opening non-stop from Friday night to Monday morning, so you eventually have to leave in the middle of the night and run the gauntlet of "patrolis" in the streets. The cops know this, they're waiting for you outside. In fact, there's probably a gentlemen's agreement with the discos: we don't raid you, we stretch our nets outside, and we catch the fish when you flush it out. The discos are happy with this because clients tend to linger as long as possible waiting for the effect of the dope to wane and that's good for business.

      I've heard the cops nowadays never raid Mille's disco. That's plausible, but when Milles's closes you have to get and into the cops blocking the main streets leading out of your safe haven. Not to mention the Prestasi cabs waiting outside who are working together with the cops.

      Of course, most of the time the cops will be happy with a few banknotes. But I've heard about urine tests and cops placing a girl under arrest because she had wide eyes etc. Why are there so few bules in Stadium nowadays? Maybe because of the risk.

      I was told that whenever you bump into only two or three cops, it's just a scam for bribes, not an official roadblock. If and when you see a bigger operation with policewomen as well and vans parked on the sides, it's more serious. The vans are for taking people in and doing blood or urine tests.

      Eventually, the crackdown on drugs may kill most lf JKT's nightlife as it has killed the nightlife in many other destinations. Most mongers don't realize this, but any crackdown on drugs is bad news for P4P. Or do they think that the discos, bars and brothels would still be full of horny girls waiting for us to fuck them if there were no dope around? No way.

      Posted 9 years ago | #Reply


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